Which chainsaw is better than STIHL or ECHO?

A comparison of STIHL MS180, Echo CS-350 WES, Husqvarna 135 and SOLO 636-35 chainsaws.

Greetings, everyone! In this article I will compare the most popular chainsaws from such companies as STIHL, Husqvarna, Echo and Hitachi. Here, of course, we will not try to compare the entire lineup of these manufacturers, and take only the most popular models from the domestic segment of these firms. We will compare the STIHL MS 170 and MS 180, the Husqvarna 135, the Echo CS-352ES and the Hitachi CS33EB.

First of all we will be interested in the differences in usability, because we will assume that all these saws belong to the same class and have approximately the same quality and reliability. The price for them is also at the same level, except that STIHL MS 170 and Hitachi CS33EB are a little cheaper because of the smaller motor power.

120 different chainsaws in one place from different manufacturers. Click to view

Let’s start with the comparison. We will be interested in the following features: engine power, weight, chain tightening method, type of air filter, starting method, gear stop type. Of course, there are differences not only in these parameters, but the specified characteristics are the most essential.

Engine power comparison

The power of the chainsaws under consideration is as follows:

Thus, the power spread goes from 1.25 to 1.5 kW. Of course, more power is at first glance a good thing. But saws with 1.5 kW and more are more expensive than their smaller brothers with less power. There was a time when chainsaws with less than 1.5kW power were almost never on sale. But when they appeared, practice showed that most of the users are satisfied with such small power, and therefore the sales of more powerful saws went down, and the main reason is, of course, the price.

For example, the best-selling model a few years ago was the STIHL MS 180. But when Hitachi CS33EB saw began to be widely available on the market, the price of which was 15% lower, buyers began to choose it more often, as the brand is well-known, and the power as it turned out to be quite enough. Stihl had to bring the MS 170 to market because sales of the MS 180 had dropped. If a regular user slices in turns with a 1.3 kW unit, and then takes a 1.5, it’s very likely he won’t notice any difference. It can be concluded from the above that the power spread of 350W is not so large as to recommend the more powerful saws unambiguously. As a matter of fact, you won’t feel much of a difference whether you buy a 1.3 kW unit or a 1.5 kW one, although you will overpay for the extra power.

Which chainsaw is better STIHL or ECHO?

And it has a decently powerful engine 56.5cc. However, the Echo CS-590 does outperform the STIHL MS-290 in power. ECHO engine. 59.8cc.See, professional level number. So, in terms of power, the Echo clearly wins.

Echo does not own Shindiawa. Yamabiko owns both companies, Echo and Shindiawa, they are subsidiaries. The difference between t262 and srm-2620 is only in the “features”. Both have exactly the same engine, one red in orange.

Who bought the ECHO?

Echo, the drug management app, was purchased from LloydsPharmacy-owner McKesson. Echo, a British startup offering an app that helps you manage your medication intake and order repeat prescriptions for delivery, was acquired from McKesson Medical Company, owner of LloydsPharmacy.

Most of anything ECHO products built in the U.S. of imported and domestic parts and components. In 1994. ECHO began its relationship with Home Depot as a supplier of professional quality portable outdoor power equipment for the homeowner’s consumer market.

chainsaws by quality and reliability. the best models

Five best models represent the best chain saws in terms of quality and reliability, that do the job properly, cost as much as possible and have a maximum service life.

How is reliability and quality determined?

A chainsaw must match its class in terms of technical characteristics, which is ideally confirmed by its cost (this also applies to a minigasaw).

While manufacturers promise great performance for a minimum price, most of the time the appliance fails to live up to expectations.

Any deception or inconsistency on the packaging with the abilities of the real device is an indicator of the lack of quality.

Presented only those models for which the manufacturers indicate their true benefits, with high performance and long service life. When evaluating devices, you need to pay attention to their main indicators.


When choosing a chainsaw, first of all look at the power (see “Power”). Druzhba 4 chainsaw, carver chainsaw). Both the reliability of the device and its service life depend on this indicator. The higher the power, the heavier and more difficult work can be done with this device. In order to assess the appropriate value for yourself, you need to imagine what kind of work will be performed with a particular device.

