Which grass trimmer to choose petrol or electric

Main Parameters of Gasoline Grass Trimmer

Power. Each full-fledged line contains models with a power consumption from 1 kW to 2.5 kW (in terms of horsepower. from 1.3 hp to 3.5 hp). For home conditions, the first two models with a minimum power of 1 kW. 1.5 kW are quite enough. powerful instances are usually used by utility workers who deal with large areas on a daily basis.

Rod type. There are two important things to note about the petrol grass trimmer bar.

First, the bar can be straight and bent.

It is preferable to opt for a product with a straight rod, because in this case the element that transfers torque from the engine to the gearbox is a rigid and durable rod. In the case of a flexible rod, such an element is a plastic cable, which tends to break at the bend of the rod.

A benzotrimmer with a curved element, as a rule, has only a line as a cutting element. In this case, the knife is not used due to the flimsy structure. This option does not even have a gearbox. The torque from the engine is transmitted directly to the cutting element by means of a flexible shaft.

Secondly, the petrol grass trimmer bar can be collapsible and non-collapsible. Models of the first type are 300-400 rubles more expensive than their counterparts with a non-separable bar and have an advantage only in transportation. the bar folds in half and does not take up much space.

You can distinguish a collapsible model by a special lamb, loosening which, you can disconnect a separate element of the rod.

Cutting element. Most petrol trimmer models come with both a line reel and a two- or three-blade knife. Choosing a grass trimmer with both of these elements is a versatile garden tool. The line is used for more delicate work, and the knife will help to cope with large weeds.

There is a cutting element on the market called a disc, and it looks like a circular saw blade due to the same set of teeth. Such a consumable allows you to cope not only with grass and weeds, but even with woody vegetation with a small trunk diameter.

engine’s type. 90% of these products have a two-stroke motor. To answer the question. how to fill such a grass trimmer, familiarity with the instructions will help. Before starting operation, you need to stock up on AI-92 fuel and two-stroke oil.

The manufacturer recommends diluting the grass trimmer gasoline with oil at a ratio of 1:50. That is, one liter of clean fuel will require 20 ml of two-stroke oil. Similar products are found with four-stroke engines.

Such models have a high power rating and cost 1.5-2 times more than options with a two-stroke engine.

Which grass trimmer to choose. petrol or electric

Gasoline grass trimmers are reliable helpers for any summer resident and just for the owner of a private house. The capabilities of this mechanism allow both to clear large areas of dense thickets from grass, and to perform more delicate work. for example, processing a lawn.

Having shown themselves and their remarkable abilities, benzo and electric trimmer are gaining more and more popularity among people who own a summer cottage. In this regard, offers from manufacturers are becoming more and more, more and more new brands appear.

Against this background, it can be difficult for an uneducated consumer to choose the right gasoline or electric grass trimmer. In order to somehow facilitate the process, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the main characteristics, rules of operation of these mechanisms and understand what to opt for.

Main Parameters of Electric Grass Trimmer

Power. The power consumption values ​​for electric mowers already start at 250 W. These are the so-called “grandma’s” grass trimmers. The name is explained by the fact that you have to work with such products, keeping your back in a bent position due to the small size of the equipment.

Electric vs. Gas Weed Eater: Which Is Better?

Such products are equipped with a lower motor, which is inconvenient in that they are prohibited from mowing wet grass due to the danger of a short circuit.

On the market, you can find more serious models of electric trimmers, which are distinguished by high power ratings. from 800 W and above. Such mechanisms are already equipped with an upper engine. Choosing a similar grass trimmer for a summer residence means getting a powerful assistant with a large resource.

Cutting element. Most electric mowers only come with a line reel. The role of lawn trimmers allows products to do without a knife. Nevertheless, there are individual electric copies with a straight bar, which are also equipped with a knife.

Choosing a grass trimmer based on what you have learned

After reviewing the two previous chapters, a potential consumer may well be able to answer the question. what to choose, a gasoline grass trimmer or an electric lawn mower. For the final consolidation, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each of the types.

  • Autonomy of work. Independence from the power source allows gasoline mechanisms to conquer vast areas;
  • High power. Large values ​​of this parameter make it possible for these products to cope not only with small grass, but also with large weeds and even tree-type vegetation.
  • Maintenance and operating costs. To ensure work, you must constantly purchase consumables: knives, fishing line, oil and gasoline. The complexity of the internal combustion engine design explains the costly repairs in the event of a breakdown;
  • Anti-environmental friendliness due to harmful emissions during operation;
  • High cost (from 6000 for the simplest and least powerful model);
  • Complexity of operation. Using the product and starting it up requires some technical skill;
  • High noise level during operation due to the structural features of the two-stroke engine;
  • Low noise level provided by the electric motor;
  • Ease of management and launch;
  • Small;
  • Environmental friendliness.
  • Low power and the absence of a knife in many models will not allow such a product to cope with large vegetation;
  • Impossibility of operation without a power source;

How to choose a line for your grass trimmer

The main consumable item for both gasoline and electric grass trimmers is the fishing line.

