Which Is Better Than An Electric Braid Or Trimmer

Trimmer price and performance of lawn mowers: their main advantages

Lawn mowing is one of those tools whose sales are gaining momentum every day. The banal envy of a neighbor who, without much difficulty, brought his lawn or plot in the likeness of a picture from a landscape design magazine, is becoming the driving force behind the popularity of lawn mowers. In addition, recently developed models of lawn mowers are striking in their variety and design perfection.

Trimmers. Ideal for a small lawn

In addition to the gasoline-powered lawn mowers that have long been known to the consumer and have been tried and tested in the business, the world’s leading brands today present light, almost weightless electric braids on the market. Trimmers.

The trump card of the trimmers, of course, is their price. The design of the electric motor is so simple that it costs several times cheaper than gasoline, which significantly affects the price of lawn mowers.

The advantages of an electric trimmer include the lightness and strength of the structure, the absence of a heavy fuel tank and the constant need for refueling with gasoline and oil. As a result. Quietness and environmental friendliness. The handle of the trimmers is mainly of a D-shaped design, which allows you to grab the lever tightly with your palm. The vibration of the electric motor is almost not felt. The bar is curved, adjustable for the growth of the user.

And also, the trimmer is very convenient. If a knapsack from a gasoline braid rubs and cuts his shoulders, his hands can’t withstand vibration, his head cannot hear engine noise, and the smell of burning and oil is inherent in internal combustion engines. Intolerable, lightweight electric trimmer. For you the very thing.

All the cons of electric trimmers

But you need to take into account some features of trimmers, which are often counted in minuses:

  • Mobility is limited by network cable. But for a small lawn this is not a problem.
  • Engine power is lower than gasoline. In most cases, the trimmer is equipped with a single or two kilowatt electric motor. Modern electric motors are reliably protected from overheating and from voltage surges in the network. They can work long and efficiently without interruption.
  • The trimmer can only work with fishing line. That is, it is most effective for soft and juicy grass. If you attach a cutting knife or blade to the trimmer, the load on the engine, which can fail, will greatly increase. And the connecting cable (in a curved rod) bursts right there. But a strong and well-tacked fishing line is not so bad: only with a fishing line can you mow grass accurately and in almost inaccessible places: for example, mow down borders or trees (the fishing line will not damage the trunk).

There are no barriers in the garden for the lawn mowing system.

Decide whether you have a large territory and how often you cultivate it. This is the first. It is clear that for mowing tall and hard grass over large areas, you need a powerful gasoline scythe, equipped with a durable engine and with a good cutting system (metal disc or knife).

The second is the availability of an electrical network in a given area. If there is no electricity at all, or interruptions with it are quite frequent, then, of course, a good gasoline lawn mowing will suit you.

Engine noise, vibration, the smell of burnt oil and an uncomfortable cutting belt. These are the most popular accusations that fly towards the gas spit. But modern technological findings allow us to reduce these inconveniences to zero.

The better gasoline lawn mowers

Firstly, engines are push-pull and four-stroke. Existing two-stroke engines from leading world brands such as Hyundai, Makita, Honda are covered with a noise-reducing casing, they have an excellent carburetor, there is no “impact-recoil” effect at startup, vibration is almost not noticeable. The four-stroke engine practically does not make noise and does not vibrate. He has a great motor resource. It is light, does not smell of burning and oil, since oil and gasoline do not mix in it. At the gearbox. Increased torque.

Secondly, all gasoline scythes in the kit have a cutting system. A metal knife (2-3 or 4-toothed), easily cutting tall or dead grass in the garden. You can also use a saw blade of different diameters to cut bushes and young trees.

Thirdly, in gasoline powered lawn mowers. A rigid, forged shaft (collapsible), which increases the reliability of the structure, which is easily adjustable for growth and even facilitates mowing by installing cutting equipment parallel to the ground.

Fourth: petrol braid belts are now comfortable, like a satchel. They do not cut into the shoulders and do not rub, but rather. Relieve stress during work and do not allow the spine to overwork.

Detailed technical characteristics of powerful gasoline lawn mowers and lightweight electric trimmers can be found on the website of the online gardening equipment hypermarket “With Bargaining”.

Which trimmer to choose: gasoline or electric

If you plan to mow the lawn, it is preferable to use an electric braid. Low-power units do an excellent job with young grass, because they have a small fishing line or a small diameter knife.

Which Is Better Than An Electric Braid Or Trimmer

Cutting out a large area where shrubs grow can only be done with a garden trimmer with a gasoline engine. We will understand the differences between them to understand which trimmer is better. Gasoline or electric.

Electric braid: advantages and disadvantages

With the trimmer, everything is clear: plug into the outlet, pressed the button and the case. At work and in care is not picky. It is enough to clean the cutting head, blow through the cooling holes and periodically check the lubrication in the gearbox. The only thing is that you will have to carry it around because the operation of the tool does not depend on fuel and engine oil. Look at the location of the engine: the lower one adds maneuverability, but it is dangerous to mow raw grass. It can short-circuit.

Trimmer Advantages disadvantages
It is quieter than gasoline. Doesn’t work without electric carry.
It works regardless of the quality of fuel and engine oil. Low power.
It does not emit exhaust gases. Does not mow the shrub.
Light weight. High consumption of fishing line.

