Which jigsaw is better for Bosch or Makita?

How to choose and use a Makita jigsaw?

Electric jigsaw is a great helper for a wide variety of repair or construction work. It greatly improves productivity and increases the quality of the work done. With its low weight and compact dimensions, the electric jigsaw is often used not only for shape cutting various sheet materials or profiles, but also to perform straight cutting. To buy a reliable tool that will last a long time, we have studied different types of this tool, consumer reviews and present you a rating of jigsaws by quality, which will help you to choose the right device depending on your needs.

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Jigsaws from the manufacturer Makita belong to the inexpensive, but unbreakable tools, for which they are loved by users. This small tool is equally useful at home when laying laminate or repairing fences, as well as in any industry. The jigsaw handles not only wood but also metal and plastic equally well. The main thing when working with steel sheet the engine power of the tool should not be less than 700 W.

There are plenty of criteria for selecting jigsaws.

    So, here is what you should really pay attention to:

Electric motor power

The power directly affects the class of jigsaw: household (for home) or professional. Household models usually have power of 380-700 W, “take” steel up to 2-4 mm, wood. up to 7, have a smaller resource and a number of additional functions.

The price of domestic models from the cost of professional models can differ at times (depending on the manufacturer). Professional-grade tools (750-1000 W) cut aluminum and steel up to 2 cm, wood up to 8-14 mm.

Material thickness is indicated in the manual as “maximum cutting depth”. There are some low-powered jigsaws that are battery-powered. Suitable for limited cutting of materials that are not too hard when there is no electricity supply (e.g. in the countryside).

Sawsaw frequency

This setting determines the jigsaw speed (number of reciprocating sawing movements per minute). Note: wood cuts better at higher frequency, steel at lower frequency.

The frequency is adjusted either before switching on the power tool or with a locking button during operation. The higher the index, the faster the blade wears out and the higher the cutting performance.

Pendulum mechanism

Today the vast majority of jigsaws are equipped with a pendulum mechanism with a switch. The mechanism makes additional sawing movements in the horizontal direction and increases cutting performance, work speed and operating time.

A big disadvantage. the quality of the surface can be significantly reduced. Therefore, it is not desirable to use the mechanism for finishing cuts. When cutting steel or hardwood with the jigsaw the function is virtually indispensable.

Extra functionality

In poor light conditions the jigsaw can function as an additional light source. For this purpose, the electric jigsaw is equipped with additional lighting. The jigsaw motor fan can serve as a “cleaner”, using the exhaust air to blow dust and sawdust off the cutting line.

The option to connect the jigsaw to a household vacuum cleaner serves the same purpose. Saw pivot control is indispensable for circular sawing. An important criterion for the jigsaw is the presence of an angle fixture that fixes the base plate (“soleplate”) at different angles: 0, 45, 30, 15 degrees.

When selecting blades for the jigsaw, also consider the material. Saws made of carbon steel (marking HCS) are suitable for cutting soft wood and some synthetic materials, HSS for steel, different non-ferrous metals, plastics, aluminum and other hard materials.

Universal bimetal blades (BIM) are flexible and allow you to work with a jigsaw on areas with very limited access.

What is the best jigsaw?

With today’s globalization, the line between “good” and “bad” manufacturers has certainly become a bit fuzzy. But some stereotypes (like inexpensive and high quality) remain with both sellers and buyers.

Where to use them

Makita jigsaws are inexpensive but indestructible, making them a favorite tool among users. This small tool comes in handy at home when laying laminate or repairing a fence, as well as in any production. The jigsaw equally copes not only with wood, but also with metal and plastic. The main thing is that when working with a steel sheet the engine power of the tool should not be less than 700 W.

There are a lot of criteria for selecting jigsaws.

    So that’s what you should really pay attention to:

Electric motor power

The power directly affects the jigsaw class: household (for home use) or professional. Household models usually have a capacity of 380-700 W, “take” the steel to 2-4 mm, wood. up to 7, have a smaller resource and a number of additional functions.

The price of domestic models from the cost of professional can vary at times (depending on the manufacturer). Professional level tool (750-1000 W) can cut aluminum and steel up to 2 cm, the depth of wood kerf is up to 8-14 mm.

Material thickness is indicated as “maximum cutting depth” in instructions. There are some low-powered battery-powered jigsaws. Suitable for limited cutting of materials that are not very hard, in absence of power supply (e.g. in the countryside).

