Which cinchoading to choose for a walk -behind tractor. Different methods of work

The hip for a walk.behind tractor

The same.based tractor is equipment, which, along with a motor cultivator, is very useful and sometimes necessary for owners of country, garden and garden plots. It will be useful to people who carry out regular planting of various crops in the ground.

Many in the gardens and gardens in areas at dacha and houses plant potatoes, which is one of the most popular products. The main stage in the preparation of the soil for growing potatoes is reinforcing. This process is time.consuming and takes a lot of time if you perform the procedure with your own hands. That is why many people decide to mechanize the implementation of land work with the help of specialized equipment, one of the types of which is the same tractor.

Motobobes are equipped with special attachments, for example, cultivators and cummers. And it is the perch (enchanter) that is used to carry out preparatory and landing work on the basis of further growing potatoes. Its use is convenient, effective and does not require special skills and knowledge.

The cigns. what is it? Why is it needed, how is it used correctly? How to choose the right option? Answers to all these questions, useful information and tips are considered on our website in this article.

Why do you need a cupboard

Why is it used, why is a perch installed on a single tractor needed? Its main task is to process the soil for further planting and hilling of potatoes, as well as for caring for other crops, for example, beetroot, turnip, carrots, radish.

With the help of the cigarette, you can make a straight furrow for planting in the soil (the soil is scattered to the sides), and then fill the ground after landing. Also, the same.based tractor with this nozzle allows you to dig and loosen the ground, make plowing, and carry out the fight against harmful weeds. Simultaneously with the loosening of the soil, aeration (enrichment of oxygen) and raising the level of the soil to the required height are raised.

How to work with a disc hir?

Perhaps for working with root crops the disk model is best suited. It is mainly used precisely for potatoes, but for other root crops it is used. The device is two disks fixed to each other at a certain angle, with the possibility of adjusting the width between them from 35 to 70 cm.

The corners of the discs should strictly correspond to each other, otherwise the mechanism will be led during operation.

Disk appearance is characterized by high reliability, functionality, and durability.

It’s pretty easy for them to work. The farmer needs only to conduct a single.based tractor with a fixed and configured mechanism along the beds with root crops.

How to work with a two.row pag.shaped cigns?

For an impressive territory, a two.row plug.shaped model is better for planting root crops. This device will allow the gardener in one pass to make two furrows on both sides of the row. Thanks to the use of such a device, the time and effort to work will be significantly reduced.

To work with a two.row model on a single tractor, it will be necessary to install a larger diameter soil.bearing, otherwise during the operation the aggregate frame will damage the plants.

A two.row pag.shaped peripheral is best used in a bunch with a sufficiently powerful walk.behind tract. This is especially true for gardens with solid soil.

Before starting to make passages between the beds, the working organs of the devices should be configured in the width so that each of them falls into the middle of the row.

The device is widely popular among farmers with impressive gardens. The next type is better for a small site.

What are the types of cummers

Depending on the design features of the nozzle for hilling, they are divided into several types.


Outwardly resembles butterfly wings. Differs with a fixed capture width. Due to the sharp ends, he falls to the exhibited depth.

  • simplicity of design;
  • small energy intensity;
  • Light weight. does not require powerful units;
  • the price is lower compared to other types of cigns.

It is important to plant potatoes evenly, strictly observing the same row width. The device does not cope well with work on wet and heavy land.


This is a two.row or swing mechanism for cutting even parallel grooves in large areas and their hilling. The height of the ridge changes from 10 to 20 cm and is limited by the rise of the gearbox regarding the level of the soil.

  • universality of application;
  • ease of building even grooves on vast areas;
  • adjustable distance between the lemes;
  • the ability to make ridges at the same time on two sides of landing.

The nozzle requires regular cleaning and processing with an anti.corrosion composition. The device is designed for light, pre.prepared soils.


The design of the potato enlot allows the blades to rotate in the horizontal and vertical planes. The lower wings of the wings resembles a comb.

The nozzle functions in tandem with a machine weighing 30 kg, recommended for use on any type of soil.


This is a streamlined mechanism. Its advantages:

  • slight intensity of soil twisting;
  • preservation of moisture in the ground due to less aeration;
  • simplicity of adjusting the angle of inclination;
  • Processing of a large territory.

Using this model, farmers reduce the time and effort that are spent on processing. It is better to use a plug.shaped nozzle with a powerful walk.behind tract.


Working elements of the cigarette light. circles that penetrate the soil into the adjusted depth.

