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TOP-25 rating of the best gasoline chain saws 2022: comparison, prices, pros and cons of

First of all, speaking of chainsaws, the most famous brands are recalled: Husqvarna (which, incidentally, began to engage in rupers-the demand for mopeds in the late 50s fell, so I had to look for a new use of low-volume two-stroke engines), Stihl. However, it is worth recognizing that in an accessible segment they have long been a reduced way, and not always useful. the same problems with oil pumps at the budget “calm” have long become a lady in the tongue. So do not forget about the Asian manufacturers of the “first link”: with a sufficient budget, the Japanese echo will be very interesting, Koreans will fit in less. Daewoo and Hyundai. Makita, formally being a Japanese brand, actually simply sells Dolmar German saws under it, also very interesting.

Chinese brands of the “lower link”, including mimic “under Europe” (like the same Huter). only a choice for rare use of a house or in the country. yes, they have a chainsaws are cheap, but they cannot boast.

Types of chain saw. Main characteristics

  • By the degree of load and the nature of the work, chain saws are divided into:
  • Household:
  • characterized by slight power;
  • The work cycle is 30-40 minutes, the work should be irregular;
  • Work resource. up to 20 hours a month;
  • Suitable for an unprepared operator;
  • weigh no more than 4 kg;
  • have chains with a small step, comfortable for cutting branches, thin trees;
  • The diameter of the branches is limited to 35 cm;
  • engine volume. up to 40 cubic meters. cm;
  • They are inexpensive.
  • Powerful tools (up to 3 kW);
  • with a long work cycle (more than 40 minutes. up to 4 hours), but the need for breaks in work;
  • require skills in work;
  • They can saw: various trees (depending on the length of the tire and pitch of the teeth), solid wood, bars and lags for construction needs;
  • engine volume: 40-60 cubic meters. cm;
  • The cost of such saws is higher than household.
  • Very powerful units (up to 6.5 liters.With.);
  • This tool is designed for strong men who can work with this powerful unit for a long time, productive and quite safe;
  • designed for constant very active use, with maximum loads for 6-10 hours daily;
  • The resource is up to 1000 motorizedists;
  • SPIL Material: large trees, solid wood; frozen wood, logs;
  • The most expensive chain saws.
  • By type of engine, chain saws are electric and gasoline:
  • Electric:
  • work from the mains, tied to the source of electricity;
  • less powerful and less productive than gasoline;
  • lungs and simply turn on, do not vibrate particularly;
  • Easy to turn on in cold weather;
  • Easy in work, convenient for a woman, an elderly person;
  • Ecological and not very noisy;
  • You can not use the power tool in wet weather;
  • It is necessary to comply with the rules of electrical safety;
  • Need a cable / extension cable from 2 kW;
  • the importance of observing the cyclical work in order to avoid overheating of the motor;
  • Fuel is not necessary, you can use in closed rooms, at a construction site (sawing polyhlorvinyl pipes, concrete, wooden bars);
  • Safety: button on the power button is blocked, the circuit brake is instantly turned on.
  • feed from the internal combustion engine;
  • very mobile;
  • more powerful and more productive than electric;
  • require preparation of the fuel mixture, additional expenses on oil;
  • sometimes have difficulties with launch in cold weather;
  • complex in work, have a lot of weight, strong vibration;
  • The work cycle is much longer than that of electrical chain saws;
  • You can not use in closed rooms (exhaust):
  • Gasoline saws are less safe: the chain is blocked more slowly (automatic centrifugal clutch mechanism), heavy weight affects the rebound during launch or at the time of contact with solid knots.

Summarizing the above by type of saw, it should be noted that gasoline saws are designed for stronger operators and more professional work.

Also, gasoline saws require regular maintenance of the engine, starter, carburetor and fuel mixture. It is important to prepare the fuel mixture correctly as indicated in the instructions for the unit.

We devoted a separate overview electric chain saw. If you still have a choice between electricity and gasoline, read it, here is the link.

Hand Chainsaw �� #shorts

How to choose a chainsaw?