The fishing line is chosen, paying attention to its two characteristics:

Section diameter. The following standard sizes are found on the market: 1.4 mm; 1.6 mm; 2.0 mm; 2.4mm and 3.0mm. Sizes from 1.4 to 2 mm are used mainly with electric trimmers. Large fishing line with a diameter of 2 mm and above is suitable for gasoline mowers.

Section drawing. There are a wide variety of types of line sections. a circle, a star, a square, a twisted square, a hexagon, and so on. The pattern is not very important, but, nevertheless, many users believe that the line with a cross-section in the shape of a circle has the least cutting ability, since this option does not have sharp corners.

To finally dot the I, watch the video, which is called: how to choose a grass trimmer for grass. This video review examines popular models on the market, both gasoline and electric.

Which grass trimmer to choose. electric or gasoline? Which lawn mower is better. electric or gasoline?

We often hear these questions, which is why we decided to publish this article (reading time. 20 minutes).

Let’s make a reservation right away that you will not get unambiguous answers to these questions. The point is that a grass mowing technique powered by a variety of energy sources has both advantages and disadvantages. Otherwise, one type of device would have already supplanted another, and there would not be such a variety on the tool market. Then you would not be faced with the question now. is it gasoline or electricity? But life is multifaceted, varied and unpredictable =) And you have plenty to choose from.

We will not persuade you in either direction, because we do not know exactly for what purpose you are choosing a tool. We will just give the objective truth. And you will see for yourself that the significance of this or that argument directly depends on the tasks to be performed by the mowing tool in your area.

For clarity, the main characteristics and indicators by which we will compare, we have entered in the table.

Indicator Gasoline tool Power tool
1. Autonomy, the ability to move for work – (Limited by wire length)
2. Power, speed of work (The average gasoline machine develops much more power than the average electric one)
3. Resistance to loads
4. Motor resource
5. Resistance to changes in ambient temperature
6. Ability to install replaceable nozzles
7. Maintainability
8. Ability to mow in the rain
9. Ability to harvest large amounts of hay
10. Ease of maintenance
11. Low weight
12. Low noise
13. Environmental friendliness (no harmful emissions into the atmosphere)
14. Low cost of maintenance and operation
15. Low cost of the tool itself

How do I use this table? In the left column, mark for yourself the most significant parameters that you are guided by when choosing a tool for mowing grass. Choose from 5 to 10 indicators for easy calculations. Now count the number of pluses that this or that type of instrument has gained.

Who won you: benz or electro? Unsubscribe about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

If, according to the results of the calculations, you still have doubts, then we will act differently. We will select a tool for specific tasks. At the same time, we will determine not only the type of power supply, but also the type of tool: lawn mower, lawn mower, grass trimmer or multi-tool.

What will we cut?

In order not to go deep into the jungle and not go into the design features of each type of equipment, we will set the main guidelines. So, mentally (or maybe just looking out the window) imagine your areas with grass.

Answer the following questions for yourself:

  • What is the area of ​​the parcels you will be mowing?
  • How far from home are these plots?
  • What type of vegetation prevails on them?
  • What is the surface relief?
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From this we will build on when choosing a tool for mowing grass.

Let’s consider the main options and select the right tool for specific tasks:

Option 1. You have a small (2-3 acres) lawn or flower bed literally a few steps from the house, there are no coarse weeds and hard grass, and it has a perfectly flat surface.

If so, take a closer look at electric lawn mowers. They are economical in terms of energy consumption and low maintenance.

Looking for a lightweight model? Then Tatra Garden LME 105 is for you. Its cutting width is 32 cm. Power is 1.36 liters. from. quite enough for the care of soft lawn grass. In addition, to transfer energy from the power source to the motor of the device, an inexpensive extension cord with a small cross-sectional diameter will be sufficient.

Do you want a little more powerful equipment? Then take a look at the LME 180. It has a processing width of 40 cm and a power output of 2.45 liters. from. The only thing, for its reliable operation, you will have to use an extension cord with a large cross-sectional diameter in order to avoid power losses from the network.

