Which Fishing Line Is Better For A gas trimmer

Every year, more and more summer residents and homeowners use a trimmer or a brushcutter to clean up the lawn. Such a device allows you to cut the grass with high quality even in places where it is not easy to do it manually.

Using a brushcutter, you can easily get rid of weeds under the trees, trim the grass on the lawn or haymaking. Every year, more and more new models of trimmers appear on the garden equipment market and therefore the choice of a quality device that meets all the requirements of a summer resident is very difficult.

Classification lawn mowers for lawn mowing

Which Fishing Line Is Better For A Benzotrimmer

Among the extensive range of petrol scythes, the trimmer is distinguished by high power parameters and performance. This was primarily achieved through the use of two-stroke or four-stroke motor high power.

If we consider the shortcomings of two-stroke benzokos, then there are not so many of them and they are enclosed in the intricacies of maintenance: preparing fuel, replacing filters and planned technical activities for maintenance.

Models with a four-stroke engine. The most modern and powerful equipment for lawn mowing. Thanks to the powerful motor, long continuous operation is ensured, despite the fact that the noise level is less than that of a two-stroke analog.

The disadvantages can be credited impressive dimensions and the weight of the tool, so this parameter is very important when choosing a brushcutter.

Key parameters and selection features

For a powerful brushcutter you need a large fuel tank, which together affects the weight of the device. But even considering these not-so-pleasant circumstances, a liquid fuel tool more practical and comfortable for use in the country or in a private household.

The absence of the need to connect to a stationary power source using cables makes the brushcutter as mobile as possible, and the relatively small size of the unit allows it to be transported in the luggage compartment of the machine.

When choosing a quality brushcutter, it is important to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1. The quality of the operation of the brushcutter depends on its working equipment. The main difference between a petrol scythe and an electric trimmer is the use of steel blades rather than fishing lines or plastic knives. Due to this, the cut of the grass is smoother and better, due to which plants of high height and even young shrubs are better removed.
  2. Depending on the equipment used on the brushcutter, the width of the grip is changed. The main indicator of the work area. Small diameter sharpened knives on both sides are perfect for mowing grass on uneven terrain. For processing large areas, it is better to give preference to a tool with cutting discs or triangular blades.
  3. The comfort of using the tool is affected by its ergonomics. On all models, the brushcutter has different handles in shape, on which the load on the hands and the principle of equipment control depend. Powerful models with a large weight are additionally equipped with a convenient belt that is worn over the shoulder.

How to choose a brushcutter according to technical characteristics

If we consider the main characteristics of the brushcutter, then when choosing a tool, special attention should be paid to the following parameters:

  • Type and power parameters of the motor;
  • Type of cutting element;
  • Total weight of the unit;
  • The price of petrol scythes.

Equipment power is the main parameter on which its maximum performance and continuous operation time depend. In the process of choosing a quality trimmer, it is very important to pay attention to this very characteristic.

A tool with a power of up to 1 kW is suitable for mowing soft grass on a small lawn. If the brushcutter will be used to remove weeds, it is best to choose a device with a power of more than 1.5 kW. Equipment whose power exceeds 1.8 kW is already professional, which accordingly increases its price.

Tips from experts on how to choose a quality brushcutter

Choosing a high-quality gas trimmer, as has been mentioned many times, you need to determine its power, which determines the performance and, accordingly, the volume and intensity of the work.

If the tool is purchased for use several times a week in a small garden or lawn, then quite enough equipment low power, which will cope with the removal of weeds and soft grass.

Naturally, if you use low-power equipment for a long period at high loads, then it will not last long. Although its price is quite affordable and with proper use of the tool it will be enough to clean the country or lawn near the house.

If the equipment is planned to be used continuously for a long time, it is advisable to purchase powerful petrol brush models. It is also important that the tool is manufactured by a well-known brand. And despite that, the price of such units is quite high, it is fully justified by the duration and safety of the gas trimmer.

In addition to power, when choosing a gas trimmer, the fact of who will work with the tool must be taken into account. If this is a fragile woman, then using a heavy trimmer, she will quickly get tired.

In turn, a man can use equipment with a large tank, so as not to be distracted by refueling. It will also be useful if the brushcutter is equipped with a shoulder strap.

Another important parameter of the quality and reliability of the unit is used rod. If it has a curved shape, then a metal cable is used to rotate the cutting blades, which cannot withstand heavy loads for a long time. If it is a tool with a metal shaft, then it is suitable for long-term continuous use.