First of all, when choosing a chainsaw, of course, the future “front of work” is taken into account. Amateur chainsaws, usually small working volume and with a short bus, are designed only for episodic use in easy work at home or in the country. Frequent use will quickly exhaust the resource, and the attempt to install the tire will more genuinely lead to a tangible overload of the engine. But such saws are easier (the manufacturer can save on the strength of the nodes), and cheaper. that is, for their task they are just suitable. If the saw is supposed to be used often, then you should already think about the instrument of the semi.professional segment. they, as a rule, are not much different in terms of power and maximum length of the tire from popular amateur models, but they are more reliable: cheap cast.iron sleeves are already replaced by high resource nicalevial ​​cylinders, stronger than crankshafts the bearings are more reliable. such a saw with constant use will not fall apart after a year.

Professional gasoline saws are primarily created for hard work. it is not uncommon for almost a meter long tires designed for firing forests. To match it and engines. powerful and with a very high motor resource, measured by four.digit numbers, but heavy. However, there are more compact models with tires in the region of 40 centimeters in this segment. but they still exceed the resource, not to mention purely “home” models.

The general problem of chainsaws of any class is vibrations: a single.cylinder two.stroke, besides high.speed, cannot vibrate by definition. over, the most acute thing is this problem just for an amateur segment, where the mass of the saw itself is less (and, the more heavier the saw, the more equal weaker vibrations are perceived), and the engine is structurally simplified for reducing cheaper. especially if we are talking about “completely Chinese »Pilas. And the vibration on the handles is a serious thing: the vibrational disease is not pleasant things. over, the traditionally used engine suspension on rubber bushing has an unpleasant feature: in the cold, the rubber “tugs”, and the level of vibrations transmitted to the hands of. Choose a strongly vibrating saw not for one.time work, but for constant use, will be a serious mistake.

Another thing that is useful for the episodic use of a chainsaw is the presence of manual swinging fuel into a carburetor (primer), which may not be on the saw you like. But just with rare use, it will make it easier to run the saw after downtime, quickly filling the carburetor with fuel. Professional saws are not so necessary. with daily use, the carburetor will not have time to dry out, and it is very effective due to a larger volume of gas tank.

Useful tips for choosing a gasoline chain saw

  • The first thing you should pay attention to, in addition to the above type of tool, is the power of the chainsaw:
  • Note:
  • 1 kW = 1.36 l.With.;
  • 1 l.With. = 0.735 kW.
  • Volume of gas tank and oil tank: everything is simple: the higher the volume of the fuel tank, the longer the cycle of work. It is desirable that the tank has an indicator of fullness.

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Note: The most frequent proportions of the oil-Benzine mixture: 1:32 or 1:50.

  • Tire length, which is the basis of the working part of the tool:
  • 30-40 cm-for domestic needs;
  • 40-60 cm-for semi-professional, longer work;
  • 60-90 cm-for professional work, rolls of trees.
  • The speed of rotation of the chain.

This indicator depends on how much the water engine is the water. Measured in revolutions per minute or meters per second. Speed ​​should always be considered with the power and length of the tire. The optimal speed of the semi-professional chain saw is 9000-12000 rpm (or 10-15 m/s).

A good chain has high.quality leading, cutting and connecting links. The rivets are made of durable metal, it does not rust, it is conveniently pulled, it does not slip away when working. A high.quality chain has restraints of cut depth.

Here it is worth knowing one rule: the wider the step, the more rough (and stronger vibration); The smaller the step, the more even and better (if necessary) the fishing line for the trimmer of the saw. Step 0.325 and 3/8 inches the most common.

Machine oil by a self.propelled circuit. This happens using an oil pump. This function is very convenient for the operator.

Adhesive oil should be used when working as a tool in warm weather, more viscous oils. in cold.

  • Circuit brake and zeeper: do not buy a low.quality tool without an emergency brake, and try to purchase a model with a zeeper (in case of a circuit rupture). Do not neglect your own security.
  • Anti.vibration system: a powerful chainsaw with such a system takes the joints of the operator and helps to reduce fatigue. The presence of such a function in chainsaws is mandatory, especially if you intend to often use the tool.
  • Light start systems are different, and in detail manufacturers are not described. The essence of all these systems comes down to a simplified launch of an internal combustion engine using:
  • shock absorbers of the launch handle;
  • fuel pump and decompression valve;
  • electric starter;
  • automatic air damper (often used).
  • Compensator / engine controller. Prefer a gasoline model with a compensator, since in this case the uninterrupted operation of the motor will not depend on the degree of air filter pollution.
  • Rostish emphasis. Be sure to buy a gasoline unit with a gear emphasis. With the help of several larger teeth, a heavy saw is well fixed at the beginning of the cut, increasing the safety of your work. Also, the toothed emphasis facilitates the launch of the engine, as it softens the return of the unit on the handle and your hands.
  • Complex / consumables. The better your new saw is equipped, the better. First of all, of course, it should have a high.quality and well.sharpened “native” chain. The kit must include operating instructions, a warranty card and a protective cover for transporting and storing the tool. Some manufacturers of chain saws are equipped with a tool with a bottle of oil for lubrication of the chain.

