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TOP-15 best bit for electric screwdriver: rating 2021-2022 and budget options

In almost every house, situations arise from time to time when you need to assemble a children’s chair, a cupboard from Ikei or to nail another hanger in the hallway, and in the pantry. another shelf. And in these troubles, you can’t do without faithful assistants to any household man. an electric screwdriver and a set of suitable bits. And if the reliability of an electric screwdriver largely depends on the manufacturer, then choosing suitable bats, it is worth evaluating many different parameters. And to help you make the right choice, we analyzed the nozzles presented in stores, studied their characteristics and features and present to your attention the best sets, each of which will surely take a worthy place among home economic tools.

Place name price rating
The best bits for electric screwdriver for price/quality for 2021-2022
one Kraftool 26140-H61, 61 subjects. Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Bosch Promoline (2.607.017.063), 32 subject. Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Dewalt DT7969-Qz, 32 subject. Find out the price four.7 /5
The best shock bats for electric screwdriver
one PZ2 x 50 mm, 2 pcs. GROSS Find out the price four.9 /5
2 S2 PH2x50mm 2 pcs Rage by Vira Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Vertextools Impact PH2x50 mm Find out the price four.7 /5
The best bits for electric screwdriver with a limiter
one Gross PH2x50 Find out the price four.9 /5
2 KWB (104510) PH2 25 mm Find out the price four.8 /5
3 Vertextools BT-RN2-65 Find out the price four.7 /5
The best sets of bits for domestic use
one GROSS 11335, 10. Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Makita D-30667, 31. Find out the price four.8 /5
The best professional sets of bit for electric screwdriver
one Metabo 626702000, 56. Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Bosch 2.607.017.164, 43 subjects. Find out the price four.8 /5
The best inexpensive bats for electric screwdriver
one GROSS 11334, 10. Find out the price four.9 /5
2 Kraftool 26060-H10, 9 subject. Find out the price four.8 /5

How to choose bats for an electric screwdriver?

When choosing an electric screwdriver, it is worth evaluating the following parameters:

  • Production material-a parameter that determines the strength and wear resistance of nozzles-for conventional bits, persistent steel R7-R12 with chromovanadium coating is used, and those who need great strength should give preference to nozzles made from a alloy of molybdenum and chromium, vanadium and chromium, molybdenum and moisture Vanadia, also high strength differs in steel options and bits with a titanium coating;
  • The level of hardness. the material of the nozzles can be soft or hard, while the hard nozzles wear out slower, but have a high level of fragility, and soft bits are growing faster, but they are more resistant to destruction and are mainly used for hard fasteners;
  • Dimensions-various bit options differ in 3 basic parameters: length, which varies within 25-90 mm, the width of the slice (from 2 to 9 mm) and the thickness of the slice (from 0.3 to 1.6 mm), at the same time, the bits should be selected based on the size of screws or bolts expected to process;
  • Tips of the tip. bits have various forms: from popular and often in demand to rare, designed for a narrow circle of work; often than others, flat, cross.shaped and hexagonal tips are used, suitable for most construction and economic work, as well as hollow tips designed to tighten the bolts;
  • Constructive solutions. the bats can be single (battles on one side, the shank on the other) or double (the bats are located on both sides), it is also possible ordinary and torsion execution that allows you to bend the bit to increase the possibility of access to uncomfortable places;
  • Other features. for the majority of repair and finishing work, no more convenient nozzles with a magnetized working part, and for a shock electric screwdriver, it is worth choosing bats with a torsion part that smoothes the shock effect when transferring the torque to the fasteners to fasteners.

Which company is bits for an electric screwdriver better

To choose the right bits, it is worth giving preference to reliable trusted manufacturers. The best nozzles supply brands specializing in creating household instruments as a whole and screwdrivers in particular.

Among the most authoritative firms can be listed:

These and other brands offer strong and durable equipment for household power tools in a large assortment.

Rating of the best manufacturers of bit for electric screwdriver

Among the manufacturers of bits for screwdrivers, you can especially distinguish several companies. Famous brands offer well.balanced durable starting and professional type nozzles.


