Which Batteries Are 18650 Better For A Screwdriver

Review of 18650 batteries for different devices, reworking the battery with a screwdriver, the best batteries with Ali Express

  1. When purchasing 18650 batteries for a flashlight with protection, which manufacturer is preferable?
  1. What indicators should give chargers for 18650?
Which Batteries Are 18650 Better For A Screwdriver

A) At the output of 5 Volts and a current of 0.5 to 1 of the nominal capacity of the battery itself.B) At the output of 10 Volts and a current of 1 to 3 of the nominal capacity of the battery itself.

  1. In what temperature range is it advisable to store the battery?

A) 10. 25. Ideal indicators. The battery does not tolerate rooms that are too cold or hot. B) At a temperature of 20. 45 degrees.

  1. How many steps does a lithium battery go through?
  1. How many charging steps does a lithium battery have that charge in less than an hour?


  1. B) It is advisable to take Chinese KEEPPOWER batteries. Samsung does not release models with protection.
  2. A) The correct output indicators are 5 Volts and a current of 0.5 to 1 of the nominal capacity of the battery itself.
  3. A) 10. 25. Ideal indicators. Do not place the battery in other conditions.
  4. A) Two stages. First with a voltage of 0.2-1A, and then with a high constant.
  5. A) Only one. High voltage is immediately applied to the element. The remaining stages are absent.

Nickel cadmium problem battery installed in a screwdriver, in that it must be constantly used. If the battery is completely discharged or is not used for a long time, then the crystallization process will begin in it, and the battery will soon completely fail.

To replace battery you have to spend a lot of money, because batteries suitable for a screwdriver are not cheap.

For these reasons, screwdriver owners alter the battery a bit to connect lithium cells to it. But before starting such work, you need to think about whether you need to make such an alteration and whether it is advisable at all.

Definition: Battery The 18650 is a 3.7v battery.

3 pluses and 5 minuses of alteration for a screwdriver

  1. The energy density of the elements will become better than nickel-cadmium. It means that screwdriver it will retain its original weight, it will even be somewhat lighter, while the output voltage will remain within normal limits.
  2. Lithium batteries charge much faster than others. It takes only one hour to charge them safely.
  3. In lithium-ion of batteries no memory effect. From this we can conclude that there is no need to completely discharge them before installing them on the charger.
  1. If you install lithium battery, it will have to be closely monitored: when charging. Above 4.2 Volts it can not be charged, and discharged by less than 2.7 Volts. Otherwise, the battery will simply fail.
  2. 18650 cans are used as lithium cells. They are different in size with nickel-cadmium. In addition, you will have to find a place for the controller charge discharge wires. And all this should somehow fit in the case of a screwdriver.
  3. Charging for cadmium batteries may not be suitable for rework. You may have to additionally look for a universal charger.
  4. It will not work in the winter on the street, since lithium battery poorly tolerates negative temperatures.
  5. Lithium ion battery costs more than cadmium.

It is still important to know 3 nuances before starting work

  1. First you need to determine the number of elements in the battery. It is best to use 4 elements, since three will give only 12.6 Volts.
  2. Collecting battery 18650, pay attention to capacitance and discharge current. When the battery is running, the current consumption is in the range of 5 or 10 amperes, but if you press the power button sharply, it can jump up to 25. This suggests that the maximum value of the discharge current should be about 30 amperes on the battery 18650.
  3. Also pay attention to the controller. Its characteristics must be equal to the rated voltage and current discharge. For a 14.4 V battery, the controller is the optimum voltage. The working current should be several times less than the maximum permissible.

How to avoid 4 errors when assembling a 18650 charge

To properly connect to to the battery lithium cells, you will need to strictly follow the instructions:

    Disassemble the case Battery. In the 14.4 Volt model, 12 Nickel-Cadmium 1.2 Volt batteries can be detected. We immediately get rid of this coupling. We bite off with pliers. The result is only a connector with a “plus” and “minus”.


  • From temperature sensor also get rid. Instead, we use a controller with a thermocouple, which will turn off the battery when it overheats.
  • All elements are connected in series. Solder to the assembly controller. We connect the balancing points to a special connector on the chip.
  • When battery assembled, solder the conclusions to the “minus” and “plus”. We put everything in the case.
  • Chargers for 18650 batteries

    For battery The 18650 will have to use proper charging. At the output, it will produce 5 volts and a current of 0.5 to 1 of the nominal capacity of the battery itself. If lithium cells support 2600 mAh, then a current of 1.3-2.6 amperes should be used to charge it.

    Device for lithium of batteries charge the battery in several stages:

    1. First on battery voltage of 0.2-1A is applied.
    2. Further charging already running at constant voltage.

    If provided in the charger impulse mode, it will significantly speed up the charging time.

    In the event that the battery is graphite, then the voltage should not exceed 4.3 volts per cell. If this indicator is exceeded, the energy density will increase, and the oxidative process will begin.

    There are lithium batteries charging less than an hour. The second stage is not provided for them. The current is immediately supplied by 80% and after that it is put into operation. For a lithium battery, this is normal.