Which is better reciprocating or chain saw

Comfort of use

The electric saw does not require a mixture of fuel. To start sawing, just insert the plug into the socket and press the button.

However, if the chainsaws are perfectly balanced and very comfortable to hold in your hands, then the case is more difficult with the saws. In addition to the fact that the cable interferes quite noticeably, they are also produced in two types of motor locations. longitudinal and transverse.

Rip saws differ in the location of the axis of rotation of the motor shaft along the direction of the tire. They are small in width, but rather long. Although they are perfectly balanced, the presence of the cable limits their mobility.

which, better, reciprocating, chain

Cross-blades are short, but the engine housing protruding to the left side disturbs the balance and requires the operator to exert some effort to keep the bar in the mowing line of the cut. Effort is small, but with prolonged use it increases the level of fatigue. The inconvenience of the cable in such saws is felt less.

Chain saw device

The saw headset is similar in structure to a chainsaw. But in the saw, as a rule, there is no clutch; instead, a soft start button is provided. In many cases, this is completely insufficient. the idling mode, when the motor is running, but the chain does not move, is more convenient and safer.

In terms of engine power, the saws are significantly inferior to gasoline saws. the maximum power does not exceed 2.5 kW. Attempts to create more powerful saws have not been crowned with success. the mass of the engine and power consumption increase sharply, which affects both the convenience of the tool and its cost.

A protective arc, in most cases, is on each saw and works on the same principle as on a gasoline one. An oil pump is also present. often the pumps are installed on the saws of the same model as on the chainsaws. They provide chain and bar lubrication in all operating conditions. The oil flow rate depends on the chain speed.

Gas Chainsaw V.S. Electric. SHOCKING OUTCOME ! ! !

It is worth noting that one of the main mistakes of saw users is hidden here. If in a chainsaw oil is poured into the pump tank at each refueling, then when operating a chainsaw, this is often forgotten. This leads to rapid wear of the saw headset and frequent replacement of chains and bars.

There is a misconception that on saws the chain and bar wear out faster due to low speed. If you fill in oil on time, then the resource of the saw headset is the same in both cases. Only productivity depends on the speed.

2. Electric motor.
3. Oil tank plug.

Inertial chain brake
5. Bus.

7. Bolt for fixing the bar and chain tension.

Preparation and maintenance

saws are more convenient when preparing for work. It is enough to install the saw headset, fill in oil and plug into the socket. At the same time, most high-quality saws are equipped with quick-release devices that allow you to tighten the chain or replace it in a few minutes.

Quick-release chain tensioner.

With chainsaws, this is more difficult. semi-professional and professional saws are equipped with traditional clamps on nuts, which cannot be disassembled without a key. And the chain is tightened with a screwdriver or a special hex wrench. It takes a little longer, but the settings are guaranteed to hold tight.

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Conventional chain tensioner.

Preparation of a fuel mixture for a chainsaw takes several minutes. special containers with graduations allow you to mix gasoline and oil in a given proportion in any amount. As a rule, one tank filling is enough for 40-50 minutes of work. Having prepared 2.3 liters of fuel in the morning, you will be provided with it for the whole working day. Prepare the mixture for future use, it should not be for several days, with prolonged storage its properties deteriorate.

Power and performance

As already mentioned, the power of saw engines rarely exceeds 2.5 kW, and for chainsaws it can reach 5. 6 kW. But even a 2.5 kW saw cannot be compared in performance with a gasoline of similar power. The fact is that at an average load, the saw can work continuously for up to 40 minutes, after which it must be turned off for 20 minutes so that the motor cools down.

Chainsaws do not have this problem, if you do not take into account the cheap household tools. Semi-professional and industrial ones do not require such stops and can work 8 hours a day practically without stopping. The time for refueling and oil does not count. this operation takes several minutes. It is worth considering that oil is also poured into the saws.

Chainsaw chain speed is 25. 30% higher than electric chain speed. Accordingly, productivity increases as well. Taking into account the possibility of quick movement of the operator with the chainsaw around the construction site or along the board or log, which is difficult for the saw due to the presence of a cable, productivity increases even more. If we compare a chainsaw and a saw of the same power, then the performance of a gasoline one is slightly higher.

