Which electric lawn mower is the most reliable?. The best cordless electric lawn mowers

Rating of electric lawn mowers 2022

You do not know where to buy the best lawn mower? We have compiled a rating of electric lawn mowers 2022, following which, you can easily select the right model and will not be disappointed in its use.

What is appealing about the electric lawn mower and what model to choose for the suburban area, a large household plot or adjacent to the site of the prestigious office center? The advantages of electric models over gasoline and gas mowers are. ranked (priorities are ranked in descending order):

  • Low weight and easy operation thanks to its compact size;
  • affordable, while the minimum of gasoline models is 10-11 thousand, and gas.16-20 thousand. );
  • lower noise level than the alternative equipment;
  • Reduced maintenance costs (no need to arrange for fuel storage, buy gasoline or gas);
  • environmental friendliness;
  • easy operation.

Lawn mower types

All well-known brands produce lawn mowers of two types:

When choosing a lawn mower, experts recommend, first of all, based on the goals, the size of the site itself and the grass growing on it, to assess the capabilities of the equipment. After all, on the site can be found slopes or hills, paths made of tiles and many other things that require a special approach. That’s why it’s better to choose the best type of mower for every site.

There are the following types of lawn mowers:

Today, on the market of garden equipment you can find many models made in France, Germany and Italy. It is the manufacturers of these countries that set the main vector for the development of garden equipment.

What is the best lawn mower to buy

Top includes companies that produce the most popular products.


The German company Bosch offers customers equipment in different price segments. All production stages are strictly controlled.

Lawn mowers are produced by German company AL-KO. Although factories are located in other countries, German quality standards apply everywhere. Electric models AL-KO worth buying for those who want to restore perfect order on the lawn and lawn.


A large Japanese company produces excellent garden equipment, making Accent on professional devices at a low cost. The latest models have increased power, are endowed with a wide range of features.

What to look for when choosing a lawn mower

Lawn size and available power source are the first determinants for your choice, then you look at power output. Mower motor power ranges from 0.8-3 kW. The higher the number, the higher the capacity. But for processing a small area that is subject to regular cleaning, there is no need to buy a powerful technique. Next, you should pay attention to convenience, functionality, weight, size, housing material and wheels. other.

Cloth bags have a good capacity

The type of grass catcher box

The grass catcher box is a receptacle in which grass cuttings are deposited. Modern lawnmowers have plastic boxes or cloth bags. The first option is mostly found in inexpensive models. Such a collector for grass is easy to clean, but in it mowed vegetation blocks the holes for ventilation, you need to interrupt mowing and clean the box.

Fabric bags are made of rigid, breathable material. The capacity of this grass catcher bag is much larger than that of the soft one (up to 90 litres).

Lawn mowers collect grass clippings into the grass catcher box or dispose of them to the side. Grass discharge to the side or back is standard on all models. This is mainly done if high vegetation needs to be mowed quickly.

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Lightweight mowers (up to 15 kg) are convenient to operate. When working with units of 15 to 25 kg, a person gets tired faster, often stops to rest. Models of 25 kg and more are difficult to push in front of themselves, so they are only self-propelled.


According to this parameter lawnmowers are divided into:

Mains powered models don’t make much noise. Easier to maintain, but limited freedom of movement. Cordless models are environmentally friendly, but run time depends on battery charge. Popularly used robots. They cost a lot of money, although they save time.

Petrol mowers are the most powerful and the heaviest. Need fuel reserve and regular maintenance. They can work long distances. Lawn mowers with a manual starter are hard to start. You have to pull a rope. Units with an electric starter is started by a button, they cost much more. Petrol mowers produce exhaust fumes, so they are not environmentally friendly.

Lawnmower type

Non-motorized lawnmowers. these are compact and lightweight units of low power. They need to be rolled by hand, pushed in front of them, that is problematic for people with bad back. Suitable for lawns of 5-8 acres.

self-propelled machines have a heavy weight, a powerful engine. The grass plots up to 30 hectares can be mowed with this mower. But they are expensive, unlike non-self-propelled ones. It is recommended to choose rear-drive models, because the main load is on the rear part.

Very convenient backpack models, in which the load on the hands is reduced, because the engine is fixed on the back. There are also hover mowers. They are good for uneven terrain, but after mowing the grass must be removed.

Lawn mowers make it much easier to care for the lawn

What is the best lawn mower to choose?

There are quite a few manufacturers of garden equipment in 2022. Along with well-known and proven brands, there are more and more new companies that promise better quality and durability.

