Which disk is better to cut concrete. Diamond drilling

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How to cut a concrete slab with reinforcement

It happens that reinforced concrete structures must be cut:

  • To create and expand window and doorways;
  • To change the layout, dismantling;
  • For installation of sockets and built.in switches;
  • For laying wires and cables;
  • In construction during the repair of bridges, overpasses and other complex structures.

How and how to cut reinforced concrete? Today there are different methods and tools for processing durable stone with a built.in metal frame, which we will talk about later.

Cutting concrete to a small depth

In this case, you can use an angular grinding machine (angular grinding or in the “Corner Grindmaker”) and 105-125 mm Drunk diamond disk, for example, a segmented diamond disk, a turbo-almas disk or a turbo-almas disk with a wave of a wave. installed on corner grind. Segment diamond cutting discs can cause more troubles during cutting, due to their segmented edges, but their price is significantly lower than the price of other types of discs. Turbo. diamond discs with a wave case can be used to perform tasks with the highest load, for example: cutting concrete and reinforced reinforced concrete, but their cost is the highest.

You can first cut concrete to a depth of 1 cm, and look at how the angular grinder and diamond disk behave. If in the work of the corner grinder does not appear troubles, and the disk cuts and does not “stand” in place, you can continue cutting concrete and reinforcement to achieve the cutting depth for you. Each subsequent cut should not be deeper than 1.5 cm.

To reduce the formation of dust, you can ask someone to spray water into a diamond disk and cut during cutting. It is also necessary to cool down the diamond blade and the growth of the disk service life. If the use of water is not non.hazardous for the power source of your corner grinder, you must create a cutting concrete “on dry”. With dry cutting of concrete, air is used as a coolant (cooling), therefore, after a certain period of time, you must extract a diamond disk from the cut zone and give it the opportunity to spin freely to cool the segments. The period can be from several minutes to several seconds depending on the hardness of the cut concrete (the harder than concrete, the shorter the cutting period should be).

Throughout the cutting process, you should use a profile respirator for dust, in an unpleasant case you can cause severe harm to your own health.

In addition to the angular grinding machine, you can use the profiles of diamond saws. With a circular diamond saw, you can also use a more diamond diamond disk, improving the efficiency of cutting.

Select the necessary diamond cutting discs

There are two types of fastening parts to the disc sheet. Discs with attacked sectors using silver.containing solder are extensive used for moisturized cutting of concrete. Laser welding of diamond parts is more often used for dry cutting and is characterized by the highest performance.

You must check that the diamond disk diameter and the hole for its fastening correspond to the technical features of your saw. Apart from that, you should know the power of the diamond saw you used. The saw capacity affects the choice of tools. Diamond discs used on massive saws are required to have a stronger bunch of parts or have the highest concentration of diamonds, another blade (segments) can be worn very rapidly.

Now, when you have determined the diamond disk diamond, the size of the hole for attaching the disk, the power of your saw, information about the structure of concrete. You can just choose the diamond disk you need for you.

The scope of application

Disks can perform the following:

To make the surface perfectly even, the disk needs to be chosen correctly, it will save your money and reduce labor costs.

The disk is a circle of metal with a small thickness, cutting diamond plates are located on its edges. They are made of industrial ground diamonds, put into a binder:

The plates are attached to the disk by means of laser welding or soldered by silver. In order for the cutting tool to last longer, it is connected to a metal base through powder soldering. When the cutting part of the disk is sharpened, it can be used for its intended purpose.

Diamond Core Drilling. Tips to Make Diamonds Last

Varieties of the tool

For cutting concrete or reinforced concrete, equipment is used as:

The disk is attached to equipment. Circles differ in the number of diamonds per unit area, a qualitative indicator of this element, and the configuration of the working edge.

Circles are divided into several categories. Further, detailed cutting disks for concrete and grinding.

Cutting discs

This category of diamond circles is divided into several types.

