Which Chinese engine for a walk-behind tractor is better

Features of choice

In the process of choosing an engine for a walk-behind tractor, you need to be very careful, because the ability of the equipment to cope with the tasks assigned to it depends on this unit.

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Among the points to which you need to pay attention are the following.

  • The conditions in which this unit will be used. Here, the climatic factor is of no small importance, because in too hot and dry weather the engine must be constantly cooled so as not to fail.
  • A universal type of mounting, which is essential for installation on an existing single-axle tractor. It should be noted that not all gasoline or diesel units can be installed on any single axle tractor.
  • The resource of the power plant, which is usually declared by the manufacturers. If the device is used exclusively at home, then you can choose conventional motors.

In addition, experts advise to pay attention to the presence of a lighting coil, thanks to which it will be possible to connect headlights and use equipment in the dark.

Among the technical points to which attention should be paid are the following.

  • The presence of the oil level control sensor. It should be noted that almost all modern engines are equipped with a similar sensor, with the exception of ultra-budget Chinese versions. The presence of such an indicator greatly extends the operational capabilities of the engine, because the user can change the oil in a timely manner.
  • Filters for air purification, which can be of several types. The most popular and effective today is an oil bath filter, which can be used even on walk-behind tractors with a minimum clearance. In addition, the presence of such an element provides reliable protection of the mechanism from dust and solid particles.

Most of the Chinese models that are presented in the domestic market have a built-in speed controller. Its main work lies in the fact that in the process of changing the load, this mechanism automatically determines the optimal torque. This has a positive effect on the production efficiency and durability of the walk-behind tractor. In addition, thanks to this, it is possible to significantly save fuel. That is why it is best to choose gasoline or diesel power units that are equipped with a similar regulator.

Engines that are equipped with an automatic clutch are also very popular. Their distinctive advantage lies in the fact that they use exceptional wear-resistant materials that can cope with overheating and weathering for a long time. It is recommended to buy such equipment if work will be carried out on a large territory or in conditions of heavy soils. But for the processing of a private agricultural area or a small garden, you can use compact Chinese units, which are notable for their low cost. It is the affordable price that makes such power plants available to every person.

It is best to choose engines that are equipped with a two-valve drive. For example, motors manufactured by Lifan boast a universal air cooling system, which is of great importance for such units.

Also, options that are equipped with a steering column are in great demand today. They boast a fairly narrow body and the presence of a cable control system. This greatly simplifies the process of using walk-behind tractors, and also ensures safety when installing the engine.

Selection and installation of Chinese engines for a walk-behind tractor

There are a huge number of manufacturers on the modern market who produce gasoline power units for garden equipment, however, they cannot always boast of an affordable price and ease of maintenance. That is why most of the users prefer the Chinese options, which boast a number of advantages. Among the strengths of such power plants are their low cost, low noise level during operation, durability and small dimensions.

The power unit for a walk-behind tractor is one of the most important and integral parts of agricultural equipment. And the technical characteristics of this part play an important role in the ease of use, efficiency and reliability of the device itself.

In order for the equipment to fully fulfill its obligations, the power plant must be distinguished by the required performance, excellent motor resources and power reserve.

Engine types

Today, gasoline and diesel installations are used for installation on garden equipment. The first option boasts incredibly high performance and the ability to cope with any conditions, making it suitable for use in almost any territory. As for the diesel options, they are more versatile and economical, which is especially important in conditions of high fuel costs. In addition, the engines of motoblocks that run on diesel fuel can support a huge number of hinged structures, which greatly simplifies the process of using the equipment. Such units also boast an excellent resource and resistance to bad weather conditions.

The most popular today are the two-cylinder Chinese models, which are relatively inexpensive and can tolerate high and low temperatures remarkably.

Basic rules and principles of installation

When installing the power unit on a uniaxial tractor, you must be extremely careful, since an illiterate installation can lead to equipment failure, as a result of which it will be unsuitable for further use. First of all, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the manufacturer’s instructions, which in the smallest detail describes the process of installing the power unit on a uniaxial tractor. In addition, you must make sure in advance that the selected power unit is fully suitable for installation on your walk-behind tractor model. In the process of installation and assembly, you need to take care of your safety in advance, using protective devices for hands, as well as disconnecting the power from the battery.

