Which grass trimmer is better for two-stroke or four-stroke?

2 Cycle Vs. 4 Cycle Gas Trimmers: Which is Better for You?

x-stroke or 4-stroke brushcutter engine, which one to choose?

For internal combustion engines, a stroke is the movement of the piston (up or down) in one direction. The crankshaft turns a full circle and drives the working mechanisms of the brushcutter. It is therefore clear that a mower with a 4-stroke engine is more intensive than its 2-stroke counterpart. On top of that, the fuel consumption of the four-stroke motor is substantially lower, which is achieved by a more rational design.

Four-stroke engines are objectively more complex by design. Their production costs are accordingly higher and the final price for the user is higher. In many cases, it is the price that is the deciding factor for the end user. But it is advisable to take into account other criteria that are no less important, such as the intensity of operation and the time it takes to mow the lawn depends directly on the type of vegetation, the area and the roughness of the ground.

Gas exchange and fuel consumption

Internal combustion engine duty cycle of any type. a set of processes that are constantly repeated:

  • the filling of the cylinder capacity with the fuel mixture,
  • compression,
  • ignition and conversion to compressed gas under pressure of the piston,
  • expansion of gas mixture volume in the cylinder chamber and transmission of released energy to the crankshaft.

Four-stroke engines use less fuel and run more quietly. Since the oil in the combustion chamber does not burn together with the gasoline, the exhaust fumes cause less discomfort at work. this of course has an impact on the dimensions and weight of the brushcutter. the 4-stroke engine is much heavier and more compact.

Also, among the significant points to which you should pay attention

  • the manufacturer’s specified liter capacity for a particular engine,
  • fuel consumption per unit operating time,
  • The requirement for lubrication and the composition of oils added to gasoline.

Two-stroke engines have a ratio in the 1.5-1.8 range compared to a four-stroke engine of the same displacement. This means that a two-stroke engine is at least one and a half times more powerful with the same cylinder displacement.

Regarding the comparison between the 2 and 4-stroke engines in terms of their lubrication requirements, with regard to brushcuts with a 4-stroke engine, they are higher in terms of oil quality, while the oil in the four-stroke engine should be changed by working out a certain number of motohours, in two-stroke, oil must be constantly added to the fuel.

Electric ones are powered from the 220 volt mains with a cord. The cord can be as long as 0.3-1.5 meters. An extension cord is required for normal use of an electric grass trimmer. To work in an area where there is no electricity, you can connect to a generator that generates voltage of 220 V.

  • Lightweight and compact in size;
  • Runs quieter than gasoline models;
  • environmentally friendly, no exhaust fumes;
  • Lower price compared to other models.
  • Requires connection to a power source;
  • There is no possibility of using additional attachments;
  • Cannot be used in rain.

Cordless grass trimmers run on a lithium-ion battery. Capacities range from 2 to 5 Ah. Large capacity allows the trimmer to work longer without recharging. Battery is usually included. Additional battery can be purchased separately.

Tools with a battery have lower performance compared to the gasoline version. It is often better to buy such a grass trimmer in addition to a lawnmower to remove grass in hard-to-reach places.

Gasoline grass trimmers have 2 and 4-stroke engines. The two-stroke engine uses fuel in the form of a mixture of oil and gasoline. In a four-stroke engine, gasoline and oil are poured into different tanks. The four-stroke models have a high output, they are quieter in operation. Fuel tank capacity can range from 0.5 to 1.3 liters. It is better to buy a grass trimmer with a larger tank capacity, so you can work longer on one filling.

  • Autonomy;
  • Good productivity;
  • Can be used in all weathers;
  • Availability of attachments.
  • Heavier;
  • High noise, especially in 2-stroke models;
  • Toxic exhaust fumes;
  • Requires difficult maintenance and cleaning.

As always, before we move on to choosing a grass trimmer, we suggest answering 3 questions as accurately as possible

Understand what major and optional work your site requires?

Evaluated the cultivated area and landscape? Who will operate the technique? Here are the 3 STEPS, all of which are equally important in choosing the best cultivator model. We are confident that the right model will serve you well for the next 10 years.