Segment disks for dry cutting are used along with manual tools:

The circuit on the basis of the segment circle is placed in the form of several sectors, between them are radial through grooves. Discs heat up during cutting, while the plates experience heavy loads. Slots are needed to relieve voltage in incisors, removal of waste, compensation for linear expansion and heat removal. To better distribute shock loads, use radius boring at the end of the technological slot.

A separate type of segment circles are diamond tools for fresh concrete. The segment has a special composition, thanks to which concrete can be cut within 2 days after solidification. The diamond layer is usually sprayed directly to the body without a binder.

The second variety of cutting disks is whole. There are no segments on them, the voltage is distributed using radial holes. They are needed if concrete is cut with water cooling. Wet processing is performed on stationary equipment, which can serve a coolant.

The next type of cutting circles is especially for reinforced concrete. Their design is segmental, but at the same time there are more diamonds in the teeth. Remember that it is difficult to cut reinforced concrete independently, since the corner grinder heats up quickly and the dust gets inside the machine, respectively, a special protective engine is needed. With a manual tool, reinforced concrete can be cut in one pass to a depth of 10 cm, then the angular grinder will turn off.

Turbose.healing circles are whole, they are cooled due to their wave.like surface. They are expensive, but have advanced functionality and long service life. With their help, you can cut not only concrete, but also reinforced concrete, but only if the diameter of the reinforcement does not exceed a mark of 10 mm.

Grinding diamond circles

Thanks to grinding circles, concrete is processed to align the floor before a decorative coating is applied. A working tool is an angular grinder or a grinding machine. A feature of such tools is that the diamond cutting layer is located on a conical ring surface protruding along the edge (cup).

The circle for machining floors is equipped with several grinding cups, and between them there are grooves for the removal of dust.

The second type of instrument for concrete structures. grinding diamond discs. With their help, concrete is polished if necessary to align the floor.


Dimensions are regulated according to GOST 10110–87:

  • The thickness of the diamond layer is 5 or 10 millimeters and is measured in the radial direction.
  • Height. The thickness of the disk body fluctuates in the range of 0.15–2.4 millimeters.
  • Sitting place (inner diameter). The standard value varies between 12-76 millimeters. For cutting reinforced or ordinary concrete more than others, a circle with a landing place from 20 millimeters is suitable for more than others.
  • The outer diameter has dimensions between 50-500 millimeters. The step between neighboring cuts in the range of 50-200 millimeters is 25 millimeters, and in the range of 200-500 the step is 50 millimeters. Usually concrete is processed in circles with a diameter of 115-500 millimeters.

The ratio of size that are approved by GOST provide reliability and strength. But at the same time it is stipulated that circles can have a height and internal diameter, which are not included in the dimensional rows of the standard. Particularly popular today are products with a seat of 22.2 millimeters, as well as 25.4.

Distinguish between hard and soft discs depending on the hardness of the binder material. Soft are intended for solid materials (reinforced concrete and concrete). Their resource is relatively small, but cutting is carried out much faster. Firmly intended for soft materials, such as asphalt, shame, clinker, marble.

The choice of tools

When they purchase a circle for corner grinders, they take into account many factors that determine the final choice. For each individual case, an individual approach is required. The main conditions on which the characteristics and optimal dimensions depend are: are:

  • Material. Most often, ordinary concrete is processed by a segmented tool for dry cutting. The new concrete surface has a high level of abrasiveness. This becomes the cause of the rapid wear of the disks. For such work, it is better to purchase thicker discs. Old concrete is stronger than young, so it is better for him to use options for moderate thickness. If quartz sand or balzate is included in the cement-sand mixture, then the abrasiveness of concrete rolls over. It is better to choose options where diamond plates are soldered by silver to the base. If you need to cut reinforced reinforced concrete, granite or concrete, then a soft diamond circle is used.
  • Cutting method. Cut reinforced concrete and concrete accurately and quickly, avoid the appearance of dust and overheating of the tool will allow wet technology. But before buying whole disks, you need to make sure that the cutting equipment has a cooling system. For cutting dry, segmented circles are bought.
  • Working conditions. For home use, products are selected with an optimal ratio of quality and price. They will be able to cope with reinforced concrete and concrete of average reinforcement. If they are used periodically and not allow overloads, they will last a long time. Professional discs are designed for constant use. They have increased durability and wear resistance. Distal and Bosch firms produce the best samples. Such products must be purchased strictly for their purpose: the concrete can be cut by the disk in marble.
  • Equipment and depth of cut. The deeper you need to make a cut, the greater the diameter of the circle should be. Do not forget about the possibilities of the device at the same time. If you fix too much disk, then its linear speed will be very high, which will lead to rapid wear. And if you put on a small one, then the car will heat up and slip. Diamond disk saws are produced for stenore powerful machines, the outer diameter of which should not exceed 1200 millimeters. To work with large.sized foundation blocks and concrete elements, cars are needed, the working diameter of which is 350-400 millimeters.

