Which Electric Motor To Choose For A Circular Saw

How to choose a household electric chain saw Features of choosing a household electric chain saw. What elements are the aggregates made of, how they work, what parameters you need to pay attention to when choosing. Useful advice from specialists.

How to choose a household electric chain saw

The modern consumer today has the opportunity to purchase any electric chain saw that meets his needs, since the market offers many models with different characteristics. Naturally, you should not rely only on the brand and recommendations of friends. It is very important to correlate your choice with the tasks that the saws must perform. Considerable help in choosing you can be provided by the recommendations of professionals.

This article will focus on electrical devices. Once you know what technical characteristics these units have, it will not be difficult for you to understand how to choose a chain saw so that it will serve you for many years.

Bus length

With regard to the length of the bus, several options can be distinguished. This characteristic is determined by the purpose of the model. In other words, the length of the bar determines which diameter of the tree the tool in question can be used to cut.

If you have to deal with thick trees, then it is best to give preference to the unit, which the tire is long.

If an electric chain saw is purchased for pruning trees in the garden or cutting firewood, then you can opt for a tool with minimum bus length. Most often, a saw with a tire length of about 30-40 cm can perfectly cope with such tasks.

Features of the location of the engine

If the saw is necessary for making a vertical cut, then it is best to choose a model that has transverse arrangement of the motor.

This will be the most suitable tool for sawing wood at 90 degrees from top to bottom.

If we consider this parameter, then two options can be distinguished:

  • The first provides for the placement of the power unit across the body;
  • The second is parallel to the motor.

There are many models on sale that have out of balance, because of what it will not be so easy to work with such a chainsaw. At the same time, there is no guarantee that by placing the tool in a different position, it is possible to achieve an improvement in the conditions for performing the operation. For example, difficulties can arise if you need to cut the branches of a tree at an angle above the level of your head.

Preferable in this regard are saws that provide longitudinal engine placement. These saws can be used for almost all types of work. Naturally, this versatility leads to the high cost of such tools.

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However, this still does not prevent them from remaining in demand in the market. Such a device has correct balancing, and therefore, by placing it in any plane and at the required angle, the owner will not experience problems in solving many problems.

In this regard, even before buying an electric tool, you should decide for what tasks you are purchasing it.

In the event that you only need an electric chain saw for cutting wooden building materials, then you should not choose a unit with a longitudinal position of the electric motor, which, in addition to everything, will cost more than other models with similar capabilities.

When the issue with the manufacturer, power and location of the engine is resolved, other characteristics can be considered.

Purpose of the tool

The trade network currently has a large selection of circular saws. There are many manufacturers making these tools.

There are such types of circulars as desktop stationary and manual. They differ in design. Each of them is designed for different tasks.

The first variety is small in size. Their performance is not very high. You can use them, for example, in the construction of baths, houses, outbuildings. The advantages of such saws include mobility and ease of transportation.

Stationary circular saws are used for significant volumes of work when it is required to saw large batches of boards every day. They are large in size. To install such tools, you need a specially designated place or even a separate room.

which electric motor to choose for a circular saw

It would be wise to choose hand-held circular saws when working on soft wood, with plastic, etc., that is, with materials that do not have high hardness. It is convenient to use them during home repairs, when high power and high performance are not required.

In addition, circular saws are also subdivided into professional and household. According to their names, they are used in different conditions. The former have a powerful engine. They are able to work for a long time without the need for rest. Their performance is very high. The latter are much less powerful. These saws are available in many home workshops.

But the most important subdivision of these tools is defined by their purpose. The following types of circular saws are used for various types of work:

  1. Rechargeable;
  2. Submersible;
  3. Saws for metals;
  4. Diamond saws;

If it is necessary to perform work in rather hard-to-reach places, then a cordless saw will be indispensable. It has its own power source, so it does not need an electrical network nearby. Such a saw can work from 30 minutes. Up to one hour. After that, it needs recharging.

When you need to cut a groove in any surface, you need to choose a plunge-cut circular saw. With its help, you can cut a part or workpiece in any desired place, and not just from one edge. This may be required, for example, when machining a piece of wood in which a sink hole is required.

Circular saws for working with metals can also be used for other materials: plastic, wood, etc. They are universal, it makes sense to choose them. Unlike other types of saws, they are equipped with a cutting blade made of a special steel with increased strength.

