Which Grinder Is Better For A Car

Power supply

  • Air (pneumatic) are characterized by high performance and electrical safety. But servicing a pneumatic car for a car is a rather complicated process that requires maintaining constant pressure and uniform air flow. A significant disadvantage is the thick hose, which complicates the sanding process and makes it inconvenient. Such devices are most often used in factories or large service stations, where specially trained specialists can provide the proper functionality;
  • Electric ones powered by a battery are used in the event that it is not possible to connect to the electrical network. Due to the limited battery capacity, they are designed for small surfaces and have low power;
  • Electric powered by electricity, such machines are used most often, due to their convenience, high performance, as well as the price indicator, which varies depending on the model and design features, that is, this type of grinding tools is affordable for any car owner.

How to choose the best sander for your car?

The sander for the car makes the process of polishing and sanding much easier. In addition, the possibility of using fine abrasives ensures uniform treatment of the vehicle body and reduces the likelihood of complete abrasion of the paintwork. However, in order to carry out successful manipulations using this device, important nuances should be taken into account regarding its parameters and the principle of operation.

How to choose a sander?

When choosing grinding devices, you need to pay attention to the following features:

  • Power, which affects the duration of the device and the speed of rotation of the disk. The higher this indicator, the greater the volume of work can be;
  • Weight. The lighter the grinding machine has, the more accurate the processes performed with its help, but the processing time increases. On average, the mass of such equipment is 1-2.5 kg;
  • The diameter of the disc must match the standard size of the device;
  • Disk rotation speed devices with high performance are capable of providing up to 20 thousand revolutions per minute, which is necessary for serious body processing, for example, in preparation for painting, while 5-6 thousand will be enough for polishing a car. It is desirable that the purchased device has a function for adjusting the speed of rotation of the disk;
  • When buying an orbital sander, such a parameter as the amount of eccentric stroke is very important. The lower this indicator, the better the process is performed, but at the same time, the larger this parameter, the faster the processing will take place. Standard models have a stroke of two to six millimeters. There are machines that allow you to adjust the eccentric stroke, but they are quite expensive.
Which Grinder Is Better For A Car

Purpose and design features

  • Belt belts are characterized by a high level of productivity and are used to process large areas. Grinders of this type perform their functions due to the circular motion of the abrasive belt, which is very similar to the movement of a tractor caterpillar. Most often, a special dust collector is included in the kit, which prevents the dispersion of waste particles. Difficulties in using the unit rarely arise; it is easily installed on the required surface, and all that is required of the car owner is to make uniform movements and monitor the result;
  • Vibration (surface grinding) the main working element of such devices is a rectangular sole, on which the abrasive is fixed. The sanding cloth, depending on the features of the device, can be attached in two ways: with Velcro or with a clamping mechanism located on both sides of the sole. Grinding and polishing of a car is carried out by reciprocating movements with an amplitude of about 2 mm;
  • Delta sanders differ from vibration only in triangular (like an iron) shape of the sole, which can move around its axis or in an orbit. They are used to process hard-to-reach areas;
  • Orbital (eccentric). Such grinders are a round sole, to which a grinding wheel is attached. All processes are carried out due to the simultaneous rotation of the base in orbit and around its axis, which allows to complete the work in a fairly short time;
  • Angular provide high-quality grinding by means of a grinding wheel that rotates around its axis. Externally, an angle grinder is very similar to an angle grinder and can be used not only for grinding, but also for cutting various materials. For infrequent use, an angle grinder with a disc diameter of 115 to 125 mm is perfect, while a grinder with a disc diameter of 180-230 mm is classified as a professional one.
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Varieties of grinders

The modern market offers the following types of machines for grinding and polishing cars:

Correct use

High-quality polishing and grinding of a vehicle can be carried out by following these recommendations:

  • Divide the surface into several areas and alternately process each of them, this will not allow abrasive or polishing to dry;
  • At the beginning of work, the speed should be minimal and after the distribution of the abrasive over the surface, it is necessary to turn on increased speed;
  • During operation, it is necessary to periodically turn off the grinding machine, this will allow the car body to cool down and prevent it from overheating;
  • When processing the body, it is necessary to monitor the uniformity of pressure on the sole area, and the movements should be smooth;
  • In the process of manipulation, the grinding wheels are periodically cleaned with a brush;
  • If an uncharacteristic sound appears during the operation of the instrument, it must be carefully checked, cleaned and lubricated.

