Which grass trimmer is best for mowing the grass

best grass trimmers

The grass trimmer is a tool of relevance to homestead owners. It is a motorized grass trimmer with gasoline, battery or electric drive. The device itself has an uncomplicated design, can be used on any size area. Has a motor, shaft and bobbin. The first is placed at the top of the boom or near the bobbin. The installed shaft can be flexible and rigid. The second is more reliable, but is found with the top-mounted motor.


Modern grass trimmers are mobile, workable and maintainable. They can easily maintain grass at the proper height, mow along paths and clear away overgrown vegetation, and regenerate green banks of water bodies. Grass trimmers are easy to manipulate and operate. Some models can be dismantled for seasonal storage without many tools.

Place Name Rating Characteristics Price

Best inexpensive grass trimmers for the grass
Bosch EasyGrassCut 26 (0.600.8C1.J00) 9,2/10 Light weight. 1.9 kg 2780
PATRIOT PT 500 9,0/10 Motor protection against overheating 2990
Huter GET-600 8,7/10 Good price 2690
The best petrol grass trimmers
Husqvarna 128R 9,7/10 Customer choice 15990
STIHL FS 55 9,4/10 Comfortable dual handle 14990
Makita EM2500U 9,1/10 Quiet and smooth motor running 9810
Best electric trimmers for grass
STIHL FSE 71 9,6/10 Convenient length and tilt adjustment 9490
Bosch AFS 23-37 (0.600.8A9.020) 9,3/10 Good value for money 8090
Huter GET-1500SL 8,8/10 Handles all types of grass 5390
Best cordless grass trimmers
Makita DUR364LZ 9,4/10 Reliable brand 12860
Husqvarna 115iL (967 09 88-01) 9,1/10 Low noise and vibration level 13990
STIHL FSA 45 8,7/10 High quality 9990

Denzel TE-650

  • Motor power: 650 watts
  • Cutting width: 33 cm
  • Cutting element: fishing line, 1.30 mm
  • Handle shape: D-shaped
  • Weight: 3.45 kg

Compact German bottom mounted 650 watt grass trimmer combines quality construction and a good price. Maximum working width 33 cm. The tool is very easy and lightweight, weighing only 3.45 kg. Equipped with a D-shaped folding handle, which is attached to the telescopic rod.

Grass trimmer suitable for country use. It can easily handle areas with soft vegetation, mow weeds around beds, trim the edges of garden paths.

Greenworks 2103707 650W, 33 cm

  • Electric motor power: 650W
  • Mowing width: 33 cm
  • Cutting unit: filament, 2 mm
  • Handle shape: D-shaped
  • Weight: 2.7 kg

The sleek electric trimmer for grass from Greenworks has a stylish design, economical power consumption and a reasonable price. Equipped with a 650 W simple and reliable electric motor. With its swivel-shaped cutter bar, the tool can easily handle uneven areas and slopes and mow even in very narrow spaces.

  • With edge trimmer for edging lawns or paths;
  • Extends the cord automatically, so you don’t have to worry about line consumption.

Specially designed for small areas of grass and small shrubs. For large volumes and complex vegetation, it is better to consider another model of this manufacturer Greenworks 1301807 GST1246.

Selection criteria for an electric grass trimmer for grass (and a mini-rating of the best models)

Mowing lawns, removing weeds, mowing the area. This is an incomplete list of work that the owner of the homestead constantly performs. To make the task easier, you can use special tools, for example, a trimmer eletric for grass. He will qualitatively mow any shoots, will cope even with small twigs. Let’s find out which electric grass trimmer is best for dacha and garden.

How to choose a grass trimmer for gasoline and electric. expert advice

Exuberant vegetation between houses in a residential neighborhood or in the countryside can clutter paths and areas under fences. In contrast to a neat lawn, tall grass looks ugly. At businesses, uncut areas of greenery create an unfavorable impression. To remedy this situation use lawn mowers. But due to their limited maneuverability and high cost, not everyone can afford to buy it, especially at the cottage or in the community. Now there are their lightweight analogues. grass trimmers for grass, capable of doing the same job, but more compact and inexpensive. To intelligently choose this garden tool, it is necessary to know the main types of trimmers and what parameters they should meet in order to cope with the grass on a particular landscape.

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The main purpose of the grass trimmer

Grass trimmer for grass is a tool that allows you to cut green grass with a soft stem or dry dead wood. If the lawnmower is moved on the surface of the ground, in this case, the grass trimmer is fixed to the operator due to the presence of special straps.

It is worth noting that the device is versatile. Many people even assume that electric grass trimmers are trimmers, but this is not true.

Grass trimmers are used to maintain grass at the same level on the site or lawn, mowing vegetation around fences, hedges, along the paths, etc. It will allow you to remove overgrown and dead wood, cultivate the green banks of ponds. Unlike a lawn mower, a grass trimmer will be much less expensive. But this is not the only plus, as electric mowers and lawnmowers have a high degree of maneuverability, which will give the opportunity to mow the grass on the plot, no matter how difficult it is available.

