Which Circular to Choose for the Sawing Table

Which Circular to Choose for the Sawing Table

The table circular saw is a stationary tool of the electric type, designed for sawing workpieces from a wide variety of materials. Wood, plastic, metal. When installing a special disk, you can even work with ceramic tiles. Such units will turn out to be really indispensable in suburban areas where various construction works are being carried out, in the apartment they will well help save time and effort during the repair. In particular, with the help of this tool it will be possible to cut plywood, parquet board, laminate, door extensions, panels made of plastic.

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How to choose a table sawing machine?

By and large, all such devices have a similar design, but often they can have additional elements that can significantly expand the functional side of the tool, increase the safety of handling it. The product is placed in a metal or plastic case with one or two handles. Due to the high number of revolutions for safety, the saw blade is closed with a special protective cover that opens only when the tool is brought to the workpiece.

There is still a platform that helps to keep the disk in a given position. A proppant knife is supplied with the product. With its help it will be possible to free the canvas if it gets stuck in the material. The required number of revolutions is achieved by means of an electric motor, on which a disk is mounted using bolts. One of the main features of circular saws is the ability to cut material exclusively in a straight line, arc cutting is not provided here.

Depending on the cutting depth, the tool can be divided into several groups: small (they are able to cut the material to a depth of 46 mm), medium (up to 55 mm), large (up to 70 mm) and professional, in which this parameter can reach 140 mm. It is most convenient to use desktop circular saws. When they are used, the tool is stationary, only sawn material moves. If necessary, you can cut the workpiece at different angles in the longitudinal or transverse direction. One of the key advantages of this tool is its low weight and high level of mobility. With it, you can work with workpieces whose width exceeds 60 cm. However, the device vibrates quite strongly during operation, which can adversely affect the final quality of the cut.

When choosing a device, you should always pay attention to engine power. In this regard, devices can be divided into three groups: low-power tools have an engine whose power does not exceed 800 watts. With their help, it will be possible to cope with light products. Universal products are equipped with a motor from 800 to 1200 watts. Professional designs have a capacity of over 1200 watts.

Top Ten Models of Desktop Sawing Machines

10. Dewalt DW745

Despite the low level of electric motor power, this product can be used not only in domestic conditions, but also as part of a small production. The largest width of the workpiece is 315 mm on the left side and 610 on the right. If you cut at a right angle, then the maximum depth of cut can reach 77 mm. If you do this at an angle of 45 degrees, this parameter is reduced to 57 mm. Rubberized legs significantly reduce the level of vibration of the tool during operation, which positively affects the accuracy of the tool. When developing the device, engineers installed reliable protection against overheating and overload here. If the disk gets stuck in the material, the protection system will work, which will turn off the engine and prevent it from burning out.

The equipment is placed in a steel frame, which reliably protects the tool from various kinds of physical damage, inevitable during construction and repair work. In addition, a reliable dust removal system is provided, thanks to which the cutting line will always be visible. The mass of the device is 22 kg. The overall dimensions of the tool are 577x742x425 mm, the table area is 630×570 mm. Here you can use a cutting disc with a maximum diameter of 250 mm, the number of revolutions reaches 3800 per minute. The angle of the disc is adjustable from 3 to 48 degrees.

  • Quite accurate emphasis, providing high accuracy;
  • Power is enough for use at home;
  • There are legs that allow you to damp excessive vibration;
  • No runout was detected on the shaft of the disc.
  • A bit noisy instrument;
  • The location of the power button is not too convenient.

9. Metabo TKHS 315 M DNB

This is a professional tool of increased accuracy, however, you can work with it only in the workshop, since it functions only from three-phase current. The device is equipped with an electric motor of increased power. 3100 watts. The maximum diameter of the saw blade can reach 315 mm, which ensures a high level of performance. Parallel and angular stops are supplied with the tool, the height of the saw blade can be adjusted depending on specific needs. The maximum number of revolutions of the saw blade is 2990 revolutions per minute. The highest depth of cut at a right angle of the blade is 85 mm, if the cut is carried out at an angle of 45 degrees, the parameter is reduced to 53 mm. The tool from the developers turned out to be quite heavy. 77 kg, and the size of the site is 800×600 mm.

The body of the unit is made of high-strength sheet steel, which is painted with powder paints, the countertop is made of galvanized materials. There is a mechanism that allows you to extend the working surface in case there is a need to work with wide workpieces. The sawdust removal system is well thought out. For comfortable transportation, the machine has wheels and handles.

  • It is possible to cut rather large workpieces;
  • Suitable for both coarse and precise sawing;
  • The highest quality of manufacturing and assembly;
  • There is everything necessary for comfortable work.
  • It works only on 380 V.

8. Bosch AdvancedTableCut 52

Multifunctional universal products designed for both straight-line and longitudinal and even angular sawing of workpieces made of wood of various species, starting with the softest and ending with the toughest. The tool is perfect for home use and for the workshop. It takes up a minimum amount of free space, and besides, it can be used to dissolve various wood and particle boards. The vertical angle of cut is adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees. An original opportunity is to adjust the horizontal cutting angles from.60 to 60 degrees. Change of this parameter is carried out due to a special pulling lever and a rotary handle.