If you estimate your own needs right away and choose a perfectly matched tool, you can see for yourself both the chainsaw‘s reliability and its quality in the process of work.

When a chainsaw is needed for a garden and minimal repairs (for example, a chainsaw Lesnik or chainsaw Huter bs 52), then a device up to 2 kW will be excellent. It is inexpensive, light in weight, and with moderate use will last a very long time, showing genuine quality.

If you use it for longer than a few hours a day, on the contrary, it will quickly break, which may lead to objections about its reliability, but they will not be valid, because the quality of the device is determined when it is used for predetermined purposes and the allotted amount of time.

If construction or extensive repair work is being contemplated(See. Oleo-Mac chainsaw, Hitachi chainsaw), the power should be more than 2 kW, preferably about 2.5-3 kW.

Choose powerful devices with 6 kW is impractical, because they are difficult to handle. You must accurately calculate both the minimum and maximum power rating according to your needs.

Types of tires

You must choose the device with the type of tires that meet your own requirements. Only then can you assess whether the device meets the quality criteria:

  • Narrow flat. No kickback, which makes pauses due to kickback almost impossible. Injurious situations are minimized.
  • Lightweight. Chainsaw with this bar has a low weight, so work that is carried out on the weight, it is desirable to carry out with this device. (See. Poulan chainsaw.)

Top 1 spot. Partner P350 S chainsaw

This chainsaw is intended for household, garden or cottage work. Also great for people who like hunting or fishing, in some cases travelers need.

This unit is easy to transport, because the rather large 40 cm long guide bar can be easily detached from the body and placed parallel to the main unit.

The engine has a displacement of 40 cc³ and the power is 1.52 kW. To start working, the engine is electronically ignited. Fuel is fed quickly and safely, adhering to the established scheme: the residual gasoline and accumulated air automatically comes out of the carburetor, which occupies a certain place in it.

The starter rope resistance on this unit is 40% less than on popular pre-optimized models. These features help you get your machine up and running faster.

2nd place. McCulloch CS 360 budget for home and cottage

Equipped with an easy-start system. It consists of applying a primer to deliver a large amount of fuel at the right time and to reduce the starter rope resistance as much as possible. The chain can be braked manually as well as inertially. The air in the system is cleaned with the latest technology provided by CCS. There is an anti-vibration system, which has a standard design.

Manufacturers claim that this device can be used for felling classic wood species and pruning trees. It is possible to cut firewood, but it is necessary to approach this issue with caution, to do the work infrequently and in moderate amounts. Wood construction is also possible, but the chainsaw can only be used partially for it, working a metered number of hours a day.

Included is a bar with a pre-prepared chain (see “chain”). How to sharpen the chain). It is 45 cm long, but it is possible to plug in 40 cm and 35 cm on its own. This chainsaw is made in the United States. Has a 36 cm³ engine and its power is equal to 1.3 kW. The control unit is a combination unit and has an air damper.

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The engine is designed with the latest version of OxyPower technology, which helps reduce exhaust fumes by up to 70%. It has great power at a relatively low price, a primer for pumping fuel, easy starting. Of the disadvantages stand out amateur level chain, sometimes you need to warm up, possible problems with the adjustment of the carburetor.

The 3rd place. the high quality and reliable Makita EA3203S40B

This is a semi-professional device, which can be used not only for domestic purposes, but also for a large number of areas of activity that require work of an increased level of complexity. Continuous operation is carried out for quite a long time, which the mechanism of the device is designed for.

What brand of chain saw is better to choose: rating, price of popular and reliable models, nuances of choice

A chainsaw is a necessary thing when you have your own home or country cottage. Today manufacturers offer a huge range of this equipment. Which chainsaw is better, how to choose a chainsaw by price and quality? What chainsaw to choose and what you need to consider when choosing?