Thus, Chinese engines for motoblocks are considered one of the best in terms of price-quality ratio, which ensures their popularity and demand in the market.

How to choose an engine for an air-cooled walk-behind tractor, you will learn from the video.

Which engine is better for a walk-behind tractor?

Today, the agricultural machinery market is provided by manufacturers from China, Belarus and Ukraine. Russian equipment occupies a very small market share.

However, the engines on the motoblocks of the aforementioned manufacturers are from the USA, Japan and China. On the site http://agrosad.com.ua/catalog/dvigateli you can find engines (including for motoblocks) at extremely affordable prices.

Which engines are better?

Motoblocks are completed with engines of the following manufacturers:

  • Lifan;
  • Briggs&Stratton;
  • Robin-Subaru etc.

Naturally, the most affordable option will be Lifan. It makes no sense to describe engine size and power. After all, they are all almost completely identical in these characteristics.

6.5 h.p standard of engines for motoblocks. However, there are some nuances of choice. They consist in the presence of engine speeds. For example, if you put a BriggsStratton engine on an ordinary single-axle Salyut tractor, then it will not last long.

The reason for this is a large load that cannot be properly distributed, which leads to premature wear of the power unit of the equipment. Does this mean it is worth buying Chinese engines?

12-22 HP Walking Tractor / Power Tiller

Durability versus cheapness

In fact, Japanese engines are quite attractive from a technical point of view. Their price is sometimes even higher than American ones. But the quality is also appropriate. Japanese machine builders give a guarantee for their own products from 20 years.

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However, many summer residents prefer not to spend a lot of money.

In addition, Japanese engines are not readily available. The following approach is practiced. a Chinese motor of the necessary characteristics is acquired.

Further, it is operated for the maximum possible period. After a partial failure occurs, a new Chinese motor is bought and the walk-behind tractor is operated again.

Sooner or later, the second Chinese engine will also fail. In this case, you can already use the first engine as a repair kit for the second. Of course, this approach involves a lot of fuss.

But on the other hand, you will be able to save some amount of money.

The video will demonstrate an engine for a 13 hp walk-behind tractor:

Criteria for choosing an engine for a walk-behind tractor

Before moving on to considering the market and choosing a specific model, you need to decide how we will choose the unit. Obviously, qualities such as:

  • power;
  • reliability;
  • wear resistance;
  • service requirements;
  • compatibility with existing equipment;
  • fuel consumption;
  • and other technical characteristics.

But besides them, you should also pay attention to more specific issues that will concern you personally. This is, for example, how often you can service the unit, what the operating conditions will be, that is, whether you will only use it in warm seasons or will have to work in winter as well. It is also important how much you will use a single-axle tractor per year, because this factor will determine the required power and durability of the engine.

Engine selection

The answer to these questions will determine the required motor resource, i.e. the number of hours that the unit can work. For example, if you only need to use it for plowing a couple of times a year, then inexpensive and low-power Chinese engines for 700 hours will do. In the same case, if you need a single-axle tractor for household or commercial purposes all the time, then it is better to take professional engines from Vanguard, Subaru or Honda. Their exposure starts from 1500 hours.

Answering the question which engine is better for a walk-behind tractor, one cannot ignore the Ukrainian Centaur engines. This choice will be a compromise solution between the Chinese and European options. The ideal price-quality ratio will allow you to use the motor for a long time without losing quality, but at the same time, without overpaying for a well-known brand.

We can offer you two engines of this company, which differ slightly in their properties. Centaur DD180V is a fairly powerful horizontal type apparatus that can cope with work of any complexity. Also, there is a rather complex equipment system, which allows it to be continuously operated for a long time. But in return, it creates a lot of noise and vibration.

The diesel engine Centaur DD190V is a very easy-to-maintain option that does not consume a lot of fuel. Its capacity is sufficient to cover most agricultural tasks. At the same time, the design is quite reliable and does not create unnecessary noise during operation, therefore it has a high rating and is the best option for a walk-behind tractor.

Engine types

For installation on garden machinery and heavy agricultural equipment, gasoline and diesel engines are used. The former are distinguished by their high productivity and the ability to work in difficult operating conditions, the latter are versatile and economical. The diesel engine of the walk-behind tractor supports a large number of attachments. The best production effect is achieved when operating at low speeds.