Circles for manual power tools have more modest sizes. For cutting concrete, when repairing the premises, products with a diameter of 115-120 millimeters are used. For processing jumpers in the openings, slopes and other elements, discs for angular grinding in reinforced concrete and concrete are used, the diameter of which is 150–230 millimeters.

Stroborese works in the same scheme as the corner grinder. But concrete is stroobed with two diamond circles. The width and depth of the cut is regulated during operation. The diameter is selected depending on the depth of the groove. It ranges from 110–365 millimeters. Play for any communications can be made according to dry technology efficiently and quickly, using powerful strobores and diamond circles in reinforced concrete.

For home purposes, a disc is also often used for a corner grinder on concrete, which can cut very hard materials, starting from ordinary brick, and ending with ceramics, concrete tiles. But for cutting granite, marble or performing threads on the reinforced concrete base, they are not suitable. In addition, the wear of tools for household purposes is so fast that for professional purposes they are not used.

The optimal ratios in the price-quality segment are domestic diamond discs as Zubble, Sparta, Central Instrumentation. External spraying on them meets high requirements, with irregular use, they serve for a long time.

It is very important to use diamond circles in accordance with their purpose, you can not cut metal or concrete without proper cooling. So that the cut.out circles do not overheat and serve reliably, it is necessary to limit the duration of the cycles of their inclusion.

For production purposes, circles of diamond professional use with diameters from 125 to 350 millimeters are used. Their cost significantly exceeds the price of similar household cutting tools, but very high wear resistance, the excellent quality of abrasive spraying ultimately make them more profitable with regular use.


Classification of professional diamond disks for its intended purpose:

It is very important to understand that the inconsistency of the purpose of professional tools to the goals of use is very rapidly wear, and the costs of work are ultimately increased.

Constructive parameters of cutting diamond circles

Diamond disk. a steel circle with a detachment. The design of the discs is different, but the most popular are dry cutters that have slots along the entire working surface, due to which an effective heat removal occurs. The adhesive method of fixing diamonds is the most not reliable, however, it is used even today, and only on bells with built.in water cooling systems.

Slots on segmented circles have a symmetrical location. In addition, the amount of diamond spraying is also the same over the entire surface. This is necessary in order to reduce beats and vibrations, as well as ensure uniform cutting. Diamond discs serve only to cut concrete surfaces in a straight line, and its use for curvilinear sawing will lead to loss of diamonds and their destruction. It is contraindicated to use the cut.out disc of concrete during lateral loads, as this will lead to wear and abrasion of the diamond layer. The design of the segmented disk with diamond spraying is shown in the photo below.

Diamond discs their types and features

Knowing the design features of the diamond discs, you need to deal with their species. Diamond circles in concrete are classified according to constructive differences and the principle of production. First, find out what types of devices under consideration are. When buying you can face such types of nozzles:

Find out the differences of the nozzles in question, as well as their pros and cons of.

A solid diamond disk has a half cutting strip, which goes throughout. Diamonds are interspersed into the tape. There are no faces and teeth on such a disk, and equipment is attached to process materials such as porcelain, tiles, stones, etc.P. The advantage of this species is that the lack of faces increases the accuracy of the cut. The lack of low cooling, so it is required to use additional water cooling or take time periods.