Grass trimmer performs these actions sequentially:

  • through their actions, the operator will attach the tool with special straps and start the motor. The method of starting will depend on what kind of drive the device has. It can be electric or gasoline type. The first option is started by pressing a button, but the gasoline option is activated by using a hand starter;
  • The torque from the motor will be transmitted to the spindle area or the shaft. These are the working elements to which the head with the fishing line and the cutting steel disc are attached;
  • transmission of torque from the motor to the working body will be made by means of a flexible or rigid shaft;
  • rotation of the reel with a fishing line or a disk equipped with knives allows you to cut the grass or cut it.

The main structural elements in the device are represented by:

  • a drive mechanism, i.e.е. engine, which can be either gasoline or electric;
  • a rigid base in the form of a rod that connects the engine and the working organ;
  • handle, in the design of the grass trimmer it is customary to engage 2 handles, one part of which is a place for the location of the gas pedal;
  • a rigid shaft, which enables the transmission of torque from the motor to the actuator;
  • protection cover is not only necessary to protect the operator’s legs, but also for neatly mowing vegetation;
  • Belt attachment, which makes it possible to provide a reliable fixation of the device on the operator’s shoulders.

Dealing with the question of how to choose a grass trimmer for grass, it is worth noting that gasoline type devices are equipped with an additional fuel tank, when the electric type works exclusively with the support of the network. That’s why a power cord is presented instead of a tank in the second case.

Which grass trimmer is better for mowing

Power is the main parameter when choosing a trimmer for grass. The power depends on what kind of vegetation the grass trimmer can handle, how long it will take to work, and how serious the burden will be on the operator. The more powerful the engine, the more productive, heavier and more expensive the grass trimmer.

Domestic grass trimmers are designed to work with an area of up to 50 sq. km.m, universal and professional. up to 1500 sq.м.

The boom can be straight or curved. In trimmers with a straight boom motor is connected to the gearbox with a shaft, with a curved. with a metal rope.

Models with a curved shaft are less productive than those with a straight shaft. At the same time, many users note that grass trimmers with a bent boom are more maneuverable, it’s easier to work in uneven areas, trim grass between beds and flowerbeds.

Grass trimmers with a straight boom are more reliable and powerful. Not only can you attach a head with a fishing line, but also metal knives and discs that can chop up woody weed trunks and small tree branches.

According to the type, the boom can be non-dismountable, demountable and telescopic.

The fixed boom is the most practical option. The design is strong and durable, and the most powerful motors are mounted on the solid shaft.

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The collapsible boom allows you to divide the grass trimmer into parts, so it fits into the trunk of a car, for example. Remember that the joint between the two tubes is a potential weak point.

The telescopic shaft lets you adjust the length of the tool to your height. It also makes grass trimmers more portable. This is the most common feature of electric grass trimmers.

There are three types of handles: D-, P- and U-handles.

Most trimmers have a D- or P-handle. They are used with lightweight, low-power devices and are good friends with curved booms. Grass trimmers with D- and P-handles are the most maneuverable, making them easy to work on small areas of the lawn.

If the task is to mow large areas, the grass trimmer with a bike handle is better suited. U-shaped handle is convenient to hold with two hands. so the load is distributed more evenly, the operator is less tired during prolonged work.

To relieve your back and arms and save strength, we advise you to use a suspension strap. It comes with professional and some universal trimmers. For all others you can buy the belt separately.

How to Mow the Grass. Scythe vs String Trimmer. Choose the Best Yourself


The most convenient option is the backpack strap. It distributes the grass trimmer’s weight on both shoulders, reduces hand-arm vibrations. There are also single and double belts as well as models with hip protection.

Corded grass trimmers are good for uneven, stony areas. With a knife. on lawns without rocks and additional plantings. With a disc. spot-cut, for example, to combat thistle bushes or other vigorous weeds.

The line is usually made of nylon, sometimes reinforced with aluminum. Cords differ in diameter and profile. The tougher the grass/branches, the thicker the line should be.

Cord profile is selected for specific applications. For example, a round line is good for lawn grass, and a star-shaped line is good for weeds.

The larger the mowing width, the greater the surface area you can treat in one pass, the higher the performance of the grass trimmer. The largest mowing width is in gasoline models.

This parameter is only important if you choose a device for large amounts of work. For example, going to use a grass trimmer to cut the lawn instead of a traditional lawnmower, or planning to make hay for the winter. If you need a grass trimmer only to, say, trim the grass around the garden paths, the cutting width is not so important.

Imagine: you have a private house, and in front of it. a plot of a couple of acres. The site is laid out lawn, divided by numerous flower beds and paths. Your child is allergic to exhaust fumes, so a gasoline grass trimmer is not suitable.

Choose among electric models. The site is small, if there are no power outages, there is no point in overpaying for a cordless grass trimmer.