Professional or domestic chainsaw

First you need to decide what you need this tool for:

  • Domestic chainsaws are enough if you do occasional work on your property. They are not very powerful, but you can easily cut down trees or cut firewood with them. Determining which chainsaw to choose for home use, consider its functional features, namely its low cost, ease of operation and low weight.
  • Semi-professional chainsaws. They are often used for construction and repair work, or for logging. Their main disadvantage is the impossibility of continuous operation, because usually the tool is in demand for pruning knots.
  • Professional equipment includes heavy-duty chainsaws that can be used for up to 20 hours in all weather conditions and in all seasons. So-called shaft saws are used in logging and are made of very durable materials.

It should be said that there is no general classification of the saws, that’s why many customers proceed from the sales clerk’s advice and their friends’ opinion when choosing a saw. The main thing is to determine the modes of operation of the device, so that the chainsaw can withstand the loads.

The installation of an overrunning brake is just one more thing to make the sawing process safe and comfortable. In order to choose a quality chainsaw correctly, it is necessary to consider a number of factors.

Sawing speed

The first thing to look at is the cutting speed. Convenience and ease of operation will depend on how much the chainsaw headset is worn. That is, because of the dull chain the overall cutting performance is reduced, of course, a high risk of breakdowns.

To ensure that the chain saw operates at a single speed, it is necessary to monitor the tensioning of the chain. this must be done constantly. Performance will depend on the following indicators:

machine safety. Working with a petrol saw is quite a complicated process, and the greatest danger lurks in the kickback effect, in which case the tool sharply swings back, to the user. Therefore, choose models with a motor-shield and an inertia brake that is at your fingertips. This is a lever that protects the device from “kicking”.

Vibration protection

Prolonged use of any vibrating tool will at some point result in ligament and joint ailments. Since choosing the right chainsaw is quite difficult, you can seek advice from store consultants. They will tell you which are the best models to choose by rating with vibration protection.

  • Simple chainsaws are equipped with a set of rubber gaskets between the body of the device and the handles.
  • modern saws are made on the basis of the principle when the motor is away from the handle and the fuel tank.

Power and weight. Domestic chainsaws are conventional models that are great for country sites. They are usually characterized by lightness and ease of operation, the best value for money, low power.

Before choosing a semi-professional chainsaw, it is necessary to take into account that they can be used with a high load, but it will not be possible to use them for making firewood at a high level.

Saw chain. For a domestic chainsaw you can choose low-profile chains with a tooth pitch of 0.33 inch. They feature low vibration but have a big disadvantage of poor performance.

Powerful professional saws are fitted with 3/8″ x 0.44″ chains and have high productivity but high vibrations.

Do not forget that conventional chains quickly become blunt and fail, especially when working with wet or dirty wood. It is desirable to buy special chains, with reinforced hard-alloy tips.

Additional accessories

Additional elements of a chainsaw are a combination of sprocket, chain, bar. Pay attention that the saw and its accessories are produced by the same company, so that there are no differences in the thickness of the pitch of the chain and the chain drive wheel. As for the bars, they come in several types:

  • With interchangeable heads: these bars are installed on professional brands of powerful chainsaws, where the load is quite high.
  • Light-weight: bars are made of steel, usually two plates with polyamide in the middle. This design makes it possible to reduce the overall weight of the device, while increasing the quality of the work performed.
  • Narrow, flat bars that can be fitted to domestic versions of saws with a low-profile chain. The main advantage of this bar is that there is no kickback.

Determining how to choose the best chainsaw, do not forget that the bigger the bar, the easier to work with thick wood.

Household chainsaws

Husqvarna chainsaw. This company offers a large range of chainsaws, among which any consumer can choose a saw for themselves. Look for the economical options. Several tool options are offered here.

For example, Husqvarna 236 is a simple and versatile model, it is well suited for simple household chores. Easy to use and start, and the innovative engine increases torque while saving up to 25% of gasoline.

You can choose Husqvarna 240: this chainsaw is notable for its ease of use, it is equipped with an easy engine start system, and various built-in technical solutions are a guarantee of power and convenience. This model is attracted by the presence of such options:

  • Combined motor flap control;
  • chain brake;
  • AirInjection air cleaning system
  • fuel priming pump;
  • Low Vib vibration system.