Step Gasoline or electric

All machines are classified by purpose and design: household (amateur), semi-professional or professional. grass trimmers are not an exception. However, in our guide to the choice we will not make Accent on this classification. Let’s note only that petrol models with an engine displacement of more than 40 cm3 are called professional, and that’s not all. The rest. battery and electric, and gasoline (less than 30 cm3) can be attributed to the class of household.

Let’s start with an overview and comparison of the advantages of electric and gasoline models.

А. Electric

Price relative to gasoline-powered Relatively low power
Less noise and vibration You need an extension cord for the power cord
Easy to maintain Maneuverability is limited by the length of the extension cord
No exhaust Lower-mounted models are not suitable for wet grass
No worries with fuel or fuel mixture Special feature of electric motors requires frequent pauses in work

Engine location. top or bottom

This. an important design feature for electric models according to the users themselves.

Popular grass trimmer with the lower position of the engine and split boom. However, the power of such a model does not exceed 600-700 W. There is only one cord in the set. In this case, the lower location of the engine almost completely eliminates the work with wet vegetation, after the rain. These grass trimmers are often used for “cosmetic” lawn care. That is, when you want to mow an already mowed lawn. This grass trimmer can’t clean an overgrown lawn. From the “pluses” of the grass trimmer (with the lower location of the engine) can be noted the low cost.

Trimmers with a top-mounted engine can have up to 1400 watts of power. They can mow dense and tall grass, as well as small bushes.

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Grass trimmers with a top-mounted motor can be equipped not only with a cord, but also with a blade. They are capable of mowing wet grass. These models cost more, but their output corresponds to their price.

Owners of electric trimmers often use portable extensions. The cable for this extension is usually selected on the principle. what came to hand.

As a result, honestly connecting the grass trimmer to the 220V network, the user is surprised to find either weak revolutions, or, in general, an inoperable grass trimmer.

To remember a few simple rules:

  • As the length of the cable increases, the voltage at its end will drop. To compensate for losses, you need to increase the diameter of the cable
  • It is desirable to choose a cable in a rubber sheath, and the wires of the cable multicore
  • With the same cross section, copper cable has a greater margin of reliability and less loss of electrical power than aluminum cable.
  • Unwind extension cord completely before powering up grass trimmer.

Б. Petrol

Engine power High noise and vibration level
Autonomy Requires regular maintenance
High performance Price
Able to handle almost any kind of foliage Weight
Knife installation available

2- or 4-stroke engines

Two-stroke engines. use a mix of gasoline and special two-stroke oil as fuel; high noise level; exhaust gases contain large amounts of hazardous substances; these models are most commonly sold.

Four-stroke engines. gasoline and oil are filled separately, no need to prepare a mixture; lower wear rate of internal nodes; less noise; more economical in fuel consumption; the choice of models with 4-stroke engines is small; if you need a trimmer for grass only for trimming a small lawn, the power of 4-stroke model will be too much. over, any model with a 4-stroke engine is more expensive than a model with a 2-stroke.

Engine power

The main parameter to which, first of all, you need to pay attention. the engine power. Engine power has a direct impact on how much vegetation the trimmer can handle and how much effort and time the mower will take to do the job. powerful motors allow you to install a variety of cutting equipment, thereby expanding the range of tasks that can solve grass trimmer.

Naturally, the more powerful the engine, the more powerful the grass trimmer and the higher the price. We choose according to our needs.

Let us nominally distinguish 3 groups of engines by power:

Up to 0.6 kW. Up to 1 l.с. household trimmers
From 0,6 to 1 kW Up to 1.5. 2 л.с Universal and semi-professional trimmers for grass
From 1.5 liters.с. On professional devices, for demanding jobs

Type of suspension belt

Taking into account the time required to handle a medium-sized lawn, plus the weight of the grass trimmer itself (5-6 kg on average), the mower will inevitably experience a decent load on the arms and shoulder girdle. It’s also more difficult to cut the grass really accurately in hard-to-reach places with fatigued hands. A suspension strap will help reduce the load and save effort. But if you have a professional petrol grass trimmer weighing 8kg or more, a shoulder strap is a must. At the same time the simplest version of the belt may not work because of its property to carry all the weight on one shoulder.

which, grass, trimmer, better, two-stroke, four-stroke

Therefore, when choosing a professional model, you should choose a grass trimmer with a backpack-type belt (knapsack) included, which evenly distributes the weight of the grass trimmer on both shoulders and will be comfortable for you personally.