Before you buy a mower with an electric motor, you should pay attention to the best brands, according to experts:

  • Bosch. German manufacturer is an absolute market leader in the sphere of garden care, construction and repair equipment. The brand is in great demand for its large selection, consistent quality and best technology.
  • ELITECH. Domestic firm stands out against its competitors due to reliability and strict quality control of production. The important advantage of the company is a wide network of service centers and responsive to market trends.
  • STIHL. Another renowned manufacturer that focuses on the production of various equipment for the care of garden plots and homestead territory. Many brands include lawn mowers in their product range, but STIHL focuses on this segment, implements its own technology and pays much attention to convenience and efficiency.
  • Hyundai. The brand has established itself as a designer of good equipment at adequate prices. The company has accumulated vast experience in the field of engineering, so all products meet the requirements of modern users.
  • Champion. A good and well-known brand offers customers inexpensive and reliable equipment. Large range of garden equipment will cover the entire range of users’ needs. And the main advantages are maintainability and unpretentiousness in operation.

Self-propelled lawnmowers are very convenient to use. Only requires directional control with the crank handle. The rating includes lawn mowers from popular manufacturers that have high power.

Hyundai LE 4600S Drive

Equipped with a turbine and quality blades, it generates a powerful flow of air for better utilisation of the hopper.

Rear wheel drive reduces user strain.

Large wheels make it easy to move and maneuver in all sizes of terrain.

You can adjust the cutting height from 30 to 75 mm.

  • The mowing width is 46 cm;
  • grass catcher box. 60 l;
  • cutting height 30-75 mm
  • Power. 1800 watts;
  • battery voltage. 40 V;
  • weight of the mower. 26.1 kg.
  • high engine speed;
  • high-quality work;
  • easy operation;
  • Wide mowing area;
  • cutting height adjustment.
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AL-KO 113624 34.8 Li

Cordless machine designed for lawn care up to 200 square meters. comfortable mowing due to adjustable cutting height and ergonomic rubber coated handle.

Equipped with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery.

LED indicator for charging status indicator.

  • cutting width. 34 cm
  • grass catcher box. 30 l;
  • cutting height. 25-75 mm;
  • power. 1800 watts;
  • battery voltage. 40 V;
  • weight of the mower. 26 kg;
  • sound level. 85 dB.

Monferme 25197M

Low-noise device that is easy to handle even for the elderly. The unit runs on electricity, so it does not emit harmful substances during operation.

Mowing height adjustable from 30 to 85 mm.

With special adaptor that protects the motor against damage if the blade hits a stone.

Best Electric Lawn Mowers in 2021 (Budget & Self Propelled)

Husqvarna 54

The model has a distinctive feature. the height of cutting is up to 55 cm, it is adjustable. Suitable for lawns that are seldom mowed, because the mower has the maximum wear resistance.

Super-sharp knives are included.

which, electric, lawn, mower, most


  • type. mechanical;
  • lawn cutting width. 40 cm;
  • grass catcher. no;
  • lawn cutting height. 12-38 mm;
  • Mowing height control. yes, manual. 4 levels;
  • the basis of the deck. steel;
  • The base of the body is steel;
  • the basis of the discs on the wheels. plastic;
  • Number of wheels. two;
  • Weight 8.6 kg.
  • easy adjustment and disassembly;
  • low noise level;
  • lawn height adjustment;
  • uniform cutting;
  • high maneuverability and lightness of the model.

GARDENA 330 Classic

Drum mechanical lawnmower with quiet chirping and flawless performance. The model is easy to learn and operate, compact and lightweight.

there are modes of mowing. 12, 22, 32 and 42 mm.

On an uneven area cope excellent, high grass is cut quickly and easily.


  • type. mechanical;
  • Lawn cutting width. 33 cm;
  • shearing area. 150 sq.ΠΌ.;
  • grass catcher. no;
  • Lawn cutting height. 12-42 mm;
  • mowing height control. yes, manual. 4 levels;
  • Deck base. steel;
  • the basis of the body. steel;
  • the basis of the disks on the wheels. plastic;
  • Number of wheels: two;
  • weight. 8.2 kg.

Husqvarna 64

Model 64 easy to handle for cutting small grass. Enjoys high productivity and reliable quality of construction.

The assembly of the device surprises by its simplicity. it is enough to screw on the handles.

The maximum length of the lawn left. 5,5 cm.

Technical characteristics:

  • mechanical type;
  • lawn mowing width. 40 cm;
  • The grass collector does not;
  • The height of mowing the lawn is 12-55 mm;
  • mowing height control. yes, manual. 4 levels;
  • The basis of the deck. steel;
  • steel base of the body;
  • the basis of the discs on the wheels. plastic;
  • The number of wheels is two;
  • weight. 8,7 kg.