How to choose

When selecting a compact tool, you don’t have to go over the power, chain pitch, and compatible bar specifications parameter by parameter. All of them are standard and tested by the manufacturers. Rather, you should pay attention to the reviews, the overall build quality of the tool. If you work at your country house and have the possibility to take the middle-sized saw to a service center in case of failure, a hiker in the middle of a wood is deprived of such an opportunity. A hiker in the middle of the woods has no such possibility.

Owners of medium-sized domestic and semi-professional chainsaws can be recommended an economical method: buy a compatible replacement bar and chain for their unit. You have to remember that if the pitch of the new chain is smaller, you will also need to replace the drive sprocket. Unfortunately, for some models it is problematic to use a chain of a different pitch. For example, on some Makita models the drive sprocket is made in one piece with the clutch disk.

Successful models of mini- chainsaws

Here are some of the most interesting and well-balanced models of compact gasoline units for different needs.


Much newer model than its predecessor. In Russia it is not brought much because of some traditional stereotypes: a real man should have a saw with a guide bar not less than 40 cm long, so it is difficult to lift it with one hand. But the 150th model is specially adapted for “one-handed” holding. This saw is equipped with 12″ and 10″ headsets, that is 30 and 25 centimeters respectively. In the second case, you get a version of the super-compact. One of the disadvantages is high price compared to, for example, the 180.

which, chainsaw, better, stihl, echo

I’ve been good friends with chainsaws since childhood, and the first one I picked up was Druzba, of course. There’s a 462 STIHL now, but it’s very big, so I was looking for something smaller, so I took the 150. The power is noticeably less, but the tasks are different. I take it for hunting, we load the car up to the eyeballs, so it should take up little space. When hunting we don’t fell trees. we have to make some billets for the fire, cut a couple of tree slopes for awnings, and sometimes we have to clear the way. I had to wind up another small saw. a 180, which everyone praises so much. but it had to do much longer in its time.

Medium-class chainsaws in the price range of 9000 to 13000

The tool of this class is capable of all kinds of work, in all conditions. Such versatility is due to a large set of functions, quality execution of the power unit and critical design nodes.

Hitachi CS33EB. 9079

The popularity of Hitachi CS33EB is proven by the fact that it has been on official sale for over 5 years. And demand has remained strong right up to the present day. Considering that this non-professional tool was developed with an eye (read: in a bid to compete) on the European (from Sweden and Germany) “classmates”, there is nothing surprising in this state of affairs.

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And if you are not repulsed by the flashy design, then:

  • the largest fuel mixture tank, among non-professional models in the medium price category;
  • power unit with a patented system to reduce exhaust emissions and save fuel;
  • more power from the innovative exhaust tract;
  • A set of spacers and springs on the handle and fuel tank block to reduce vibration from the engine;
  • Weight distribution, compact body and comfortably beveled handle
which, chainsaw, better, stihl, echo

will definitely please the unpretentious hobbyist, who wants to maintain his own house and garden with all his might.

Features Values
Weight, kg 3.8
Power, l.с. / kW 1.7 / 1.25
Bus length, cm 40
Tank capacity, l gasoline / oil 0.4 / 0.2
Design / production Japan / China
Cost, 9079

Watch a short video overview of Hitachi CS33EB saw. appearance, design features and technical specifications:

Hyundai X 360. 9990

Taking as a basis the declared by Hyundai X 360 period of trouble-free operation of the piston group (300 motor-hours), and given the anticipated amount of work you can calculate the time of operation before the first overhaul. And that’s while the existing power reserve allows you to replace the standard 36 cm tire with the original 40 cm, without sacrificing performance.

  • Reliable diaphragm carburetor,
  • electronic ignition,
  • easy start,
  • anti-vibration system,
  • ergonomic housing,
  • Intelligently designed chain brake.

With proper maintenance, this combination of features ensures the comfortable operation and long service life of the household tool.