How to choose a chain electric saw

Now let’s go specifically to the question of what you need to know to choose a chain power saw.

  • Power.Of course, the main indicator is the power. The larger it is, the faster you can cope with the task. In addition, powerful models are less likely to fail due to complete wear-they rarely have to work at the limit of capabilities, which positively affects the service life. True, they have greater weight and cost, which also needs to be taken into account when buying.
  • Engine.It is also worth paying attention to the location of the engine, it can be transverse or longitudinal. In the first case, the electric saw has a more simplified design and low cost, while working in hard.to.reach places to work with such a saw is not very convenient. The longitudinal is deprived of this kind of shortcomings, but at the same time they are more expensive.
  • Tire length. Finally, we must not forget about the length of the tire. the working area. On the one hand, the larger it is, the more thick logs can be sawed. On the other hand, working with models with a long tire is more difficult due to greater weight. In addition, their price is noticeably higher. So, if you need an inexpensive and comfortable saw electric for home and cottage, it is best to give preference to models with a tire of about 40 centimeters.
  • Safety. Do not forget about safety, the saw should be implemented from random inclusion and inertial brake. You should not save and buy very cheap products because it does not always have a high.quality protection in it.

Parma Practitioner: Advantages and disadvantages

It starts perfectly;

Convenient oil supply adjustment;

Powerful engine with air cooling;

Starter with a light launch system;

The presence of an anti.vibration system;

Durable engine crankcase;

Thought out to the smallest details of the handle;

Equipment as a plus;

th place-union PTS-99520t: characteristics and price

The twenty-fifth place of the rating is occupied by the chainsaw of the PTS-99520t union, which is released by a long tire, excellent equipment, as well as ease of maintenance. In total, with an adequate price ratio, this model is released in its price segment.

engine’s type petrol
Power 3.5 l. With.
Number of speeds one
The step of the chain 0.325 inches
Tire length 50 cm
Engine volume 52 cubic meters. cm
The weight 6.3 kg
Price 5 585 ₽

Union PTS-99520T: Advantages and disadvantages

Sufficient power for the task;

Weight within normal;

Tempting ratio of price and quality;

Long tire;

Basic equipment as an additional plus;

Ease of engine service;

Household or professional tool?

Like any power tool, a chain electric saw is represented on the market by household and professional models. Professional tools are more powerful, which allows them to operate without stopping for a longer time. It is better to choose them if necessary frequent use.

Most professional models are equipped with the function of maintaining a constant number of motor speeds, as well as vibration protection and comfortable handles

The only drawback of professional chain saws is their high price, which is often several times higher in comparison with household analogues.

Household chain electric saws are more designed for short.term work. The time of continuous operation of the tool is limited to 10-15 minutes, after which it is necessary to pause, letting the engine “relax”.

The simple design of these models and the use in the production of inexpensive materials can significantly reduce the cost of household chain electric saws

In order not to lose, before choosing a chain power saw, determine for yourself the volume of alleged work and the frequency of use of the unit. If you need a tool for seasonal work in the country, it is quite possible to limit yourself to a household option.

