Which Hand Saw To Choose For Home

Constant speed control system

The block for maintaining a given disk rotation speed under load is also called constant electronics. It is based on a controller that receives data on the engine speed. When the operator starts to drive the saw faster or it just hits a knot or a denser part of the workpiece, the engine speed decreases and the controller sends a signal to the electronics to increase power, which happens without the participation of the operator. The same, but exactly the opposite, occurs in the opposite case. when the rated speed is exceeded, the engine power decreases.

For the correct operation of this function, the circular saw motor must have a certain power reserve, which is not always possible on weak and even middle class devices. If the presence of this option is indicated on a budget saw, then you should pay attention to the ratio of the blade diameter and engine power.

If the simplest stabilizing device can equalize the rotational speed of the disk to only one given standard frequency, then the presence of a stabilizing mechanism on an engine with a smoothly varying number of revolutions is considered the highest class.

Slip clutch

When the saw blade stops abruptly, none of the existing braking systems is capable of instantly stopping the engine so that its inertia does not create a kickback that pulls the saw out of the operator’s hands. To protect against such accidents, a slip clutch is used, which, instead of trying to stop the engine, simply breaks the contact between it and the saw blade. The latter remains in the material, while the engine continues to rotate by itself. However, the operator will immediately turn it off, because when the slip clutch is triggered, a short-term “howling” of the motor will occur due to a sharp increase in speed from a decrease in load.

Sawdust removal

It is carried out by blowing sawdust from the working area or by connecting to a saw of an industrial vacuum cleaner.

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Power cord

So that the wire does not twist at least near the saw itself, the cable is led out of its body through a long and rigid input sleeve.

Observation area

Depends on the design features of each tool, so before buying it is better to evaluate it with your own eyes.

Circular saws depending on the intensity of use

Here it is necessary to take into account the scope of the proposed work and the planned speed of its implementation. depending on this, the appropriate type of circular saw is selected:

Professional. The materials and design solutions used in such devices make it possible to use them without interruption throughout the working day. Usually these are universal tools that are suitable for processing materials of various stiffness and sizes.

Household. Modern household circular saws, like professional models, can boast of versatility in work, but without fail they require compliance with the load regime. Usually this is about 15 minutes of work for the same amount of rest time.

Base plate and cutting depth: straight and angled

The cutting depth indicates exactly how much the blade can be immersed in the workpiece. Nobody gives an exact classification here, but it is conventionally accepted to divide saws according to the following cutting depths:

  • 4-5 cm. the initial, least powerful class of instruments.
  • 5-6.5 cm. representatives of the universal “golden mean”.
  • 6.5-14 cm. heavy, professional devices.

The cutting depth is not always determined solely by the difference between the outer radius of the saw blade and the bore hole. To a greater extent, you need to look at how much the disc protrudes beyond the plane of the base plate, since this part additionally “eats” 1-1.5 cm, and normal work is simply impossible without it. It is also necessary to take into account the ability of the circular saw to make cuts at an angle, which again is determined by the design of the base plate.

If the circular saw allows you to cut at a variable angle, then in the specifications the manufacturer usually indicates the cutting depth for 90 ° and 45 °.

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For an example of adjustment and miter cuts, see

When choosing a circular saw with the ability to adjust the cutting angle, special attention should be paid to the quality of the base plate and the fasteners and graduations located on it. The main features of quality are the simplicity of changing the position, the ease and reliability of fixing the clamps, as well as the absence of backlash. Not all manufacturers succeed in getting rid of them completely, but if the base plate of a new tool “backlash” after fixing all the “lambs”, then you should think about finding an alternative.

The base plate material is usually cast light alloys, but not uncommon, and platforms made of stamped steel. The former are lighter and hold their shape well, while the latter are more resistant to impacts.

Stamped outsole.

Molded outsole.

Class selection

The classification is based on the saw blade diameter and is determined by the maximum cutting depth of each model. This characteristic is necessarily indicated in the data sheet of the beveled or perpendicular cut tool and is:

  • household for home: designed for cutting materials in sheets. from 40 to 50 millimeters;
  • pro-professional: able to cope with almost any work. from 50 to 65 millimeters;
  • professional: sawing to a depth of 140 millimeters.

Knowing what material to work with, you can make a choice only on the basis of this indicator. You can cut a thick block in two steps: from below and from above, so it does not always make sense to chase a deep cut.

A tool that cuts 60 mm will do the job at home and on the garden plot. If you plan to handle thick trunks and boards, it is recommended to invest in professional equipment.

The second indicator of the equipment class is the power of the electric motor. A good motor not only expands the capabilities of the tool, but also provides a long service life:

  • household. power less than 800 W;
  • semi-professional. 800. 1200 W;
  • professional. more than 1200 W.

A low-power tool will overheat faster, long-term intensive work on it is impossible. Household models are good for one-time work, if you plan to cut large volumes of material, it is better to choose a more powerful technique.