Such units have a good motor life and high resistance to negative weather and climatic factors. The most popular are the two-cylinder models. They are relatively inexpensive and can tolerate elevated temperatures well. When using such a motor in the summer heat, a simple air cooling system will suffice. Gasoline modifications require high operating costs. service and operation. Their advantages are durability and reliability.

A four-stroke motor of this type has high performance and the ability to work on heavy soils. A machine equipped with a vertical shaft saves time as it can operate stably at high speeds. Power units compatible with walk-behind tractors are subdivided according to the starting method:

  • for electrical;
  • for manual;
  • for combined.

The manual drive is found in the most budgetary and outdated models. common are units with electric start, which provide an easy and quick start of equipment. They are economical, easy to operate and reliable. Using an electric motor for a walk-behind tractor is appropriate in the country or in your own garden. The combined modification is a convenient option. 4-stroke motors are based on this functional diagram, intended for processing large areas of arable land and agricultural land.

They greatly facilitate the operator’s task, since they allow you to choose the type of launch that is convenient for you. Both petrol and diesel models are equipped with an automatic speed control. Another classification feature is the power indicator. On light motoblocks (less than 70 kg), engines up to 4 liters are installed. from. On medium (71-100 kg) motors up to 7 liters are used. from. For joint work with heavy (over 100 kg) equipment, power units from 8 liters are used. from. The power limit is set at around 16 liters. from.

In light and medium motoblocks, two-stroke gasoline or diesel engines with an air-cooled system are used. They are well suited for chores in a private house. Among farmers, the most common are heavy walk-behind tractors equipped with a 4-stroke engine with a forced liquid cooling mechanism. Depending on the modification, the engine is equipped with a gear, chain or worm-type gearbox. The latter can have a V-belt or bevel gear.

Model 170F

170F. Chinese gasoline engine with an overhead valve and a cast iron cylinder liner, which is great for motoblocks. This unit is a variation of the 168F model, only it is more powerful. 7 liters. from.

  • working volume. 212;
  • the starter is manual, but it is possible to connect an electric starter;
  • light weight (16 kg), compact dimensions.

The motor is vibration-resistant, quiet in operation, works without interruption in severe weather conditions.

Motoblock engine repair

Like any equipment, a single-axle tractor needs timely maintenance: oil change, cleaning, engine adjustment, etc. The power plant, which is the most complex component of agricultural equipment, is prone to failure. You can often repair the unit yourself. You will need an appropriate set of tools and knowledge of the basic foundations of a walk-behind tractor engine. An instruction is attached to the equipment, which describes the procedure for disassembling and assembling the unit.

This makes the task somewhat easier. If the engine runs intermittently, then first you need to check the level of the fuel mixture in the tank. Diesel and gasoline engines have different service life. For the former, the typical figure is 4000 m3 / h, while the latter are capable of working half as much. There are more reasons for their failure due to increased power, which leads to rapid wear of parts and functional structural elements. Often there are malfunctions of the electric starter switch.

Walking tractor Review

Model 182F

182F. Single-cylinder petrol 4-stroke engine with increased power, 11 HP. from. This is a budget analogue of the Honda GX340 unit.

  • economical fuel consumption;
  • low noise level;
  • modest dimensions.

Displacement. 337.182F. the most powerful engine in the range that can be installed on a single axle tractor.

From the Lifan engine family, the Lifan160F model is distinguished. The unit is distinguished by sufficient power (4.3 kW) with a small working volume (0.118 liters), a torque of 7.4 N / m is achieved at 3600 rpm.

Interested in the declared motor resource of the motor: 3000 hours, a very good indicator for a motor that works on a walk-behind tractor.

Which Chinese Engine For Motoblock Is Better

The engine for the walk-behind tractor is an important element in the design of the mechanical assistant of any gardener for another gardener, the technical properties of the walk-behind tractor and ease of use directly depend on its power, reliability and unpretentiousness.

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The assortment of industrial walk-behind tractors increases from year to year, however, the enthusiasm for the manufacture of walk-behind tractors on their own does not decrease for this reason. Accordingly, the demand for excellent engines that are suitable for use on homemade tillage implements is also increasing.

Chinese engines Lifan, GreenFiel, Subaru

The market is moving towards consumers, and additional small-sized engines with low weight, good features and an applicable price are constantly emerging.

