Which Chainsaw Is Better To Give

To figure out which chainsaw is best for home and garden: Stihl or Husqvarna, you first need to find out what is the difference between manufacturers and their products

Which Chainsaw Is Better To Give

Trademark STIHL

In the second half of the 20s of the last century, a company was created in Germany by Adreas Shtil, whose engineers set themselves the goals of mechanizing and facilitating the work of workers in the wood processing industry. The electric saw they created for the past five years brings the company to neighboring markets in Europe and the United States. In 1971, STIHL was named the best and best-selling saw in the world, and the company became the world leader in the production of chain saws.

Today, the company’s products are successfully used in 160 countries. The company’s production facilities are located not only in Germany, but also in Switzerland, Austria, the USA, Brazil and China.

Stihl manufactures and sells chain saws:

  • Saws
  • Chainsaws
  • Cordless saws.

For use in the household, the company has developed such chainsaw models: MS-180, MS-271, MS-290, MS-291, MS-310 (pictured). They have an engine displacement from 50.2 to 59 cm³, power from 2.6 / 3.5 to 3.2 / 4.4 kW / s, weight from 5.6 to 5.9 kg and tire length 40 cm. With such models of Stihl chainsaws, felling of small trees, logging, maintenance of small objects of wooden construction is quite accessible. These models are designed specifically for the execution of non-industrial volumes of work for the home.

Brand Husqvarna

In 1689, with the blessing of King Charles XI of Sweden, a weapons company for the Swedish army arose. It received its name from the city in which it was located, and the river flowing right there. The decline in military activity forced the company to seek an alternative to arms production. Sewing equipment, household appliances, bicycles, heating boilers are off the assembly line. At the end of 1959, the first motorized chain saws were released. At first they demanded the involvement of two operators. In 1975, Husqvarna launched the first million chain saws.

Husqvarna produces electric, gasoline and cordless chain saws. Chainsaws can be used for home, semi-professional or professional use. Husqvarna chainsaws for home use are not designed for frequent and prolonged use. With such a saw, you can cut branches, thin-trunked trees or engage in the preparation of firewood. A series of professional chainsaws is marked with the letters XP, as seen in the photo. Semi-professional models are indicated as universal chainsaws. Home or household. Usually it’s easy to maintain and light models for the home, for giving, for work in a small garden.

Qualitative indicators of STIHL chainsaws

Chainsaws offered by STIHL are able to carry out various work for the home and are characterized by a small engine capacity. This is quite enough for homework, for caring for a small garden, for use in the country. These chainsaws are safe, easy to use and reliable. Light weight and comfortable shape allow you to take such a chainsaw with you for hunting or outdoor recreation.

Universal are able to cope with more voluminous work. They are used for working in the garden, for solving communal problems, for home-made firewood. Stihl chainsaws are equipped with an anti-vibration system that allows you to remove and mitigate the additional stress on the hands in the form of vibration of the handles.

  • The inertial chain brake ensures the safety of working with a chainsaw.
  • Open access to the air filter allows you to check its condition in a few seconds.
  • Convenient lateral chain tension does not require direct contact with the chain, everything happens through the sprocket cover.
  • The compensator installed in the carburetor allows you to work for a longer time without maintenance.
  • One lever allows you to set summer or winter operation.
  • In winter, the advantage of the carburetor system is that it is heated with heated air to prevent icing.
  • A well-designed chain lubrication system prevents oil loss and reduces oil consumption by 50%.
  • Stihl’s patented bayonet locks allow you to access them quickly and without any auxiliary tools.

Qualitative indicators of Husqvarna chainsaws

Husqvarna household and semi-professional chainsaws are designed for occasional work for the home, for the garden. It should be noted that since 1978 the company became the owner of the Swedish manufacturer of chain saws Partner (Partner), so that the saws produced under this brand are also the brainchild of Husqvarna Corporation.

  • The company’s engineers worked out a preliminary air purification system, which allowed to extend the filter life without additional maintenance.
  • The forged crankshaft, consisting of three parts, can withstand heavy loads.
  • The installed vibration reduction system improves accuracy and safety.
  • The starter performs a smooth start regardless of external temperatures.
  • The exhaust system of E-TECH II minimizes the emission of harmful substances by the saw.

When deciding for yourself which chainsaw, Stihl or Husqvarna, is best to meet the needs of your home, cottage or garden, keep in mind that both brands of saws have fairly high prices. If you buy the products of these companies cheaply, it means that you are buying a completely different product in which there is only one name left from STIHL or Husqvarna, respectively, there is no need to talk about a guarantee for quality indicators.

Choosing the best for yourself, focus on the power you need, safety and comfort, guaranteed service life and price performance. And still answering the question which chainsaw is better, I want to say in the words of Adreas Stiel: “A chainsaw can be as good as its service is good.”