What Trimmer Is Needed For A Summer Cottage

Since time immemorial, the lawn has been considered an elite element of the site, a privilege of the highest class. However, he will look like a king only with proper care: regular watering, fertilizing and, of course, a weekly haircut. If you do not comply with the last condition on this list, then a beautiful clearing will quickly turn into dense wild growth. Fortunately, mowing grass has long ceased to be a dull duty, forcing the owner of the lawn to get the scythe out of the back room. It was replaced by another tool. A trimmer that works on the principle of the same braid, but mechanized and equipped with a motor. This compact and maneuverable machine can easily cut a small lawn, remove weeds near the wall of the house, cut grass between trees in the garden.

What Trimmer Is Needed For A Summer Cottage

Grass trimmer gives the lawn a well-groomed appearance

Gas or electric trimmer: which is better?

The design of any trimmer provides for the presence of an engine. Gasoline or electric. The gasoline-powered internal combustion engine provides complete freedom of movement for the trimmer. It does not connect to an electrical outlet, so you can mow grass anywhere on the site. Lawn mowers, for the most part, have significant power, so they are able to cut stems of hard weed grass, overgrown vines and shrubs. The best trimmer for harvesting hay for pet food is also a scythe with a gasoline engine.

The disadvantages of a gas trimmer include the high cost, the need for regular refueling with gasoline and oil, considerable noise during operation, and the emission of exhaust gases.

Gas trimmer. A standalone tool for large volumes of work

The electric trimmer is devoid of all the disadvantages of lawn mowing. This is a small, compact tool that practically does not make noise during work and does not need to be refueled. However, in some respects it is still inferior to the gas trimmer. First of all, this is low power, which does not allow to cut thick branches of trees.

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This parameter of electric trimmers is in the range of 200-1400 watts. Naturally, a 200-watt tool is only suitable for mowing the delicate grass of the lawn. For weed, you need to choose something more powerful. If you are not faced with the task of trimming thick stems, then the best choice is a trimmer with a power of 1000 watts, which can cope with grass and dense thickets of weeds.

Scope of application of a braid limits a cable

Do not forget that the electric trimmer is equipped with a cable that connects to the mains. If it happens that the grass mowing site will be at a great distance from the outlet, then the cable will have to be extended with various electric carriers, which is not very convenient. So it is rational to use a conventional electric trimmer with cable only in the courtyard of the house.

Thinking over the question of how to choose a trimmer with an electric motor, you should know that there is a tool with a lower and upper arrangement of the motor. Despite the fact that the lower position of the engine reduces the cost of the trimmer and increases its maneuverability, with this design there is a risk of water entering the engine, for example, when working on a wet lawn. Optimal is the choice of a tool with an overhead motor that is not afraid of working under any conditions.

Lightweight top engine trimmer

Mowing grass in the area without access to outlets is also possible with an electric trimmer. However, for this, a tool battery must be provided in the tool design, which will allow the low-power engine to work for 20-30 minutes. These trimmers are not used as a regular means of mowing grass on lawns or lawns. They may be needed in extreme cases, for example, in order to trim the edges of the lawn after the lawn mower.

How to choose a cutting tool?

The main function of the trimmer is to mow the grass, so special attention should be paid to the structural part that performs this function. In most electric trimmers, this duty is assigned to a sharp fishing line wound on a reel. During operation, the plastic fishing line rotates at high speed and easily cuts grass and plant stems. As the line is thinning, it needs to be replaced.

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In most modern models, this happens in semi-automatic or automatic mode. In the first case, it is enough to press the trimmer head to the ground and the reel unwinds the required amount of fishing line. In automatic mode, everything is even simpler. A new “portion” of fishing line is added each time the engine is turned on.

Reel with fishing line in electric trimmer design. The optimal cutting tool for grass

In powerful gasoline tools, the cutting part is often installed in the form of circular knives that can work for a long time without replacement. At the same time, plastic knives can cut only grass and dry stems, while metal knives can easily cope even with tree branches and shrubs.

Gasoline trimmer with a metal knife will cut any branches

Ergonomics. Bet on convenience

Work with any tool should not turn into hard work, all the details must be carefully thought out for your convenience. To begin with, you should pay attention to the trimmer handle. It can be made in the form of letters D or T. Holding on to the D-shaped handle, it is convenient to mow grass in small areas where good maneuverability is required.

Electric trimmer with a D-shaped handle. A manoeuvrable tool for a small lawn

For large volumes of work, a T-shaped handle is more suitable, in which the movements of the trimmer will be similar to those that are performed when working with an ordinary scythe.

T-handle trimmer easily mow large areas

Vibration absorption is another design feature that is designed to minimize the degree of vibration of those parts of the trimmer that the user is in contact with.

To increase ergonomics, many manufacturers equip a grass trimmer with a telescopic bar, the length of which can be changed, depending on the height of the operator.

Useful tips from a knowledgeable person.

Now that you know the basic rules for choosing a trimmer, it’s time to see it in action! Below is a in which the operator consultant will give some more important tips on choosing this useful garden tool.

Gas trimmer: how to choose

Any model of petrol trimmers consists of a bar, engine and cutting headset. An important structural detail is the rod, which is the basis for attaching other elements, namely:

  • A motor;
  • Elements for beveling and cutting vegetation;
  • Grips for gripping;
  • Branch, protective brackets.

