Which Band Saw To Choose For Home

A tape welded into the ring with teeth, which moves very quickly and makes an even cut in the material. That is, in fact, a band saw. That is, when choosing it, the main criteria are the engine power and the width of the saw blade. But in addition to these characteristics, the tape machine should be convenient, stable and safe, and also have all the functions necessary for quality work.

After a thorough analysis of the market for the specified equipment, a list of the best models was formed. After familiarizing yourself with the information presented, you can easily answer the question of which band saw is better to choose.

To the credit of such devices, it must be said that in comparison with any other saw devices, they have a lot of advantages. For example, a jigsaw can “wobble”, distorting a cut, and a wood-boring machine does not give errors, because its canvas is a closed ring. The chain saw sometimes “jumps off”, the chain breaks, which never happens with the tape. When it is dull, replacement is quick and inexpensive. Disk has an efficiency much lower, it has 30% of the engine power lost during transmission, but machine tools with a tape. This is almost 100% of the power transfer to cutting equipment.

In general, for high-quality wood sawing without chips and distortions, there is no tool more reliable than a band saw.

The rating of the best models included units that:

  • Most sold, as evidenced by statistics for the last two years;
  • Functional and safe in work;
  • Differ in good quality, but their price is not overpriced;
  • Made by a reliable manufacturer who in no case will leave you without spare parts and service repairs.

1. Metabo BAS 261 Precision

  • Cast iron bed with a swivel table;
  • Precision guide for precision cutting;
  • Quality cut of radii;
  • Fast keyless tape replacement;
  • Adjusting the cutting height.


2. Scheppach Basa 1

Durable and durable machine from the famous brand Shepach. The quality is no worse than that of the model from Metabo. And the price is 300 lower. The low cost is explained by the smaller width and height of the processing, but all that is needed for a quality cut is present. We recommend purchasing it for a woodworking or furniture workshop because of its compact size and good power at 300 watts. The motor is asynchronous, unpretentious in maintenance, economical, equipped with all modern protections. Accelerates the saw blade to a speed of 850 m / min. The cut is performed directly and at an angle of up to 50 degrees. The workpiece is securely fastened with rubber clamps and does not slip. Its position is controlled by triple roller guides. The parallel emphasis is equipped with high-speed clamps. Pros:

  • Economical professional engine;
  • Keyless mechanism parallel guide;
  • A weighty cast-iron table with a swivel and tilt;
  • Reliable metal bearings.


  • In the complete set there is no angular emphasis.

3. Jet JWBS-9X

Swiss high-quality Jet band saw for professional cuts. It costs 50 more than the previous Shepach model from Germany, because the engine is more powerful. But despite this, the technical characteristics of the width and height, as well as the speed are lower. The file is allowed from 3 to 10 mm wide, it is convenient to cut curly lines with a narrow cloth. The belt tension is adjusted simply and easily with a special screw. The surface is highlighted by a lamp, there is a convenient parallel emphasis. The bed is cast, equipped with four legs with rubber pads, which dampens vibration well Pros:

  • Web tension with a simple wing screw;
  • The cut zone is highlighted;
  • Minimum vibrations;
  • In the presence of an angular emphasis with a scale for accuracy.



Another model from the notorious German brand Metabo takes its rightful place in the top ten. Its price is 2 times higher than that of the winner of the rating. But what an engine! Almost a kilowatt of power, which is completely transmitted to the cutting part by means of a belt drive. The file “flies” at a speed of 880 m / min, while its movement is smooth, without jerking, direction and speed is reliably controlled by handwheels with rubber pads. Comfortable adjustment of its stroke allows high-quality processing of materials of different hardness. A complete set of stops with double clamps, guides, graduated and metric scales. The backlight is set. The bed is executed non-standardly. On a trapezoidal stand with legs. This design is particularly stable. The table moves apart. Pros:

Which Band Saw To Choose For Home

  • The most powerful engine in the class;
  • The cutting table is equipped with an extension, which makes it possible to process large-format parts;
  • The system of belt tensioning has been modernized;
  • The kit includes a precision guide for high accuracy.


  • With this power, the cut height was only 170 mm.