Top 3 best inexpensive electric lawn mowers

Not all owners of private houses have the opportunity to buy a quality lawn mower. In this case, you should give preference to budget models from well-known brands. Each of the models described below will provide quality lawn care.

Einhell GC-EM 1030

Despite its low price, this lawn mower is one of the most productive and effective. It is equipped with a powerful electric motor with high torque.

Due to this device successfully copes with the mowing of grass in large areas, and the increased number of revolutions allows you to use the technique to remove thick and high plants.

Mowing width is not the widest, but it allows you to remove the grass not only on flat lawns, but also in hard to reach areas.

Also in the central part of the body there is a lever for adjusting the height of mowing, and a spacious grass catcher box facilitates collection and disposal of removed vegetation.

Technical characteristics:

Huter ELM-1000

This lawn mower model is designed for cutting grass in small and medium-sized areas. The future owner should take into account that the wheel base of the model is not designed to pass serious obstacles, so the lawnmower is best used in areas with straight terrain.

But compared to gasoline models, this mower has better maneuverability and easier operation, because the start is made with only one button.

With its wide cutting height range, it is an excellent tool even for maintenance of neglected lawns, and the robust stainless steel blade helps you cut even tall plants with thick stems.



Low-cost mower designed for flat lawns. The device will not cope with hilly and uneven terrain, as its wheels have the same diameter, and will not be able to effectively overcome obstacles.

Top 5 Best Self Propelled Electric Lawn Mowers in 2022

Great for maintaining neglected lawns.

With the convenient central mowing height adjustment, the lawnmower successfully copes with any vegetation, and you can adjust the height of mowing right in the work.

Hard grass catcher box included. Its volume is not very large, but in addition the model has the function of grass ejection to the back.

Folding handle for space-saving storage. Its height can be adjusted to adapt the size of the device to the height of the operator.

Technical features:

Top 5 best inexpensive cordless lawn mowers

If the garden plot is small, and the lawnmower will not be used often, there is no point in buying an expensive device. over, there are quite inexpensive models with well-thought-out functionality in the line of well-known brands.

greenworks 2509607 G24LM32K2

One of the most inexpensive mowers, which has all the necessary functions for full operation. Optimal cutting width enables using the device on large lawns and hard-to-reach areas.

A grass catcher box with rigid frame is available for the collection of cuttings and an adjustable cutting height for different types of lawns.

Special soft plastic was used for the body. It is sturdy enough so it will not be damaged by accidentally hit by rocks or other hard objects.

Lawn mower can be safely recommended to families with children, because it has a special safety button and a fuse that prevents accidental activation.


Worx WG779E.9

This lawn mower runs on two batteries at once, so it’s suitable for removing grass even in large areas.

As the device is equipped with wheels of different diameters, the device shows excellent cross-country ability even on sloping and uneven areas. There’s a special lever on the housing that makes it quick and easy for the user to adjust the height of the mowing height.

There is also a special handle on the housing, which allows convenient transportation and carrying of the unit.

The mowing width is not the largest, but it is enough to remove grass on large lawns as well as in hard-to-reach areas, such as between trees or next to buildings.


GARDENA PowerMax Li-18/32 (5039-55)

Users who are looking for a powerful, functional and the most productive lawnmower, you should pay attention to this model.

The device is equipped with a modern lithium-ion battery, which has a long service life and does not require special maintenance.

On the body there is a LED display that shows the current level of charge and will help put the mower on time to recharge.

It is also equipped with a brushless motor and the special PowerPlus technology guarantees high cutting torque and efficient cutting of high vegetation.

There is a generously sized grass catcher box in the rear of the housing and the mulching attachment for an even distribution of the cuttings over the lawn.


Champion EMB400

Compact, maneuverable and easy to operate lawnmower with all the basic technical features for full domestic use.

Despite the democratic cost, the device boasts an optimal width of mowing. It is suitable both for removing grass in large areas and for mowing vegetation in hard-to-reach areas.

On the housing, the cutting height can be easily adjusted. Also features a large collector box to catch stragglers and cuttings.

Users can attach a mulching mower if desired, so that the cuttings are evenly distributed on the lawn.



Compact and handy mower that’s perfect for smaller lawns at home. State-of-the-art brushless motor for high performance and wear resistance.

Highly durable grass catcher box for easier collection of grass clippings. It can be cleaned very easily and even aggressive chemicals can be used to wash the inside.

The body has a mowing height adjustment in one of three positions.

There is a special window on the collector that allows you to visually check the degree of filling. Also included is a plastic key that protects the unit from unauthorized starting.