The segmented circle of concrete on an angular grinder has a radial shape of the slot of the same sizes over the entire part. The cost of such nozzles is higher than solid, and they are used more often. This is due to the fact that they are resistant to high temperatures, since the presence of slots provides air cooling. A distinctive feature of the devices under consideration is that they have great performance, but they have a shortage. inaccurate cutting is obtained.

Diamond turbo circles have a distinctive structure from the previous two types. The devices have a scythe on the side sides of the rim, due to which the mechanical strength increases, and the level of heat removal during operation increases. Such devices are not only the most effective compared to the two previous ones, and they provide even, neat and quick cutter surfaces.

Turbose.aggregated concrete discs are an even more modernized option for cutting durable materials. Structurally, devices have the shape of a segmented circle, with the exception of the cutting edges that have not continuous filling, but in the form of notches (straight or oblique). This design allows you to increase heat discharge by 2-3 times, and thereby increase the service life of the equipment by 4 times.

Determination of the type of concrete

There are various types of concrete that differ in their technical characteristics. For each, you should select a certain type of working nozzle, which will most effectively cut concrete.

  • “Old” concrete differs from the “young” increased strength characteristics. In some types of fresh concrete, chemical reactions continue over time, which lead to a change in the structure with the formation of hydrated compounds, which are the very reason for increasing the strength. Cut such “old” concrete with nozzles with increased technical characteristics, when processing “young” concrete, you can use simpler tools.
  • Concrete is often performed with a reinforced frame of reinforcement. Therefore, there is a chance when cutting such concrete to encounter a metal material. For cutting reinforced concrete, diamond discs of a special structure should be used.
  • The type of tuton cutting the type of filler material and its size affect the choice of nozzles for cutting concrete. So, for example, the presence of quartz and basalt greatly strengthens the structure of concrete, add abrasive abrasive properties to it. It is important here to increase the operating life of the nozzle to ensure a combination of diamond spraying with a relatively “non.rigid” ligament in the form of silver solder. The large fractional composition of the filler affects the speed of cutting. The large impurities contains concrete, the less the speed of cutting will be.

The choice of nozzle

Concrete, which has high strength and excellent abrasive resistance, cannot be cut with nozzles with equipped corundum and carbide compounds. With this tool, you can process metals and other, softer than concrete materials. For cutting concrete, diamond crumbs obtained by artificially are used, which has a very high hardness.

The layers of small technical diamond applied along the edge of the hardened disk are triggered sequentially one after another, which increases the service life of the diamond disk. There are several types of diamond discs for cutting concrete:

  • continuous, where a layer of diamond crumbs is continuously distributed throughout the edge;
  • segmented, having a continuous base, but consisting of separate segments of the edge;
  • turbo. diamond disk (combined). on the principle of operation, similar to the segment, but has a more solid reinforced diamond edge capable of cutting reinforced concrete concrete.

Disk diamond turbo on reinforced concrete Extra Max (230×22.2 mm.). Photos all tools.RU

Diamond baby is attached to the segments, the edge of the disk, in the following main ways.

  • Soldering with a silver solder. This method of fastening allows the diamond disk and corner grinding to work effectively when cutting concrete technology using a wet method (cooling with water).
  • Laser welding. This method of welding allows you to qualitatively attach the smallest particles of diamond crumbs. The diamond disk after such a technology for the formation of the cutting edge is used for a dry method (without cooling water) of concrete cutting.

The diamond disk with a continuous edge is best used on stationary equipment, which has its own water cooling system.

The existing radial gaps in segmented disks allow you to better remove heat from the cutting zone, which makes it possible to produce dry cutting. The formation of a diamond edge on segment circles is usually made by laser welding, without a binder of an alloy type of silver solder. This limits their use for cutting reinforced concrete due to the occurrence of rigid (without damping) shock loads of the edge leading to breakdown.

Turbo. diamond discs are universality in application. They are used in different technologies for cutting concrete, both in the wet method and in dry. The wavy cutting edge provides additional heat removal from the working area, which is important for dry cutting. Unlike segmented turbo. diamond discs have a softer sharp, which allows you to not so critically respond to reinforcement in concrete, get a cutting edge without chips.