The grass on the plot near the house grows quite quickly. Manual oblique mowing is not always convenient, and it takes a lot of time. But mowing with a hand trimmer will take a few minutes. There are two types of trimmer: gasoline and electric. Each of them has a number of pros and cons.

Electric grass trimmer

The electric grass trimmer is a hand-held mower that operates on an electrical network. Among its indisputable advantages are:. low weight (with an electric trimmer it is easy to operate a woman or teenager);. low);. little noise during operation;. start from a button.

Due to its low weight, the electric grass trimmer also has a relatively low power. They can mow the grass near the house, but if the landscape is complex with differences, then the task becomes much more complicated. In addition, some shrubs and plants simply cannot be mowed with such a device, the line is constantly torn, and the motor overheats.

Among other things, the electric grass trimmer has other disadvantages: attachment to the outlet. This applies to most budget models. If a large area needs to be mowed, multiple extension cords may be required. In addition, the wires can cling to shrubs and trees. It is also not recommended to use the electric grass trimmer after rain, as there is a high risk of short circuits.

There are electrical models that operate not only from the mains, but also from the battery. At the same time, the weight of the grass trimmer is significantly higher, instead of the standard 1.5-3 kg, it is 4.5-5 kg, which is not always convenient. Battery powered electric models are supplied with a shoulder strap. These grass trimmers cost an order of magnitude higher: 4-7 thousand rubles.

Gasoline Grass Trimmer

The petrol grass trimmer has several advantages:. mobility (you can use it anywhere, even near the house, even in the field);. high power;. refueling at any time;. high performance.

Gasoline grass trimmers do not cost much more than electric trimmers, so price may not be a special consideration when choosing. The weight of the device depends on how large the gas tank is. There are grass trimmers with a tank volume: 0.5 liters, 1 liter, 1.5 liters. The larger the volume, the greater the weight of the grass trimmer.

There are two types of gasoline trimmers: two-stroke and four-stroke. In the first type, gasoline diluted with special oil is poured into the tank. The second one. oil and fuel are poured separately. At the same time, the power of the four-stroke grass trimmer is several times more, and the noise effect from work is less.

If the model is provided, then in addition to the fishing line, a rotor attachment can be put on the gasoline grass trimmer, which is designed for cutting small trees and large bushes. The only drawback of gasoline models is the way they are turned on. It is required to pull a special cord-winder, which requires some physical effort.

It is impossible to say unequivocally which model is better, gasoline or electric. It is worth remembering that for mowing grass in large and densely planted areas, it is more advisable to purchase powerful gasoline grass trimmers, and light electric models will also cope with mowing lawn or monotonous grass in small areas.

Pros and cons of electric trimmers

According to the majority, electric grass trimmers are the best option for caring for a home plot that does not exceed an area of ​​5. 7 acres.

The key advantages of such brushcutters over gasoline ones are as follows:

  • Weight. The electric motor weighs much less, so it is much more convenient to work with such a trimmer. It is mobile, suitable for mowing narrow paths and places where a conventional lawnmower will not pass.
  • Maintenance. During the operation of electric trimmers approximately 1. 2 times a year, it is only necessary to change the lubricant in the gearbox (if the shaft is rigid). Once every 2 years, it may be necessary to replace the brushes of the electric motor, but it is better to entrust this procedure to specialists (it will be inexpensive).
  • Economical. Electricity is a cheaper source of energy than gasoline. If an hour of operation of an electric brushcutter will cost 3. 4 rubles, then a gasoline one. 50. 60 rubles (depending on power and load).
  • It costs less. The electric motor has a simpler design, hence the price is lower.

And from the disadvantages it is worth highlighting:

  • Low reliability. An electric lawn mower does not tolerate critical loads (like any other tool with an electric motor).
  • Low power. For maintenance of a personal plot, lawn mowing is a great option. But it is clearly not worth buying an electric grass trimmer for harvesting hay or cleaning a vegetable garden of 15. 20 acres. The situation is even worse with battery trimmers, the power of which sometimes reaches only 200. 300 watts.
  • Dependence on the outlet. This is true for both plug-in trimmers and those that run on battery power. The latter function in autonomous mode for only 30. 60 minutes (Makita produces batteries of increased capacity for its trimmers, but the tool works with them for no more than 90 minutes on a single charge).