One of the best brands for screws for screwdrivers is DEWALT, which supplies nozzles both in a piece and in the sets. Among the products of the brand there are equipment with a torsion zone for shock units, tips for work with wood, drywall and metal.

Dewalt bits can be selected for use at high speeds and a lot of tightening power


The German brand produces high.quality bits with a solid margin of strength. The most popular are the nozzles of the Extra Hart series made of durable steel, and Max Grip Tips with a titanist-nitride coating.

Bosch bits are a special hardening that increases strength indicators


The brand is known primarily due to the ideal geometry of the manufactured equipment. Whirlpower bats are represented by different sizes, they can have notes on the working part.

Whirlpower supplies simple steel bits and nozzles with a protective coating

TOP-10 of the highest quality and best inexpensive bit for an electric screwdriver

For home use, bits for an electric screwdriver is better to choose from the budget category. There are sets that combine good quality with an affordable cost.

Ryobi 5132002257

Japanese set of bit includes 40 nozzles made of high.strength steel. The set contains the most running tips presented in options of 25 and 50 mm. The bit has a magnetic base in the form of a sleeve, appressed on the shank.

Production material. What is the coating?

The alloy material used by the manufacturer for the manufacture of bit is the key to strength and, accordingly, the durability of the design. Or, conversely, the softness of the products is achieved, specially aimed at breaking the bat itself, and not the fastener element when physical efforts are exceeded during work (such a ratio of strength is necessary in some compounds).

Consumer demand statistics show that the consumer most often chooses bits that can be used for an unlimited amount of twisting, that is, made of durable material. To achieve product strength, manufacturers use the following alloys:

  • chromovanadium;
  • instrumental steel. S2;
  • tungsten connection with molybdenum;
  • high.speed carbon steel. from R7 to R12;
  • The connection of chromium with molybdenum and other materials that are not deformed in the most loaded points of touch.

To ensure the strength of the nozzles, one of the main roles plays the coating. For example, the processing of products by the chromovanadium composition protects the metal from the formation of corrosion. Coating bit by titan nitride increases their hardness and wear resistance. The similar properties of the product are endowed with a tungsten connection with nickel and diamond (tungsten. diamond. carbon) coating.

Design features of bit. What are?

Bits can have several design options.

One or double

A single bit on one side has a sting, from the other end. a hexagonal shank. The double nozzle has two stings located on both sides. this option provides a double service life. Sting can be the same or vary the size or view. Double.type disadvantage is the inability to install such a nozzle in a regular screwdriver.

Ordinary or torsion design

The usual execution involves the unbending position of the bit. In a torsion design, the nozzle can change its position, bending in different directions or at a given angle. Such a constructive connection of the tip and shank is achieved with a durable spring. She works for twisting, transmitting torque. This allows the nozzle to bend in the right direction for use in hard.to.reach places.

Also, the spring insert can take on part of the shock force, thus protecting the torsion nozzles from damage to the slots. Such bats are used with shock screwdrivers, when the energy of the impact is attached to the tangentary to the circle of screwing. As a rule, nozzles of this type have a price higher than ordinary ones, but their service life is much longer.

How-to PPPOE on Mikrotik

In this article we will analyze the PPPOE settings on Mikrotik, this protocol provides extensive users, networks and accounting control. Currently, it is mainly used by providers to control clients on XDSL and cable modems, as well as in ordinary Ethernet networks. Is the expansion of the standard PPP protocol. The difference between them is the transport method, PPPOE uses Ethernet instead of a consistent modem connection.

Simply put, PPPOE is used to issue IP addresses to customers based on the authentication by login and password instead of workstations, whose authenticity is checked at a static address or DHCP. It is not recommended to use a static IP address or DHCP on the same PPPOe integrations from obvious security reasons. Client and server work at the second level Ethernet.

Modem of mobile communications on microtics

In one of the old publications there was a description of the Mikrotik RBM33G motherboard capable of working simultaneously with two cellular modems. Below I will make a brief description of how to configure Routeros for the distribution of traffic between two LTE Intections.

On the test I will use two Quectel EP06 modems.