How to choose a good chainsaw

The chainsaws are divided in a power class (conditionally):

  • Household gasoline saw. available low.power devices designed for periodic operation. an excellent choice for home and cottage. The power of their engine reaches 2.5-3 liters.With. With a tire length of 35-40 cm, they allow you to dissolve and saw the logs with a diameter of up to 55 and 65 cm, respectively. Weighs up to 5 kg.
  • Good semi.professional chainsaws. designed for functioning for several hours a day with brief interruptions. Suitable for small forest farms, utilities, construction brigades, work as a portable sawmill with a chain for longitudinal sawing. Used for the manufacture of wooden sculptures. The power is in the range of 3-4 liters.With., Weight-5-6 kg. With a tire length of 40-45 cm, it copes with logs with a thickness of 65-75 cm.
  • Professional chain chainsaw is designed for regular operation at logging enterprises, for commercial harvesting of firewood, professional construction. Are made of high.class materials and components, have protection against vibrations and increased motorsursors. Power. from 5 liters.With., Weight. from 6 kg. There is enough traction to work with a tire up to 90 cm long.

Power determines the load and duration of work. There is enough device for 2-3 kW for the house, depending on the activity and operating conditions.

Tire length (indicated in cm and/or inch). corresponds to engine performance. For budget models-35-40 cm or 14-16 “. They cope with trees with a diameter of up to 50 and 60 cm.

The step of the chain in household chainsaws is 0.325 ”, in semi.professional are 0.375”, in industrial. 0.404 ”. Teeth can have a different profile depending on the scope of use. There are headsets imprisoned for longitudinal sawing, work with frozen wood or for cutting logs from old buildings with small nails, remnants of plaster (clay, gley). teeth with solid attacks. Chains adapted to the cut of solid rocks quickly wear out on soft. Chains, especially new ones, need regular pulling and sharpening. The first time or two cutting edge can be corrected with a special file, but you can actually be sharpened only on the wandering machine.

Weight depends on the dimensions and materials from which the tool components are made. The lower it is, the longer you can work without feeling fatigue, higher than the maneuverability of the saw, which is important when pruning the garden. On the other side, small weight may indicate low quality components.

The engine volume approximately indicates for the time of operation, for household units does not exceed 40-50 cm 3 at a power of up to 3 liters.With You can periodically work for a couple of hours a day. a seasonal harvesting of firewood or construction of a change house. Effective chain step. 0.325 “. For engines from 4 kW. 0.375 “.

The ranking contains saws of various price categories that can solve a wide range of problems at a construction site and personal site.

The rating includes the following manufacturers: Stihl, Husqvarna, Huter, Echo, Zubrov and Makita.

  • Husqvarna-one of the leaders in the release of technique for processing stone, maintenance of the garden and logging with a 330-year history;
  • STIHL. famous for the chainsaw of STIHL 180 and 230, characterized by an enviable motorcycle resource. Produces household and industrial tools.
  • Makita is a Japanese manufacturer with more than a century of experience; make high.quality products with an advanced anti.vibration system;
  • Huter-German chainsaws with a pleasant price-quality ratio;
  • Echo-Japanese technique with a 5-year guarantee; The company released a powerful two.cylinder and smallest gasoline saws;
  • Zubrov is one of the leaders among domestic manufacturers of household and industrial instruments;

Inexpensive saws included in the top rating: models were included:

  • 1st place HUTER ELS-2000P 2000 W;
  • 2nd place champion 120-14 2000 watts;
  • 3 place Patriot ESP 1814 2011 1800 W;
  • 4th place Huter ELS-2,7P 2000 W;
  • 5th place in Parma M6 1000 watts;
  • 6th place Patriot ESP 1614 1500 W.

Budget instrument does not mean bad. Such options look closely by those who plan to work with a saw from time to time. High.quality models are available with a small budget, only with simplified functionality and average wear resistance.

1st place HUTER ELS-2000P 2000 W

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: circuit brake
  • Tire length: 40 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Modification: 70/10/3
  • Weight: 7 kg

Inexpensive chain saw electric saw of the German brand designed for domestic use. With a capacity of 2 kW, the tool can easily cope with the sawing of logs, a roll of garden trees, pruning branches. Location of the brush electric motor. transverse. In his hands lies comfortably, does not slip, which is facilitated by the rubberized handle. The chain tension is not automatic, as in most models from the rating, but the system is simple. adjustment is performed using a screw on the right side of the case. The chain is lubricated automatically, and to check the oil level there is an observation window with divisions. Tank capacity. 125 ml. Tire length. 40 cm, chain speed. 13.6 m/s. The work is safe, since the function of the brake is provided and the blocking of random inclusion is provided. Additional advantage is the rapid operation of the motor brake. Weighs electric saw 5.1 kg, and the length of the cable for connection is 0.35 m.