Pros and cons of using a gasoline engine trimmer

The advantages of a gasoline engine are weight, the key ones are the following:

  • Mobility. The tool turns out to be autonomous, you can work with it anywhere and as much as you like. The main thing is to have gasoline and engine oil in stock for quick refueling.
  • Power. Even the inexpensive petrol grass trimmer outperforms the most powerful electric models in terms of performance. Therefore, if we are talking about regular mowing of huge areas of tall weeds, then a grass trimmer with only a gasoline engine will cope with this.
  • Repairing a failed engine is possible and advisable. The design of a gasoline engine in trimmers is extremely simple, and it will not be a problem to purchase spare parts (sometimes parts even from chainsaws are suitable).

But the disadvantages of gasoline trimmers are also enough:

  • Weight. A gasoline engine weighs 2. 3 times more than an electric one. A heavy brushcutter makes it difficult to cut neatly. Yes, and it will work continuously for only 30. 45 minutes, then the operator will definitely have to take a break and allow his hands to rest (even if a shoulder strap was used).
  • Engine starting. In brushcutters, the engine is started with a manual starter, by analogy with chainsaws. And if it is cool enough outside, then it is not always possible to start the grass trimmer the first time (especially when the candle has not changed for a long time and has not been cleaned of carbon deposits).
  • Maintenance. In gasoline trimmers, you regularly have to service the gearbox, monitor the oil level, clean the carburetor, spark plug and jet (if any). If the owner of the grass trimmer misses at least one of the points, then the tool will not last long.

About the design of the brushcutter

Both electric and gasoline brushcutters have the same principle of operation and a similar design, consisting of the following parts:

  • Engine (gasoline or electric)
  • Shaft (transfers rotation from the motor to the bobbin)
  • Spool (where the line or knife is placed)

The engine in brushcutters can be placed either at the top of the boom (in all gasoline engines they do this), or directly near the bobbin (found in electric ones, this parameter is called the “upper” or “lower” engine location). The second option, that is, with a bottom motor placement, is not the best choice. Although it is more convenient to work with such a trimmer, the engine can be easily damaged by branches or thick weeds. And even with the lower position of the engine, it is undesirable to work with a trimmer after rain or early in the morning (when the dew has not melted).

The shaft can be of two types: flexible (power is transmitted through a cable) and rigid (power is transmitted through a revolving shaft with a gearbox). The second option is more reliable, but it is found only with the upper engine location, and grass trimmers of this design are somewhat more expensive.

But the bobbin design differs significantly from manufacturer to manufacturer. They are conventionally divided simply into plastic and metal. The former are most often put in electric brushcutters, the latter. in powerful gasoline.

In total, in terms of construction, it is better to buy a brushcutter with an overhead engine and a rigid shaft. a grass trimmer of this design turns out to be versatile and at the same time convenient to use.

Review of popular models

A 4-stroke 1.44 hp engine is installed. Straight rigid shaft, T-handle (convenient to operate with two hands). A very powerful model (there are no analogs with an electric motor yet), in 1 hour of work, 10-15 hectares of an overgrown area can be put in order. But only a knife is included, the bobbin for the fishing line is sold separately. The disadvantage of working with a knife is not a very wide coverage of the mowed strip.


The model belongs to the budget price category. 2-stroke engine, 2.4 hp (but in practice it turns out to be less productive than the above considered Makita). The set includes a bobbin, the option of installing knives is provided. The bar is collapsible (when unassembled, the grass braid fits into any trunk). Average

  • Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

Refers to the middle price category. The declared power is 0.8 hp, the engine is two-stroke. A key feature of the model is the use of forged components in the engine, from which they rarely break. The manufacturer, by the way, gives a 2-year warranty for the brushcutter. Holder. 2 handles, the bar is not collapsible, force transmission through a rigid shaft. An extremely reliable grass trimmer, albeit a low power. Average

Miniature petrol grass scythe with 0.63hp engine. Rigid shaft, double grip handle, Includes disc. Due to its low weight, it is very convenient to work with it, and mowing the lawn turns out well. All buyers of this model note the ultra-low consumption of gasoline, the absence of vibrations during operation. Average

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According to many buyers. the best option in the middle price category. 4-stroke 2 hp motor Ideal for hay making thanks to the wide swath of the mowing strip and the powerful motor. The set includes a disc, a bobbin is also available. Grip on 2 handles, transmission of force through a rigid shaft.

a lawn mower of a budget price segment. But despite the low

  • Green Garden GGT-5600

At one time, this lawn mower was the best-selling in the budget price segment. Power. about 4.2 hp. at maximum load, power transmission through a cable, 2 handles for holding. But the main feature: the set includes a knife, a bobbin, and even a reel of fishing line. But the quality of all accessories is medium-low, so to speak. But

Which grass trimmer is better: electric or gasoline?