Features Values
Weight, kg 4.7
Power, l.с. / kW 2.2 / 1.6
Tire length, cm 36
Tank capacity, l petrol / oil 0.31 / 0.21
Development / production Korea/Korea, China
Cost, 9990

Watch a video of how the Hyundai X 360 saw works. Video from a camera mounted on the auxiliary handle of the tool:

DAEWOO Power Products DACS 5218. 9990

Using the technology of covering some elements of the piston group with a super-resistant aluminum alloy “Nikosil” the Koreans succeeded in making their inexpensive chainsaws highly valued by professionals. And to consolidate the positive impression, in particular in the model DAEWOO Power Products DACS 5218, implemented:

  • anti-vibration system, due to the block design of the tool, springs and molded elastic inserts, which reduces the dynamic load on the hands of the operator;
  • Full safety package. inertia brake, chain catcher, intelligent protection against accidental start, instantaneous engine stop;
  • other user-requested ideas. toothed stop, easy start, easy access (filter and spark plug), tool-free chain tension adjustment.

What, after a firsthand acquaintance with the chainsaw, is capable of influencing the opinion even of a user far from logging.

Features Values
Weight, kg 5.15
Power, l.с. / kW 3.5 / 2.6
Busbar length, cm 45
Tank capacity, l gasoline / oil 0.55 / 0.31
Development / production Ю. Korea / Yu. Korea, China
Cost, 9990

Watch a short overview showing the functional features of the DACS 5218:

Husqvarna 236. 10990

When you look at the capabilities of the famous Husqvarna 236 Swede, you realize that within your homestead, there are simply no tasks beyond its control. And it’s not just a 40 cm tire and acceptable power. Patented systems built into this chainsaw

  • Increased power built on the unique features of hot-stream extraction at the piston group level (X-Torq). Which, in turn, ensures the presence of not only economic, but also environmental effect from the full combustion of fuel;
  • Air Injection filter. What prevents the filter in question from getting dirty quickly;
  • Vibration dampening (LowVib) for your comfort during long hours of work,
  • Chain brake (prevents the operator from getting hurt if the saw blows back),
  • Forced fuel priming (by acting on a well-placed fuel pump),

Reliable equipment for continuous operation in difficult conditions. Price range starting from 14000

Husqvarna 135. 13990

The Husqvarna 135’s energy efficiency comes from its patented technology to move the air and fuel mix inside the engine. That with proper care, you can count on unlimited life in domestic conditions. That’s why this lightweight and comfortable saw was developed.

Among the standard useful features (from the anti-vibration system to the anti-slip pads), the developers have included:

  • auto-return switch;
  • Easy removal of the air filter;
  • optional centrifugal air cleaner.

40 cm long tire, enough power and torque (2Nm) of power unit make the seasonal work in country or garden safe, comfortable enough and not demanding exclusive knowledge of repair techniques.

Features Values
Weight, kg 4.4
Power, l.с. / kW 2.0 / 1.5
Busbar length, cm 40
Gasoline / oil tank capacity, l 0.37 / 0.25
Design / production Sweden / Europe, USA
Cost, 13990

See a video review of the Husqvarna 135 saw, with a detailed description of the design features:

EFCO 137-41. 15790

The purpose of the EFCO 137-41 is limited by the manufacturer to the boundaries of the owner’s own plot. But due to the fact that professionals very often use light, productive and economical tool for the systematic trimming of limbs and branches of fallen forest, the opinion about the professional suitability of this tool is widespread among the compatriots.

And it’s hard to argue with them. Because all owners indicate the presence of:

  • anti-vibration system,
  • perfectly balanced body,
  • inertia brake,
  • chain catcher,
  • automatic oil supply to the rubbing parts of the saw,
  • heated air flow to carburetor,
  • quick release air filter cover and side access to the chain tensioning screw.

With this, the exceptional quality of the implementation of the mentioned features has been confirmed by professionals.

