Which electric motor to choose for a circular saw

Bed and frame

After assembling the moving elements, it remains only to make a reliable frame and bed. Considering that this is an ordinary homemade circular saw, almost any material at hand can be used as a bed. For example, a sheet of flat slate. All that is required is to cut it to the required size and cut a hole in it for the saw blade.

Slate will be enough, but if you want to make a high-quality and reliable saw, then take a metal sheet with a thickness of at least 3 mm. And for the frame, a metal corner of 30 mm is required.

To weld a circular frame, you must:

  • Weld from the corners two metal squares (or rectangles, depending on the expected dimensions of the saw) of the same size.
  • Next, connect with four corners of the same length.
  • In the upper part, two more corners are welded across the main square. This will be the support for the bed.
  • From below, exactly the same two supports are welded only transversely with respect to the upper ones. This will be the support on which the motor is located.
  • Now it remains to weld the legs from below, assemble and connect all the elements, and the saw is ready.

Important: If there is no welding, then the elements can be fastened with bolts, however, such a frame will be less reliable, since the bolts are unscrewed during operation.

Assembly instructions

Using the motor of the washing machine, you can not just “for beauty” to assemble a circular. Such a device will be useful for assembly, sawing or construction work. For example, with the help of a circular, you can easily dissolve a block of size 1010. Is this not an indicator?

Circular with 1.5 kW motor at 1500 rpm 220 volts

Measurement with a mechanical tachometer requires direct contact with the surface of the object.

What Motor Is Needed For A Circular

How the device works?

The circular saw works as follows:

  • The motor starts and drives the shaft with the pulley.
  • As a result of the rotation, the drive belt transfers the revolutions to the saw blade.
  • After that, the saw rotates, due to which it cuts the material

A homemade circular saw is a useful tool in the household. And due to the fact that the materials at hand are used, the cost price is minimal.

How to connect a motor?

Connecting the motor is the main stage in the construction of a circular saw.

If it is not possible to correctly connect the motor from the washing machine, then the device simply will not work.

The difficulty is not in connecting the engine, but in ensuring stable speed control.

As mentioned above, without this the saw will simply tear the material. To ensure regulation, you can use a voltage regulator instead of a tachometer, which is equipped with motors of washing machines.

When connecting, some masters get confused, since the collector motors that are installed on automatic machines have several outputs at once. Therefore, it is not clear how to connect.

The connection is as follows:

  • First, the motor must be rotated several times in order to find the excitation coil or shoes. They must have 2 or more wires.
  • Using an ohmmeter set to minimum resistance, we ring each output in turn. Here you need to find the two with the greatest resistance from all the available outputs. This is if there are more than two wires.
  • After that, you need to find the engine manifold and brushes, from which two wires should also go.
  • After that, you need to find the outputs of the tachometer. Often these wires can be found right on the case. If they are not there, then they are hidden in the case, then you will have to disassemble the engine a little.
  • Now you need to take one wire from the collector and connect the wire from the coil to it.
  • Another collector wire must be connected to a 220 V network.

Ultimate Beginners Guide to Using Electric Motors for Makers and DIY Projects; #068

If necessary, you can change the direction of rotation by simply rearranging the wires.
We make a test run, having previously marked the wires of the coil and the tachometer.

If the engine starts without problems, then everything is done correctly. Separately, you can consider the process of connecting the engine using the speed controller:

  • We connect one of the coil wires to one of the armature wires.
  • We connect the other to the network.
  • Connect the second armature wire to the dimmer.
  • Connect the other output of the dimmer to the network.
  • Trying to start the engine.
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Important! Be sure to adhere to the safety precautions during test run. Never try to touch the rotating parts of the device with your hands.

Installing the engine

To make a homemade circular, you need to think in advance with what device the force from the motor will be transmitted to the cutting disc. Small equipment can be placed directly on the engine axis. However, this will not have the best effect on power. circulars, handcrafted.

For such a transmission mechanism, without which the operation of any circular saw is impossible, an ordinary bicycle spindle can act. This is often the name of the housing in which the shaft with bearings is located. You can use a hacksaw to cut it off the bike. With all this, the sprocket will not be useful to you, since even then it is much better to take it from the D6 engine in a different D8. In order for this sprocket to sit securely on the new shaft, you will need to make an adapter sleeve. While installing the saw blade on the bicycle spindle, you need to make sure that the oil has the bore size you want. Now, taking into account this information, it is necessary to set the size of the outer diameter of the sleeve intended for the transition mechanism. The sleeve should be attached to the spindle in several places at once. Next, a plate with a thickness of two or more five mm should be fixed on the body of the spindle assembly.

Now take an asterisk, about 2-2.5 times in size than just the one that was installed on the spindle for about 30 years, do not install it on a homemade circular. Not at the bottom of the work on making a saw on your own, when our client remains its parts will be well fixed, put on the chain, you cannot use it for its intended purpose.

How to make a homemade circular?

A circular saw, made in artisanal conditions, is an excellent way to save a lot of money, not in this case to acquire rather high-quality, unreliable equipment. A properly assembled home-made circular is in no way inferior to a factory saw and is also not capable of sawing logs of even a very large diameter.

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The circular saw is used to cut smoothly lumber.

Type of food

Circular saws of the manual category can be operated both from the mains and from the battery. As a rule, models with a built-in battery are less powerful and require regular recharging, but they can be used anywhere in the garden. Chain saws are always limited by the length of the cord, they must be turned on near the outlet or pulled to the desired location by extension cords.

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Overload protection

The circular saw can overheat during operation. Built-in protection system will shut down the tool automatically if its temperature reaches the limit values.

Rating of the best hand-held circular saws for wood for the home in 2021

When choosing a home circular saw, you can familiarize yourself with the best models that have earned high ratings from users. Such devices support cutting of any wood, regardless of its hardness, and the price remains affordable for everyone.

Spindle lock

When changing a blade on a circular saw, the spindle must be locked. This can be done either using special keys or using a button on the device case. Hand saws with a button help you to change the accessory very quickly and easily.

Bosch PKS 40

The 0.85 kW manual device handles both longitudinal and cross cuts. Equipped with the CutControl system, which monitors the evenness of the cut, and is completed with a branch pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner. Also included in the kit is a 40-tooth nozzle, which is suitable for most cuts. Comes with a solid molded sole, easy to hold with one hand. On the downside, users refer only to the lack of speed control.

You can buy a Bosch PKS hand saw for 5100 rubles

Military DS1250

An inexpensive circular saw for cutting boards, timber and soft metals has a power of 1.25 kW and comes with a 185 mm blade. It receives power from the mains, weighs only 3.4 kg, it is easy to carry from place to place. During operation, it almost does not vibrate, but the model also has a minus. there is no blocking from accidental activation on the case.

The Military hand saw is inexpensive, only 2400 rubles

Stanley STSC1618

The circular saw is suitable for cutting wood lengthways and across, as well as for processing chipboard and plywood. The motor power is 1.6 kW, the angle of inclination of the nozzle at the tool can be adjusted up to 45 degrees. The model has its own effective sawdust removal system and supports the connection of a vacuum cleaner. The body of the circular saw is light and durable, it is convenient to hold the tool. An accidental start blocker is provided, although users note that the place for it is not the best chosen.