The possibility of using the tool in various conditions depends on the type of cutting mechanism. It is convenient to cut soft grass and small weeds with a fishing line, and if installed steel knife, You can cut young shrubs.

Popular brands of brushcutters

  • Efco. Japanese-made equipment that works with minimal noise and vibration due to the fact that the motor is located in the upper part of the boom. As a cutting tool, both fishing line and steel knives are used. The total weight of the equipment does not exceed 2 kg.
  • Al-KO is a German company that produces petrol scythes. High quality, long service life and safety in use are the main criteria of the German manufacturer. The easy-to-use, easy-to-use tool can handle both lawn mowing and weed removal.
  • Craftsman is an American company that can rightfully be proud of the quality of its products. Models of trimmers manufactured by the enterprise are very light and practical, despite the fact that they have a fairly reasonable price.
  • Champion is a joint Sino-American enterprise that has been known for many years both in the domestic and foreign consumer garden equipment market. Models equipped with steel knives easily cope not only with lawn mowing, but also with the removal of young shrubs.
  • Makita is a Japanese brand popular in most countries, famous for the highest quality and an extensive model range of petrol scythes. The tool is convenient in terms of operation and differs in ergonomic design and maneuverability.

Rating of popular benzokos models

The high popularity of garden equipment, including trimmers, has led manufacturers to constantly expand their product line. All models can differ not only in price and functionality, but design and material, used in the manufacture.

These features make the selection of suitable equipment difficult and therefore the consumer must buy a gas brush before purchasing see the most popular products, represented in the domestic market.

Powerful KRÜGER gas trimmer (Germany) equipped with a two-stroke engine. The power of the tool is increased: it is 3 kW or 4 liters. From. You can use the KRUGER gas trimmer for a long time: due to air cooling, it does not overheat. During operation, the KRUGER trimmer produces 9000 rpm. It is suitable for processing impressive areas. Up to 10 acres. The set contains spools with fishing line, which cut grass on the lawn, as well as saw knives: with their help, branches of young trees and bushes are removed.

Kruger gas trimmer functionality is impeccable. It has everything for the comfort and safety of the operator. A convenient shoulder strap significantly increases the duration of the tool, as it redistributes the load from the hands to the shoulders. An important advantage of the Kruger trimmer is its affordable price.

Husqvarna 128R gas trimmer. One of the most popular brands, designed for use in everyday life by the owners of their own personal plots. Equipment with a full tank of fuel weighs no more than 5 kg, which allows you to use it for a sufficiently long time period without overloading your back and arms.

The brushcutter of this brand has a built-in Smart Start function, which greatly facilitates the launch of the tool. The power unit can be easily started in any weather conditions thanks to the unique Air Purge fueling system.

Lawn mowing unit Stihl fs-55. A small device with a small lightweight motor. The total mass with a filled fuel tank does not exceed 5 kg. At the same time, the ergonomic parameters of the tool are thought out to the smallest detail, which makes it easy to maneuver the braid.

Thanks to the hand pump, starting the motor is greatly simplified. In the role of cutting elements are two types of knives. Disk and two-sided. The circular knife is ideal for decorative lawn mowing due to the ability to control the height, cut grass.

Professional petrol trimmer models

Trimmer Efco D. S. 3200 T is a professional garden equipment with high performance, which was achieved through the use of a four-stroke engine. Powerful engine provides long uptime tool under heavy loads.

The gas tank is made of translucent material, which ensures visual control of fuel. A convenient handle contains all the necessary levers for controlling the tool. At the same time, the equipment is qualitatively balanced, which allows you to evenly distribute the load throughout the body. In addition, it is possible to connect an additional shoulder strap.

Gas trimmer CARVER GBC-31 FS equipped with a four-stroke type motor with air cooling system. This model line is equipped with specially designed chrome engines that have a long service life. Such a reliable tool can be used in any, including rainy weather.

Trimmer STIGA SB 35 DS is a professional equipment that is designed for cutting large lawns, weeds and even young shrubs. The use of a two-stroke engine has significantly reduced the consumption of fuel by the tool.

The cutting line is most often used fishing line, and if necessary, a knife. For operator safety, the work area was closed with a special metal casing. The used shoulder strap is adjustable in several directions, which allows you to evenly distribute the load.

When choosing a petrol brush, even a well-known trade brand, it is important to always check what is included in the equipment kit. May I ask understaff tool additional belts or cutting mechanisms.

If large volumes of work are planned, it is important to take care of high-quality work clothes, which will make the lawn mowing process safer and easier. Although the final choice remains with the buyer.