RBM33 Microot with two modems EP06

Microatist Roter OS is a very flexible operating system and has a huge number of settings, the configuration I proposed is one of the possible, but far from the only. In general, the situation of using two gateways simultaneously for access to the Internet is not standard and has many implementations, while in any case there will be any crutches, somehow spoiling the overall picture, but so far we will not talk about bad.

To get started, we will make a standard Mikrotik RBM33G setting to enter the Internet through the modem:

  • We will reset the configuration to clean (Reset configuration)
  • Combine all LAN integrates into a bridge
  • We will hang on him the targeted space
  • Set up on the Bridge DHCP server
  • We configure the firewall
  • Pun the NAT to access the Internet from our subnet
which, electric, screwdriver, better

From this moment, you should have the Internet that will work through one of the LTE intenses, the second will be idle.

Mikrotik. Simple protection against overcoming open ports

For protection, a dynamic address list will be used. When scanning ports, the source will be added to the list of blocked automatically.

For example, a certain address 8.eight.eight.8 begins to scan your external IP, scans SSH TCP Port 22. IP 8.eight.eight.8 enters the list of blocks for an hour, 8.eight.four.4 scans SIP UDP port 5060. eight.eight.four.4 falls on the list of blocked for a day. You can change the ports yourself, at your discretion.

How to choose?

If you buy the product in a piece, it is important to select models C:

When purchasing a set, you should pay attention to several other parameters.

  • The material from which the bats are made. The better he will be, the less problems will happen in work.
  • The method of processing the element. There are two types of processing. Milling. the least strong option, due to the removal of the surface layer of the material. Forging is a homogeneous structure. Bit heat treatment allows them to use them in various modes with increased load.
  • Profiling. Created to facilitate work with difficult to fixes.

Such bits should not be used on anti.corrosion, chrome, brass screws, due to the possibility of damage to the working surface of the element.

  • Micro.chronic. Bits with irregularities on faces covered with titanium nitrides are used to fix fasteners with a special coating.
  • Hardness. The standard value for most nozzles fluctuates around 58-60 HRC. Bits are divided into soft and hard. Hard bits are fragile, but their wear resistance is higher. They are used for fasteners with a low torque. Soft, on the contrary, are designed for hard mounts.
  • Design. Metal nozzles should not be used in work where there is a chip of the same material. This will complicate the fixation process and will lead to the wear of the workpiece.

Tips for use

Before starting work, it is worth deciding on the deepening depth of fasteners and adjust it. To replace the magnetic holder, it is necessary to extract the cartridge, fastening, coupling, after which all parts are inserted back into the electric screwdriver.

After choosing the nozzle, the configuration of the screw head, its value, the types of recesses, the bit is installed in the center of the open fists of the holder. Then the sleeve is crap clockwise, and the bit in the cartridge is fixed. To pull out or change the nozzle, it is necessary to turn the cartridge against the hour of the arrow.

If a key cartridge is used, the key is crammed clockwise inserted into the recess intended in the electric tool cartridge. The tip of the bit is included in the groove of the screw. Bilateral bits do not require fixing in the nozzle of the cartridge.

Next, the direction of rotation is regulated: twist or untwist. On the ring of the cartridge, marking is applied, noting the range of values ​​necessary for twisting different fasteners. Values ​​2 and 4 are suitable for work with drywall, large values ​​are needed for solid materials. Properly selected adjustment minimizes the risk of damage to the slots.

The direction of rotation has a middle position that blocks the work of the screwdriver, it is necessary to replace the bit without turning off the tool from the mains. The cartridge in the electric drifts also, if necessary, is replaced. The sleeve itself is attached with special screws with left thread.

Nozzles can be hardened with a conventional burner, but not all kinds are amenable to this procedure. The method is used to increase the resistance and hardness of the material from which the element is made. The device is connected to the network or is used a portable power supply.

Pressing on a starting hook or button with different power, the speed of rotation is regulated.

The battery battery is discharged over time, it is recommended to put it on charging before work so that the speed and power of the rotational moment do not fall. The first charging lasts up to 12 hours. Bracing of the electric motor can disable the battery of the battery.