The mechanism is popular for the following reasons:

  • high reliability and durability;
  • ease of operation;
  • compatibility with all types of cultivators and increasing their power;
  • The convenience of rolling root crops.

Basically, the nozzle is used to process potato plantings.

Information! The corners of the discs should clearly correspond to each other, otherwise the unit will go away from the desired direction.


The mechanisms of this type are also called active, or rotary, they are similar to the fan blades. The principle of operation involves 2 rotation forces and progressive movement.

Positive sides of the unit:

  • The nozzle not only huddles plants, but also throws the ground from place to place;
  • The device effectively fights weeds;
  • The beds collapse with loosened soil. the growth of plantings improves.

The model is not compatible with all types of cultivators. Use propeller nozzle only on motoblocks with two front gears.

How to set up a disc hir?

Equipment adjustment involves its correct direction relative to the furrow. It should be parallel to the beds on the land with a certain angle of inclination and the width of the furrow. Good setting up technology, will avoid mistakes and achieve good results during operation.

To install the angle at the unit there is a special screw adjustment, which tilts the entire device relative to the walk.behind tractor. The depth of the furrow depends on the customizable part. In addition, adjustment is carried out when installing the cigarette light to the walk.behind tractor. Do this with the help made in the rack for fasteners. If moving cigns are installed, then you can adjust the width and height of the generated ridge.

Disc hide has a higher quality than the plow, despite the fact that the time for cultivation of land takes more. The work is carried out not on two furrows, as in the case of a two.row cigarette glass, but with one.

Disk proofer is easy to configure. The lower points of the disks are diluted to the sides by about 40–70 cm (it all depends on the distance between the rows, the recommended width between the furrows for potatoes is 60–65 cm). When setting up equipment, you need not to forget about the angle of inclination and be sure to ensure that the discs are symmetrical to each other.

The same.based tractor is placed in the furrows so that the processed groove is between the working discs. Lead exactly along the rows, without affecting the vegetable culture. Disks select the earth, forming a comb, at the same time loosen and crushed large lumps of the earth.

For the entire period of growing potatoes, three hillings of potatoes are made. The first time the work is carried out when the height of the bushes is approximately 16 cm, the second time, when their height is approximately 23 cm and the last time after flowering is completed.

Active propeller perch

A less energy.intensive active propeller perch is ideal for hilling potatoes, provides high.quality loosening of the soil and its pouring to plant roots. Pay attention. this cupcach should be used when working in second gear (front), and not all models it has.

Having dealt with the characteristics of modern manufacturers, analyze the characteristics of your walk.behind tractor, the conditions of work on the site, the types of work that you plan to do with its use, and make the right choice.

How to make a cupboard for potatoes with your own hands

Manual hopper allows you to plow the soil without the use of technology. Allows you to process small areas. For the manufacture of a home.made cigarette, you will need:

  • Wheels or sheets of metal as a blade. 2 pcs;
  • Cam type. 2 pcs;
  • Fixing brackets. 2 pcs;
  • Metal racks. 2 pcs;
  • Bridge beam;
  • Gryadil’s handle.

Important to remember! The disk hillock differs from the Lister not only with a cutting tool, but also by the design of the frame. In manufacture, it is necessary to put the width of the capture of the blades practically. For discs, the width should be approximately 25 cm, for the Lister. about 30 cm. This is due to the nature of the cut of the blades. Disks plow the soil in a straight path, and the sheets of the metal are spud at an angle.


Making a home.made hip for a walk.behind tractor is quite simple. First you need to assemble a cutting element. Then cook and attach the frame. The diameter of the cutting discs should be in the range of 370-770 mm. For leaf blades, sheet metal is used in size 25 x 40 cm. The thickness of the blades is selected depending on the power of the walk.behind. For manual plowing or hilling, 2-milimeter steel is enough. With an increase in the number of cups, the thickness of the metal is increased by 2 mm. This will prevent deformation of the blades during loads.

Metal bushings are welded between ready.made disks or blades. They will fix the cutting edge when hilling. The capture width depends on the length of the bushings.

After welding the blades, we proceed to the manufacture of the frame. The length of the structure should not exceed 120 cm. Otherwise, during operation, the steering hand will vibrate. The frame for the enchanter is made taking into account the mount to the walk.behind tractor. Lower part. represents an enhanced design that fixes the tool. In the manufacture of a hand tool, instead of mounting for a single tractor, guide thrust is welded.

How to install a cupboard on a single tractor?