Features Values
Weight, kg 4.1
Power, l.с. / kW 2.2 / 1.6
Busbar length, cm 35
Tank capacity, l petrol / oil 0.32 / 0.22
Design / production Italy / Italy, China
Cost, 15790

Take a quick look at the features of the EFCO 137-41:

Oleo-Mac 937-16. 15990

With the Oleo-Mac 937-16, every hobbyist gets to see the potential of a professional tool for themselves. Fully facilitated by a set of technological solutions provided by the manufacturer. Judge for yourself:

  • The longevity is ensured by an advanced piston group with forged connecting rod and crankshaft;
  • the economy of the equipment due to electronic ignition, the system preventing icing of the carburetor cavities in winter conditions and automatic ram pump that supplies oil to the tire;
  • Comfortable operation and high level of safety thanks to ergonomic control elements, anti-vibration system, inertia brake and chain catcher.

And the low weight, sufficient (for common work in private households) dimensions of the cutting part and the acceptable power additionally contribute to the positive image of a quality tool.

Features Values
Weight, kg 4.1
Power output, l.с. / kW 2.2 / 1.6
Busbar length, cm 41
Tank capacity, l gasoline / oil 0.32 / 0.22
Design / production Italy / Italy
Cost, 15990

This video shows the actual operation of the Oleo-Mac 937-16:

Echo CS-350WES-14. 16210

Contrary to popular belief, the Echo CS-350WES-14 belongs to the segment of amateur tools, indicate not

  • short tire,
  • average power output,
  • low weight,
  • The fuel and lube capacity, with its characteristic short-run performance.

None of these are an obstacle for professional operation.

While the low-profile chain (the specifications of the consumables are only shown on their individual packaging), which has no alternatives for household tools, gives away its main purpose. And for amateur use, that’s another little detail that comes with

  • easy starter,
  • With multi-point anti-vibration system,
  • well-balanced body,
  • with latch on the air filter cover,
  • simple and user-friendly operation,

makes your work in the garden, in the garden and in the woods as comfortable as possible. Without reference to volumes and weather conditions.

Features Values
weight, kg 3,58
Power. л.с. / kW 2.0 / 1.5
Busbar length, cm 35
Tank capacity, l gasoline / oil 0.37 / 0.23
Development / production Japan / Japan
Cost, 16210

On this page we publish a rating and customer reviews of chainsaws Echo: users who have had the opportunity to assess the pros and cons of a particular model, share with you their own opinion. We hope that their Комментарии и мнения владельцев will be helpful to you.

Build quality is great. A pleasure to hold. It’s a real pleasure to operate this tool. It is a real pleasure to make firewood. At. Read in full

I bought the Echo 4200 in 2015, before that I had a Poulan saw. The chainsaw is extremely well made, minimal vibration, easy to start, light weight. Work. Read in full

Professional Saw. You can cut a thousand cubes of wood with it in a season. No vibration. Starts on the first try. In winter from the second. Any kind of wood. Oak. Ash. Read all about it

The carburetor (outside) and air filter get clogged with sawdust very quickly; several times the trigger was jammed by frozen sawdust clogged between the trigger. Read in full

I have been using this saw for over 10 years. I had only one serious problem with it. piston is jammed. Most probably it was because of the “left” motor ma. Read only

The saw is good for every job. I made the roof in my summer house, I worked a lot with this saw. I don’t fail, the chain is not dry, but there is no oil, sawdust is not flying oil. Read completely

Made for people. The saw is great I took it in my hands and I realized it was a piece of jewellery. Starts easily, the starter is tight, when you jerk you realize that nowhere near. Read in full

The good saw has no problems with cold starts, when the choke is closed it starts with 1 time, when the choke is hot it starts with 0,5-1 times, and when I start it with 0,5-1 times. Read all the way

The Saw is exhilarating! Took it apart a bit before use, checked the quality of workmanship. Nothing was suspicious, in some places I even whistled at the whiskers. Read in full

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The impressions after the work are very positive. The decompressor made it easy to start the engine and it needs to be said that it starts up in half a turn. Powerful enough. Read in full

