Which Gasoline To Pour Into A Chainsaw

Everywhere and everywhere they write and discuss issues related to the choice of oil for a chainsaw, someone recommends only the original, but for someone “everything is fine” and on ordinary Lukoil 2T! They also raise a lot of questions about mixing gasoline with oil. The process of preparing the fuel mixture for a chainsaw has any more or less human resource. But no one ever raises the importance of using gasoline in a chainsaw! Why? Indeed, all technicians and engineers know how the use of high-octane gasoline affects engines designed to work on low-octane! A chainsaw is no exception!

How much gasoline is stored

During long-term storage, gasoline evaporates (regardless of brand), sediment precipitates at the bottom, it loses its properties, in other words, it deteriorates. It is worth knowing that it’s not so much the gasoline itself that ignites as its vapor. Therefore, if in the garage there is a canister with gasoline from last year, then think about whether it is worth it? Better leave it to light a bonfire for a barbecue.

Which Gasoline To Pour Into A Chainsaw

The use of “stale” gasoline for a chainsaw entails many problems:

  • Difficult start;
  • Decrease in maximum power;
  • Increased wear of engine parts of a chainsaw.

It is worth remembering that the prepared fuel mixture (gasoline with oil) is stored for no more than a month, after which time it should be disposed of. Using the old mixture increases the wear of the engine parts of the chainsaw. Do not forget about it!

Octane number

This is where the fun begins. Is it possible to refuel a chainsaw 95 with gasoline? In all chainsaw operating instructions, manufacturers indicate in bold: “Do not use gasoline with an octane rating higher than 92 to prepare the fuel mixture”. It is understandable, but not visible to everyone, because from time to time, chainsaws with a burned-out cylinder are brought to service centers!

Let’s figure out which gasoline to put into a chainsaw, and which not! For all two-stroke engines, saws need to use 92 gasoline, the tool is designed for it. Pouring 95 gasoline into the engine, detonation will begin to occur (pushing the piston into the counter-travel), something like a micro blow that will occur at almost every crankshaft revolution. About 98 gasoline, I think everything is clear, the effect will be even stronger, and it will already be mini strokes.

Dirty gas

Some owners of chainsaws are sure that if the tool works in constant dust (there is even an air compensator in the carburetor in case of a clogged air filter), it means that gasoline with pieces of rust can also be swallowed and mining with small pieces of metal will work to lubricate the chain, right?

This is another common misconception never use gasoline from the bottom of the canister (all the more rusty). The chainsaw has a carburetor in which there are small channels that can clog from these small particles, which in turn will lead to breakage of the chainsaw and contacting a specialized workshop.

To summarize

In order for the chainsaw to serve for many years, never pour old gasoline into it, and you do not need to use brand 95 and especially 98 gasoline to prepare the fuel mixture, only 92. Also, do not forget about the purity of gasoline. No clothes!

I hope now you are not wondering which gasoline is suitable for a chainsaw and which is not very good.