Despite the fact that the grinder speeds up and facilitates the repair work, its use still requires accuracy and care, because in case of improper use of the tool, it may be necessary to completely replace the paintwork of the car.

Sturm! AG1014P

A powerful motor and a relatively low speed of rotation of the brush, characterize the impressive potential of the most inexpensive of the popular CMM Sturm! AG1014P. The purpose of such equipment is in rough cleaning or gentle grinding (depending on the consumables used) textured (wood, metal and plastic) surfaces. But this model is most often used for brushing (aging) wood.

  • Locking the start button in the pressed position,
  • Convenient additional handle above the brush guard,
  • Speed control,
  • Impressive torque from a powerful engine.

Such a set of functions in the available equipment arouses some interest among fans of creating non-trivial products with their own hands.

View an overview of the features and equipment of the Sturm! AG1014P:

Metabo BAE 75

One of the advantages of the Metabo BAE 75 is the patented motor control system. With its help, stable belt rotation is ensured. Regardless of how hard you press the tool against the work surface. Considering the weight and power of the grinder, tasks for intensive processing of lumber will not cause difficulties even for a novice carpenter.

Implemented in the BAE 75 design:

  • Smooth start,
  • Trigger lock,
  • Adjustable front handle,
  • Conveniently located controls,
  • Own dust extractor and the ability to connect an external vacuum cleaner,
  • Long tape that can be quickly replaced without an auxiliary tool,

Determine the reliability and ease of maintenance of well-balanced equipment. This explains the popularity of the far from budgetary CMM option among professional builders.

Watch an overview of the features and equipment of the Metabo BAE 75:

Surface grinding equipment (cleaning and grinding of parts and products made of metal, wood and plastic).

Makita BO6040

The Makita BO6040 models present in the arsenal

  • 2 sanding options,
  • Speed stabilization system and soft start
  • The ability to change the speed of rotation of the sole,

Directly indicate the versatility of the equipment. Coarse and fine grinding of wood, metal and plastics, polishing of paintwork on any of the specified materials, is performed promptly and efficiently.

In addition to the sounded functionality, dust removal, carried out (by means of an impeller or using an external vacuum cleaner) through the holes in the sole, is of considerable importance. The vertical position of the motor and the properly balanced body and rubberized grips reduce the strain on the user’s hands during prolonged work. The pile of the fastening system (Velcro) holds the abrasive sheet well at any speed and does not have the property of clogging up with small particles, even when grinding gypsum-polymer coatings.

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Watch a short overview-description of the capabilities of the Makita BO6040 tool:

Corner CMM (rough cleaning of metal surfaces, ends and welds; cutting of rolled metal; cleaning of hard-to-reach areas of wooden structures).

Bison angle grinder 125-950

Having completed the Zubr model of an angle grinder 125-950 with a thick (grinding) disc, you can:

  • Clean slag from welding seams
  • Get rid of foci of corrosion
  • Grind large burrs on metal and unevenness on stone.

Using thin (cut-off) circles, this tool can quickly cut sheet and shaped metal rolling.

The possibility of installing an additional handle on the left or right side of the gearbox housing and fixing the protective cover in any position, makes working with the tool convenient and safe in different situations. But the most important feature of the 125-950 model is that there is no second such angle grinder (with similar characteristics) for light use in the domestic market.

View an overview of the Bison 125-950 angle grinder:

Bort BBS-801N

Budget belt model Bort BBS-801N with an adjustable additional handle, designed for rough cleaning and longitudinal sanding of coatings on large areas. Adjusting the speed of rotation of the abrasive belt allows you to choose the optimal mode for working with wood, plastic and metal. The design of the tool (opening cover above the driven shaft) provides for the possibility of processing cavities, the depth of which does not exceed 80mm. The driven shaft protruding beyond the housing makes it possible to machine surfaces bounded by straight and unfolded corners. Despite the presence of the start key lock and the powerful motor, the tool is not intended for intensive use.

  • 10 minute break after half an hour of continuous work,
  • Periodic blowing of air ducts,
  • Timely maintenance,

Are the guarantor of many years of trouble-free operation of the Bort BBS-801N model in conditions of non-professional use.