Important characteristics

When choosing a hand-held circular saw, it is useful to pay attention to a few more characteristics:

Rotation frequency. It is directly related to the power of the motor, the frequency depends on how accurately the cutting of different materials will be performed. For sawing pressed panels, it is recommended to select a tool with the maximum disc rotation speed.

Disk size. A very important indicator that determines the cutting depth and speed of work. Discs are produced from 150 to 260 mm in diameter. The smallest ones are for low-power household appliances. Circles differ in the diameter of the bore, which can be from 16 to 32 mm, the most common saws are 30 and 32 mm.

It should be borne in mind that a small-diameter disc can be put on a large tool, but on the contrary it will not work: the protective casing will interfere. It is not recommended to choose models with a non-standard diameter, it will be difficult to find discs.

Tilted cut. Most quality tools come with this option. The angle varies within 30. 55 degrees.

Ergonomics. This concept includes the shape of the handle, the weight of the case, and ease of use. There are models with a variable handle position. this is very convenient and simplifies work in extreme conditions. For example, when renovating the roof of a house. The weight of the device depends on the materials of the case only in part, it is mainly formed by the mechanism. The harder. the better quality and at the same time, the more difficult it is to work. It is not recommended to choose models weighing more than 7 kg. Most often, the case is made of shock-resistant plastic with rubberized handles, metal cases are rare. High-quality plastic can withstand all loads and even tool drops. There are many examples where the mechanism has already been repaired several times, and the case is only slightly scratched. Therefore, there is no point in spending money on metal, and choosing a model is simpler.

Power cable. Choose a circular saw with a cable that is at least 3 meters long. Its outlet should be located so as not to get under the teeth of the disk. behind with a hard outlet.

Purpose and device

With a hand-held circular saw, you can cut wood and any of its derivatives, plastic, soft metals, slate. The design must fulfill two basic requirements:

  • accuracy of settings;
  • work safety.

The circular saw is not designed to work with concrete, brick and plaster and only cuts in a straight line.

The minimum package consists of:

  • hulls;
  • electric motor;
  • reducer;
  • protective box;
  • platforms;
  • guide.
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The combination of user-friendly basic features and useful additional functions creates the ideal circular saw for home and professional use.

Which circular hand saw to choose: class, power, characteristics, brand

Wood processing is a laborious and time-consuming process. The hand-held circular saw significantly reduces time costs and increases productivity. The many settings of modern models allow you to make accurate and accurate cuts. The range of circular saws and the price range are great. How to understand this abundance and choose the best option?

additional characteristics

Electronic filling. Significantly increases the cost of the tool, but extends the useful life and makes the job easier. The most useful electronic devices smoothly start the electric motor, prevent overload, control the rpm when the load changes and the idle speed. Constant rotation speed improves cut quality and prevents blade jamming. The work is facilitated by laser pointers, which show the cutting line. Semi- and professional-grade saws are equipped with electronic protection.

Which Hand Saws Do You Need For Traditional Woodworking?

Disc changer mechanism. Sometimes the disc needs to be removed, for some models this is done with a pair of keys. Others are equipped with a device for securing the shaft in a desired or specific position, which makes it much easier to unscrew the nut that secures the disc.

Base plate. This is the base on which additional fixtures and adjustments are attached. It is believed that higher quality slabs are solid. But there are branded professional saws with stamped bases.

Battery. The ability to work away from power grids is very convenient when building a country house. Unfortunately, battery models are significantly inferior in technical characteristics, with the exception of expensive branded products. Here it is better to choose the models with the highest battery capacity. It takes longer to charge, but it also lasts longer. There are circular models with a spare battery. one works, the second is charged at home. Autonomous circulars from Makita are especially appreciated, in terms of power and cutting depth they are not inferior to chain saws.

Video instruction for choosing a circular saw:

DeWalt DWS520K

The 1.3 kW manual device belongs to the semi-professional category. At a speed of 4000 rpm, it makes a very accurate and smooth cut, copes not only with dense wood, but also with metals. The position of the support sole can be changed at an angle of up to 47 °, speed adjustment and smooth start-up of the device are provided.

Saw DeWalt with a smooth engine start is expensive. from 28,000 rubles

Ryobi RWSL 1801M

The cordless hand saw comes with a 150 m blade and makes a neat cut in wood. 45 mm for a straight angle and 32 mm for an acute angle. Equipped with protection against accidental start, the model provides for a spindle lock. The saw handle is rubberized, so it is convenient to hold it.

You can buy a Ryobi circular saw for 5500 rubles

Bosch GKS 190

The small circular saw with a 190 mm blade can handle dense wood with ease. The device is equipped with a 1.4 kW motor and has a high rotation speed of the nozzle. 5500 revolutions. Can perform bevel cuts up to 56 °, equipped with a turbofan to clean the working area from chips and sawdust.

