Which Electric Trimmer is Better to Choose

Which Electric Trimmer is Better to Choose

In order to cut the lawn beautifully and evenly in parks, squares, in a summer cottage or near a private house, a technique such as an electric trimmer is usually used.

With it, you can mow grass and various plantings of small size, as this unit has many functions and is capable of perform a variety of tasks during work.

According to the principle of operation, the device is similar to a gas trimmer, only its work is carried out due to electric energy.

General characteristics of the trimmer

Electric trimmers are mainly designed to ennoble small areas with various obstacles in the form of flower beds, shrubs, trees or fences. The device is a metal rod on which a motor with a head having cutting properties is attached. The device is small in size, so it is very convenient for them to remove hard-to-reach places in the garden areas from grass and unnecessary weeds.

What does an electric mower look like?

Externally, the trim tabs may differ among themselves in the location of the engine. It can be installed at the top or bottom of the device. If the engine is placed on top, then such an apparatus is characterized as more powerful, capable of cutting dense and dense grass. The lower location indicates that the trimmer belongs to a weaker type of equipment, and also it cannot be used when the vegetation is in a wet state. But the first type of device usually has a higher cost than the second.

Near the engine is fixture that cuts the stands. It can be a fishing line or a knife, or both together. If there are trees, benches, stones, vintage fences on the garden lawn, you need to choose a trimmer with fishing line, because thanks to it you can avoid possible damage to the decorative elements located on the site, as well as the cutting head of the device. Such an apparatus has a fairly large grass capture width.

If there is quite hard and dense vegetation, A knife mower will be a good acquisition, but such a device is capable of capturing a small amount of grass by volume. Therefore, it would be more expedient to purchase a machine with a cutting head that has a knife and fishing line, it will be very convenient for them to cope with different types of plantings in the garden area.

Typically, electric trimmers are divided into models with a curved or straight shaft. A curved shaft is available for devices of low power. The movement of the cutting element is carried out using a metal cable. This type of shaft is usually found in fishing line models. The strongest and most powerful electric mowers are equipped with a straight shaft, where the knife begins to move with a metal rod, which contributes to a longer operation of the trimmer.

The handles of the devices can be different depending on the presence of certain functions in trimmers of different models. T-shaped holders are usually very convenient for carrying out quite complex, lengthy work. They are equipped with the most powerful devices.

The D-shaped handle is used in low-performance devices designed for a small amount of work. But electric trimmers with holders of this type are very convenient for use in areas with a large number of plantings and decorative structures.

And if the grass is thick and long, technical devices equipped with a J-shaped handle are used to remove it. To operate the device with such a handle is the safest and most comfortable.

Before choosing an electric grass trimmer, you need to pay attention to the connector, designed for nozzles. With the help of various devices it will be possible to cut unnecessary branches from trees, loosen the soil, and remove snow in winter. Such equipment is much easier to clean, wash and transport. Do not forget that removable nozzles should be selected only from the same manufacturer as the trimmer itself, since no others will fit the device.

Types of devices

Trimmers are divided into two types.

  1. For domestic use. This technique has a small power. From 750 to 1000 watts. Here the cutting head is equipped with a fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm. The device is designed to remove only soft grass, it is not able to cope with hard plants and bushes. The engine of such models is located below, the handle is located in the shape of the letter D, which is a certain convenience when processing small lawns. And also thanks to such a handle, the device has a rather compact size.
  2. Professional action. In these devices, the engine is located in the upper part and has a power of up to 2.5 kW. Since the engine in the design is quite powerful, a strong wire or sharp knives made of plastic or metal may be present in the cutting head, depending on the model. Such trimmers without problems cut strong weeds, small bushes, hard grass. The holder has a T-shape, with which it is very convenient to handle large areas with no obstacles.

Device benefits

The advantages of this type of technology include:

  • Lack of exhaust gases that may clog the air during operation of the device;
  • The presence of a special system for suppressing noise and vibration;
  • There is no need to prepare the device for work for a long time, just connect the cord from the device to the outlet;
  • Mains trimmers have a longer life compared to gasoline counterparts;
  • Electric mowers are equipped with high power engines, which positively affects the quality of work;
  • Such devices are compact, mobile and easy to use, to start or turn off the engine requires only one button;
  • With the help of a trimmer, you can cut the vegetation on the ground, give a beautiful shape to shrubs, cut small branches of trees;
  • Devices have an affordable price.


There are several disadvantages when working with this technique, which should be noted:

  • Use the device only at a distance equal to the length of the electrical cord. To solve this problem, you need to use a battery or extension cord;
  • Network cable may interfere with work on mowing the lawn; you have to be distracted from the process so as not to step on it;
  • Do not use the trimmer after rain or watering, as in case of adverse circumstances a short circuit may occur;
  • Many models of household trimmers have insufficient power.

How to choose equipment for a summer residence

Trimmer rating

Among the variety of electric mowers, let me introduce you the best and cheapest, which can become ideal helpers in caring for a summer cottage.

Bosch ART 26 SL (0.600.8a5.100)

A well-known brand device with very good quality. Its weight is about 2 kg, does not create noise during operation, has a small capacity, consumes a minimum of electricity.

The engine is located below, the cutting element is a fishing line, the rotation speed of which is 12,600 rpm. Suitable for processing a small area.

  • High build quality;
  • The device is mobile and has a light weight;
  • Saves energy, has a silent engine.
  • It is impossible to adjust the holder in height, this creates inconvenience in the work;
  • Movement within the territory is limited by the length of the power cord;
  • The model does not provide a fuse against unintentional pressing.

Today’s price is 2320 rubles.

Huter GET-600

These trimmers are manufactured in China under the control of a German company. The engine is located at the bottom and is able to rotate 180 degrees, which is quite convenient when mowing a lawn that has obstacles. D-shaped holder, adjustable in length. There is an additional wheel for vertical processing of plants.

  • It has high performance, despite the low engine power;
  • Light weight and compact size;
  • Handle adjustment
  • Low price.
  • Low quality cutting line;
  • The first models of this device had a manufacturing defect.

The cost of the device is 2300 rubles.

Dde EB 1200 RD

The device from the American manufacturer, with a powerful engine. 1230 watts. Able to cope with the toughest grass, small shrubs, various weeds. The model has a fuse button that prevents accidental starting of the device. The cutting head is controlled semi-automatically. The kit includes a disc and fishing line with a diameter of 2.5 mm. The trimmer is equipped with a shoulder strap for added convenience.

  • Good assembly, quality material;
  • Possesses a reliable design;
  • Very convenient when working;
  • The design has safety features.
  • During fishing line operation, vegetation can get stuck under the reel, and if you use a disk, this does not happen;
  • The machine makes a lot of noise when mowing.

The average price of such a trimmer is 5100 rubles.

Safety precautions

Before operating the device, it is necessary to carefully study the instructions, after which it is imperative to follow all the rules and recommendations for management and care. It is necessary to work in special clothes made of thick fabric and in protective glasses. Shoes should be firm with rubber soles.

It is advisable to think in advance cable location in the garden. In the process of mowing the lawn, it should not damage the trees and flowers, so it is best to place it near the curbs and lightly fix with improvised tools. And also do not forget that during the operation of the trimmer, small children and pets should not be nearby to avoid accidents.