Most models are equipped with one of the following types of outboard belts:

Single shoulder strap is the easiest one-shoulder option. Not bad for off-loading, but not good for long and intensive work with a powerful gasoline-powered trimmer

Double shoulder strap for two shoulders at once. Slightly softens the load, distributes it when using powerful machines;

Backpack suspension with belt. a great accessory. Weight and load while walking are distributed over the entire body, the back does not get tired at all, vibration in the hand is reduced.

Thigh protection harness. provides extra protection for the hip and operator’s clothing on the side of the grass trimmer against friction and impact with the boom.

Needless to describe the benefits of such a device. Work capacity and productivity of a tired mower is significantly lower.

Type of the bar

There are grass trimmers with curved and straight boom. Units with a curved boom have a metal cable instead of a shaft that connects the engine to the gearbox. The capacity of models with rope (bent bar) is somewhat lower. They are mainly used in combination with low-powered motors. And that means the range of tasks will be limited.

There is an opinion that the bent boom is a little easier to maneuver between beds and beds, on uneven terrain. But it is clear from what has been said above that it is not just a question of appearance.

The straight boom design is much more practical. a shaft is much more reliable and durable than a rope. This design allows you to use not only the trimmer head as a cutting head, but also a steel cutting disc that can be used to trim bushes and easily cut down old weeds with woody stems. That is, to perform, in fact, the maximum range of work.

Boom type

One-piece boom

The most practical choice. One-piece shaft is a durable design and the ability to fit a powerful motor needed to handle serious weeds.

Split boom

Undoubtedly, this trimmer for the grass is much more convenient to place in the cabin in the trunk of the car. But a split boom cannot naturally provide the same level of reliability as a solid one. The connector point is the weak point of any design.

telescopic rod

The ability to change the length of the boom helps to adjust the mode of operation for different users. It is also a plus for portability. Most electric grass trimmers are equipped with a telescopic shaft. However, the choice of such models (with a telescopic shaft) is limited to two or three copies.

Grip type

Most trimmers with a curved shaft have a “D”. or “P”. figurative handle. “D”. The linear handle is mainly used on lightweight trimmers with a low-power motor and a curved boom. This shape makes the grass trimmer more maneuverable, allowing to handle awkward areas and less fatigue to the mower.

For large areas, consider the handlebar in the shape of a bicycle handlebar. “U”. shaped. It is easy to hold with two hands. On a large area, this trimmer is more efficient and the effort is evenly distributed between both hands. The machine moves sweepingly, in a similar fashion to mowing with a scythe. grass trimmers with a “U”. form handle combined with belt clip are best suited for high volume operation.

Engine power Type of headset available for installation
Up to 1 liter.с. Cord
1.5 to 2 hp.с. Cord up to 2.4mm;. two and.three-blade knives
From 1.5 liters.с. and more Metal blade; saw blades; saw lines with metal flecks up to 3. 4mm

Cutting attachment

Trimmers are most often equipped with a standard cord head.

It should be understood that as the power of the engine increases, the variety of cutting attachments available for installation on the grass trimmer increases.

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Learn more about how not to make a mistake with the choice of grass trimmer cord in this article, about the features of the blades and the materials of their manufacture. here.

Step Selection Example

Example A.

Conditions: The lawn on a 4 acre plot with many paths, flowerbeds, ornamental plants and fruit bushes must be trimmed regularly. The operator’s work with the internal combustion engine is excluded because of allergies to exhaust gases.

Solution: Due to operator limitations with internal combustion engines a suitable unit is selected from the electric trimmers.