What’s better. chainsaw or chain saw

Chainsaws are among the most common among woodworking tools. This is determined by their performance, compactness, and relatively low cost of consumables. Practically only an endless toothed chain interacts with a tree, the resource of which is quite high, and only periodic sharpening is required from maintenance.

There are two types of chain saws. gasoline and electric. The first set in motion the saw chain using a two-stroke gasoline air-cooled engine with a power of 1.5. 5 kW, the second. an electric motor with a power of up to 2.5 kW. If we compare the consumption of fuel and electricity, then for gasoline and saws, the cash costs for cutting 1 m 3 of material will be approximately the same.

CAN A RECIPROCATING SAW CUT WOOD? | Comparing Powerful Reciprocating Saws For Trees

But to determine which is better than a chainsaw or a saw, it is necessary based on a set of characteristics, and not just the cost of fuel or electricity. Purchase costs, maintenance, ergonomics, maintainability and ease of use are equally important factors influencing the choice.

Chainsaw device

The basic unit of the chainsaw is a high-speed engine (12. 14,000 rpm) with a volume of 40. 60 cm3. A feature of such a motor is that gasoline of the A92 or AI95 brand is mixed with a special oil immediately before filling the tank. If you refuel the chainsaw with clean gasoline, the engine will fail a few seconds after starting.

Interlocked with the engine:

  • centrifugal clutch;
  • leading sprocket;
  • tire;
  • chain lubrication oil pump;
  • brake.

The engine is started with a recoil starter (lanyard). The handle of the chainsaw is equipped with an anti-vibration mechanism and a special inertial protection. if the saw chain gets jammed, it can be thrown back strongly, there is a real possibility of injury to the sawer. The protective arc, in contact with the operator’s hand, instantly stops the engine and eliminates the possibility of damage from the rotating chain.

Saw chains are used in several types, for their selection, the most often used classification is by step. the distance between the lower teeth meshing with the drive sprocket.

The chain thickness is in the range 1.3. 1.6 mm. For household and semi-professional saws, a chain with a thickness of up to 1.45 mm is sufficient, for professional ones used for felling wood, chains with a thickness of 1.5. 1.6 mm are required.

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2. Chain.
3. Inertial chain brake.
4. Cylinder cover.

Starter handle.
6. Safety trigger.
7. Throttle trigger.
8. Throttle lever.

Rear handle.
10. Oil tank cover.
11. Front handle.
12. Gas cap.

Complexity of maintenance and use

Saw headset

Electric and gasoline saws are equipped with the same saw set, with chains of the same pitch and tooth profile. But the length of the tire, and, accordingly, the number of teeth on the chain, are different. Chainsaws are equipped with tires ranging from 35 cm to 1 m long, depending on engine power. saws are equipped with tires no more than 0.5. 0.6 m.

But this parameter is not as important as it might seem. It is correct to compare only saws of the same power, and for chainsaws with motors of 2.4. 3 kW, a tire longer than 0.5 m is rarely found. So, according to this parameter, the tools are approximately equal. In forestry areas where saws with meter tires are required, the saws do not work, therefore, it is not worth comparing them.

When choosing a chainsaw and a saw, the price does not play a decisive role. Operational properties are much more important. But if you take semi-professional saws, for example, a STIHL 180 chainsaw and a Makita UC4020A saw (with comparable power of 1.5 and 1.8 kW), then the price of a saw is almost 40% lower than a gasoline one.

Saw types

The heart of our machine is the electric motor. It is installed in two positions: along and across. The former, due to their design features, lengthen the saw. The engine located across, firstly, makes the apparatus wider, and secondly, heavier. This is due to the introduction into the design of the gearbox.

saws are divided into:

  • chain;
  • disk;
  • saber.

Chains are those whose working part is a chain with cutting elements. The edges of the chain are connected to form a ring. The cutting process takes place due to the rotation of the cutting element along the body along the guide (the so-called “tire”).

Before choosing a chain for a saw, you need to pay attention to its profile. Low profile chains have lower productivity than tools with higher cut profiles. But vibration in this case is lower, which means high safety of work. A video about choosing a chain saw will help you pay attention to the most important points:

Replaceable discs are used as the cutting element of the circular saw. They can be of different diameters and are designed for different materials.

