Which Drill To Choose For Home Use

Which Drill To Choose For Home Use

So that construction work and repairs are not a burden, many tools are used that help to reduce the time for those or other operations.

Drill is one of the most popular devices. It is used in almost all types of work, and especially in repairs.

Which drill to choose for home and work. Top-11 best models

The main purpose of this tool is to drill materials with different densities and ditch walls for laying communications and electrical wires.

All types of drills can be divided into two main categories: equipped with a percussion mechanism, and no. The first ones are to some extent more powerful and can be used for heavy work, where high power is required, and the second tool is more suitable for use in the walls of a house.

The principle of the impact mechanism is an additional impact on the chuck, which helps to increase the efficiency of the drilling process.

In our TOP-15 rating, we will consider only the best models from manufacturers such as Boch, Bort, Makita, DeVolt and Metabo, as well as the Russian Interskol.

The best impact drills up to 2000 rubles

If you are thinking about which drill to choose for home use, opt for budget models with which you can drill holes for dowels for installing a TV, make holes in wood, drywall, and brick.

Even in such cheap models, power is enough for domestic work. Such a device will be a wonderful gift for a husband who is not a professional, but a simple home user. The most famous manufacturers will be listed below.

Advantage: The best ergonomic model.

The country of manufacture: Germany (China assembly)

Cost: from 1300 rubles

This model of a percussion drill is an ergonomic and convenient tool that will be a reliable assistant for you in the house or in the country. This device has normal power for such a price (0, 65 kW), in order to drill a tree up to 2.5 cm / metal up to 1 cm / concrete up to 1.3 cm this is enough.

Comfortable work is ensured by the low weight of the tool and the rubberized handle. Also in the model there are many useful options, among which we highlight reverse, hammer drilling and speed control. Thanks to this, you can customize the device for any material.

In the kit you will find a depth gauge, as well as a couple of spare brushes. Drills are stored in a special compartment, which is located in the handle. All users of this model noted that it is convenient to use, and it has all the necessary functions.

The disadvantages are small. The motor gets very hot during prolonged use, and the switches are unreliable.

Advantage: best value for money

The country of manufacture : Russia (China assembly)

Cost: from 1,780 rubles

This model was among the three best inexpensive models as a bronze medalist. This model is the most powerful in this TOP. 0.81 kW, due to which it is possible to work even with concrete. The device has a key chuck, you can clamp drills with diameters from 0.15 to 1.2 cm. There is only one work speed in the drill, but the frequency of the impact mechanism for this budget device is impressive. 42,000 beats / min. If stationary drilling is required, use a drilling machine.

Strengths include power, a long network cable and a good ergonomic solution. The case is made of high-strength plastic, which is resistant to mechanical damage. There is a lock button against accidental inclusion, as well as a depth limiter for drilling, which will help to obtain the specified parameters of the holes. The drill weighs about 2 kg, due to this the tool is stable during operation.

The main disadvantage is the high noise figures and the fact that the kit does not have a case.

Advantage:most popular model

The country of manufacture:Germany (China assembly)

Cost:from 1,100 rubles

Which drill to choose if there are so many good models even in the budget category? We offer you a device BORT, which took second place. The device has the lowest cost, but it copes well with tasks. The shock mechanism is enough to work with solid materials, and a power of 0.5 Quit will cope with metal and concrete. The key holder perfectly fixes the drill. You can adjust the speed using the switch.

As pluses, buyers emit low cost, small size and several modes of operation. The device is equipped with a specially reversed feed. For safety, when using, they provided a power-on lock button so as not to accidentally start the drill. For ease of operation, an additional handle is provided here. In addition, the equipment includes spare brushes and a case.

The downside is the fragile body and not very high-quality materials of equipment.

When choosing a drill, pay attention to such characteristics:

  1. The higher the power, the more durable materials the device will “pull”. But for the power you will have to pay extra, but the performance will also be an order of magnitude higher.
  2. Start lock. An important point for the safety of operators, prevents accidental start. It is made in the form of a mechanical stopper.
  3. Type of cartridge. In low-cost models, this is a key view where you will have to use a special key to change the cartridge. Keyless chucks will accelerate the change of nozzle and facilitate the process.
  4. Extra grip. Facilitates work with a drill. An additional fulcrum will reduce the load on the arm and increase accuracy.
  5. Cord length. Since many models are powered only by the mains, it is important to have a long cable. Usually a 4 m cord is included. Other shorter cords will be inconvenient and an extension cord will be required.

The best percussion drills in terms of price / quality

Impact drills for homework are used for large holes in concrete, stone and metal. Inside the device there is a cam, which allows the cartridge with a drill inserted into it to increase the force of impact by translational movements.

Such drills are more powerful than conventional models, but they are also somewhat more expensive.

Advantage: The best solution for price / quality, the lightest (1400 grams)

The country of manufacture: Russia (China assembly)

Cost: from 1 650 rubles

The drill from Interskol received gold among percussion inexpensive models of a drill. This is the most popular tool among this price segment, and is popular not only because of the price, but also a set of options. The power of the device is 0.58 kW, which makes it possible to drill concrete at a diameter of 1.2 cm. The machine speed is 2,800 rpm, which makes the performance indicator the highest. With all this, the mass of the drill is only 1400 grams, which is the best indicator of this TOP.

Buyers note that the device is reliable, ergonomic, the quality of materials at altitude. Hammer drilling helps with very strong materials, while reverse makes work easier. An additional handle is an added convenience, and a long network cable does not require the use of an extension cord.

As the main drawback, I highlight strong heating and a key cartridge.