2nd place champion 120-14 2000 watts

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: electronic engine protection, circuit brake
  • Tire length: 35 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Modification: 120-14
  • Weight: 3.78 kg

The housing of the electric saw is made of shockproof plastic yellow. A budget class model, but it can successfully cope with its task. The tire is relatively not long. 35 cm, but this is enough to remove the branches and sawing small logs, especially with a power of 2 kW. Engine location. transverse. The oil tank capacity is 110 ml, and the oil on the saw canvas is automatically supplied, thereby improving the sliding characteristics. The tint of the chain is manual, by turning the adjusting screw with a complete key. Despite the availability, the main security systems are implemented in the saw: the circuit brake and the zeeper. The first stops the cutting tool for just 0.2 s. Weight in 3.8 kg is another dignity of this inexpensive saw. Network cable length. 0.35 m.

3rd place Patriot ESP 1814 2011 1800 watts

Electric chain saw, which can be cutting the wood of various breeds. Electric motor power. 1.8 kW, tank capacity for oil. 110 ml. The lubrication of the chain is automatic, which contributes to prolonged operation. From the protective functions here: a quick brake of the chain, a random inclusion blocking. Handle with rubberized coating. so that the saw does not slip out of the hands. In addition, such a hilt partially extinguishes vibrations, removing fatigue. A brush engine with a transverse location, which favorably affects compactness and weightlift. The tension of the chain is not a new type, but using the tool. Tire length. 35 cm, saw weight. 4.2 kg.

4th place Huter ELS-2,7P 2000 W

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: circuit brake
  • Tire length: 40 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Modification: 70/10/9
  • Weight: 5 kg

A model oriented to domestic use. Suitable for: cuts of logs, rolls of fruit trees, cuts of branches. The power of the engine, located transversely, is 2 kW. The length of the guide tire is 40 cm, the cutting speed is 13.6 m/s. So that the saw plug does not fall out of the outer outlet, there is a special latch. The chain is lubricated automatically, due to which the equipment will last longer. The tension of the chain is instrumental. It is worth noting the functions of the rapid braking of the electric motor, the circuit brake, and the locking of random inclusion. The handle, as is customary, is rubberized, so that it was more comfortable to keep the tool. There is an observation window on the case through which the oil level is checked. Electric saws weighs 5 kg, and 1 year is a guarantee from the manufacturer.

5th place Parma M6 1000 watts

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: circuit brake
  • Tire length: 30 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Modification: 02.005.00008
  • Weight: 3.3 kg

Parma brand for more than 25 years. Daw M6 is a great option for different purposes, whether it is a harvesting of firewood, sawing materials, cutting bushes, removing branches. The model weighs only 3.3 kg, and it is characteristic of optimal characteristics for prolonged work without fatigue. Power. 1 kW, tire length. 30 cm, location of the electric motor. transverse. Collects from the best materials and components, which contributes to a long service life. There is a function of an automatic brake. so as not to wait until the chain stops rotating. It is not necessary to lubricate the canvas manually, since the oil is automatically supplied from a tank with a capacity of 110 ml. Circuit speed. 6 m/s. This will seem enough for someone, but for their price a good parameter. The adjustment of the tension of the chain is instrumental. The length of the network cord is 0.25 m. The manufacturer is a warranty. 1 year. The equipment, by the way, is rich: a chain, a tire with a cover, a key, a jar of butter, spare brushes.

Any saw with an electric motor will cut down a tree in the garden, saw firewood in the yard and accelerate the construction of wooden structures.

Electric saw-a tool that will facilitate the care of trees, the preparation of firewood, repair and construction affairs. Conditionally, saws are divided into household and professional. The former are characteristic of small power and working resource, and are intended for work lasting 2 to 3 hours a day. Professional “sharpened” for intensive work.

1st place Husqvarna 418el 1800 watts

This electric saw is designed for sawing wood with non.profit use. Its power consumption. 1.8 kW, the length of the saw tire. 14 ”(35 cm). Due to the longitudinal location of the engine, the model is characteristic of small dimensions in height and width, and good balance. The motor is protected from overloads, and if necessary, replacing coal brushes can be done without tools. Handles with elastic coating. to make it more convenient to hold the chain saw.