If cutting with discs involves working with metal and stone, it is better to choose a tool with a cutting depth of 100 to 130 mm. The disadvantage is that such a tool weighs 10 kg or more. Therefore, when choosing a saw, you need to look for a model with the possibility of stationary installation.

Reciprocating saws are also called electric hacks. They are very similar to a chain tool. The difference is the installation of flat cloths in such products. They make back and forth movements, due to which the cut occurs. The cutting speed can be up to 3 thousand movements per minute. This parameter will become one of the most important when choosing a reciprocating electric saw. The tool is quite effective because its cost is high:

Secondary parameters

The unimportant characteristics of saber saws include:

  • design;
  • color scheme.

Many saw models are equipped with a soft start function. But if the buyer gave preference to a tool with a small power indicator, then the presence of a soft start function in such a model is not necessary.

Bosch AKE 30 S

Equipped with a 30 cm headset and a 1.8 kW transverse electric drive, the AKE 30 S series saw combines the advantages of a classic layout and modern design solutions.

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In the complete set of this model:

  • oil-optimized chain lubrication system;
  • time-effective inertial emergency stop brake;
  • wear-resistant chrome-plated saw chain;
  • full protection of the motor brush-collector unit.

What brand of chain saw to choose

In this section we will talk specifically about which chain saw to choose.

There are several types of saws: professional, for personal use and the so-called cordless. The latter are suitable for landscaping and are not suitable for medium to thick wood. The Makita BUC122RFE model is considered the best for such types of work. Light weight and two batteries allows you to comfortably carry out decorating work.

For needs around the house and summer cottage, as we have already said, the power of which varies within 1000-2000 W, the Bosch AKE 35 model is perfect. Its power is 1600 W, and the tire is 0.35 m. There is a system for convenient chain tensioning, in which we do not have to disassemble half of the saw. Well, the weight (4 kg) will pleasantly surprise. It is, of course, heavier than a garden tool, but there is good power, which will be an excellent choice of a saw for a garden.

The last type is professional chain saws. Here the leader is taken by the Makita UC4030A model. Its power is 2000 W, and the chain length is 0.4 m.This tool will allow you to comfortably deal with all wooden blanks not only at home, but also in the country.

Best Professional Reciprocating Saw

Makita JR3070CT belongs to professional tools designed for cutting metal, plastic, wood. Due to its reliable and durable body, this model of reciprocating saw is suitable for work in harsh conditions. The pendulum stroke of the power tool is characterized by the presence of four operating modes, which allows you to adjust the cutting speed of the materials being processed. Comfortable operation of the unit with a power of as much as 1500 W is achieved due to the presence of an anti-vibration system. The equipment is equipped with a universal clamp that allows you to attach any type of saw blade. The reciprocating saw of this model is equipped with three additional saw blades.

  • suitable for working with wood, metal, brick;
  • power 1500 W;
  • no battery;
  • stroke size. 32 mm;
  • number of strokes per minute. 2800;
  • there is a function of protection against moisture and dust;
  • anti-vibration protection;
  • unit weight. 4.6 kg.
  • ergonomics;
  • wide functionality, including soft start, vibration protection and pendulum stroke adjustment.

Minus. a lot of weight.

Best Budget Reciprocating Saw

AEG US 400 XE is a budget unit with a low power rating (400 W), which is enough for full-fledged work with wood. It is a compact and easy-to-use reciprocating saw with a convenient platform for adjusting the required cutting depth. The power tool has a built-in backlight that allows you to work comfortably and safely in areas with poor lighting. The wide start button makes it easy to turn on the tool. Also, this part of the device is equipped with an accidental start-up protection function. The saw is characterized by keyless adjustment of the cutting depth. The unit of this model is equipped with two spare blades.

  • works with wood, plastic;
  • power 400 W;
  • stroke size. 13 mm;
  • number of strokes per minute. 3500;
  • there is a backlight;
  • universal fastening of canvases;
  • no pendulum system;
  • there is an engine cooling function;
  • unit weight. 1.7 kg.
  • light weight;
  • good ergonomics;
  • availability of additional canvases;
  • overheating protection of the engine;
  • long cable (4 m).


A characteristic feature of the tool is a powerful 2230 watt electric motor and a 40 cm saw mechanism.

Despite belonging to a higher power category, the weight of the CSE2216 series saw is only 4.4 kg.