What You Can Do From An Angle Grinder

Various devices for angle grinders allow you to expand the functionality of the tool and make it convenient.

What You Can Do From An Angle Grinder

Cool ideas for angle grinder:

  1. Grain crusher.
  2. Lathe.
  3. Knife sharpener.
  4. Powerful drill.
  5. Tape Grinder.
  6. Mounting Saw.
  7. Home mini-sawmill.
  8. Milling machine.

What can you do from a do-it-yourself angle grinder

There are many ideas, the main thing is to know what and how to do.

  1. A tripod for angle grinders, which will make it possible to set the necessary cutting angle so that the disk moves in a vertical position. Such a construction using an angle grinder will allow cutting metal material and other solid workpieces. Sheet metal, engine shock absorbers, plywood are used for the bed. The installation is reliable and no worse than made at the factory. When working on the machine, it is necessary to ensure that the casing is in the correct position. Such a tool is used for sawing wood. Make the switch unfixed (foot pedal). This will be safer. You can make a tool quickly, and working with it will become much more convenient.
  2. Lock for angle grinder. In a vice we fix the machine motionlessly, put the necessary disk and get an excellent grinder. Before starting work, fasteners must be unscrewed. We attach a solid stop with a slot across the disk. This will allow us to process high-strength parts.
  3. Circular sawmill with angle grinder. To do this, you need a strong bed and a angle grinder firmly fixed under it.
  4. The miter box from the angle grinder. Having made the countertop rotatable under an angle grinder, we get a miter box. Such a device will allow to qualitatively cut off skirting boards, baguettes, a metal profile, paving slabs.
  5. Stroborez. Use when laying electrical wiring, clippings in the wall. The base of the angle grinder must be durable. This will allow you to easily cut walls using the entire volume of the landing disk. Sole-stop along the wall allows you to evenly and smoothly move the angle grinder. To connect the vacuum cleaner, you need a closed case with a nozzle.
  6. Milling cutter. It is known that the grinding machine has a motor with a gearbox, which makes it possible to manufacture a milling cutter. The angle grinder, which is necessary for processing not too hard tree species, is brought into the hole in the workbench, then a chuck for milling heads is worn.
  7. Sawing machine for porcelain tile. Caution is needed when tilting the disc, since it is possible to split the disc and spoil the part. The control of the immersion depth of the angle grinder in the workpiece and the rectilinear movement of the angle grinder is an important factor in this work. The cutting angle can be changed, thereby expanding the processing options. Independent manufacture of the machine causes certain difficulties, but this is one of the coolest ideas for using the angle grinder.
  8. Cooking Using a two-liter can and a piece of galvanizing, it is possible to make a mill without applying special efforts and spending little time. In the bottom of the can, we make a hole in diameter of the protective casing, instead of which she dresses. We put a galvanizing strip on the shaft and clamp everything with a disk nut for metal.
  9. Muffle stove with tiles. A metal plate with a triangle-shaped cut-out in the workpiece shelf is required. In this design, it is necessary to make 6 holes, to which self-tapping screws are used, which allow fixing the handle, corners, timber. In this design, all elements are mounted together with the plate. Details are fastened with self-tapping screws. The first corner is bent to 60 degrees. We install metal corners and fix the tool itself. To connect the tool and structural parts use a handle and bolts with nuts.

The coolest ideas for an angle grinder, the use of this necessary tool, are quite feasible if you know its design and capabilities well.