About how to choose the right screws and bits, watch in the next video.

Types and designation

The nozzles for electric screwdriver are divided by the configuration of the working area into three large categories:

The lion’s share of the demands of the nozzles belongs to the above. They are additionally divided into certain types based on the structure of the working part of the slot:

Special nozzles are divided into the following options:

The difference between the bits with a double working part, special and basic, is that from both ends of the nozzle there are working areas of different configurations or one configuration, but of different sizes. Nevertheless, the above specifications are not the only ones, since there are several standards of nozzles.

  • Phillips (pH). cross.shaped nozzles that have a relative size: from 0 to 4. Endowed with the expansion of the slots to the shank and have an angle at the top of 55 degrees. The most popular size that consumers prefer are pH2.
  • Pozidrive (PZ). the angle at the top is 50 degrees. These nozzles are a modernized version of the described above. They differ in the presence of two or four additional slots at the base.
  • Slot (SL). Bits differ in the presence of a flat tip, which makes it possible to work with screws with appropriate profiles in the hat.

Rechargeable 28 in 1 Precision Electric Screwdriver Kit.

  • Torx (TX)-Slitz in the form of a 6-sided star. It is used for constructions that are highly demanded regarding reliability.
  • HEX. nozzle used for screwing fasteners with an internal hexagon. For the most part, it is used to assemble furniture and has specialized nozzles for nuts or bolts with an external hexagon. Also, such a configuration is used to tighten roofing mounting elements or presshayb.
  • Non.standard configurations bit. Nozzles with square slots belong to special products that are almost not practiced in ordinary repairs and construction work. Indicated by the letter R (Robertson Square), have four faces and four different sizes. Mostly they are practiced for assembling furniture items. There are elongated R-drifts up to 70 mm long.
  • Wilc.shaped is a different type of non.standard nozzles. They have a direct slot with a groove in the center. Are marked with GR letters and present on the market in four sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, while they have a normal and elongated look. Such products can reach a length of 100 mm.
  • Three- and four-lobed nozzles are also considered non-standard options. Three.lobed products have a TW marking, and the sting is endowed with three blades. They are usually practiced by experts when assembling or disassembling digital equipment and household appliances, as well as in the aviation and space industry.

Four.lobed options are used as infrequently as three.lobed.

Materials of manufacture and coating

The material used in production determines the reliability of the nozzle. The best are bits made of alloy of chromium with molybdenum, chromium with vanadium, molybdenum with tungsten and from Silicon-Magnium Spack (winnutical).

It is necessary to know that the battles are made of steel, even though they are developed from specialized brands R7. R12, cannot justify their own and wear out quickly, and the declared attacks from the winnet, in turn, may not survive for a long time. In addition, in the confrontation of a strong mineral type breed, such a nozzle can simply fall apart.

Safe coating

Another very important condition for choosing nozzles for screwdrivers is the existence or lack of protective spraying on their surface. The most valuable is the instrument that has a titanus, since it will serve for a long time, and with its help you can plunge more than one hundred self.tapping screws and screws before it loses its performance.

The specialists manage to obtain good wear resistance of the product when using spraying from diamond or nickel, the alloy of vanadium with nickel is also popular. They partly lose the pomp from the titanium, but work equally for a long time.

If there is no spraying, then the nozzles should not be taken, since they will not have protection either from the wear or from rust.

What it is?

Bits are called a special type of nozzles for an electric screwdriver or a drill, with which you can tighten the screw, bolt or any other type of fastener. Thanks to this device, during construction and repair, fastening, as well as the extraction of elements from the surface, is easier and faster. Heads for electric screwdriver are characterized by the simplicity of the structure. The design of the nozzle includes a rod that is fixed in the cartridge of the tool. The shape of the rod is usually hexagonal, in the very bit it can be different. This feature allows you to choose a device for different types of fasteners.

The choice of nozzle should be correct, otherwise the tool may fail.