The staples are in a comfortable position, thanks to which the operator, when mowing the lawn, can easily eliminate unnecessary plantings without damaging the rest of the plants. Owners of suburban areas doubt which trimmer to give preference to: powered by electricity or running on gasoline.

Advantages of the electric trimmer:

  1. Lack of exhaust substances;
  2. Does not require large time and physical costs to prepare for work;
  3. Low noise level, the engine starts easily;
  4. Sufficient power and a long service life.

Such mowers are small in size, have ease of use and they have a relatively low cost.

The main disadvantages include:

  1. Restriction of the working area by the length of the cord;
  2. The cable may interfere with operation;
  3. Need a break in work, as many models overheat.

When operating the electric trimmer, it is recommended to work no more than 30 minutes, after which take a break. Such actions will help extend its life.

The advantages of a gas trimmer are:

  • Ease in work;
  • High speed when mowing;
  • No need to exert significant physical effort when working with the unit;
  • A large selection of models and manufacturers.

The gas mower allows you to handle hard-to-reach spots.

The disadvantages of this mower are:

  • High noise level;
  • The presence of exhaust emissions from fuel combustion;
  • Significant mass of the unit.

The gas trimmer is not afraid of overheating and you can work with it for a long time without interruption. Gas mowers are marketed by manufacturers from Europe and China. Chinese products are budget in price terms, but they do not always have high-quality parts and mechanisms. Reliable and high-quality models are presented by the Makita brand, the price of which is at the level of 15 thousand rubles.

The German company “Stihl” is a leader in the ranking of trimmers. Their products have a large selection of technical characteristics, ensure the proper result and smooth operation. The cost of structures starts from 11 thousand rubles and reaches 20 thousand rubles. The pride of the company is the production of two-stroke engines with low weight, low vibration, and they practically do not break for minor reasons.

Disadvantages of Chinese-made mowers:

  • Spark disappearance;
  • There is no possibility to start the engine;
  • Oil leakage from the muffler is observed;
  • Does not hold carb revs.

Gas mowers are divided into domestic and professional. They differ in terms of performance, feature set, power and weight. When buying a gas mower, the following points should be considered: the type of vegetation on the site, the processing area and the terrain, the weight of the trimmer, the handle configuration, the type of engine (2-stroke or 4-stroke).

The most optimal purchase is a trimmer with a 2-stroke engine. Models have the following parameters: motor power of at least 2 hp, which is sufficient for processing a section from 5 to 10 hundred parts. The total mass of the unit is not more than 3 kg, excluding a full fuel tank, which can accommodate from 0.5 to 1.5 liters of gasoline. Uninterrupted operation. 20 minutes, cooling time. 15 minutes. On some models, the control option on the bar is not conveniently located, which limits accessibility to control.

Often, the telescopic rod has a curved design, which allows you to mow grass in hard to reach areas. The telescopic boom system facilitates the transport of the mower. The kit includes several types of handles, which allows you to choose the most optimal option. There are two types of cutting elements. Nylon fishing line and metal circular knife. Before work, mix engine oil and gasoline at a rate of 50: 1, not forgetting to follow the instructions for use. When purchasing a trimmer, you should pay attention to the availability of the location of the control buttons.

Types of gas trimmers

The professional class includes models equipped with a 4. Stroke engine. Their weight is from 5 to 7 kg, fuel tank capacity in the range of 0.5. 1.5 liters. Such mowers have a special container in which gasoline and oil are mixed. The mixing process takes place automatically. To reduce the mass of the unit, lightweight materials are used in the production of professional models. Such mowers are used for the refinement of large areas and for the preparation of feed.

The use of several knives helps to solve various problems:

  • A knife with a pair of blades is enough to cut the young grass;
  • A knife with four teeth is needed to harvest perennial grass;
  • When harvesting hay and long work you will need knives with 8 teeth;
  • To cut vegetation from bushes with a trunk thickness of not more than 30 cm, use a disk having 40 teeth;
  • To remove small shrubs and branches, discs from 40 mm in diameter and with 80 teeth are used.

Handles can have a D and U-shaped configuration that facilitates work with the unit. The optimal choice of trimmer is a model that has a set of different nozzles that can be used as garden shears, a scythe, a cultivator, an edge cutter, and even as a snow blower. Some species have an option to block overheating, cutting elements can be deployed, which is especially useful in difficult terrains. But, all this affects the cost of units.

Often the mower fails. Before repair, they carry out diagnostics according to the following algorithm: checking the fuel quality, inspecting the candles and the channel, air and fuel filters, the exhaust channel and the breather. The fuel tank must be inspected before operation, checking for gasoline.

Sometimes, the unit will not start due to the fact that the candle is filled, or in the nest with the candle is too dry. In the first case, the candle is twisted, wiped dry and dried. In the second. Lubricated with a small amount of gasoline. In addition, carburetor repairs are often required, or pistons are worn out. In order to find the problem, you need to conduct a thorough inspection of all the details. If you are not sure whether to carry out an independent repair, you should contact a service center. For long-term operation of the trimmer without breakage, you must follow the instructions for use.