Despite the decent area of 4 hundred square meters, we will not overpay for extra watts of engine power. Let’s base our choice on the type of vegetation: we know that the lawn must be regularly trimmed, hence, the grass trimmer will not encounter either thick weeds or tall grass.

That means that we have a well-kept plant cover with a maximum grass height of 6-9 cm, without weeds or weeds. There are hard-to-reach places under bushes, between flowerbeds. Needs to be kept tidy by trimming out overgrown grass.

With such work perfectly cope electric trimmer for the grass with power up to 0.6 kW. Choose a model with a telescopic shaft for different operators (men and women) and for comfortable work under bushes. “D”. The shaped handle is also great for this kind of work. Given the size of the plot, (4 acres) it will take at least 30 minutes to complete the job. The weight of such a model will not exceed 4-5 kg. For yourself. estimate how tiring it is to work 30 min. with 4 kg in your hands and decide whether to buy the single belt suspension or the hip protection belt.

grass trimmer with the following specifications: Separate add-on (if not included)
Engine type: Electric with battery or mains-powered
Engine power: up to 1 l.с. / 0.6 kW
Boom type: telescopic
Type of boom: straight
Type of handle: “D” or “P”. figurative
Type of suspension: with a single strap
Extension cable (for mains-powered models)

Example B.

Conditions: Large plot, about 6 acres, densely overgrown with weeds and weeds about 1.5 meters high. There are big rocks and potholes. Need to clear an area and make a forage.

solution: as in example “A”. we’ll choose according to the density and height of the vegetation and rule out electric and battery models because of the lack of power. We refuse from the electric ones, because you have to buy an impressive extension cable for six acres. It’s uncomfortable to work with, and it’s not safe on wet grass either.

Let’s stop at the choice of gasoline models with an engine capacity of at least 1.5 liters.с. Then pay attention to the tact: if the work on the preparation of forage is regular and is carried out on areas close to 6 hundred square meters, it is justified to choose a trimmer for grass with a 4-stroke engine. economical, with less wear and tear of internal nodes, without the need to prepare a mixture 4-stroke engine is better than the 2-stroke is adapted for long-term industrial work.

Be sure to pick up a good knife to the standard cord, without which it is difficult to imagine the struggle with a meter and a half of weeds. Try to avoid buying a model with a split rod. Working conditions are challenging, and the jacking point will reduce the longevity of the shaft, which will be under a lot of stress.

which, grass, trimmer, better, two-stroke, four-stroke

You need a backpack suspension with a belt to reduce stress and vibration.

“U”. the straight handle is ideal for powerful pulling and for holding the machine well in hand when cutting thick stems.

A grass trimmer with the following specifications: To buy separately (if it is not included in the complete set)
Type of engine: Gasoline 2-stroke or 4-stroke
Engine power: From 1.5L.с.
Boom type: unassembled
Type of boom: straight
Type of handle: “U”. shaped
Type of suspension: beltpack
Type of cutting headset: saw blade

What lawn mower is better: 7 criteria for choosing and a mini-rating of the best models

To make your garden or yard lawn well-groomed, you need tools and gadgets. The most convenient and affordable option is the gasoline trimmer. It can handle young grass, tall weeds and even shrubs. Let’s understand what kind of brushcutter to choose for your area and offer a rating of the best gasoline brushcutter.

Practical hints when choosing a lawnmower

Before buying a brushcutter, first of all pay attention to the image and reputation of the brand, the manufacturer’s wide range of brushcutters, spare parts and consumables for them.

If you do not have time to study all the brands presented in Ukraine, but you need to urgently buy a reliable and inexpensive lawn mower, we advise you to pay attention to the products of the following manufacturers: Procraft, Forte, Partner, STIHL, Grunhelm, Grand, Hyundai, Husqvarna, Vityaz, Minsk, Izhmash.

Also on the markets of Ukraine there are many Chinese suppliers, who have pretty good models for quality and affordable price, but there is a risk to buy a fake or home-made mower, so buy the tool in a reliable store.

Below we give some practical tips to choose and buy a lawn mower that will serve for many years.