Previously, you had to take care of your own summer cottage using a hand-made grass braid. The tool, although reliable, is not practical, and it is hard for them to work. The traditional braids have now been replaced by grass trimmers, or brushcutters. But if everything is extremely simple with the choice of a braid for grass, then there are a lot of trimmer variations on the consumer market. And to figure out which one is better and why without practical experience with the tool is impossible. And which lawn mower is better: gasoline or electric?

Review of popular models

550 W motor, powered by 220V. The grass trimmer has a curved bar (in such a rigid shaft cannot be used). The set includes a bobbin for line up to 2 mm. Cutting width. 35 cm. Handle. D-shaped but the manufacturer’s warranty is 24 months. There are no complaints about the reliability of the tool on thematic forums.


Cordless grass trimmer in the budget price range. The set does not include a battery and a charger. they are purchased separately (general, batteries are of different capacities). Power. up to 100 W. Bobbin for line (0.8 to 1.6 mm). This grass trimmer only deals with small weeds, ideal for lawn mowing. (without battery and charger).


entry-level grass trimmer. For those who have not used them before, this is a good option. Power. 1400 W, the holder is D-shaped, there is a cable in the rod. But for its parameters, the grass scythe weighs a little. It is allowed to use a fishing line with a diameter of up to 1.6 mm, but it easily gets up and 2 mm even without boring the bobbin. The kit also includes a knife. The rod is collapsible, the only drawback is a very short power cord.

grass trimmer with 1 kW motor. A feature of the model is a curved bar, it is much more convenient to mow the lawn with it. But the grass scythe copes well with ordinary weeds. Line diameter. up to 2 mm, power transmission through the cable.

With its low power of 280 W, it is enough for quick mowing of small areas, flower beds. And due to its very low weight, it can even be held with one hand (there is no belt in the kit, it is simply not needed). But you cannot put knives, there is no fastening for this either.

1.3 kW motor, suitable for both knife and line up to 2.4 mm. Barbell. rigid, collapsible.

  • Iron Angel ETR1400

The engine is 1 kW, but at the same time the number of revolutions when using the line reaches 6.2 thousand per minute. It copes well with tall weeds and thickets. The only caveat: it often overheats, but the temperature sensor always works well, cooling takes up to 5 minutes. The set includes a bobbin (not of the best quality) with a fishing line, and a knife. Power transmission through rigid shaft, D-shaped handle. Probably, it is precisely due to the low cost that the model is popular.

Electric or gasoline?

Different types of trimmers are optimal for their range of tasks. Both electric and gasoline have their own pros and cons. It is for this reason that I have both a gasoline and an electric lawn mower on my farm. I use the first one in an orchard in the country (10 acres). Electric mow directly in the yard (where simple grass grows) and around the flower beds.

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By the way, even my wife can work with the electric scythe. A petrol lawn mower is too heavy and massive for her. And for the same reason, I recommend everyone to buy both trims. An electric one for the garden is not an option at all, since the processing of those 10 acres takes me 3-4 times longer. Gasoline for the yard is too powerful and clumsy.

Which Grass Trimmer Is Better, Gasoline Or Electric?

The emerald and well-groomed lawn in the garden area pleases the eye of the summer resident. Electric and gasoline mowers or grass trimmers help to achieve such a perfectly even grass cover (from the English word trim. cutting, cutting).

Grass trimmers are handheld garden tools. The scythe trimmer is not to be confused with lawn mowers. Without a grass trimmer, you will not be able to cut grass at the edge of the lawn, around a flower bed, berry bushes or along garden paths.

There are two types of garden trimmers. gasoline and electric.

To answer the question of which grass trimmer is better. gasoline or electric, you should first familiarize yourself with this garden unit.

Thick line serves as the cutting element of the grass trimmer. There are also additional options in the form of a metal disc or knife. The weight of the tool varies from 2.5 to 7 kilograms. The width of the working part, that is, the mowing, ranges from 25 to 40 cm.

For petrol trimmers, the cutting element is driven by an internal combustion engine. If the grass trimmer motor is two-stroke, then the fuel for it is a mixture of AI-92 gasoline and oil. Gasoline and oil are poured into a four-stroke unit separately, it is more powerful than a two-stroke unit and works much quieter. Gasoline Grass Trimmer

The volume of the fuel tank for petrol trimmers ranges from 0.5 to 1.5 liters. The larger it is, the longer the unit will work at one gas station, but its weight, of course, will be more.