Jigsaw frequency

This jigsaw parameter determines the jigsaw speed (the number of reciprocating sawing movements per minute). Please note: wood is cut better at higher speeds, steel at lower speeds.

The frequency is adjusted either before the power tool is switched on or with a locking button during operation. The higher the value, the quicker the blade wears and at the same time the higher the jigsaw performance.

Pendulum mechanism

Today the vast majority of jigsaws are equipped with a pendulum mechanism with a switch. Mechanism makes additional sawing movements in horizontal direction and increases cutting performance, operating time and speed.

Important disadvantage. the quality of the surface can be significantly reduced. That’s why it’s not a good idea to use the machine for finishing cuts. When cutting steel or hardwood with a jigsaw it is practically irreplaceable.

Additional functionality

In poor light, the jigsaw can function as an extrsource of light. For this purpose, the power tool is equipped with additional illumination. The jigsaw’s motor fan can act as a “cleaner”, using exhaust air to blow dust and sawdust out of the cutting line.

The option to connect the jigsaw to a vacuum cleaner serves a similar purpose. The circular saw’s steering control is indispensable when sawing circular holes. An important criterion for the jigsaw is the presence of an angle fixture that fixes the base plate (“soleplate”) at different angles: 0, 45, 30, 15 degrees.

When selecting the electric jigsaw blades, the material is also taken into account. Saw blades made of carbon steel (marking HCS) are suitable for cutting soft wood and some synthetic materials, HSS for steel, different non-ferrous metals, plastics, aluminum and other hard materials.

Universal bimetal blades (BIM) are flexible and allow you to work with a jigsaw in areas with very limited access.

Electric jigsaw what is the best firm to choose

In today’s globalized world the line between “good” and “bad” manufacturers has certainly frayed a bit. But some stereotypes (like inexpensive and high quality) remain with both sellers and buyers.

Rating of Makita cordless jigsaws

Makita 4236

For those who are just starting out on the carpentry part, it is best to buy a Makita 4236. This device is capable of performing:

Equipped with a stable, powerful motor. Handle is ergonomic for comfortable operation. It is possible to adapt to this jigsaw in a very short period of time.

  • easy to work with and easy to operate;
  • affordable price category;
  • is well protected against motor overheating;
  • low vibration.
  • Equipped with a short cord. this is quite inconvenient when working;
  • The base plate, which serves as a guide, is not rigid enough.

Makita 4329

This machine is a more professional-grade piece of equipment. it is possible to regulate the speed of rotation, which is convenient for certain cutting modes. The pendulum mechanism found in the jigsaw allows for faster cutting. Also, the soleplate can tilt.

  • The foot is made of thick steel with great rigidity;
  • The device is quite reliable;
  • The mechanism is protected from overload.

Makita 4350 CT

This is the most powerful corded unit of all. It can be used to work with:

  • The jigsaw can be used with a variety of soft and hard woods;
  • Chipboard;
  • Fiberboard;
  • Fibreboard;
  • OSB;
  • ferrous metals;
  • stainless steel;
  • non-ferrous metals;
  • different types of plastics.

This unit also allows you to select the mode of operation and provides efficient and reliable ventilation of the internal mechanisms, which prevents overheating.

Makita 4329 Kx1

This unit has proven itself reliably for work in a small workshop. It can be set to 1 of 6 operating speeds. Allows you to switch the stroke in three stages. The jigsaw is capable of sawing:

  • vibration sensation is minimized while working;
  • high quality assembly;
  • The tool has a high degree of reliability;
  • saw blades made in Japan.

Makita JV0600

Because the motor has increased power and is protected against intense overheating, it can be used for intensive use in private workshops. The motor frequency can be adjusted.

The handle is ergonomic enough to handle all cuts with ease.

The tool performs the following types of cuts:

  • convenient power adjustment for certain types of work;
  • A handle that is easy to operate;
  • a long cord that allows you to carry the device far from the outlet.

These presented jigsaws are the best, both for the work of the individual craftsman and for use in small private businesses. They all have an electric drive, which, in principle, limits the possibility of taking the jigsaw away from the socket.

Considering the Makita jigsaw, which is better for each specific case, everyone will choose depending on the work that is planned to perform.