Makita SP6000

The functional circular saw has increased productivity, it is capable of 5800 revolutions at a power of 1.3 kW. The canvas of the device is of medium size, 165 mm, the model weighs 4.4 kg. Equipped with a soft start and speed control system, equipped with a special tire to improve cutting accuracy.

Saw with a smooth start Makita is estimated at 17,000 rubles

Tilt angle adjustment

Some circular saw models can only cut at right angles. But most devices support a 45 ° tilt, and they should be preferred.

Overload protection

The circular saw can overheat during operation. Built-in protection system will shut down the tool automatically if its temperature reaches the limit values.

Makita HS7601

The popular 1.2 kW hand saw is suitable for vertical and angle cuts. Maintains a speed of 5200 rpm, copes with both wood and metal or plaster. The width of the disc is 190 mm; during operation, the device does not make as loud noise as other circular models. A construction vacuum cleaner can be connected to the saw.

Among the advantages of the tool, users also note a cast metal base, rubberized grips and no backlash. The model comes with 2 additional discs and a parallel stop.

You can buy a Makita hand saw for 6900 rubles

Rating of hand-held circular saws with smooth start

One of the most important additional options for circular saws is soft start. It is rarely found in budget models, usually devices that support this option are expensive. But if a manual unit is needed for constant use, it makes sense to spend money on a model with a gradual set of revolutions.

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Tips on choosing a professional saw or a household saw

Model Specifications

One of the most important parameters is the power, which in this case is 2100 W. The cutting depth is 100 millimeters, and the rotation speed is equivalent to 3800 rpm. The size of the circle used is 270×30 millimeters, the weight of the device is 9.4 kilograms. For more convenient work, there is a soft start function, which ensures accurate cutting. Safety is guaranteed by instant engine stop due to electronic brake.

The equipment is equipped with a sturdy and reliable die-cast aluminum support base. The operator will not be faced with the problem of a jammed disc, as there is a riving knife in the device. Safety in the operation of such tools is above all, in this case it is ensured by protection against accidental starting, which became possible thanks to a fuse switch.

Professional model choice: Makita 5103R

Quite often, a hand-held circular saw is required during construction work. We recommend that you read the selection tips before making a purchase. The above model is a powerful saw that can be used to cut large pieces of wood and other materials. The model is designed for active operation, is highly durable and is characterized by a large set of functions that ensure safety during operation. How to choose a hand-held circular saw? The parameters are the decisive criterion. Below we will talk about them in more detail.

Recommendations for choosing a model depending on engine power

Quite often, in the process of carrying out repairs or construction work, a hand circular saw is needed. After reading this article, you will decide which one to choose. The consumer must also take into account the fact that the tool can have a motor of different power. With higher motor parameters, the equipment will be able to cut material and high-density products in a short time. The operator will have no difficulty in cutting. A powerful engine is not afraid of even knots in the wood. But low-power circulars have a significant advantage, which is expressed in low weight. Thanks to this, the tool can be carried from place to place. Thus, models with a capacity of 2000 watts or less will weigh about 7 kilograms. If the saw is characterized by a power of 1200 watts, then the weight will be reduced to 4 kilograms. Do you need a hand circular saw for household tasks? Which one to choose? Price. an important factor when buying. For private use, models with a power of 1000 to 1200 watts are excellent. If the tool is not used professionally, then the power reserve will remain unclaimed. The cost of the product will also depend on this parameter, the difference in price can reach 100 percent or more.


Choosing a household saw: Einhell RT-CS 190/1

The main features are the ergonomic handle, due to which even a beginner can handle the tool. This is also why the saw is most convenient to use when solving household tasks. The master can easily change the saw blade thanks to the key and the spindle lock. There is no need to purchase an additional key, as it is included in the kit. It will be possible to work with the equipment at home, as it has a low noise and vibration level.

This reliable and inexpensive circular saw has a dust extractor with a special adapter that connects to the vacuum cleaner. With this functionality, you can keep your workplace clean. The gears of the reducer are made of a material of increased hardness and strength, which is distinguished by wear resistance and a long service life.

How to Saw Straight with a Handsaw | Paul Sellers

The manufacturer has made sure that the work is made easy, this is also possible thanks to the practical cable clamp. Among other things, it prevents damage and cable coiling. The size of the disc is 190×30 millimeters, the number of teeth is 24. At an angle of 90 degrees, the operator will be able to go 66 millimeters into the material, as for 45 degrees, the cutting depth will be equivalent to 48 millimeters.

An example of using household and professional tools

If you are looking for a handheld circular saw, which one to choose, you can decide by reading the guidelines below. If you use a professional model, then in 1.5 hours of continuous work you will be able to cut such a number of chipboard blanks, which will be enough to assemble 4 cabinets. If you use a conventional household model, then the same work will take 2 times longer. The quality will remain at its best, but the cost of a professional tool will be 2 times higher.