Companies such as Honda (Honda), Agromotor, Greenfield (GreenField), Subaru (Subaru), Forza (Forza), BRIGGS STRATTON are ready to offer their engine standards to buyers. What remains to be done for our client, the models of engines from these manufacturers are of the highest quality, reliability and a relatively low price.

Engines from Russian manufacturers are the least popular, this is mainly due to the cost and relatively short operating time before repair, in comparison with foreign counterparts.

Over the period of a number of the last period, there is an option to monitor the steady growth in the popularity of motors from manufacturers from China. Distinctive features of Chinese products: low price, modern design, characterized by the highest reliability, versatility of purpose. These differences, together with the availability of spare parts in the public domain, make it possible to use DPRK-made engines on any garden and garden equipment, in particular on home-made walk-behind tractors.

The device of the classic version

As a rule, the classic motor for a single-axle tractor is a single-cylinder 4-stroke internal combustion engine. Most are air cooled.

The engine is equipped with the following work support systems.

  • Starter (starting mechanism). designed to spin the crankshaft and give it the desired speed.
  • Fuel supply system. a set of instruments used in the preparation of a fuel-air mixture. This includes fuel tank, hose, carburetor, air filter.
  • Ignition system. a set of parts that create a spark needed to ignite the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber.
  • Lubrication system. serves to supply oil to parts to avoid friction against each other.
  • Cooling system. exists to remove heat from the cylinder block. The flywheel impeller creates a flow of air when the crankshaft rotates, as a result of which it cools.
  • Gas distribution mechanism. responsible for the constant flow of the air-fuel mixture into the cylinder through the injectors.

But each model of a Chinese motor for a walk-behind tractor has several differences.

Pros and cons of Japanese engines

Products manufactured in Japan are popular with consumers. After all, Japanese-made engines are primarily about quality and reliability. A popular global manufacturer of motors, as well as a variety of high-quality equipment is the Japanese company Honda.

It is worth noting that when buying an engine for a walk-behind tractor, several important criteria and nuances must be taken into account. Before you buy a new motor, you need to decide on such parameters as:

  • power (it is recommended to purchase a motor with a similar or higher power);
  • motor resource indicators;
  • complete set and design features of the product (filter design, presence of a sensor for monitoring the oil level);
  • operating conditions and frequency of use of the walk-behind tractor (if you plan to use a single-axle tractor to perform complex work, then the purchased motor must also withstand increased loads).

In addition, they have a good supply of motor resources. The average performance of Japanese professional-type motors, which are installed on walk-behind tractors, is more than 1200 hours, while the duration of work and operation of Chinese counterparts does not exceed 1000 hours.

In addition, Japanese models are equipped with quality filters and oil level sensors (depending on the model). They are able to withstand prolonged loads and have good endurance. The disadvantage of Japanese motors, first of all, is their high cost. In addition, for some models, especially of the professional type, it can be difficult to find spare parts.

The domestic market is represented by a large assortment of engines for motoblocks, both Chinese or Japanese, as well as American, as well as European ones. It should be noted that models from different manufacturers and brands have both their own certain advantages and some disadvantages that cannot be ignored when buying an engine for a walk-behind tractor.

Pros and cons of American engines

The main advantages of American-made internal combustion engines for walk-behind tractors are high build quality, as well as performance. They are equipped with a reliable cooling system and quality filters. Therefore, motors of popular American brands, as a rule, will not heat up very much even with prolonged operation and heavy loads.

The disadvantages of American engines include their cost (especially professional-type motors). In addition, depending on the power indicators, most of these units have high fuel consumption rates. Also, for some models it is difficult to pick up and find spare parts.

Pros and cons of Chinese engines

In China, a large number of a wide variety of garden and moto equipment, including engines, are produced. In addition, it is in this country that the production of copies of motors of famous European and Japanese brands has been established, which are practically not inferior in terms of power and functionality to the original products and at the same time are much cheaper. The main advantages of such Chinese-made products for walk-behind tractors include:

  • Cost. The price of Chinese counterparts is much lower compared to European or American products.
  • Performance.
  • Availability of spare parts.
  • Wide range of diesel as well as petrol engines of amateur, semi-professional and professional grade.
  • Simplicity of design.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Versatility (easy to match generator).
  • Functionality (some models have an automatic system that regulates engine speed).