Saw blades do not require special maintenance during operation. There is no need to lubricate or sharpen them. Sawing is carried out without vibration due to the use of the latest NanoBlade technology. Using the SDS system, you can replace the saw blade manually, without using a key. The device has a rather long warranty period. 3 years. At right angles, the maximum cutting depth is 52 mm, with an inclination angle of 45 degrees. Up to 35 mm. The mass of the device is not very large. 8.5 kg. The product is equipped with an electric motor, the power of which is 550 watts. The kit comes with a universal guard that prevents chips and sawdust from getting into the eyes of the operator, there are pushers and supports that protect your hands when sawing any workpiece.

  • The device allows you to cope with almost any domestic tasks;
  • It is possible to adjust the angle with an accuracy of a degree;
  • The saw blade is maintenance free;
  • There are protective tools to ensure operator safety;
  • Long period of operation;
  • High quality workmanship and assembly.
  • You can only work with wood and wood-containing materials, not suitable for polymers and metals.

Which Circular to Choose for the Sawing Table

7. Metabo TKHS 315 C DNB

The model was developed for working with wood and building and finishing materials based on it. It can be used both in domestic conditions and at the construction site. Engine power is 2800 watts. Its performance indicators allow you to solve even quite complex tasks. The set comes with a parallel stop providing accurate and straight cut. The diameter of the saw blade is 315 mm. Well above the average. It provides sawing of rather thick boards. It is possible to expand the base for blanks, so that you can comfortably and easily work with wide products.

The product is characterized by a design of increased strength. The case is made of steel sheets, the galvanized worktop. To ensure the maximum level of safety for the person working on this machine, there is a protective transparent casing made of special plastic. The legs can be unscrewed and the saw installed directly on the workbench or on the table, there are rubberized gaskets. The legs themselves, if necessary, are screwed to the floor with bolts or anchors. The number of revolutions reaches 2990 per minute. The greatest depth of cut. 85 mm.

  • High precision cutting;
  • Minimum vibration during operation;
  • The ability to use in domestic and industrial conditions;
  • The increased depth has cut;
  • Reliability and durability.
  • For use in everyday life, the tool is somewhat expensive.

6. Anchor Corvette 11M

Universal product, which, provided that special discs are installed, can be used to work not only with wood, but also with laminated panels, various plastics, with an aluminum profile and other similar materials. The product has a high-power collector motor that provides a high speed of rotation of the saw blade. The body is made of hard plastic with stiffeners. It is able to withstand significant physical stress during operation. The motor starter is electromagnetic, due to this, electric shock to the user is completely excluded, even if a malfunction occurs. The disc guard has an original design, which is also designed to provide increased safety.

The system for adjusting the angle of inclination and departure of the saw blade is smooth. On the working surface, you can install a protractor or parallel stops, which are included. Along with the saw there is also a collapsible stand, which allows you to install it not on a table or workbench, but independently. An adapter ring is also provided for discs whose seat diameter is 32 mm. To collect chips, a vacuum cleaner can be connected to the tool. The maximum diameter of the discs is 255 mm. The gear transmission, which is responsible for transferring torque to the disk, is well resistant to wear and severe loads. The largest number of revolutions. 5000 per minute.

  • Pretty budget model;
  • Can connect a vacuum cleaner;
  • There are holes for installing a milling cutter or jigsaw;
  • Not very noisy.
  • The plastic case is still not quite what you need for a table sawing machine.

5. Metabo TS 216

A fairly lightweight desktop design that, if necessary, can be carried with just one hand. The device is made on the basis of a non-twist tubular frame frame, which makes it suitable even for rather severe operating conditions, even at a construction site. A high torque motor is installed here, equipped with an electronic overload protection system. He also has a motor brake that allows you to stop the rotation of the saw blade for only three seconds. There is a system of protection against restarting: with its help, you can prevent unintentional starting of the engine after a power outage. The design is equipped with a soft start. This technology helps to significantly extend the life of the motor and gearbox.

The parallel emphasis is highly accurate, and it also has two-way locking. The accuracy of the tilt of the saw blade is ensured by a special guide with a ring gear. It will return to the zero position automatically after the reverse cut. The saw design has a spindle lock that helps you change the saw blade in just a few seconds. A proppant knife is supplied with the device, and it is built into the saw itself. If necessary, the tool can be lowered and locked in this position. The table, if necessary, is expanded strictly by the specified value. The developers have installed a two-point sawdust removal system here, which ensures dust-free operation.

  • Low weight of the device. Can be carried even with one hand;
  • High quality manufacturing and assembly of products;
  • Soft start system;
  • Decent power for its value;
  • It is convenient to work regardless of the complexity of the conditions.
  • Rubber inserts that reduce vibration periodically pop up.