Gas trimmers usually have the motor on top, however there are exceptions when it is placed in a special backpack that the porter puts on the shoulders. Some 4-stroke grass trimmers have additional attachments and can convert from a grass scythe to a delimber, snow blower and even a cultivator.

for gasoline grass trimmers range from 9 to 80 thousand rubles.

Electric grass trimmers are powered by mains power (cabled) or battery operated. The electric motor can be located both above and below. overhead grass trimmers are more powerful. Additional attachments may be sold to them. a brush cutter or a saw. On models whose names begin with the letters ES and EB, you can put a cutter knife as a cutting element, instead of a fishing line. Battery operated electric grass trimmers with shoulder straps. Electric grass trimmer


What grass trimmer you need to have in the country. gasoline or electric. is up to the owners to decide. If you need to mow the grass on 2-3 acres from time to time, then an electric one will do. It is lightweight, easy to operate, and the noise level is quite low. At the same time, such a grass trimmer has a low performance due to its low power, as well as dependence on the proximity of the outlet. In addition, it is not recommended to use it in wet weather.

The petrol grass trimmer is suitable for medium-sized areas with an abundance of varied landings and difficult terrain. It has no connection to an electrical outlet. In addition, it is more powerful than its electrical counterparts and therefore more functional. The disadvantage is the high noise level, significant weight and considerable price.

Which one is the best. Testimonials

All petrol grass trimmers have the same design:

  • cutting headset.
  • engine.
  • barbell.

It is the bar that is the main part of the grass trimmer, to which all the other parts are already attached.

  • dump.
  • protective brackets.
  • cutting parts.
  • handle for a comfortable grip.
  • the grass trimmer motor itself.

The bar is usually telescopic, it is very convenient, and the handles on it can be used for models J, D, T.

The cutting knife is usually plastic or metal. There may also be models with a line. It is usually installed directly on the reel, which is easy to replace as needed.

Stopper brackets are also handy adaptations, they can grab and mow what you need, while the plants you need will not be harmed.

Where to stop the choice? Gasoline or electric grass trimmer

Both have their pros and cons, everyone chooses an option with fewer cons.

  • environmentally friendly, no emissions.
  • quiet work.
  • quick preparation for work.
  • long service.
  • engine starts quickly.
  • powerful enough models.

It is convenient to use, their cost is low, and the dimensions are quite compact.

  • working area depends on cable length.
  • the cord can become tangled or caught in your feet.
  • models can overheat, therefore require a break in work.
which, grass, trimmer, choose, petrol, electric

Usually, such trimmers work for 20-30 minutes, so they will not overheat and will last longer.

In terms of price and quality, gasoline grass trimmers differ significantly from each other.

  • generally good cutting speed.
  • easy to manage.
  • usually does not require significant physical effort.
  • models are represented by a wide selection of manufacturers, as well as in the model line itself.

They also perform well in hard-to-reach places.

  • loud noise.
  • considerable weight.
  • exhaust during operation.

for the most popular models on the market

Now you know what powerful electric grass trimmers are out there. We give the average from the parameters power. weight. quality of work. Light models:

  • Husqvarna. 323 R. Sweden. 24,000 rubles.
  • STIHL. FS 55. Germany. 16,000 rubles.
  • Hitachi. CG22FAS. Japan. 10 300 rubles.
  • Partner. XS. China. 6 800 rubles.
  • STIHL. FS 38. Germany. 11,000 rubles.
  • Hitachi. CG40EY (T). Japan. 23,000 rubles.
  • Husqvarna. 143R. II. Sweden. 26,000 rubles.
  • Champion. Т. 527. 2. China. 7 600 rubles.
  • Vega. VTG3200. Germany. 7,000 rubles.
  • ECHO. SRM-4605. Japan. 34 500 rubles.
  • ECHO. SRM-2855SI (L). Japan. 20,000 rubles.
  • STIHL. FS 55. Germany. 11,000 rubles.
  • Champion. Т322. China. 5 100 rubles.
  • Huter. GGT-1000S. Germany 6 700 rubles.
  • Patriot. Т545 Pro. China. 12 100 rubles.

Basically, quality grass trimmers from trusted manufacturers will last you years, but they will eventually fail when they fail. Therefore, it is good to be able to fix them yourself at home.

Grass trimmer rating

Here is a ranking of the most popular petrol trimmer models. For each, an overview of their differences, shortcomings is presented, as well as, within the framework of this publication, we will talk about which one is better to choose for certain conditions on the site, compare the cost.

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Rating of light type models

Next, there will be a rating of grass trimmers 2019. Weight is the main criterion by which you should choose your machine. After all, after 15 minutes of work, you will feel on yourself every extra 100 grams of the lawn mower’s weight.