It’s important to know

Modern manufacturers offer various models of equipment, therefore it will not be difficult to find a certain model of equipment in the regions (also companies or specialists who are working rapidly and perfectly). But for you you need to understand some aspects.

What needs to be kept in mind when cutting concrete:

  • Wall saws are not used in panel high-rise buildings due to the risk of flooding the lower floors with water. Also, the machine is not applicable to work in limited space, if necessary, make small volumes of cutting.
  • To reduce noise, you can cut holes in parts (at least 6 parts). The cost of work in this case is growing and is depending on the number of chopped pieces.
  • All holes / holes in the supporting structures are made only by certified companies and in serious coordination with the rules.
  • Location of hatches / holes in the bearing walls asks for appeals to the municipal authorities with the provision of a full package of documents.

Cutting concrete without dust. This is a difficult task that can only be achieved partly. It is very difficult to get rid of dust by one hundred percent, but its number can be significantly reduced due to the correct choice of equipment and nozzles, the cutting method, also using a construction vacuum cleaner and the creation of special dust collecting devices.

The procedure for cutting concrete

Determination of the type of concrete

Before sawing the corner grinding of concrete, it is necessary to determine what type of it you are dealing with. This is due to the fact that for each type of material different types of diamond discs are used. For example, it can be reinforced with metal rods (reinforced concrete).

If the cut depth is about 10 centimeters and deeper, then on the “Your Way” you can stumble upon a metal lattice (reinforcing cage). As mentioned above, there are special discs for these purposes.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that over time the structure of the material is changing. Fresh concrete is more abrasive, while the old one is more solid. For this reason, diamond discs for old and fresh material should be different.

If you have time, you can study the structure of the material in more detail, which will allow you to choose the most suitable tool for it. For example, if the composition contains basalt or quartz, then it will quickly dull the circle. Therefore, diamond segments should be connected by soft material so that the new diamonds are “opened” fasterly.

It should also be borne in mind that the size of the filler affects the speed of cutting. the larger it is, the more slowly the procedure.

Advice! Diamond tool is used not only for cutting, but also other concrete processing. In particular, diamond drilling of holes in concrete or grinding with diamond shutters is often used.

In the photo. a diamond circle with laser ration

Choice of a disk

When choosing a disk, it should be borne in mind that segments can be attached to the canvas in two ways:

  • Solder with m silver. Such discs are widely used for wet cutting.
  • Laser welding. Such nozzles are characterized by high performance, and, as a rule, are used for dry cutting.

In addition, when choosing a disk, it is necessary to make sure that its diameter and hole for fastening corresponds to the technical characteristics of the corner grinder. The maximum speed of rotation is also an important point. It is desirable that this disk indicator is higher, the maximum rotation frequency, which the angular grinder can provide.

After all the above parameters are determined, you can choose the most optimal type of tool, which will ensure maximum work efficiency.

Corner grinder on concrete with a segmented disk

Choosing the type of cutting

As a rule, cutting is performed with water, in which case the procedure occurs without dust. In addition, water is able to increase the efficiency of work, as well as increase the resource of the tool. Due to the fact that the process can be continuous, the speed of work will increase. (Cm. also an article of a gearbox for aerated concrete: Features.)

However, there is not always source of water near the working area. In this case, cutting is carried out dry.Dry cutting process should be intermittent, t.e. consisting of several cuts.


After the corner grinder for cutting concrete will be prepared, you can start work:

  • First of all, you need to outline a fishing line for a trimmer along which an incision will be made. It is advisable to fix the wooden bars along the line, which will make the cut lines of even.
  • Then you need to turn it on with your own hands a corner grinder and cut a cut with a depth of about 0.5. 1 cm.
  • Next, remove the bars and make a cut to the desired depth. In the process, it is necessary to spray water onto the blade. If the cutting is carried out dry, then the procedure, as mentioned above, must be periodically stopped so that the tool cools down.

note! Before starting work, you need to protect the respiratory system with a respirator. In addition, other personal protective equipment should be used. glasses and gloves.