Advantage:light weight (1,600 grams)

The country of manufacture: USA (China assembly)

Cost:from 3,560 rubles

The third place among powerful impact drills for the house is given to this model. She is a strong average, as for a nice price you will get excellent characteristics that can compete with the TOP models.

The model is powerful (0.65 kW), and this is enough for working with steel and concrete. The design of the key chuck is proprietary, and allows the process of changing drills, while the teeth do not grind on the nut. Impact mode of operation will help to quickly and accurately make holes even in very durable material.

Customers highlight such strengths as the strength of the case, as well as a well rubberized and long cord. The reverse mode will help with difficult work, and the mechanical lock will help you not to worry about safety. In this TOP, this is the easiest tool, which facilitates a long work process.

The disadvantages include the lack of low revs and overheating during intensive drilling.

Advantage:better price / quality ratio

The country of manufacture: Japan (build Romania)

Cost: from 2 890 rubles

In second place we have a drill from Makita. This model is with good performance and reliability. Such a drill has a key chuck in which you can clamp drills from 0.15 to 1.3 cm. Power from a 220 V network, which means you can use the machine in any room.

Power is decent for this price (0.65 kW), which makes it possible to drill concrete in diameter up to 1.6 cm. The rotation speed at a maximum of 2,800 rpm gives good performance indicators.

The pluses include light weight, a good solution in ergonomics and excellent assembly. In addition, the manufacturer provided an additional handle in the kit. There is still a limiter for the drilling depth, and you can install the drill on the drill stand for stationary work. The minus of the model is the ill-conceived location of the switches and the case not provided in the kit.

Advantage: Keyless Chuck

The country of manufacture: Germany

Cost:from 5 780 rubles

This Boch model is a great electric hammer drill for value for money. This unit has a vaunted German reliability, and despite the price, is popular.

Unlike competitors, this tool has a quick-clamping chuck that reduces drill change time. Power is an order of magnitude higher. 0.75 kW, and this is still the best indicator. The maximum torque gives us 10 Nm, thanks to which the device will perfectly come out even from the most durable and complex holes.

Buyers note that the handle is ergonomic, build quality is one of the best, and comes with a large case. Thanks to the ability to adjust the speed, you can choose the optimal parameters for yourself. In the form of a metal pin, you will find a depth gauge in the device. This will allow you to set the exact size. For quick replacement of the drill, the spindle lock is convenient.

The downside is overheating and unreliable reverse gear.

The best models for professional use

Advantage: good performance

The country of manufacture: USA (China assembly)

Cost: from 12 100 rubles

This powerful model of impact electric drill for repair is in the fourth position of TOP among models for professionals. This tool is high-quality, has a power of 0.95 kW and can easily drill holes up to 2 cm in concrete and up to 1.3 cm in metal. An SDS quick-clamp type chuck will help to install drills in diameter from 0.15 to 1.3 cm.

When drilling with a hammer, the work efficiency increases. By the way, about the percussion mechanism: at maximum speeds it gives out up to 56,000 beats / min, which makes the device highly efficient. The drive of the device is equipped with a safety clutch, which, when the drill is jammed, will disconnect the gearbox and spindle, and thereby help prevent destruction.

The advantages included users power, build quality and case in the kit. Due to the additional handle, the drill is convenient to hold. Rotation speed can be adjusted with a special rotary switch.

The minus of the model is a short network cable and poorly thought out ergonomics.

Advantage: excellent price / quality ratio

The country of manufacture: Germany (Russian assembly)

Cost: from 9 590 rubles

The best combination of price and quality is in this model. The device is designed for use in professional activities, therefore it is equipped with a 0.85 kW engine, a two-speed gearbox, as well as a safety clutch. You can also work with this tool from the machine.

Thanks to the maneuverability of the network cable, you will have a swivel mount. For continuous drilling there is a lock button on. Thanks to the convenient handle with a soft pad, the work will not be a burden, especially since the model itself is light.

Professionals attribute the advantages of the model to excellent quality, a reliable cartridge, a durable cord and a convenient case.

We take the Russian assembly as a minus, since the gearbox often fails.

Advantage: Largest power rating, protection for the operator

The country of manufacture: Japan (China assembly)

Cost: from 9 500 rubles

The remarkable professional impact drill has high performance and good operator protection when working. With this model, you can easily drill holes in stone, plastic, ceramics, metal and concrete.

A powerful 1.010 kW engine and electronic control works well at any speed level. The case is made of impact-resistant plastic, and there is also protection of the internal mechanism from dust, which has a good effect on the service life. The drill is universal, it will be convenient to work with both right-handed people and left-handed people.

Installers and professional workers say they like high performance, versatility of use, durability, ease of use and safety.

Buyers were unhappy only with the operation of the safety clutch against jamming.

Advantage: Work in the drilling machine, the best functionality

Cost: from 10 000 rubles

Metabo drill has become the leader of all impact electric drills. The device perfectly harmonizes the functionality thought out to the smallest detail, power (0.85 kW), which allows you to work with steel and concrete. The speed of torque, which at a maximum produces up to 36 Nm, which is a merit of the electric motor, is also pleasing.

When choosing the optimal drilling mode, a two-speed gearbox and a switch for hammerless and hammer drilling will help you. The tool can be used as a screwdriver due to the pulse mode. The protection of the internal mechanism is due to the safety clutch.

As the advantages of this device, they distinguish reliability, cord length, wide functionality and a convenient handle.

The downside is not very high-quality cartridge and price.

In the end, I want to note that if you want a device smaller in size and weight, you should pay attention to shockless drills. They are used for drilling almost any material.

To work with durable materials without a shock mechanism in devices, emphasis is placed on power, which means that such models will cost more.

Interskol, BOSCH, MAKITA, DEWALT have shock-free devices.