Models with a weight of 5 kg or more are usually considered lightweight. You will also like them with a low noise level during operation.

Usually the hardest part of a grass trimmer is the engine. The more powerful it is, the heavier it is. They try to be made of lightweight materials, and models with low weight are very popular in the market.

Pros and cons of the STIHL FS 55 grass trimmer.

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It is this model that will suit you, provided that you have a site with a large area or with a difficult terrain.

If you choose the right attachment, you can cut everything. reeds, shrubs, hard dead wood.

  • light weight.
  • easy and simple to start.
  • economical look design.

The shoulder straps will also delight you with their comfort and softness. And with all this, the STIHL FS 55 is in the middle at its cost.

The disadvantages include the fact that heavy disks should not be attached to it, it is not intended for this.

Benzotrimmer Husqvarna 323 R.

Very durable with proper handling. Sometimes it consumes a lot of fuel. But this happens if the dosage is incorrect when mixing gasoline and oil. And with proper mixing, such a model will be very economical.

Weighing in at 4.5 kg, the Husqvarna 323 R has good power.

  • Average efficiency.
  • easy.
  • good design.
  • high power.
  • strong motor.
  • you can install it.

When buying, always pay attention to the configuration. you can find glasses and headphones in them, and sometimes even a disc. a saw.

The unit is Japanese, therefore, it gives almost no exhaust during operation. This is especially appreciated when used in densely built-up areas or in children’s institutions. And if you often rinse the mesh metal filter inside the muffler, then such a grass trimmer will serve for a very long time and without problems.

The motor installed on it is relatively low-power, at 12,500 rpm, and at the same time, vibration during operation is reduced, the knives operate at 9900 rpm.

The height of the handle on the tripod is adjustable to any height, the handle itself is very comfortable with a T-shaped bicycle shape.

Deck and engine housing. plastic, and made of the most durable plastic.

Now let’s find out what the Partner XS petrol grass trimmer is. With a power of 700 W, this unit provides high efficiency, moreover, uninterruptedly and in any conditions. Also has a quick start due to the built-in fuel priming pump, and the remains of fuel and air from the carburetor are removed very quickly

A 0.34 liter tank is enough for long and trouble-free operation. The widest part of the machine is 41 cm.The trimmer head works as a semi-automatic, as a result of which the work of the cutter is greatly accelerated, and the line is lengthened by pressing the grass trimmer to the ground.

In general, Partner XS is simple and convenient to use. It weighs 3.6 kg, has a comfortable D-shaped handle and a curved shaft.

Very suitable for beginners mastering petrol trimmers. The stick helps to get into difficult places, such as between trees and bushes. Or where one should be left and the other removed.

So if you have alpine slides on the site, or other landscape design options, then this is an option for you. It will show itself just as well when mowing:

  • flower beds and lawns.
  • along fences and curbs.
  • next to the path on which the tiles are laid.
  • under benches or under pillars.

The set comes with a pruner, it can even remove young trees.

By weight, it is 4.1 kg. Lightweight and safe, the control buttons are right in the handle. There is a pump that feeds the carburetor fuel, so there are no jerks when starting the engine. And for you, glasses are included.

Causes of some trimmer problems

It is worth noting that a breakdown of a petrol grass trimmer is not uncommon. It is important to find out the reasons. First you need to find out the cause of the problem. This is done according to the following scheme:

  • Fuel tank. (is there any fuel there, and what quality is it).
  • Candles and channels.
  • Air filter.
  • Breather.
  • Exhaust duct.

These are usually the areas most likely to cause the grass trimmer to suddenly stop working. It is generally better to check the fuel tank more often, regardless of the operation of the unit. And to make it generally serve longer, here are three rules for you:

  • Fill the tank properly.
  • Don’t skimp on fuel.
  • Mandatory adherence to instructions from the manufacturer.
  • Change the filled candle to a new one like this:
  • We take out the part and wipe it.
  • Be sure to dry thoroughly.
  • We also dry the camera after removing the spilled gasoline.
  • We put a new candle with a gap of 1 mm.
  • Checking the operation of the grass trimmer.

You can lubricate the nest with a little gasoline before screwing in the candle, sometimes the grass trimmer does not work precisely because of the dryness in the nest.

With filters and a breather, everything is much simpler, they are immediately changed to new ones.

Gasoline lawn mowers. an overview of the most powerful of them

If you want to purchase a light and powerful gasoline grass trimmer for personal use, then this article will help you see such models. A powerful engine installed on the trimmer affects the quality of work, as well as gasoline consumption. the more powerful the engine, the rougher the grass and thickets the grass trimmer will mow, but it will eat a lot of gas too.