Here, perhaps, is the whole instructions for performing this work.

Features of working with the tool

In order to maximize the working resource of an expensive diamond tool, you need to adhere to important rules of its operation:

  • Cutting reinforced concrete should be carried out by consistent shallow passages;
  • The first passage is performed to a depth not exceeding 10 mm;
  • the depth of each subsequent cut should not exceed 15 mm.

Before starting work, you need to accurately determine the brand of concrete, its frame, since each material requires different types of diamond cutting tools. If the concrete is reinforced with steel rods, and the thickness of the cut part exceeds 100 mm, you need to use a special disk.

Accounting is also taken, a fresh or old concrete array has to be cut, because over time the properties of this material change. Old concrete is always stronger than fresh, it must be cut with a more expensive tool. The larger the size of the super.strength filler of the cutting circle, the more slowly it is necessary to cut.

The choice of a diamond circle

To choose the right grinding circle, you need to know about two ways to attach its segments. using silver solder or laser welding. Silver solders are used for wet cutting, and with laser welding. with dry.

You must still know exactly what the planting size of the corner grinder. If the diameter of the mounting flange does not correspond to the inner diameter of the circle, then it will be impossible to use it.

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The frequency of working rotation of the corner grinder should not exceed the similar parameter indicated on the circle. The best option is when the maximum frequency indicated on the circle exceeds the frequency of the corner grind.

Only knowing exactly all of the listed sizes and parameters, you can choose the right cutting tool, and then successfully perform work.

At one time, repair or construction, from time to time, it is required to carry out work on concrete: cut the opening under the window, niche, stroke the walls for wiring. It is clear to the masters how many small particles appear at the same time. Cleaning after similar events is a very laborious lesson. We offer to figure out whether it is likely to cut concrete without dust and how to organize such a process.

Concrete. the material is strong, so working with the child is quite difficult. In order to perform cutting, in most cases they consume angular grinder (angular grinding machine). This tool is not just known in everyday life as “corner grinding”.

A diamond circle is used for the nozzle. Depending on the design features, they are divided into several varieties:

The first version is a continuous base with a segmented edge. Such a circle is characterized by a low price, but is little suitable for work with strong materials. It is also necessary to take into account that it is used only for dry cutting. A continuous diamond edge has a continuous disk, so chips are not formed during operation. Such a nozzle is rapidly warming up, because it needs to be cooled by a continuous water stream.

Combined or turbo-almas disk universal. He withstands a critical load and is suitable even for cutting reinforced concrete.

Before buying nozzles of a suitable type, you need to figure out what material you will have to work. Reinforced concrete is reinforced with metal rods, which during the cutter can come across. If you mean a recess by more than 10 cm, use the discs of high strength, in other words turbocharged. The freshest concrete is more abrasive, over the years the material hardens, its strength increases. This factor should also be taken into account by choosing a circle for cutting for yourself.

Features of the use of discs

The main rule of the work is simple: the segmented diamond disk according to concrete is undesirable to use for processing more solid materials, in particular metal, the exception is made only for nozzles intended for railway. You need to choose the type and diameter of the cutting tool at the preparatory stage, they depend on the nature of the actions, density and thickness of the structure. To exclude the error, it is recommended to first mark the surface, and with high requirements for the accuracy of the cut. to fix the wooden beam along the line (it will prevent the circle to the side). After that, with the help of an angular grinder or a stroborez, a guide incision is performed with a depth of not more than 2 cm. The scheme of subsequent actions is affected by the method of cutting: dry or wet.

The first method is recommended in the absence of a tool with a water cooling system, work next to the laid electric combinations, the risk of wetting other building materials (for example, finishing or insulation) or other restrictions. Dry cutting with diamond discs requires thorough preparation of the surface, in particular, cleaning of dirt or foreign substances. A lot of dust is formed during the saw process, the use of PPE must be.