Watch a short about the Bort BBS-801N, revealing the features of control and tuning of the instrument:

Interskol angle grinder-230 / 2100M

The declared potential and impressive appearance of the 230/2100 model indicate the advisability of using a heavy angle grinder only by professional builders. This CMM is capable of:

  • Cleaning deep cuts from 6 mm wide
  • Rough grinding of surfaces and welded joints
  • Sawing metal structures and chipping concrete walls,

The main handle, which can be rotated (lockable) by 1800, allows you to work without degrading performance in any position. The relatively low spindle speed does not affect the quality of work. It is designed in such a way that at the edges of the installed disc (D 230mm) the optimal speed of the abrasive edge is maintained (no more than 80 m / s).

Protection against accidental starting, provides an additional level of safety when operating heavy equipment.

Watch an overview of the capabilities of the Interskol model angle grinder-230 / 2100M:

Polishing Machine Features

There is a common misconception about the difference between an angle polisher and a regular polisher. Angular can only be a grinder, and its version intended for polishing is a polishing machine. Those. In body polishing equipment, the axis of the disc is always at right angles to the main axis of the tool, on the opposite side there is usually a handle. This does not mean that you can only polish a car with an angle grinder: you can do it with anything, including a conventional drill, but such an angular arrangement of the circle axis is much more convenient (correct load distribution and low center of gravity).

The main parameter of the machine is speed. To start polishing a car, you need to get at least 1200 rpm, and for high-quality polishing up to 3000. When choosing, you need to pay attention not only to the rpm range, but also to the smooth start-up and adjustment possibilities. The speed control can be manual or electronic; it is better to opt for the second option.

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The cost of such equipment is mainly determined by its durability. Working with the body of one car every 3-4 months means that you can take almost any one, but if we are talking about commercial use, then the safety margin will never be superfluous. The most budgetary, Chinese version is enough for 8-12 months of continuous operation, for 1-2 years with periodic use. If there is any doubt about the nature of the operation of the tool, it is better to opt for the products of a well-known brand, having bought equipment with minimal characteristics, but with a good guarantee. Even if it is planned to use it only for minor car repairs, it may always be necessary to operate for the purpose of earning money, and in this case it is easier to put up with the inconvenience than with the lack of a working tool.

Do not be seduced by the possibility of working without a network. Polishing the body is a long process, and a standard battery lasts about 10-15 minutes. The presence of a battery increases the cost of the tool at times, so it becomes easier to find a good adapter for it. It is worth paying attention to the peculiarities of using wheels: some polishing tools cannot use the entire range of polishing wheels, saving on this parameter is not the best option.

Body polishing: grinding machine

The car polisher is designed to do the job without manual work, but automating the polishing and sanding process has additional benefits. The use of a revolving tool allows you to start processing paintwork with fine-grained abrasives, which significantly reduces the risk of rubbing the varnish layer through and through, ruining the surface of the body with uneven processing, etc. However, in addition to the advantages of this polishing method, there are nuances directly related to the nature of the work and the parameters of the grinder.

Grinding polishing technology

Working with a tool is in many ways similar to polishing with your own hands, but most of it is done automatically, this must be closely followed. The processing of the car begins with the installation of the desired polishing wheel and the acceleration of the device to 1200-1500 rpm. Then the disc is simply pressed against the surface of the body and moves along its plane. The process requires constant monitoring:

  • Uneven pressure is more dangerous than strong pressure (leads to uneven removal of varnish).
  • Strong pressure is more dangerous than weak pressure (can cause severe erasure of the paintwork).

The car body heats up during processing, so you cannot stop in one place. Local overheating can lead to cracking, flaking of varnish and paint, therefore, the heating must be carefully controlled. The high speed of the car polishing machine leads to the rapid clogging of the circles, it is necessary to periodically change them so that the remains of the paintwork do not spread over the surface of the car. Periodically, you need to turn off the tool and carefully inspect the processing site, remove the resulting dust with napkins, while simultaneously wetting the surface with water or a cleaning liquid.

Polishing is performed with a fine-grained abrasive, but even ordinary dust can enter as such. For this reason, and also because the car gets hot during polishing, the treatment should be carried out in a closed room, protected from dust and sunlight. When heated above 90C, acrylic enamels can completely lose their luster, and when grinding a car under the sun, such heating is not uncommon.

Nuances of operation

When working with a grinding tool, it is not always possible to guess the initial number of the abrasive, especially since most nozzles have their own operating characteristics. It is recommended to first probe the soil, i.E. Try hard substrate and medium-grained paste. Local processing of a small area of ​​the car will show you what needs to be changed: a substrate or paste.