4. Makita 2704

This is a rather expensive model, equipped with an engine, the power of which is 1650 W; at idle, this saw is capable of developing up to 4800 rpm. This allows you to make cuts, the depth of which reaches 91 mm. It is allowed to work with wood, plastic and other similar materials, but saw metals, asbestos-cement products, rubber-like materials. Ideal for working at home or in a small carpentry workshop, where its use is required from time to time. The design is not too high, so it can easily fit on a workbench, however, the kit comes with a set of legs and corners in order to mount an open type stand. In addition to compactness and mobility, the design is characterized by a high level of accuracy when processing small parts.

On the machine it will be possible to produce oblique, straight, combined and other cuts, to make the cutting of blanks. From previous models, the device inherited a starting current stabilization system, a reliable electric brake that stops the engine a couple of seconds after a power outage and a four-section desktop. In the latter, the left and right parts are sliding, so if necessary, you can process workpieces of decent size. The countertop is made of cast iron, its surface is carefully polished. The grooves for installing the protractor are located on the right and left of the saw blade.

  • Saws workpieces cleanly and quickly enough;
  • The countertop is made of carefully polished cast iron;
  • Reliable engine protection against overheating;
  • Inrush current equalization system extends tool life.
  • The high cost of equipment.

3. Ryobi RTS1800

The construction of the famous Japanese company, which is famous for its high-tech devices, closes the top three desktop circular saws. This model was no exception. They decided to provide it with an electric motor with a power of 1800 W, so it works quite quickly and efficiently. The table top is made of cast aluminum alloy, with the help of which it was possible to obtain a reliable support and guarantee a neat cut regardless of the material used. As with most of the structures presented in our review, this device has a sliding tabletop design, due to which it is possible to work with workpieces with a width of up to 480 mm.

The lateral guide is equipped with two fixing points. The adjustment handle performs several functions. With its help you can adjust both the height of the cut and the angle of inclination of the saw blade. The equipment is equipped with reliable protection against jamming of the disk and overload, due to which it is possible to ensure a long period of operation and to ensure that the tool does not fail during this time. The protractor allows you to change the angle of cut from.60 to 60 degrees from the vertical. For storage of additional parts there is a built-in compartment.

  • Very powerful products for its value;
  • Cast aluminum table;
  • The presence of a soft start system;
  • Superior workmanship;
  • Long period of operation;
  • Reliability.
  • The drive has a slight backlash.

2. Hitachi C10RE

This sawing machine is designed for use either at home or in small batch production. You can connect this equipment to a vacuum cleaner due to the presence of a special nozzle for removing sawdust and chips, which can significantly save time on cleaning the premises after work. Naturally, the products are equipped with a protective cover and a soft start system. Engine power is 1600 watts. This is enough to work with fairly thick workpieces. If necessary, the device can be connected not only to a vacuum cleaner, but also to forced exhaust ventilation.

The device is sold completely disassembled, however, the assembly instructions are quite understandable, so it will be possible to bring it into working condition in a short time. The maximum diameter of the saw blade is 250 mm with a hole size of 30 mm. The depth of cut with direct feed of the disc is 73 mm, but if it is at an angle of 45 degrees, this parameter is reduced to 63 mm. The maximum idle speed is 4800 per minute. The original area of ​​the table is 640×470 mm. The mass of the device is 25 kg, so it can be carried in hands.

  • Small overall dimensions of products;
  • Decent depth cut a disk;
  • High level of equipment reliability;
  • Ease of use;
  • Easy to assemble on your own;
  • Excellent cut quality, minimal waste.
  • The engine brake is weak;
  • The fixed angle of inclination of the disk slightly backlash. About a couple of degrees.

1. Bison ZPDS-255-1500

Finally, we can introduce you to the leader of our review of the best bench saws. This multifunctional tool is designed to perform almost all woodwork. The range of work is quite wide largely due to the ability to connect a milling machine and an electric jigsaw. As a result, the product from an ordinary sawing machine turns into a full-fledged woodworking tool. For example, this equipment is useful for making longitudinal, inclined, oblique and combined cuts, you can even make curly sawing. The device is equipped with an electromagnetic switch that prevents accidental switching on. When feeding the workpiece to the saw blade, the protective cover will automatically rise, thereby protecting the user from possible damage.

Overload protection is reliable, and the engine after it is restored almost instantly. The device is equipped with a special laser pointer, which displays the cutting line with very high accuracy. The adjustment of the sawing depth is smooth rather than stepwise, which is very convenient. The device is equipped with an adjustable proppant, which prevents clamping of the disc. Longitudinal and angular guides are smoothly adjustable, so you can strictly set the required workpiece size. The workpiece pusher is supplied with the device, so you can work even with small products without fear of injury.

  • Quite reasonable cost for such multifunctional equipment;
  • The metal case, steady against physical influences;
  • You can install additional power tools;
  • Superior build quality
  • Long warranty period. As much as 5 years;
  • It is possible to work with wood of significant thickness.

In conclusion, a useful

Rating of the best bench sawing machines completed. We tried to collect as much information as possible on each of the models so that you can get the most suitable tool for yourself that will fully meet all your requirements. If you still have any questions, then do not hesitate to ask them in the comments to the article. We will clarify for you all the incomprehensible points.