Bits for screws are characterized by magnetization, as well as the presence of a limiter. With their help, the fasteners are screwed into the following types of surfaces:

The manufacture of nozzles comes from durable and wear.resistant metal, such as steel.

Often the manufacturer sells goods with chromovanadiev, titanium, tungsten coating, which prevents its corrosion.


Bits for self.tapping screws can have a different shape, size, be with a special coating and without it. Depending on the characteristics of the working part, the purpose of the nozzle is determined. A spring and magnetic product is necessary for work in hard.to.reach areas, for example, on the ceiling. Thanks to the fixers, the bats are held in the tool. In addition, the consumer can buy a product with a holder and a press.shaped, using which, will simplify the implementation of household tasks.

  • Under a straight slot. The nozzle under the straight slot has a similarity with a conventional screwdriver. At the end of such a bit there is a slot with different widths. Thanks to the selection of the size of this device, the master will be able to solve even the most difficult problem. Today, on the tool market, you can find bits whose width is from 0 to 7 centimeters, their length can also be varied. Some nozzles under a straight slot have a limiter. This feature helps adjust the depth of screwing the screw. These bats are indispensable in the assembly of furniture, as well as during procedures with a drywall surface.
  • Cross.shaped. At the heart of the cross.shaped bat is 4 large radial ribs. diagonals. Such nozzles are divided into several types, namely, pH and PZ. The difference between the above devices is the angle of inclination near the base. The use of cross.shaped products should be strictly for its intended purpose, since improper use can cause damage to the notch of self.tapping screw. As a result, the metizes will be unreliable twisted, and the bat is broken. The use of this device with an electric screwdriver is in demand when working with wooden and metal structures. This universal product is often used in manipulations with secret self.tapping screws, as well as metizes under different slope. A cross.shaped guide bit is designed for self.tapping screws from 25 to 40 millimeters.
  • Hexagons. Bits with 6 faces are necessary for screwing the screws, inside which the hexagon is located. Such nozzles have found their application in the production of furniture. This nozzle can have dimensions from 15 to 60 millimeters. On sale you can also find devices with an increased length indicator. These convenient and simple bits of the masters use it infrequently, despite their practicality.
  • Star.shaped. Bit models with star.shaped slot can have a different diameter. Such nozzles have found their application in the automotive industry, the manufacture of equipment, as well as where you can not do without enhanced tightening fasteners. Often they are used in production assembly industries. Using a stars.shaped device is a guarantee of a good result with a minimum cost of effort.
  • Non.standard. Masters can find on sale bats for self.tapping screws, in which the forms of inserts are non.standard, namely, four.lobed, square and others. This is a highly specialized type of device, due to which it is not too in demand.

First level

Of course, for serious construction or a person who uses a tool daily, it makes no sense to choose inexpensive models from the rating of high.quality bit. they will quickly become unusable and the money will be spent in vain. But here it is important to understand that the purchase of very expensive models for an ordinary person (whose life is not related to repair, construction or workshop) also looks illogical, because with rare and accurate use, even the simplest battles will last a rather long period. It should also be understood that the BIT manufacturers are now simply an inconceivable amount, however, this review considers only time.tested copies.

Starts a bit rating from the eminent American manufacturer Dewalt. The company has been developing for a long time and successfully, creating the most modern high.tech power tools, without passing on attention and components to them.

80% of People Use the Wrong Screwdriver For Electrical Work

The first thing that catches your eye is the price, because it is almost three times less than other rating models (from its lower part). The rest of the bat has a standard set of characteristics that are not different from most Chinese manufacturers. it is used to unscrew/twist bolts and screws such as cross.shaped PZ, length 25 mm (explanation: this format is more practical and modern than standard, but outdated pH; differences; differences; differences; differences; Two types are manifested in notches, so there are more on PZ and they are located at the corners, which allows you to work more quickly and accurately; in practice, both formats can be twisted with a regular screwdriver, but in this case the tool is quickly worn out).

According to buyers, Dewalt 1/4 ″ PZ 2 x 25 mm is an ideal option for a house thanks to a common size and higher quality than Chinese analogues.