  • a system of infestral tension of the chain;
  • the inertial brake of the circuit that works when moving the brake “manually” and from sharp jerks, shocks;
  • transparent tank window to control the level of oil;
  • shield to protect the right hand;
  • Blocking random inclusion.

Weighs saw 4.7 kg, and the network cord is short. 0.3m.

2nd place Makita UC4041A 1800 watts

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: Electronic engine protection, engine brake, circuit brake, adjustment of the chain without a tool
  • Tire length: 40 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Reza length: 360 mm
  • Modification: UC4041A
  • Weight: 4.7 kg

Another model with a capacity of 1.8 kW, which is enough for small construction or work in the yard. Weighs 4.7 kg, while the speed of the chain is 14.5 m/s, this with tire length of 40 cm. A non.closing tension is provided, the lock button button. For the convenience of the operator, a handle with two rubber lining. The oil is poured into a tank with a capacity of 200 ml, with a comfortable neck and an observation window convenient for neatly refueling. In terms of security, the model is characterized by a mechanism of anti.vibration, engine braking, chain capture. As for the last, it prevents strong swinging of equipment, which also contributes to prolonged work. The tire casing is included in the kit. Network cable length. 0.3m.

3 place Makita UC3541A 1800 W

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: smooth start, engine brake, circuit brake, adjustment of the chain without a tool
  • Tire length: 35 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Modification: UC3541A
  • Weight: 4.7 kg

Network chain saw with a capacity of 1.8 kW will be a good assistant in the household and in personal plots. Weighs, like previous models. 4.7 kg, but this is not so much to conveniently cut the branches, an overgrown shrub. With a tire length of 35 cm and a fairly powerful engine can be counted not only for small work, but also on the harvesting of firewood, the roll of trees. Like many Makita electric saws, in this model the chain tension is adjusted without a tool. you just need to loosen the lock and turn the tension roller.

  • rubberized handles for the convenience of retention;
  • automatic lubrication of the chain;
  • indicator for tracking oil level;
  • thoughtful safety (smooth start, engine braking, chain);
  • Protective cover included.

Cable length for connection. 0.3 m, chain speed. 14.5 m/s.

4th place Huter ELS-2000 2000 WT

Model from a German manufacturer, household class, designed to care for a garden, woodwork. With an engine power of 2 kW and the speed of the chain 13.6 m/s provides high.quality and effective work. Tire guide along the length of 40 cm, and the width of the groove is 1.3 mm, which contributes to a flat and deep section. The volume of the oil tank is 260 ml, and it with indication. To make the work safe, there is a mechanism for blocking random inclusion, automatic backwater brake. The handle is ergonomic, rubberized, which means it is convenient to keep the tool, and part of the vibrations are extinguished. Fixing the saw in working condition is facilitated by metallic toothed emphasis. The chain is lubricated automatically, only it will have to be pulled manually. A lot of tools weighs. 7.4 kg, and the length of the network cord is 0.5 m.

5th place Wortex EC 4024 SF 2400 W

  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: smooth start, engine brake, circuit brake, adjustment of the chain without a tool
  • Tire length: 40 cm
  • Chain step: 3/8 inches
  • Reza length: 405 mm
  • Modification: EC4024SF0011
  • Weight: 5.4 kg

The manufacturer of Wortex has three electric saw models, and this one with a longitudinal location of the engine. Due to smaller width and heights, you can work in places with limited access, and balancing is better than “transverse” saws. The power of the chain saw. 2.4 kW, tire length. 40.5 cm, chain speed. 14 m/s. The front handle is made in this shape that it is convenient to carry out both vertical and horizontal cuts. The rear handle with an anti.slip rubber insert. Besstrumental chain tension system. “flywheel with a ring”. The design provides for a metallic toothed emphasis and hook fixing the extension cord. Oil tank with a capacity of 130 ml, no subteces are observed. From functions: smooth start, engine braking, circuit brake. The brushes of the electric motor are easily replaced, in addition, they are included, which also includes a chain, tire and cover for it. The model weighs 5.4 kg, network cable 0.25 m.

Farm Saw vs. Pro Saw! We compare Stihl, Husqvarna and Echo!