5. Einhell TC-SB 200/1

Upscale machine from Einhell. Assembled in factories in Germany, meets the standards of European build quality and safety. It costs less than other German appliances. Ball bearings are made of metal, cast iron table. Sawing wood and wood materials, plastic. The workpiece is fixed rigidly and motionless, the accuracy of the cut is increased. The engine is only 250 watts, but the file penetrates the material by 20 centimeters. Sawing is possible along and at an angle, the countertop is tilted, which allows you to make complex angular and inclined cuts. Pros:

  • Great budget model at a low price;
  • Cutter height adjuster;
  • The kit includes a workpiece pusher for operator safety;
  • There is a nozzle for removing chips and dust.


  • Web guide requires calibration

6. Scheppach Basa 3.0 (380V)

The tape machine Shepach Baza-3 of a professional class is created for the woodworking enterprises. Its feature is a three-phase motor. It requires a special outlet for 380 volts, which is not always in the home workshop. But it surpasses single-phase analogs in strength and continuous operation capabilities. Power was 0.7 kW. This indicator makes it possible to work with a wide blade of 15 mm and make a deep cut more than 20 cm long and more than 30 cm wide. A blunt saw is easy to change without the need for additional tools. The table is rotary, inclined, made of cast iron. Brightly illuminated, allowing you to cut finely and accurately. A stable cast bed dampens vibrations. Pros:

  • Powerful and hardy engine in three phases;
  • Large processing options;
  • Rapid tape replacement system;
  • A choice of two speeds.


  • For a given height, preferably a higher power cut.
Which Band Saw To Choose For Home

7. Holzstar HBS 251

  • Unsurpassed German build quality;
  • Excellent household model with good performance;
  • Three support rollers and aluminum pulleys;
  • Convenient flywheel for tensioning and centering the nail file.


8. Jet JWBS-10

Swiss unit with a powerful 0.6 kW motor. It has a small processing depth, only 100 mm, but it is able to perform the finest and finest cuts, for which it is popular. You can set the nail file to 3 mm, and this is almost a piece of jewelry. Maximum stability, the design relies reliably on 4 legs located at a thoughtful angle. The guides are mounted on metal bearings. A bit noisy, but extremely reliable and safe. The users also appreciated the simple maintenance: with the thumb screw, access to the drive elements is provided. Pros:

  • It is adapted to the finest figured sawing;
  • A powerful proprietary Swiss engine works like a watch;
  • Strength indicator for keyless belt tension;
  • Quick access to mechanisms inside;
  • Reliable eccentric clamp on the upper pulley.


  • Backlash when setting the angle.

9. Makita LB1200F

Makita is a productive Japanese saw. Build quality and materials. The highest. It is, of course, not cheap. 300-350 dollars more expensive than German counterparts, but you should always pay for equipment from Japan. It is extremely efficient, will last for many years without breakdowns. The manufacturer installed a hardy motor at 660 watts. It is perfectly protected from any negative influences from the network, as well as from overheating and overload. Power allows you to cut hard materials with a width of more than 30 cm and a height of 16.5 cm. The saw blade is narrow, making it possible to perform thin and complex sawings. Replacing it is keyless, quick and easy. The motor locks when the pulleys are lifted, it turns on only after pressing the unlock button. The unit is weighty, does not vibrate. It is characterized by stability on any surface. The table and bed are made of cast iron. Built-in bright backlight. Pros:

  • Fail-safe brand engine Makita;
  • High security by locking;
  • Smooth adjustment of speed;
  • Transport wheels for quick movement.


  • Backlash in a parallel emphasis.

10. Fdb Maschinen MJ 350N

Fdb Maschinen is another German brand that meets the standards of excellent German quality. This time she presented a powerful saw for professionals. The engine is 750 watts, the cutout height is 20 centimeters. The bed is massive, mounted on supporting legs. Rubber pads dampen vibrations, reducing them to zero. The working surface has all the necessary functions: a smooth turn, tilt, at exactly the right angle, additional stops and a reliable guide on the rollers. Users note that there are no backlashes and errors in the cutting. Excellent accuracy, both with coarse straight cuts and with the most difficult cuts. Benefits:

  • The highest power in the class;
  • One-piece bed with a massive desktop;
  • Optimally balanced pulleys;
  • Choice of two speeds.


  • Few service centers in Ukraine.