For those who answer the questions: Electronic ignition. It has microprocessor control of giving spark at the right moment depending on the load. Read in full

Great power, very good weighting, easy to hold. all angles of operation. High quality workmanship, easy to operate. Read in full

Difficult to start after refueling if tank is empty. You can break a sweat while the carburetor draws the mixture and starts it into the cylinder. Read in full

Great saw. I did not regret the money I bought, I do not lumberjack but in the village have a lot of sawing, like a meter across trees and logs from elders. Read entire

Semi-professional chainsaws


  • Busbar length 45 cm
  • chain pitch 0.325 in
  • engine displacement 52 cc. see
  • number of speeds: 1
  • functions: anti-vibration, chain brake
  • weight 6.4 kg

This is a well-balanced chainsaw with an impact- and heat-resistant magnesium alloy body and a powerful two-stroke engine 3.5 л.с., Runs smoothly at idle and under load.

The DACS5218XT is best suited for homeowners needing to care for large trees, and is also great for sawing round timber. It starts effortlessly, has an adjustable oil flow, a quality bar and chain with reduced vibration and high cutting precision.

In case of heavy kickback, the band brake mechanism instantly blocks the chain movement, it reduces the possibility of injury to the operator.

which, chainsaw, better, stihl, echo

You won’t be able to work with this saw for long, it weighs a lot. But its power still allows it to do the job quickly enough.

Pros: convenient and easy to start, detailed instructions, easy maintenance, quality materials.

Husqvarna 450eII 9671569-75

  • chain pitch 0.325
  • engine displacement 50.2cc. see
  • functions: anti-vibration, chain brake
  • modification 9671569-75
  • weight 5.1 kg

This chain saw requires very little effort on your hands to get started. It is equipped with Smart Start for easy starting. This saw is also well balanced and despite its considerable weight, it is not too tiring to use.

Husqvarna 450eII 9671569-75 easy to maintain: chain tensioning is tool-free, the fuel tank cap is easy to open and close, and the cylinder cap has latches for easy access to the spark plug and cylinder.

Overall, this chainsaw looks like a well-made power tool, and given the many positive reviews on AllInstruments, we can safely recommend the Husqvarna 450eII 9671569-75 to those who need a powerful and durable chainsaw for semi-professional use.

Plus: starts up quickly in hot and cold weather, easily copes even with large logs, suitable for felling and sawing large trees, easy to use.

Disadvantages: expensive spare parts.

Makita EA3203S40B

  • bar length 40 cm
  • chain pitch 3/8
  • engine volume 32 cubic meters. cm
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: anti-vibration, chain brake
  • weight 4.1 kg

Makita is one of the best tool manufacturers in the world and their products are known for their good functionality, quality materials and durability. The Makita EA3203S40B chainsaw is no exception to the rule, it is powerful, easy to operate and has many features that make operation easy. They include:

  • tool-free installation and chain tensioning,
  • Three-position switch for instant selection of desired mode. start, run, stop,
  • Electronic ignition system,
  • primer,
  • MPI technology for easy restarting.

The chain included in the package is of very good quality, it weighs very little compared to its semi-professional competitors and is a pleasure to use. Owners claim that the Makita EA3203S40B only takes 5-10 minutes to turn a fallen tree into a pile of firewood.

Pros: light, powerful, handy, low gasoline and oil consumption, fast chain tensioning.

Cons: Parts are hard to find and expensive.

Professional chainsaws

Oleo-Mac GS 650 18″ 5025-9001E1

  • bar length 45 cm
  • 3/8″ chain pitch
  • engine displacement 63.4 cube. see
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Functions: anti-vibration, chain brake
  • weight 6.3 kg

Inexpensive and good, professional chainsaw. are these words not contradictory? Not if we’re talking about the Oleo-Mac GS 650. Although it is made in China, the build quality is very high, as confirmed by the reviews of picky Russian users. Toothed saw blade is made of metal, crankshaft. The forged steel blade and the cylinder has a nicoil coating. All of these features guarantee a long service life of the machine.