The simplest grass trimmers are equipped with a 1 liter petrol tank. For lawn grass, a power of 170. 550 watts will be quite enough. And the mowing process is done with a fishing line.

They are quite budgetary at a price, for example, Boshevsky ART 23 Easytrim (power 280 W) costs 1300 rubles.

But if you are in those. characteristics, you see that the engine volume is 1. 3 liters, then this is already a class of professional equipment and but is suitable for processing both a garden and a plot with an average area.

But the volume of more than 3 liters speaks of a super-powerful gas cutter, as an example Vega 4 liters from Germany. It can cut:

  • bushes and saplings or large weeds.
  • just mow the grass.

The price tag for such powerful units for mowing grass will also be higher. As an example. Bosch ART 37 costs 4600 rubles, its power is 1000 W.

Very suitable for difficult terrain. The entire design of this model is balanced for easy handling and operation, and the power will allow you to tackle difficult jobs.

  • bicycle handle.
  • backpack straps for comfortable carrying.
  • anti-vibration system.

The motor is equal to 1.8 liters s, and 1 liter of fuel can be poured into it, all this allows you to work effortlessly for a long time, and the efficiency is very decent.

  • powerful motor giving high revs.
  • the cutting element is easy to replace.
  • fuel tank increased in volume.

Of the minuses, it is worth mentioning the heavy weight and high fuel consumption.

A powerful motor with overload protection makes it possible to work with this model in difficult conditions. Users love it for its durability and smooth operation.

  • difficult terrain.
  • in large areas.
  • in confined spaces.

It comes with attachments that significantly expand the list of capabilities of the unit.

Especially well forged steel shaft that can easily handle shrubs and saplings and other rough vegetation.

  • very efficient disc drive shaft.
  • capacious fuel tank.
  • cylinder walls are treated with a highly resistant coating.

Among the shortcomings, we note the large weight and sensitive vibration.

Despite the weight of 8 kg, the cost of this unit is more of a budget option. A completely non-capricious and at the same time powerful enough engine is ready to perform the most difficult tasks.

The forged design shaft provides continuous motion to the cutting tools. Therefore, the Champion can be mounted on heavy discs for difficult work on cutting shrubs or young trees, or woody dead wood.

The bar of this model is non-separable. Access when replacing spark plugs or air filter is possible without problems.

So the Champion is not difficult to maintain. Included with it you will receive a knife with 3 blades and a rotation speed of 8200 rpm, as well as a trimmer attachment. Lopper or brush cutter sold separately with this petrol cutter.

When mowing grass, a strip of 25 cm is covered, the motor here has a power of 2 hp, and its speed is 10,500 rpm. and is located on top of the structure. And there is also a protective brake against accidental engine start.

Its basis is a 2-stroke 1-cylinder engine. It produces at a maximum power of 4 liters from 3200 watts. For him, 8000. 9000 rpm / min is a normal operating reading.

For refueling, you should use AI 92 gasoline, other options are fraught with malfunctions. The VEGA bar is not collapsible, and the handle on it is lightweight and very comfortable to use.

  • there is a Tap & Go system.
  • fast system when starting Smart Start.
  • her rigid shaft has a non-separable design.
  • the motor has an overheating protection function.

The trimmer kit includes 1 knife for cutting bushes and 4 steel knives for various purposes, all knives are branded. And there are also 2 spools of fishing line, and one is made of plastic and the other is made of metal. They will be useful to you in hard-to-reach places of the site or on an ordinary lawn.

Of the entire product line of ECHO trimmers, this is one of the most remarkable for its power. It belongs to professional petrol cutters.

which, grass, trimmer, choose, petrol, electric
  • over large areas with continuous operation.
  • under difficult working conditions.
  • cutting thick and tough grass.
  • cutting off dead wood or bushes.

The model has a protective cover. In general, ECHO SRM. 4605 has proven itself well in terms of power to weight ratio.

  • key for candles.
  • metal knife with 3 blades (with a diameter of 25.5 cm).
  • 2 guards for knife and line.
  • knapsack shoulder straps.

A condenser ignition system is used here. The transmission is made by a rigid shaft with a diameter of 8 mm. And a reliable retainer holds the throttle well.

This lawnmower has a U-shaped handle. Wing nut will hold it well in a comfortable position for you.

The air filter can be reached without any problems, and a special system isolates you from vibration. In trouble-free operation, this lawn mower will show itself absolutely reliably.!