Installation and tuning of the crap for potatoes to the walk.behind tractor is not a very complicated procedure. With the help of bolts and washers, it joins the coupling. When working, a simple cigns need to configure its angle of work and the depth of immersion in the ground. The depth of the plowman at the cigarette lights is less than that of the plow, so for the setup you will not need to put the same.based tractor on the hill. Just adjust the perch rack vertically. The required angle of attack is determined by how deeply the perch in the ground enters the ground in the working position. This depth should be about 15 cm.

Homemade motorcycle with an engine from a walk-behind tractor 200 cc !

If in the process of work you notice that the hill overlooks greatly buries into the ground. reject the rack forward. Otherwise, if the perch is not deepened enough, the rack on the contrary is rejected back.

Setting up and installing disk cunning is a little more complicated. First you need to set the distance between the lower points of the discs of the cigarette. It will be 40-70 cm, depending on upcoming works. Next, the angle of inclination of the disks relative to the horizontal axis is set.

The settings of both disks should be identical, since otherwise the same.based tractor can be brought aside.

Do.it.yourself hill

Making a home.made enliver for a walk.behind tractor is not so difficult. It will consist of such main nodes such as 2 disks, 2 racks, 2 screw adjusting tarlets, T-like rod for attaching the structure.

Before starting work, prepare the necessary blanks:

  • metal sheets for the manufacture of discs (or already finished wheels);
  • square metal profile for the manufacture of the bar;
  • Details for the manufacture of tarlet adjustment.

The photo below shows how exactly with the help of tarpleps the adjustment of the vertical axes of the cummer will be performed. The letter “B” indicates the adjustment screws, the letter “C”. racks:

In the presence of the necessary blanks, the manufacture of the cigop should be made according to the drawings below. Do not forget to adhere to the specified sizes to obtain a quality product.

They will join the motor block with a bracket, the leash, in turn, is attached to the bracket with stopor bolts.

We also offer to familiarize yourself with the video, which tells about the intricacies of the manufacture of a home.made crap for a walk.behind tractor:

Such a cupboard will be compatible with such models of motoblocks as Neva MB-1, MB-2, Agro, MTZ, etc. D.

What kind of cigns do you need?

Today there are Lister cunnets for a walk.behind tractor with adjustable or fixed angles. A fixed angle in advance during creation is the most simple when it comes to putting in practice. It is easiest to make it. You need to cook the base of the three.millimeter sheet of steel. This node will be responsible for the first resistance of the land formation.

To create the right bracket, you should use a four.millimeter steel strip. After the part is formed, it is extremely necessary to harden it with a burner. Make a field board from a 5mm piece of steel, bending it. Spring sheet is perfect. Do not forget to first “release” the metal, and then harden again on the burner.

According to drawings, the main load in the design will be on the rack, so pick up a thick steel strip for it, preferably, at least eight millimeters in thickness. Weld in two passes so that there is one seam from each side. To create the wings, it makes sense to take a less thick metal, then the cupboard created by you for a walk.behind tractor will be less heavy.

For example, a two.millimeter piece of steel. Follow compliance with dimension so that the wings are correctly joined with the basis when the installation will occur. To bend the wings, you can take any template, for example, a suitable diameter steel pipe. The design will gain sufficient stiffness due to its concave shape and welds, and it can be installed on a single tractor.

A few words about the adjustable leather cigarette light on the one.legged tractor. Here the wings are fixed on the grounds on hinges. And there are rods in the tail, which, in fact, regulate the angle.

When the design is ready, you just need to finish the traction device. It will require the creation of a movable mount so that later it could be placed any width of the rows.

Remember that for the Lister cumber, regardless of its subspecies, you will need a very powerful unoic tractor.

The advantages of disc cakes

Disk cigns. another type of attachment equipment. This is not a plug.shaped perch. The advantage that a disk hill for a walk.behind tract has, created by yourself is that it can be synchronized with the capabilities provided by the walk.behind tract. For example, you can adjust power or speed. And since the soil has a slight resistance, it is not worth buying cups for potatoes to a motor unit with a more powerful engine. If you select the disks of the walk.behind tractor correctly, then you can do potato hilling in any phase of its development.

The most difficult thing is to create such a cupboard with your own hands, to obey the discs. It is best to fix a home.made disk perch on a bearing with seals.

Keep in mind that if one of the disks suddenly jams in the process, then the whole car can turn aside, it is not known how many grooves he will ruin. If you do not know how to spill over the walk.behind tractor, read the materials from our site where everything is told in detail.

How to install a cupboard on a single tractor

Installing the cigarette light on a single tractor requires proper adjustment of the angle of attack and the depth of immersion, which should be less than that of the plow.