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What is better jigsaw from Bosch, Makita or Hitachi?

When buying a new jigsaw, we must choose one of the many models presented. Models differ in power, weight, specifications, and, of course. the price. But in addition to this they are produced by different manufacturers.

Undoubtedly, those who are already using a proven manufacturer, and that manufacturer and will choose, but if you are buying a tool for the first time, then discarding the cheap and disposable models of little-known companies, we suggest you stop your eyes at the three more practical manufacturers. Bosch, Makita or Hitachi.

It is worth mentioning that there are more expensive professional tools, such as FESTOOL, Mafel, Protoo, but they are very expensive and only professionals need them, so stop at more affordable models. It should also be said that in terms of quality, these models are quite competitive with the above-mentioned, in many tests.

Looking at the price, it is worth noting that the blue Bosch, perhaps the leader, if it is not assembled in China or Russia. Basically the price is the first and more right indicator of the quality and reliability of the tool. To this we should add, the well proven brand.

The Bosch jigsaws, are more balanced and considered the best tool among all the jigsaw companies in this category, as they have achieved the highest level and comfort when making the cut. Models such as the GST 135 CE and GST 135 BCE also feature “Precision Control” where, with a simple push of a button, the guide rails can be adjusted automatically to different saw blade thicknesses for precise guide and clean corner cuts.

Now let’s talk about Makita jigsaws, despite the simple not outstanding design, all models are designed quite well and the strictly horizontal handle is securely in your hand. These jigsaws are very reliable and can handle any task just as well as the Bosch jigsaws. Performance is about the same, but the price is lower, so not everyone wants to pay money for a more hyped brand.

The Makita, like its predecessor, has minimal vibration and doesn’t bounce on surfaces or force your hand. Moves easily and clearly when sawing. If you read the reviews, they speak of the reliability and durability of the tool. Although Makita is a late entrant in the market, it has long established itself as the best manufacturer of professional tools.

Hitachi, we are less familiar with, but we want to note the great design, even too ultra, modern housing, which is covered mostly in most models, rubber, which is pleasant to the touch, but unfortunately not very good to clean after kerfing. When studying the reviews, you will learn that in it, not quite well thought out protection of the motor from small sawdust and when sawing materials of small particles, for example, particle board, the reducer is clogged with shavings and dust.

It should be said that many people are shocked by the new design of the plastic saw blade holder, but it is made qualitatively and no one notes any breakages, at the same time this jigsaw weighs less than its predecessors. Otherwise, the Hitachi jigsaw is less expensive with similar technical data, and this is also important.Author RVT

Design parameters evaluation

Like any other electric jigsaw, the jigsaw from “Bosch” has its own design parameters, which directly depend on the set. Depending on the main purposes for which the jigsaw is needed, each buyer examines the components of the machine.

The classic spare parts for jigsaws are as follows:

  • Saw is designed for cutting material. It can be made of wood, plastic foam, metal, etc. It is desirable to use the saw for each material separately.
  • The holder is designed to hold the tool comfortably.
  • The motor is the most important part of the jigsaw, t.к. it is the jigsaw’s power and speed that determine the jigsaw’s.
  • The roller system is designed for convenient saw blade gliding on the cutting material surface.

In the so-called spare parts are the following elements of jigsaws:

  • Adjustment of the angle of the jigsaw, which makes it possible to cut all sorts of details, saw at an angle, etc.
  • A swarf blowing system is very handy when working, because it makes the workplace cleaner and less clogged.к. no need to constantly clean the workplace.
  • The functionality of the jigsaw, or the availability of different modes for more professional work.
  • A workstation light that is ideal for use in poorly lit rooms.

Design and characteristics

It should initially be noted that the tool is divided into two large classes: manual and electric jigsaws.

The former are more suitable for fine and precise work with small elements, while the latter are mostly used where you want to quickly make a shaped hole or perform a straight cut.

Small arc-shaped metal frame.

Mostly made in steel “U” or “C” shaped.

Its main feature is the large gap between the upper part and the stretched blade.

This allows the frame not to rest on the edges of the workpiece, and bypass them.

If it is necessary to make a cut along a line that must not extend beyond the workpiece, a hole is drilled in it.

The blade is then removed from the frame, and passes through this hole and is reattached to the frame.

Blade is the working, sawing part of the tool with fine teeth.