Gas trimmer: 4 features

Gasoline trimmer requires gasoline and oil. The tank lasts for 30-40 minutes, then refueling is needed. It starts manually. By the handle of the starter. The operation is not complicated, a little training and everything will turn out the first time.


It depends on how quickly and easily the tool starts. Well, if it is equipped with a quick start (EASY START) or cold start (PRIMER):

  • An easy start to a cold start is done by pumping fuel into the carburetor. This is done manually by a few taps on the PRIMERa membrane on the lawn mowing case;
  • Manual EASY START provides start without jerking. With a smooth motion of the starter, energy is first accumulated. Then it is instantly released by rotating the shaft and starting the engine.

Engine power

Look at the cubic capacity of the engine. It goes in the range of 25-52 cubic meters. You can mow with any trimmer, the question is speed.

  • 25 cubic braids are lightweight, they are often made shorter with a barbell. They are suitable to mow down small areas near the curb or to line the fishing line. Such a model does not pull a large knife. And if he pulls, then only idle. For low-powered, multi-tooth knives (36-40 pcs) with holes in diameter are good. They are lightweight and mow no worse than heavy lawn mowers. But the old grass is not cut.
  • If you need to mow on 10 acres, take the trimmer 43 cubic meters, it is optimal. 37 cubes is a little weaker.
  • 52 cc is better in power, but heavy. A few hours of work and shoulders fall off. And balancing such a lawn mow is more difficult, because the knife and fishing line are lighter, and the motor is heavy. Outweighs.

– The standard length of the garden trimmer bar is 1.5 meters. This is convenient to hold: the motor does not hit side by side, the knife or fishing line mows parallel to the ground. But a lawn mow with a shortened barbell is better to take undersized. It is not convenient to work with tall and medium stature: you cannot lower it below (the engine interferes). As a result, the gearbox mows unevenly: the front part is mowed under the root, and the back is 3-5 cm higher. Uneven sections will be obtained.- Units with connections on the bar are convenient for transportation, but more often break. The stainless steel rod is more durable, but heavier. Aluminum facilitates construction.
– Curved rods are beautiful, but close to the legs. Not comfortable to work with. They have a flexible shaft that is not as durable as a straight shaft.

Pressure duty cycle: 2 or 4 stroke

Work is work: you get it somewhere, a little bit and a little. The piston flies.

  • The 4-stroke unit saves fuels and lubricants. Oil is poured into a separate container, it does not fade. Such models last longer because they overheat less. Whoever has to mow a lot should take a closer look at the four-stroke model.
  • The 2-stroke fuel is fueled with a mixture of gasoline and oil. Since the oil burns with gasoline, it goes over five times. But such models have a simplified piston system, so there’s nothing to break there.

See table comparing the duty cycle of a 2-stroke and 4-stroke lawn mowers.

A four-stroke trimmer is a pleasure to mow. But if you often have to “drive” gas, a 2-stroke is better. These models are capable of developing up to 10 thousand revolutions and higher. I recommend running trimmers for home use Patriot, Sadko, Oleo-Mac, Interskol.

Casing clamp

One-sided clamp is adjustable in height, two-sided. No. On the one hand. Well, it does not spin. But its level remains unchanged. And this plays a role. For example, mowing with a small knife will be normal, but if you put a larger diameter, the grass will clog. It is difficult to mow thick and reclining greens.

Convenience of working with the device depends on the design of the handle.
– D-shaped is a good choice for mowing grass and cutting trees.- J-shaped is suitable for mowing tall thickets.
– T-shaped (bicycle). A universal option for processing large areas. It allows you to hold the lawn mower firmly with both hands. Facilitates mowing and increases maneuverability. Well, if the control unit is placed on the handle, it is impossible to tear yourself away from such a trimmer until the fuel runs out.

Grass Trimmer. Petrol or Electric: Comparison Chart

Benzo Electro
Willingness to work

Natalyay: “We use an electric model, we have to carry around a carry. Our trimmer is not equipped with a knife, therefore, having stumbled upon a sprouted shrub in the grass, we have to change the line. It’s risky to wind a wire in the tall grass on a carry (this happened to me this summer. It’s good that I noticed on time). Now we are thinking about acquiring gasoline“.
Source: indasad.Ru

Svobodnuy: “And I chose a gas trimmer for the following reasons: practicality. Not tied to an outlet and carrying is not confused; power. The electric just relaxes, especially when mowing grass, in which there are many weeds“.Source: indasad.Ru

Llolla: “We use a trimmer. True, we have a small lawn, so you can vary the range with an extension cord. I can’t even imagine how I could bear the smell of gasoline“.Source: indasad.Ru

Ruslanauskas writes about Intertool DT-2242: “I use an electric braid from time to time. I mow thickets of rough grass to a meter. It is convenient to maneuver and control in tight places or where you need to carefully mow without touching the flowers. It is easy to work with this trimmer, quickly assembled, noisy louder than a drill, but quieter than an angle grinder. A very powerful knife in a steel kit. One drawback: with such a hold (the right hand by the handle on the engine body) hands quickly get tired“.