  • Price (there are cheaper options, but they should not be considered if among the criteria for choosing is the durability and reliability point);
  • Common type;
  • Good quality.
  • It requires accuracy (marriage caused by insufficient stiffness of the metal helps to lick the faces, however, with lean use of the bat, it can last long).

Conclusion: The best alternative to Chinese manufacturers. the price and quality are in the proportions close to the ideal, and the size allows you to use it for a wide variety of purposes.

The next representative is the brainchild of the famous German company BERNER. Say that they are much better than the previous Dewalt, but there are still last longer. This model can be used with manual screwdrivers and screwdrivers to work with cross.shaped PZ3 slots, size. 25 mm. True, the quality of the material leaves much to be desired, and therefore it is very important to use the suitable type of bit for a specific bolt, otherwise even when working with a screwdriver you can quickly “kill” the furrow of the product.

Reviews about BERNER are quite contradictory, but from them we can conclude that this model is well suited for simple tasks or for short.term work (assemble a cabinet and forget about the tool for six months). But with active use, and even chasing the speed of execution, you can very quickly turn the bat into a piece of useless metal.

Conclusion: a good option as a spare or universal home bits. the quality of the metal does not allow it to work without stopping (the accuracy of fixation is important), but it fully justifies its price.

This nozzle took the third line thanks to many positive reviews from owners who highlight quite high.quality S2 steel, which provides good strength of work surfaces. Suitable for an electric and a hand tool when twisting/unscrewing the screws with cross.shaped PZ2 slots, length. 25 mm.

which, electric, screwdriver, better

Conclusion: The main plus of this model is the price, which allows regular rotation (while models without marriage serve no less than previous models).

The bats of this American brand are produced in China, but despite this fact, the company’s goods are considered quite good in their price segment. As an example, you can take Stanley PZ 25 mm or Stanley PH 25 mm bits, which differ only in the type of helmet, but at the same time are quite popular among customers. They are intended for unscrewing/screwing screws, and depending on the type of bit, suit both the Crushes PZ and PH, size. 25 mm.

The reviews of the owners are mostly positive, the almost complete absence of backlash and slipping is noted (well included and fixed in hats), as well as a pretty good quality of material. even after the first serious tests, there are no traces of wear on them.

  • Affordable price;
  • Common type;
  • The quality of the material (the manufacturer promises resistance to normal loads and durability);
  • Dense landing (without backlash).
  • Durability (despite the company’s statements and a longer service life than previous models, Stanley PZ Bits 25 mm/ Stanley PH 25 mm cannot be called really resistant to wear).

Conclusion: one of the best decisions in the budget segment. functionality and reliability fully correspond to the price.

These nozzles, in fact, are improved versions of previous models. they used more durable steel, which allows them to be called enhanced. Users liked the company’s decision to increase the length of the bit, but the majority of the application about the application of really high.quality steel, most were skeptical.

The characteristics are as follows: designed to work with the Crusade PH2/ PZ2 (depending on the type) with self.tapping screws, the length was 50 mm. Product produced in China.

Verdict: a fairly popular nozzle thanks to an affordable price and good service life, many owners are generally inclined to classify it with middle.level bits.

Average level

Representatives of this price segment are made by eminent brands who have perfectly established themselves in the production of construction equipment. Today these are one of the most durable and popular models available on the market. Any of the bits presented below will be a great solution for a wide variety of goals, and if you do not forget simple rules of proper operation (do not overload and not overheat any equipment), they will last for many years.

This German manufacturer is famous for the excellent quality of goods and has in his assortment goods from a variety of price segments. This model can be presented in various types (PZ1, PZ3, PH1, PH3 and others) and is rightfully considered any nozzle for a screwdriver from the initial level (despite the lower price). Of the features, it is worth highlighting the material (here it is highly alloyed steel) and unique metal processing technologies (HSC).

Characteristics: Suitable for the Crusade PZ (or others), the length of the rod is 25 mm.

  • Great price;
  • High.quality steel;
  • Processing using own technologies;
  • Common type;
  • Dense landing.

Conclusion: The best solution for those who are going to regularly use the screwdriver and do not want to overpay.