Stretched between the ends of the frame (secured by its fasteners).

Has a big disadvantage. low mechanical strength, which, coupled with the small size of the frame makes it impossible to saw far away from the edges of the workpiece.

The blade itself often just breaks and breaks off.

Handle. element installed on one side of the frame for holding the tool comfortably with one hand.

Made of wood, metal or plastic.

A standard electric jigsaw consists of:

  • A body with a convenient handle and start button, in which all electrical elements are hidden.
  • Electric motor with a gearbox.
  • Stem.
  • Saw blades.
  • A guide plane, fixed in the lower part of the body.
  • Various optional extras for convenient operation: backlight, pendulum switch, additional guide mechanism, laser pointer, etc.

The principle of operation of an electric jigsaw is the reciprocating motion of the saw at high speed.

It is fixed in the rod that moves due to power transmission from the motor by means of a reducer.

Sawing is perpendicular to the surface to be worked.

Size and weight

The most common hand-held jigsaws have a mass of 285 g, a blade length of 130 mm and a cutting depth of up to 300 mm.

But there are tools with the following parameters:

Parameters of typical electric jigsaws:

information: The design of jigsaws, the basic parameters

Jigsaws Makita or Bosch. which is better to choose?

Makita 4328 jigsaw, 450W

Name: MichaelSave: Sawed laminate, laminated chipboard, aluminum, wood, lots and often. Saw is always smooth, no vibration

Name: NatalyaReview: Bought for my husband as a gift three years ago. Put the laminate flooring in the apartment. Completely opened up and changed the floors (beams, plywood 20-key, laminate) in the son’s apartment. the tool showed excellent performance. I asked my husband to saw a piece of meat on a tubular bone and used a metal saw (while sawing the meat saw got clogged, of course), but it worked just fine with the bone.Disadvantages: It would be better if the chuck was a quick-change chuck. t.е. no wrench.

Name: VyacheslavReview: Great jigsaw! Light and compact, no vibration. My wife has been sawing lately Screwjack sawjack allows me to fix a saw firmly and reliably. smooth cut. The cord is rubber and soft. I recommend!Advantages: light weight, wood is 6 cm thick as if it was butter.Drawbacks: None

Name: IgnatSave: I bought it when it was necessary to expand the holes for spotlights in the aluminum ceiling panels. It certainly pulled it off. After that, I used it for different thicknesses of bars and even old soviet doors). Makita not the first year I use, there is a great drill has never failed. And in general, the firm has proven to be very good.The Romanian assembling. No cracks or creaks during the 2 years of exploitation were not noticed. The saw has a keyhole clamp that ensures that it is securely clamped. The key is stored on the jigsaw.All in all a quality and reliable tool. Replaced my circular saw more than once.Advantages: Powerful. Sits comfortably in the hand. Adjusting the cutting angle. Precision work.Disadvantages: Did not find.

Name: Alex Review: Great jigsaw, see review and test. https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=G_6dAtIoCwgDisadvantages: It is MakitaDisadvantages: No backlight

Name: AlexanderReport: not bad for home.It is better to add a little and take the green Bosch for 5t with all the gadgets and a lot of positive feedback myself tried once was pleasantly surprised.Advantages: There were 3 pieces still starting from 400W.worked from 1 to 2 years.Disadvantages: Quickly eats the roller of the pendulum during the life of 2-3pcs changed. Price of a new one on the market 250r.After a couple of serious saws the saw becomes crooked but you can get used to it.It gets hot during long hours of use and breaks.all had the same failure, i do not know the name of the small rod inside the large pinion with a thread that comes off (.,

Makita M4301 Jigsaw, 450W

Name: IgorReview: Still do not understand why Makita ‘red’ color? Without case. budget version? Or it’s just a Makita nameplate?Advantages: comfortable in hand, low noise in comparison with the previous Bosch lubzik. 3100 rpm, infinitely adjustable.Weaknesses: No quick release saw blade. hexagonal bolt. I do not know how long it will last.