However, despite the large number of advantages, Chinese-made motors also have certain disadvantages. Their disadvantages include:

  • in budget models that belong to the household class, low quality components are used;
  • build quality (products with unadjusted valves and poorly tightened fasteners are often found);
  • small, in comparison with European and American counterparts, motor resource (no more than 1000 hours);
  • the occurrence of frequent breakdowns of starting devices;
  • are distinguished by strong noise and vibrations that occur as a result of operation.

It is preferable to purchase Chinese engines for light motoblocks, which are used when performing simple, simple work. For example, such motors are suitable for models of walk-behind tractors, which are used to process personal plots, vegetable gardens with an area of ​​up to 15 acres. This is due to the fact that Chinese motors are not as expensive as European counterparts, it is easy to find spare parts for them, as well as components, and they differ in low fuel consumption.

Pros and cons of European engines

Engines of European production, which are distinguished by high assembly quality, components, power reserve and functionality, are popular with both domestic and foreign consumers. In terms of quality, versatility, and reliability, the motors of Italian and German production stand out.

The motors produced in Europe are equipped with reliable starting devices and have a good power reserve. The indicator of the motor resource of such products is more than 1500 hours when performing tasks of any complexity. This is due to the fact that they are made of high quality components and materials. Also, the advantages of European-made engines include:

  • Power.
  • Build quality.
  • Reliable air filtration system.
  • High indicators of environmental safety and reliability.

The main disadvantage of the motors that were produced in Europe is their cost. In this regard, European engine models are inferior to Chinese and even some Japanese counterparts.

How to choose a single axle tractor

Before buying, it is worthwhile to analyze again for what purpose the equipment is being purchased. For example, for processing plots of up to 8 acres, it is worth looking at budget models, including the Centaur walk-behind tractors. They are distinguished by the strength of the metal from which they are made and the good performance of the engines. The technique calmly transfers the load throughout the day. Recommended model “Centaur 3060B”.

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With a plot area of ​​up to 20 acres, it is recommended to take a closer look at semi-professional walk-behind tractors. There is also a single-axle tractor “Centaur 2060B”. He is accompanied by Sadko M 900 and Aurora 105.

When the area of ​​the plots is several hectares, then professional walk-behind tractors come to help farmers. Among them there are also “Centaurs”: 1081D and 1013D.

The equipment “Aurora MT-101DE” and “Aurora MT 125 D” also proved itself well on large areas.

These are practical recommendations from users who have experienced the right choice of equipment of the required power.

In general, the selection of equipment is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • up to 15 acres. the power of the walk-behind tractor is 3.5 liters. with., with processing of a track with a width of up to 60 cm;
  • up to 60 acres. 5 liters. s., 80 cm;
  • up to 1 ha. 7 liters. s., 90 cm;
  • up to 5 hectares. 9 liters. s., 100 cm.

The main thing is that there must be reliability in technology. It is on this that the timely fulfillment of all plans, deadlines, the quality and quantity of the agricultural producer’s products depends.

Therefore, when buying, immediately assess the general technical condition of the equipment.

Look closely at the ratchets, the condition of the rear axle, the engine.

The motors of diesel motoblocks are one of the main ones in the overall design. In other words, it is the heart of the machine. It is not difficult to change it, especially since the components for Chinese walk-behind tractors are always available. But in order for the equipment to work immediately properly, it is best to run it in before using the walk-behind tractor. The “weak” points of the general condition will immediately come to light, which can be repaired in a matter of time. If the carburetor jams, then it is enough to adjust the valve.

Popular brands

China is constantly monitoring consumer demand by releasing its models to the market. It is not surprising that there are almost 80 brands of motoblocks alone. Among them there are analogues of Russian and European manufacturers.

In the general overview, the Yandex search engine gives out that the most popular Chinese brand, in terms of the number of requests, is ZUBR.

The multicultivator from China is presented in three types. One of them is in a typical build. The second is distinguished by a gearbox, which the developers have significantly improved. The third type is supplemented with water cooling, an improved gearbox and has a cutter.

The latter two types have additional power, the frequency of which is 2.6 thousand revolutions per minute. ZUBR has an engine with a power of up to 8 liters. from. Has a water-cooling system, has a differential unlock. Differs in maneuverability. It proved to be excellent in virgin soil conditions, in which a weighting agent is not required.