    Check the availability and correctness of the name of the chosen model of brushcutter on the official website of the manufacturer (or on the dealer’s website).

Rating of gasoline trimmers

Choose a tool for garden maintenance and for use in the farm, taking into account the power and performance. Which of the gasoline trimmers to buy, will indicate the rating and reviews.

In order to offer the best models, we investigate the TOP from online stores. In addition to its own analysis, it is mandatory to study at least 10 reviews for each model. The collected information is arranged according to a five-point system for reliability and correspondence of price and quality. We present the rating of the best models of gasoline trimmers in 2017.

The best gasoline grass trimmers with two-stroke engines

The amateur tools category is represented by various companies. Despite the two-stroke engine, powerful brushcutters easily cope even with one-year growth of shrubs. The width of the blade 51. 25 cm will pick up the device for the processing of the boundary along the fence and the lawn. With ground speeds up to 8 000 rpm and a quick-start system, it is all ready for productive work.

Model Features, advantages Price R
1 AL-KO 112387 FRS 4125 Great grass trimmer for mowing inter- and hilly lawns, with a cutting width of 41 cm, equipped with a two-stroke motor rated at 1.2 l. с. Top-mounted motor, non-disassembled T-belt handle is made of plastic, as are the other structural parts. Weight of 7 kg evenly distributed, due to good alignment, does not crush. With installed blade, mowing width of 25 cm. 8 950
2 Huter GGT-1000T The mower has enough power to mow lawns and yard areas, while at the same time the weight of 8.8 kg can only be handled by a man. Powerful 1.35 l.с., With a cutting width of 25 cm, it is powerful enough to clear up overgrown, coarse grass. Can be fitted with a lopper. This model is available in Germany. 5 000
3 Patriot PT 555 The strongest trimmer with a two-stroke engine, its 3 litre output.с. The drive shaft aka boom is rigid and safety is ensured by the throttle trigger lock. Included is a fishing line, knife and saw blade for cleaning the area from small bushes. Engine with a displacement of 52 cm3, a fuel capacity of 1.2 l and a cutting width of 51 cm allow you to work on fallow or virgin land in a short time. 7 799
4 STIHL FS 38 Lightweight grass trimmer for garden maintenance is complete with a curved boom for easier penetration into tight spaces. The tool is equipped with a 0.9 HP two-stroke petrol engine. с. and a 0.33 l fuel tank. Mowing width 38 cm, only 2 mm fishing line included. There is a knife on the blade guard to cut off excess fishing line. 8 990
5 Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 Lightweight and handy mower best suited to lawn and garden maintenance. Two-stroke engine with 24 cc displacement chamber delivers 1 litre of power. с. for working a 40 cm strip width. The engine is equipped with a special coating on the cylinder walls, a forged steel shaft and steel bearings on the drive train. Has centrifugal clutch. head does not rotate at idle speed. The fishing line is fed automatically as it wears, the engine is covered with aluminum protection from accidental deformation. 13 550
6 STIHL FS 55 The tool of the well-known manufacturer is reliable and meets the requirements for hand-held equipment. powerful and lightweight (5 kg). Quick starting, powerful (1 l. с.), sufficient for garden maintenance, relatively low noise and vibration, are noted in the reviews. The straight boom, bike handle, fishing line, blade and comfortable shoulder strap are all of high quality and robust. 13 490
7 Patriot PT 3555 ES The grass trimmer with collapsible boom is easy to transport in the trunk of the car. 1.8 L two-stroke engine.с., With a working volume of 35 cm3 and a cutting width of 46 cm, the STIHL FS 55 has a high cutting performance. Anti-vibration protection, straight boom with T-shaped handle for comfortable working. High rotation (9000 rpm) prevents grass from winding up on the bar. In addition to the line and blade, the kit also includes a delimbing pruner. 6 069
8 Echo SRM-2305SI Grass trimmer with a convenient D-shaped holder on a straight boom can work with a cultivator or lopper installed. The motor is mounted on top of the boom, the working volume of 21 cm3, tank of about.4 liters. Only parts made of strong plastic have been used for lightweight construction. Comes with fishing line, knife and shoulder strap. 19 100
9 Echo SRM-350 ES The manufacturer is constantly improving the tool, trying to make it lightweight and powerful. 34 cc two-stroke engine with 1.47 l displacement. с. Work is provided by a folding handle with adjustable height and a head with a fishing line or a knife. Uses a T-handle and shoulder strap that evenly distributes the weight of the 8.3 kg. Reviews on the brushcutter are positive. 26 700
10 Hitachi CG40EY(T) Powerful 8.3 kg portable grass trimmer with 2.28 L engine with 40 cm3 combustion chamber. с. The tool is equipped with a straight boom, anti-vibration system, complete with fishing line, knife and shoulder strap. The grass trimmer can cut through very thick grass, the good centering and the bike handle allows you not to get tired for a long time. Fuel tank capacity of 1 liter. 23 850
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Best petrol grass trimmers with four-stroke motors