So, the grass trimmer is only needed to periodically trim the lawn near paths, fences, flowerbeds. Serious power is not required in this case. the machine will not collide with weeds or bushes.

Our option. an electric trimmer for grass with a capacity of 600-900 watts. The most convenient will be D- or P-handle. it’s unlikely you will need to work more than half an hour at a time. It is best if the weight of the machine does not exceed five kilos.

Hold a few trimmers in your hands and judge the load. You might want to buy a shoulder strap.

Three grass trimmers that are suitable for a small area

Now you know how to choose a trimmer for grass. If you still have questions, contact the staff of the Garden Department. our colleagues will help you decide on the model, buy the necessary accessories and consumables.

On the market gasoline trimmers for grass are presented by the richest assortment. However, given the cost of equipment of this class, you do not want to make mistakes with the choice. After analyzing a number of different models, our editorial team has compiled a rating of the best gasoline trimmers for dacha and garden work, based on the experience of users. Practice shows that the opinion that “quality costs a lot of money” is just a myth. Modern production technologies and experience of our engineers allow us to develop and produce excellent tools in all price categories. Thus, everyone will be able to choose a good gasoline trimmer for seasonal work, taking into account all their wishes.

  • The best manufacturers of petrol trimmers
  • The best inexpensive gasoline grass trimmers (under 10,000)
  • 1. KRUGER GTK 52-7
  • 2. Champion T433-2
  • 3. PATRIOT PT 443 The One
  • 4. Champion T523
  • 5. DAEWOO Power Products DABC 520
  • The best gasoline grass trimmers for price and quality
  • 1. Oleo-Mac Sparta 25
  • 2. STIHL FS 55
  • 3. Echo SRM-22GES
  • 4. Husqvarna 128R
  • The best professional petrol grass trimmers
  • 1. STIHL FS 250
  • 2. Husqvarna 143R-II
  • 3. Echo SRM-350ES
  • 4. Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Eco Aluminium
  • What grass trimmer to buy for summer cottage
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Gasoline grass trimmers


Powerful tool made in China. Ideal for mowing dense stands, can cover large areas. Cutting aid offers a line (for soft grass) and a blade (for tough weeds, bushes, small trees). Quick and easy replacement. Grass trimmer with anti-vibration system. Controls are on the handle. Maintenance is no problem. spark plugs and air filter are easily accessible. No need for a visit to the service center. Manufacturer recommends patented lubricants and oils to work with the trimmer to reduce harmful emissions to the environment. Ease of use with dual-arm strap and bicycle handle. Value for money with quality.

  • Two cutting elements (the line feed is semi-automatic, the knife can cope with stiff stems of plants).
  • Easy to operate.
  • reasonable price.
  • High power.

Huter GGT-2500T

German brand two-stroke gasoline grass trimmer. It is designed to cut any kind of grass and weeds. The engine is economical and fueled by a mix of oil and gasoline (1:25 ratio). Easy to start thanks to the fuel primer. Controls are on the right-hand handle, making it easy to operate. Working fatigue is considerably reduced, thanks to the bicycle handle and shoulder strap. Fuel tank is transparent, made of durable plastic. Therefore it is easy to adjust the mix level while working. Comes with a three-blade blade, fishing line, protective cover.

  • Good build quality.
  • High power.
  • Reliable and long working life.
  • Fully equipped with everything you need.
  • Large coverage area when working.

Hyundai Z 535

Reliable and powerful tool from a South Korean brand. Ideal choice for the country and garden. Grass trimmer is suitable for use on harsh terrain. Gasoline engine of the device is notable for its durability, long service life and reliability. High power for excellent weeding of varying plant densities. Disk with 24 teeth, even good for shrubs. The device has a working load of more than 4 hours. Easy start system, specially designed handle.

  • Reduced noise level.
  • Easy start with Easy start system.
  • Low vibration level.
  • 2 blades included: 3 and 40 teeth.
  • High power.
  • Excellent balance.

Husqvarna 128R

Lightweight petrol model of a Swedish brand manufactured in the USA. The engine starts with a light touch. Smart Start system, fuel priming pump, ignition switch auto-reset. The appliance is equipped with a sturdy, flexible shaft. Grass knives, straps on both shoulders, semi-automatic trimmer head included. Ergonomic rubber coated handle is height adjustable. The device has a high power output of 800 litres.с. The grass trimmer weighs only 5 kg, which distinguishes it from similar devices of other brands. Oil and petrol (brand-name products only) in the ratio of 1:50.

Echo SRM-350ES

This is a semi-professional grass trimmer equipped with a two-stroke engine. Comfortable operation, because thanks to the easy start system there is no kickback. The device is suitable for use on lawns and areas with dense vegetation. Two cutting attachment options. line or blade. The fuel-saving device is economical and does not require frequent refuelling, even in spite of the 0.84 l tank capacity. Low weight is one of the main advantages. Equipped with an adjustable handle, it can be adjusted to the wearer’s individual needs.

  • Good maneuverability.
  • Easy access to air filter.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Easy start.
  • Low weight.