Bosch jigsaws reviews and prices

Jigsaw Bosch PST 900 PEL, 620 W

Name: VictorSnap: Simple, quality household jigsaw with a backlight and a small blowing place sawing. It is an expensive pleasure. No vacuum cleaner connection.Works well technically. The cut doesn’t wander, it is smooth and the plastic viewfinder-guidance light helps a lot. Backlighting is needed almost always to see the trimmer line. I hope it will last a long time.Advantages:. good quality of cut, holds the line for the trimmer.- Backlight. saw blade blowing. soft start. pencil case with spare saw blades (not critical, but a plus)Disadvantages:. No sawdust suction. The Sawdust Exchanger is in the manual mode, but it can not be used, because it is not possible to use it.к. the manufacturer for this money has a hose adapter for a vacuum cleaner, and it is impossible to buy it even on the Bosch website. The adapter is only on the picture in the instructions.- Big “nose” of the case prevents seeing the saw blade and line for the saw trimmer, that’s why it is difficult to saw the line without plastic sighting device, at the same time the air blower fills the sighting device with shavings (and there is no suction).- Primitive soleplate without the ability to install the side guide or “scraper”.- It does not work to register a jigsaw on the manufacturer’s site to get the dop.Warranty.

Name: AndrewSnap: Jigsaw is good and the functionality and quality of workmanship.Saws easily and smoothly if good saws are used.Disadvantages: The backlight burned out after two days of work.For Bosch, this is a shoestring.

Name: VladimirReview: Everything is fine. Jigsaw advice! But after I made the bed about 80m.2 laminate, just broke a piece of plastic that is inserted into the soleplate to avoid chipping. Very disappointing. Question=are the parts sold separately from the kit. Advantages: many Disadvantages: has not yet been revealed

Review: I chose between DeWALT and Bosch, Bosch took the top, yes, DeWALT has a more powerful soleplate with backlighting, but Bosch more powerful toolcase with a tray for files, little things, but nice, comfortable, 2-year warranty, assembled RUSSIA cord long in the hand is convenient, in short I like it, I recommend itDisadvantages: soft start, lensoval backlighting super, huge caseDisadvantages: leads a little sideways but adapted to the situation

Name: NickolaiSnapshot: I bought a jigsaw to make a hole in the countertop for the sink. Did the job without a problem. After I sawed a board 5 cm and was surprised at how clean the saw was left. For this task is true I bought Bosch blades for a clean saw. Handled without a problem. I have no problems with plywood and linings. The purchase is very satisfied.Advantages: Sold in a case that is convenient to store and transport. Included blades. There is a cool compartment in the jigsaw for them.Disadvantages: I did not find.

Name: AlexanderSatisfaction: If you have never used a jigsaw, read about it on the internet at least. Any jigsaw can not replace a coping saw, chisel, planer and router. Personally with me it went a little to the right, if you look at the plastic attachment “for precise cutting”, but I think it’s more the lack of experience. Overall a great tool, use the proper quality saws and take your time, then get a quality cut. I bought dexter saws, I’m happy with the quality.Advantages: The expected quality for the money. the backlighting is very nice.Disadvantages: Have not found yet

Name: KonstantinSnapshot: I bought a jigsaw because of the backlight, I hoped that Bosh will not upset me, although I do not buy their equipment It burns out and everything, I do not know why it happens, probably because of some voltage surge when you press the button for sawing. To be honest, that was the last straw, to give 6-7 thousand for the equipment, which then is so dead is not desirable.Advantages: Maybe the merits can include functionality (all sorts of adjustments), comfortable in the hand, smooth adjustment of the saw speed, the package is more or less.Disadvantages: The darned backlight blows out after two weeks of use already on the second jigsaw (the first was replaced under warranty). just a faulty ruler.Straight saw? No, not heard saws are regularly led sideways, whether branded or junk, even took Metabo

Name: EvgenySummary: Wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. The tool can only be used for sawing boards for firewood. For a flat saw, you would be better off with a manual circular saw.Advantages: After a year of use it is still cutting.Disadvantages: It is impossible to saw straight, constantly drifting (this defect was immediately after purchase). I tried a lot of saws. And even on the thin plywood with the attached guide rail still leads. Plus it has no vertical alignment.

Name: VictorReport: The light bulb is getting dim after a week, I can even say it does not work at all.The cutting table is not set at 90 degrees, and you learn about it only after sawing.