Another popular brand is ZIRKA. Heavy-duty walk-behind tractors made in China are characterized by durability. In the manufacture of the gearbox, a very durable aluminum alloy of the AC4B brand is used. Cast iron alloy is used to make a gearbox that can withstand different load changes. The alloyed alloy is used in the manufacture of gears. The technique is distinguished by maneuverability and power.

Another popular brand is KIPOR. The unit is upgraded with an air filter and an oil bath. These qualities allow the technician to work in dusty conditions. The steering wheel rotates 180 degrees, which emphasizes its maneuverability. The gearbox is equipped with hex shafts. They are designed to accommodate multi-hole universal axle shafts. Thanks to this, there is a unique opportunity to change the width of the wheel track to both wide and narrow. Another advantage of KIPOR is the presence of the so-called working bodies. Wheels are equipped with lugs.

Cultivator-and-rotator cutters and other functions available.

The following brands are also popular: Kentavr, Aurora, Forester, SADKO, FORTE, Rotex, MUSTANG, WEIMA, Parma, Magnum, etc.

Motoblocks made in China

Motoblocks are the most popular units among farmers for agricultural work. Often, the technique can be found in summer cottages. Motoblocks are capable of such work as weeding, planting and harvesting, and transporting goods. They are used when digging and plowing soil. Often, to expand the functions of equipment, additional attachments are used. Chinese walk-behind tractors are among the most purchased. They are not inferior in quality to European counterparts and are sold at an affordable price. In addition, you can always find spare parts for such equipment.

Features of the

Chinese walk-behind tractors are most suitable for our climatic conditions and soil. From external factors, they are distinguished by compactness, efficiency and neat appearance.

Iron Buffalo, 2 Wheel Tractor, Walking Tractor. Thailand

The technique has 4 gears: two forward and two reverse. There is a steering wheel that rotates in different directions. There are two types of motoblocks on the agricultural machinery market. The first type is motoblocks running on gasoline. The second type is diesel-powered units. The latter have a number of advantages, which are expressed in high efficiency and fuel economy.

The equipment has the following configuration:

  • fuel tank with a volume of 4 to 6 liters;
  • reducer;
  • disc clutch;
  • cooling system;
  • speed switch;
  • wheels on pneumatics.

Some walk-behind tractors have a tiller for tillage. Their width can be up to 100 mm.

The weight of the equipment is 200 kg. The service life reaches 3 thousand hours. Another advantage of Chinese motoblocks is ease of use and maneuverability. They move well on any soil. The wheels are stable. Comfortable at work, low vibration and noise level.

Cultivate up to 3 hectares of land.

Working functions of the walk-behind tractor:

  • hilling;
  • digging;
  • landing;
  • harvesting;
  • shredding branches;
  • mowing and collecting hay;
  • snow removal;
  • cargo transportation.

With the help of flat cutters, potato planters, hillers, harrows, dumps and other devices, the owners expand the working functions of the equipment. Motoblocks are a good alternative to a more expensive mini tractor.

With all the advantages, there are also disadvantages. The technique has many plastic parts that break frequently. Motors wear out quickly.

Which is better: diesel or gasoline

If we consider this issue from the point of view of price, then a gasoline single-axle tractor wins. Another advantage is its ease of maintenance. A gasoline engine is easiest to start with a manual start. All gasoline vehicles have forced air cooling.

Diesel motoblocks, in addition, have water cooling. Diesel vehicles are well suited for heavy loads. Her engine runs very economically. But when servicing, it requires more attention.

Diesel walk-behind tractors made in China can idle. Often this circumstance leads to equipment breakdown. To avoid these troubles, it is recommended to run the engine at full power for 3 hours.

One of the advantages of diesel equipment is its heavy weight.

Most diesel-powered motoblocks have a power take-off shaft. This circumstance increases their functions and increases the versatility of the unit.

When buying, you should also pay attention to the type of transmission operation. It is of two types: dry friction and liquid. The latter increases the durability of the mechanical transmission.

Everyone can choose a device for their price and tasks. In any case, walk-behind tractors with a power take-off shaft are excellent assistants when carrying out gardening work. Diesel and gasoline units help the farmer to solve many problems.

About Chinese-made walk-behind tractors, see the video below.