Before working with the cigns, the following work should be done:

  • On the uniform tractor, the wheels and the hitch should be installed, then attach the cup.
  • The same.based tractor is placed on an equal surface, and the cupboard is lowered to the ground and fixed to the coupling.
  • When installing the equipment, it is necessary to ensure that the perch.rod stand stands vertically, which will ensure the setting of the desired angle of attack.
  • Further, the equipment is lowered to the ground level or slightly deepens into it so that it turns out to be below the supporting surface of the soil.

A test hilling should be carried out and see: if the equipment deepens into the ground, reject the rack forward, raising a little toe slightly. In the case of leaving the ground, the stand deviates back by lowering the sock. It is important to consider the width between the rows, adjusting the active parts of the installation.

Which cumberchina is better for a walk.behind tractor

Wagging by a motornote will be effective if the attachment equipment was correctly selected. There are several types of cigns that are presented on the market in a large assortment.

MILLING with a light walk-behind tractor!

Lister (with a fixed width)

Equipment can be used on units with a capacity of up to 3.5 liters. With., It is suitable for processing narrow aisles (width 25-30 cm). The design consists of two special wings, which are motionlessly fixed. The stand of the model is very thin.

The lack of equipment can be called the sticking of the earth with its high humidity.

Cligwice to a variable capture width

The equipment allows you to adjust the width of the aisles, so with its help you can process beds, the dimensions and width of which are diverse.

The hip is suitable for motoblocks of different types, for example, for units Neva MB 2 and MB 1, Agro, is also used for models with high power.

The disadvantage of the device can be called high energy consumption.


A convenient and very simple tool huddles plants, prepares furrows for the subsequent planting of seeds. Its design consists of special disks that are installed at an angle.

Today, this model is the most effective for hilling, but has a greater cost.


In this cigarette, the wings rotate in the vertical and horizontal plane, so that the plowing of the Earth occurs more qualitatively and without large energy costs. Despite such an effectiveness, the cost of the cumber is affordable.

Rotor active perch

It is also called propeller and attributed to the equipment of a new generation. During operation, the hillock not only loosen the soil, but also pushes it to the roots of plants.

The disadvantage of the model is not suitable for all motoblocks, since it is possible to work with equipment only in second gear, which not every unit is available.

This is not to say which cigns will be better for working on the site. The choice of equipment depends on the type of work, conditions and prices. The alternative can be the use of home.made envelopers that can be attached to any walk.behind tractor.

Preparation of the device

Any unit, and a cultivator, including, needs proper care. In the spring, before the start of land work, the uniform tractor must be carefully examined, while paying special attention to the wear of the devices: plow, cigarette lights, removable mills.

Be sure to remove the lubricant for conservation if it was applied from the fall to the piston group. Check the presence of oil and replace it if necessary, pour gasoline.

Carry out a trial check of the engine, for which it is necessary to close the air damper, set the largest number of revolutions and start the motor. Let him work for a while, thereby warming it up and after that you can proceed to the cultivation of the earth.


Before filling potatoes, you need to understand how to do it right. It is necessary to provide a method for raising ridges during the planting of potatoes, since the distance between the rows 60-70 cm is necessary to promote and high-quality operation of the unit. You need to take into account the size between the wheels with the addition of 5 cm on each side.

Heldowing your potatoes can be carried out by several trailer devices. cummers. Consider in more detail each type and configuration of these models.

We use two devices

The unit has wheels with primers and two adjustable cigns on the cross member. They need to be configured in such a way that with the least efforts, the double.sided one.sized taps fall off the ground on the potato bushes. This is done due to displacement at the stand of the cutting depth and changes in the surface of the device. Then the cakes are installed between the rows, and plant processing begins.

Having overcome the entire length of the ridge, the unit turns around, shifts in two rows, and the process repeats, raising the crests of the Earth. When hilling, looser are usually installed ahead. At the back on the walk.behind tractor, wheels are installed. cigns that fall asleep the bushes.

The use of a single.row device

When cultivating land with a one.sided lime, wheels with soil.spaces will also be required, which should take place according to previously sustained aisles.

The hip is adjusted at the rack so that the dump of the earth covers at least half of the stems of plants at their height of about 30 cm.

Disk variety

Such disk devices when hilling potatoes are additionally chopped and made by air soil. True, landing with such a device will be slower, since it will be able to process only one row from the passage, but the better loosening of the soil is supposed to be better.

  • You need to dilute the disks at a distance of a row.
  • Then the angle of the dump is determined by the trial way and after that they are exhibited symmetrically each other.