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The diamond saw is used when cutting concrete, ceramics, stone, i.E. Hard materials. The diamond cutting blade of this device is able to penetrate 5.5 cm deep.

Criterias of choice

In order to choose the right electric circular saw, it is necessary to take into account the tasks and features of the work and materials (wood, etc.) for which you need to choose a tool, as well as the intensity of use. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages.

First of all, the power of the device is taken into account. This is the most important characteristic. The depth of the cut and the speed of the disk, i.E. Their number, depend on it. According to this indicator, hand-held electric saws are divided into low-power (up to 80 W), medium (from 80 to 120 W) and professional, the power of which is more than 120 W and they are able to work for a long time. The higher the power of such instruments, the greater their weight. Powerful devices require skill and experience. All this must be considered when choosing a circular saw for the home.

The next important criterion is the diameter of the cutting or saw blade for a circular saw. This indicator depends on the power of the motor. For larger ones, of course, a more powerful motor is required to provide the required speed and rotational speed of the working disk, maintain it at the right time, and also to protect the tool from noise, vibration and cycling. Hand tools with a more powerful motor are heavier, larger and more expensive. But on the other hand, such a device can be used for large and thick materials. If you plan to work with massive boards, then it is recommended to choose such a model

In addition, modern models are equipped with additional functionality, due to which the cost of the product increases. These include:

  • Dust collector, thanks to which sawdust is collected in a container and does not scatter around the room;
  • Smooth descent;
  • A special laser mark, which represents the exact trajectory of cutting the workpiece;
  • Accidental start blocker;
  • Special plastic from which the body is made.

The user is advised, before choosing, read the instructions in order to understand whether it is worth overpaying for additional features or not and choose another model.

Circular saws device

The design of such a tool is not very complex. Each variety has its own distinctive features. However, they all have basic elements:

  • Base or platform;
  • Saw or cutting disc;
  • Motor;
  • A case on which there are special handles to hold and operate the device;
  • Casing for protection;
  • Wedging knife;
  • Persistent fastening.

In addition, some models of circular saws are also equipped with a special device for measuring depth (depth gauge) with a scale printed on it. With its help, during operation, you can control the depth of penetration of the cutting blade into the material.

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The hand-held circular saw has an electric motor located inside the housing, which has two handles on the outside. The cutting (saw) disc is mounted on the engine, more precisely, on a special shaft. After finishing the work, part of the saw blade covers the protective cover.


The installation of such a motor is carried out to the bicycle frame, and the rotational movement is transmitted to the front sprocket. This makes it possible to make full use of the speed switches.

The working fluid of this engine is a gasoline-oil mixture. The engine is air-cooled and has a power output of up to 1.5 hp, which is enough to drive on the road without hills.

While climbing or accelerating, the cyclist should assist the engine with the pedals. The engine speed limit is 30 km / h. The engine “eats” 1 liter of fuel per 100 km.

Naturally, the engine comes complete with a gas tank and muffler to complete the conversion of your bike to a moped.


In this article, we will look at the main types of such a device as an electric motor for a bicycle. So, it should be said that the motors that are installed on electric bicycles are of the following types:

  • Wheel motor;
  • Outboard engine;
  • Engine in friction gear.


A wheel motor is the most common type of electric motor today. It is worth noting that this type of electric motor is usually installed when converting a regular city bike into an electric bike.

As for the appearance and design of the bike, they hardly change, since the motor-wheel is almost invisible. This engine is mounted to both the front and rear hubs, but sometimes it happens that they put one motor on each wheel.

The bike is considered completely re-equipped when the battery and throttle are installed. Often, a wheel hub motor is sold with spokes already mounted to the hub.

The motor-wheels have a power in the range of 150. 2000 W. Note also that the wheel motors have three main versions: for 24, 36 and 48 V. And each of these types requires its own battery.

A bicycle on which a motor-wheel is installed is capable of accelerating to 60-70 km / h and has a power reserve of about 40-50 km. Naturally, if you are moving uphill, these indicators are significantly reduced.

To increase the power and speed of the electric bike, some experimenters increase the power supply to 72 V. But this is a rather risky undertaking, because the electric motor installed on the bike can be damaged.