Experienced landowners choose professional tools. It costs much more, but you can do without repairs for several seasons. Low speed with high power helps to trim young growth. Thick, mature grass is no obstacle for gasoline-powered trimmers. The top-mounted motor is better, as the main mechanism does not get clogged with grass and dirt.

model Features, advantages Price P
1 Husqvarna 524R Lightweight and easy-to-use gasoline trimmer easily manages overgrown hard grass on your personal plot. A fishing line and knife are supplied for this. For ease of operation, the belt tool is put on both shoulders. The brushcutter is powered by a four-stroke 0.8 kW or 1 L engine.с. Gasoline tank capacity of 0.5 l covers one hour of continuous operation. Cutting width with a 42 cm line. 3 “Top-mounted” motor, straight boom, T-handle, with bike-like handle. 33 990
2 STIHL FS 250 Robust, reliable grass trimmer designed for heavy duty operation. 40 cc engine with easy-start system and 2.25 l displacement.с. 64 ml fuel tank for 1 hour of continuous operation. Straight boom, with T-handle that carries the full steering system. Even brush stumps can be removed with the three-beam disc. 21 990
3 Makita EM4351

It is logical that the models of the best manufacturers Bosch, Patriot, Huter, Makita, Al-Ko and the like are in the leading group. Monthly rating updates, we see a constant battle for the lead between these companies.

After reading the characteristics of gasoline trimmers in the rating, choose the most suitable models for the nature of your site. After, you should definitely study the reviews to find the best of the two three tools.

Advantages and disadvantages of 2T and 4T trimmers

When choosing a trimmer for the grass, the price becomes a determining factor for many buyers. Why overpay for 4T if you can buy 2T, because they demonstrate almost the same performance? But there is a difference, and it is quite significant. It is important to consider not only the price of the tool when buying, but also its technical characteristics, operating life, resistance to increased loads, comfort of operation. Let’s consider the advantages and disadvantages of trimmers with 2 and 4-stroke engines.

What is the difference between a 2-stroke trimmer for grass and a 4-stroke: a comparative table

To decide on a model of brushcutter, it is necessary to understand the difference between a two-stroke engine and a four-stroke trimmer for grass. You can already notice right away that the engines of the two types of gasoline harvesters work differently, and this is an essential difference. For clarity, it is recommended to get acquainted with the information presented in the form of a table.

  • low cost;
  • ease of operation;
  • weight tolerance;
  • easy assembly.
  • perfectly cope with the grass, lawns, weeds;
  • the engine runs on gasoline;
  • Fuel is consumed economically;
  • Some models have a system against overheating.
  • expensive tools;
  • not very convenient to use;
  • great weight;
  • complex design.

Four-stroke gasoline trimmer for grass: the principle of engine operation, the rating of the best brushcutters

Gasoline grass trimmers (they are also trimmers and lawnmowers) are equipped with two types of engines, which differ in the principle of operation.

Two-stroke engines have a much higher power density per kilogram of weight, but consume much more fuel and are noticeably less reliable.

In this article we will tell you about 4-stroke motors and chain saws with these engines.