Which Inexpensive Miter Saw To Choose

Which Inexpensive Miter Saw To Choose

A good host will always have at hand a tool with which you can cut a piece of wood, plastic, metal or cut a parquet board, laminate and so on. But if you need to make a cut at an angle, many problems arise. Even a professional carpenter will not always be able to perform such a specific operation qualitatively.

In such (and not only) situations, a miter saw will help out. How to choose it, by what parameters to evaluate. The article will give answers to all possible questions on this topic.

Miter saw device

It is difficult to decide on the choice of the optimal model, not understanding what kind of its component is involved when considering a particular characteristic. A typical tool diagram explains everything well.

On sale there are many different models of miter saws, which in design may differ slightly. In general, the device of all products is almost the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a professional and amateur (household) instrument?

From the point of view of circuit design. None. There are only a number of parameters that determine the discrepancy in the price:

  • The material of manufacture. Amateur models are less reliable, so they are not intended for intensive use, including at the limit of possibilities.
  • The quality of the cutting sample. All details in professional face saws are adjusted very carefully, with high precision. But the household tool sometimes gives large errors in operation.

Nevertheless, in skilled hands, an amateur saw behaves no worse than a professional one. And if she treats her carefully, she will last long enough.

Which is better. Ordinary miter saw or combined?

The first option is the quality (accuracy) of the cut is much higher.

The second. Has a number of advantages associated with the convenience of working in a variety of positions and operating conditions. But if a miter saw is purchased for use in statics, that is, with a table mount (workbench) in a garage, a barn, an extension and the like, then all these advantages are leveled. As a rule, such models are bought to work on various objects, as a mobile tool.

The main criteria for choosing a miter saw

Power and Disk Size

You need to start with this. It would not be entirely correct to give an unambiguous recommendation on this parameter, not knowing how the miter saw will be used and what specific materials it is supposed to cut.

  • The more powerful the tool, the larger the disk you can work with. Consequently, and cut overall samples. For example, a beam, a log and so on.
  • With the increase of this characteristic, not only the weight increases, but also the price.

If you choose a model according to the size of the disk, then for household use a tool with a diameter of 250 mm is enough. This is confirmed by the practice of its operation. Who does not like such a parameter should take into account one caveat. There are disks in the miter saw kit. But they are not eternal, and what to do if you have to purchase new ones?

Which Inexpensive Miter Saw To Choose

Therefore, you need to focus on a working tool that is not a deficit and is always on sale. Namely. Discs for 250 (255, 260, 300 and 305) x 30 mm. You can’t say the same with other sizes. So it should be clarified whether there will subsequently be problems with their acquisition.

Cut parameters

The cutting width is determined by the parameters of the installed disk. But the working tool itself in some models can only move in the vertical plane (up / down), in others. Also in the horizontal. That is, it becomes possible to drive away from yourself, or pull it. The second option is more convenient in operation, since the cut line is longer than one and a half times, at least. If a miter saw is used for cutting dimensional sheets, boards, plates, then you should pay attention to models with two guides.


The cleanliness of the cut directly depends on this. The higher this indicator (rpm), the better the cutting of the material. Optimum. 4500 ± 500.

Engine’s type

  • Asynchronous. Silent and durable, maintenance-free. But such engines are not installed on all models of miter saws. If you intend to use the tool intensively. The best choice.
  • Collector. The main drawback of such saws in the gradual wear of the brushes. These models are cheaper, and with irregular use of the tool, problems with the replacement of current collector elements will not arise. The resource is quite large. As a rule, all amateur-class products are equipped with collector engines.

Type of gear

  • Toothed. reliable performance, since slippage is excluded with increased load. Minus. The work of such models of miter saws is accompanied by a small noise. How important is this for the master? But in some situations, disk vibration is possible. This is more significant.
  • Belt. There are no listed drawbacks for gear transmission, and the cut quality is higher. But such a saw requires periodic “tuning”, especially if operated by a beginner who does not withstand optimal operating conditions.

Rotary system design

What to look for:

  • The lack of backlash.
  • Precision fixation.
  • Possibilities of rotation from various angles. Which ones (limit values)?

Security systems

The set of protective options for all models is different. Which are the most significant when operating a miter saw?

  • Cover. Does it completely or partially close the working tool?
  • Ability to connect a dust removal system. Otherwise, you will have to use protective equipment during the operation of the saw.
  • Protection against unintentional activation. No comment here.
  • Scheme of automatic shutdown (electrodynamic brake). There are situations, especially when working with solid materials, when the disk “wedges”. Such a system will not allow the engine to fail.
  • Protection against line voltage fluctuations and overheating. Not available on all models.

Additional options

How much they are needed is for those who purchase a miter saw for themselves to decide. But it is worth noting in terms of awareness.

  • Backlight Such a saw allows you to work even in low light conditions. With this option, the work area will be clearly visible in any case.
  • Scheme of automatic speed control. This system will be useful to those who do not have sufficient experience in cutting samples, the most diverse, differing in the density of the structure. When the load on the disk changes, its rotation speed also changes somewhat. And this often happens either due to the unevenness of the clamping of the tool to the workpiece, or due to the heterogeneity of the material. Professionals successfully manage without such a function, and it will be extremely useful for a beginner.
  • Cutting depth limiter. For an inexperienced master. A good help.
  • Laser level. Significantly reduces the time for the operation, as the cut line is clearly visible and all adjustments to the movement of the disc are minimized.

A brief overview of miter saw models

Makita (LS 1040 Series)

This tool is classified as professional. It is mainly used for cutting soft materials. Plastic, wood, aluminum profiles and the like. A power of 1.65 kW (4,600 rpm) is enough for this. The parameters were cut (mm): width. 95 (with a vertical cut), depth. 67 (under 450). 260 drive, collector type engine, weight. 11 kg.

Price. 16 990 rubles.

“Elitech” (PT 1625 series)

Power is comparable with Makita. 1.6 kW at the same shaft speed. A disk of 255 x 30, depth and width of cuts at 900 (mm). 65 and 150, respectively. It is possible to rotate both on the axis and at an angle.

Price. 12 060 rubles.

Bosch (PCM 8 series)

Price. 13,490 rubles.

The purchase of a miter saw is a personal matter for the master. Only he knows everything about the specifics of its future use. The author believes that the information provided will be enough to make the best choice and not overpay for something that in practice will not be in demand.