The model is equipped with a quality anti-vibration system with 2 springs and 4 rubber shock absorbers, so that after the work it will not shake your hands. Features like the mains inertia brake and side chain tensioning increase safety when working with the saw.

The Oleo-Mac GS 650 18″ is easy to start in all temperatures and cuts trees up to 60 cm in diameter quickly and safely. Its speed is high and it has more than enough power for felling trees or making a longitudinal cut.

Pros: powerful, easy to start, low fuel consumption, adjustable oil pump.

Husqvarna 365 SP 9670828-18

  • bar length 45 cm
  • 3/8″ chain pitch
  • engine displacement 65.1 cc. cm
  • Functions: anti-vibration, chain brake
  • modification 9670828-18

One of the best chainsaws for professionals, partly because of its power and partly because of the LowVib vibration control system. Build quality is traditionally high, as on other Husqvarna models (brand and country of manufacture: Sweden). No weird noises, the saw is solidly built, and starts up great in all weathers.

It has an adjustable oil pump, quick-start system, quick-release air filter, and Air Injection air cleaning system that helps reduce filter wear. The chain can be quickly adjusted thanks to the side-mounted tensioning device.

This model has plenty of power for felling trees and bucking logs, and is perfectly balanced to be not only comfortable but productive as well.

Pros: Powerful, indestructible, robust.

STIHL MS 880-47

This chainsaw can by no means be called “budget”, but it quite pays for itself in durability, power and functionality.

The clever design and shape of the STIHL MS 880-47 chain saw make it easy to operate and safe to use. It is easy to start because of a decompression valve. Side chain tension prevents the operator’s hand from touching the chain saw. A quality brake allows to stop the saw at any moment.

According to user reviews, the STIHL chain saw makes light work of large trees, thinning out wood and is perfect for all tasks involved in cutting timber.

Advantages: easy maintenance, long service life, excellent anti-vibration system, trouble-free operation in winter and summer, automatic lubrication system.

Rating of the most reliable and quality chainsaws

A chainsaw is a tool, without which it is difficult to imagine not only cutting wood in the wood yard, but also cutting firewood for the winter in the country, as well as tidying up an overgrown area. Today chainsaws work on a variety of labor fronts: cheap and expensive, reliable and not very. And among them there are the best examples, as evidenced by numerous user reviews.

In both domestic and professional tools, users appreciate the good performance, fuel efficiency, and ergonomics of use. Although the service life of “older” models will always be higher than that of the “entry level” ones, the working conditions level out this difference, leaving the quality and reliability in the dry residue.

When evaluating models, the following criteria should be considered:

  • Reliability: engine life, breakdown rate, smooth operation of important components. clutch, sprocket, chain lubrication system
  • Convenience in work: grip, weighting, the presence of mechanisms and devices that reduce vibration
  • Serviceability: maintainability, availability on the market of original or interchangeable spare parts.

The issue of price is quite specific: on the one hand, it is possible that an inexpensive product demonstrates excellent performance on these points. On the other hand, we shouldn’t expect miracles: the development and implementation of advanced technologies and use of advanced materials give excellent results. And this, in turn, affects the final cost of the product. A good saw cannot be cheap. it sounds like a slogan of the crafty marketeers, but here it is not only a trick, but also a hard law of production and money relations of the modern world.

However, this does not mean that there are no good samples among inexpensive tools. Choosing the best from the worst is even more difficult, and that is what hundreds of gasoline unit users face.

It is logical that in the most common class and there will be many contenders. The review did not include models below 9000, most of which are purebred Chinese and Russian products manufactured in the Celestial Empire.

Makita EA3203S-40

The low-end model from the well known Japanese manufacturer of electric and gasoline appliances opens the review. The model has a high degree of versatility. Thanks to its 40 cm wide bar it can compete not only with branches or bars that need to be trimmed at the construction site, but also with not very thick trees 30. 35 cm wide. Unfortunately, the engine output is clearly not powerful enough to saw through the full bar width. The engine is not bad as to its reliability, but there are some claims for the body strength. the keyless adjustment unit is also ambiguous