Budget models

Available to the price of electric saws. reality. Their power is modest, and the length of the tire is up to 35-40 cm. An inexpensive tool is suitable for easy work (cutting of branches, cut a laminate or other unclean wood). For logging, such tools are not suitable.

1 Kolner Kexs 35/1600 1600 W

Electric saw is available in cost. The length of the tire is small, as well as the volume of the fuel tank. The tool is made with automatic lubricant circuit. There is a toothed emphasis for a convenient saw. Saw very light and practically not felt in the hands.

Kolner refers to budget power tools. However, its power is enough for the cut of even large wood. The main drawback is that an adapter is required, since the network cord in the kit is offered very short.

2 Maxcut MCE 164 1600 watts

I drank with a not too powerful engine, but lightweight. Suitable for pruning branches, shrubs, small in diameter of logs. Automatic lubrication of the chain and emergency stopping work when hit or other problems is provided.

Chinese electric pipes often cause complaints from consumers. But this model has not earned negative reviews. The tool justifies its price and serves a long period of time with minimal wear.

3 Patriot ESP 1814 2018 1800 WT

Universal saw for working with wood. Only one speed is provided, the work is carried out from the network cord. The tool is light by weight, but the chain does not need to be overloaded, since according to consumers, problems are possible.

I drank small in length, but light and easy to operate. There are plastic elements, but they do not wear out and serve for a long time. There is a protective casing in the kit.

4 Eger PEC-2016-01 2000 WT

Tool with a high speed of rotation. Spindle lock and adjustment of the chain tension are provided. Suitable for work in the garden or when harvesting wood. In the configuration, there is a plastic case and a set of tools.

Electric saw is protected from random inclusion. There is a toothed emphasis for a more convenient cut of logs. The model is suitable not only for amateurs, but also for professionals.

5 Carver RSE-1500M 1000 watts

Available Pilas only works from a network cable. The length of the tire is small, but this provides maneuverability. Suitable for work in the garden or at a construction site.

The model is very simple, but effective for many works. It is advisable not to overload the tool, since the engine is not very powerful, and the chain may suffer.

Dear electric cars

The tools are expensive if equipped with a more powerful engine (from 1,900-2,000 watts). Models are also usually equipped with all modern security systems. This is actually a professional tool for work on logging or in construction.

1 Husqvarna 420el 2000 watts

Rear.saw from overload. Powerful and productive. Withstands large loads and long.term continuous work. To control the oil, a special window is provided on the case.

Husqvarna is one of the most famous European brands of electric saw. The model demonstrates moderate noise during operation and soft start. The highest level is also the design and ergonomics of the tool.

2 Bosch AKE 35-19 S 1900 W

Dawed with a chain characteristic of Bosch design and non.clock tension. Automatic lubrication is provided. Replacement and adjustment of the chain tension occurs manually. Designed for 15 minutes of continuous work.

The saw is characterized by increased strength and lightweight. Hand.shaped handle for capture. For work, you can use the emphasis. Electric saw is safe and effective for forest val or just a large number of trees.

3 Makita UC4050A 2000 watts

Chain powerful saw with an inertial brake. Heavy in weight, but stable. Easily copes with the sawing of solid wood. It has a high chain rotation speed (800 m/min).

Makita made with a circuit brake. Completely depends on the electric cord. Cannot work on his own. Some users complain that the chain is quickly stupid and becomes unusable. But there are much more positive reviews about the model.

4 Husqvarna 418el 1800 watts

Manual circular saw with a non.clock stretch of the circuit. Convenient for work. with a good stretch of the circuit and an automatic lock in emergency cases. There is an indicator of oil level that can be easily controlled.

Dawed balanced by weight. It is easy to work with it for a long period of time. The engine power is enough for a complex cut of solid materials.

5 Makita 5008MG, 1800 watts

First.class saw with a cut depth adjustment. Works from a network cable 2.5 m long. The configuration also offers a saw disk and tools. Suitable for difficult work, where it is important to control every millimeter when sawing wood.

  • 5 200 rpm;
  • disk diameter. 210 mm;
  • engine power. 1,800 watts;
  • The cut depth is 90 ° 75.5 mm, 45 ° 57 mm;
  • Weight. 5.1 kg.

The circular saw completely pays for its value. The tool is light in weight and equipped with all the necessary options for accurate operation even with solid wood varieties.