Regardless of the tool (angular grinder, strooboresis or manual cut), the duration of continuous operation does not exceed 120 seconds (better. 30), resumption is possible only after a sufficient decrease in temperature. Due to the special location of the segments for dry cutting, they are designed to remove concrete particles to the side and natural cooling, the stop is made not only for their cooling, but also for the settlement of dust and the “break” of the engine. As a result, the depth of the passage is limited. no more than 25 mm at a time, a circle with a diameter of 230 mm is more than enough. The exception is made for dry cutting of the channels in concrete for pipes, to accelerate such work, it is advised to choose a thick diamond disk from 350 mm.

Reinforced concrete requires special attention. Circles with wide segments are well suited for the rapid sawing of medium density concrete, but they can stand on the gland, the risk of knocking out a corner grinder from the hands increases. There are two ways to bypass this problem: the use of specialized discs for cutting reinforced concrete or changing nozzles in the process (the reinforcement is cut more subtle and continuous). When processing highly dense concrete with solid coarse filler and a frequent arrangement of rods, it is advisable to choose the first option, in the same case it is advisable to apply a wet method of cutting.

The technology with constant water supply is less demanding on the preparation of the surface, such cooling facilitates the penetration of the disks for the corner grinding of concrete or reinforced concrete deep into it, which allows you to carry out work quickly and without breaks. In the process, the continuity of the water flow and the condition of the tool are monitored. A sign of overheating is sparks, when they appear, it is worth cooling the cutter or increasing the intensity of cooling. In any case, the wet method of cutting is considered the most effective and safe for health, they resort to it when processing large volumes of concrete.

Choice recommendations

The main criterion is the compatibility of the diamond circle with a working tool and the selected cut technology. It is important to understand the principle: the diameter and frequency of rotation of the disks cannot be more permissible for the presence of a barborer or corner grinder, products for wet cutting are not used in the absence of water supplied, the reverse situation is allowed. Diameters and methods, taking into account the type of construction tool, are given in the table.

Type of equipment Diameter, mm Optimal concrete cutting method
Outer Landing
Manual cut 300-400 25.4 Both methods
Cutting machine 500 60 With continuous water supply
Corner grind 115-230 22.23 Dry cutting

Grinding Concrete with a 7 Grinder Wheel

The indicated values ​​are averaged and recommended, to exclude error when choosing diamond discs, it is sequentially taken into account:

The density and abrasiveness of concrete. Freshly used solutions erase circles faster and require the use of thickened cutting tools, especially in the presence of quartz sand with large grain, granite or basalt. When processing reinforced and highly dense materials, it is worth choosing diamond discs by reinforced concrete with silver adhesion. The minimum recommended thickness of the products is 2 mm.

The intensity of operation. For one.time work, products with an affordable cost and average wear resistance are purchased, for professional ones. designed for a long service life, with high quality and percentage of diamond crumbs.

Type of working equipment and the availability of water cooling system. Disks for manual power tools have segmented or turbocharged execution and are mainly used for dry cutting, continuous water supply is provided in professional machines.

The necessary depth of the cut, this factor is affected by the value of the diameter of the circle. Of great importance (above 350 mm) is required when working with voluminous structures and wall blocks, when processing slopes, openings or window jumpers-within 150-230, during internal repair (stroke for wiring, laying small channels)-115-120. The upper limit depends on the parameters of the working tool, the diameter of the diamond circle for the stroborez (it should be remembered that there are two of them) varies from 110 to 365 mm, in corner grinder. 230 mm.

The dimensions of the landing hole. When processing concrete, the recommended minimum is 20 mm.

Disk quality, manufacturer’s reliability. Good professional wheels for reinforced concrete are offered by Bosch, Keos, Hilti, Distar, the products of the bison, Metabo, Norton, Matrix and many others are acceptable. Attention is drawn to the thickness and method of spraying the diamond layer, in the durable discs the crumbs are distributed throughout the volume of the cutting part.

The maximum permissible drive speed of the disk. This indicator cannot be less than that of a working tool.

All these data are necessarily indicated on the packaging, the marking on the diamond disk itself includes information about the main size and material. Glassic bowls are selected according to their intended purpose (gross processing or polishing).