Name: Vladislav, Employee of Leroy MerlinReview: Expensive, but there are advantages for the price: backlight, quick release, vacuum cleaner plugs in. Can be repaired after the warranty period expires. The cut is clean, it cuts quickly.Advantages:.Saws fast-Clear cut-Easy to find parts-Easy to find parts-Disadvantages:.Heavy-Low warranty-Safety cap without hinges,

Bosch PST 750 PE jigsaw, 530W

Name: IvanSave: Tried a lot of jigsaws before this one. Both expensive and cheap. This one is great. Small and lightweight. Lets you get where you need to go. The button to blow out the sawdust works. Can saw at low, low RPM at the touch of a button. Saws smoothly, don’t skimp on the good saws. For example saw Dexter. The soleplate is aligned properly. calibrated. Oh yeah, the ejection is very small. The price is cheaper than in other stores. 300-500r.Advantages: See above.Disadvantages: No case. But this is compensated by the price. The case is 1000 more expensive

best inexpensive electric jigsaws

This list includes the highest quality jigsaws that are ideal for a wide range of jobs around the house. They not only last a long time, but also allow fast sawing of different material.

Kolner KJS 480

Inexpensive jigsaw, which can cut at an angle of up to 45 °. It is equipped with a lock switch, allowing you to keep the device on for a long time, without holding the start button. This reduces the fatigue of the craftsman during the work.

The model copes very well with cutting coniferous wood, chipboard and other non-heavy materials. You can also work with harder wood, but for this purpose it is desirable to reduce load, sawing material with thickness not more than 40 mm.

  • Low price.
  • Low weight.
  • Moderate vibration.
  • Low-noise.
  • It is not always possible to achieve a straight cut, and the masters sometimes have to put up with small deviations of about 1 mm.


Power tool uses as cutting tool special sharp and wear-resistant saw blades. Rubberized handle makes it easy to hold.

Despite its low price, the jigsaw is smooth enough and features a protective shield that prevents fingers from getting into the sawing area and prevents the user from getting injured. Dust extraction duct ensures a clean work environment.

  • Lightweight.
  • Capable of sawing not only wood but also plastic and glass.
  • Locking the start button.
  • Rubber inserts on the handle.
  • There is a play near the saw’s fixture area, but it does not affect the sawing speed and evenness.

RESANTA L-100/850

Cutting wood and metal products is much easier with this robust jigsaw from a well known Latvian brand. High-capacity, heavy-duty motor and reciprocating action allow you to cut large amounts of material in a single cut.

Blow-off function helps to keep a tidy sawing area. The jigsaw soleplate provides excellent stability.

  • Bright backlighting of the work area.
  • High performance and power.
  • Laser guide.
  • Blow-off sawdust mode.
  • Short wire.

Zubr LP-500

Compact and powerful jigsaw with comfortable grip. Powerful, overload resistant copper wound motor at the heart of its operation.

The jigsaw has a variable stroke rate that permits a variety of materials to be handled optimally. Three-stroke operation guarantees a quick sawing operation. Base plate for perfect sliding properties. The power cable is frost-proof so the jigsaw can be used outside in cold weather.

  • Smooth cutting.
  • Quality pendulum and frame.
  • Quick saw blade change.
  • Low temperature resistant wire.
  • Insert for precise sawing sometimes goes under the jigsaw.

Metabo STEB 65 Quick

The manufacturer has equipped the jigsaw Metabo Quick system that allows you to quickly perform a tool change without additional tools. Non-slip pad for better grip.

The model’s platform can be tilted by 45°, enabling the user to make cuts at the right angle. High power makes it possible to saw nonferrous metals of considerable thickness.

  • High build quality.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Saw blade fastens quickly.
  • Protective shroud.
  • High vibration is felt during overloading.

Interskol MP-85/600E

Suitable not only for straight but also for circular sawing of different materials. Due to the powerful motor, the owner can even work with thin aluminum and steel.

In the design of the jigsaw there is a protective screen that prevents chips and dust from flying in all directions. Four-step pendulum motion allows adjustment to different material thicknesses and densities. Convenient operation is enhanced by a sturdy and stable molded sole.

PM 5-750E M by Philent

The owner of the model will like its ergonomic design that allows you to easily work with a power tool with one hand. Cooling of important components inside the jigsaw is ensured by effective ventilation. Aluminum alloy gearbox contributes to the reliability of the model.

Moderate vibration of the jigsaw helps you not get distracted and allows you to concentrate better on the surface you are working on. Craftsman protection at work is guaranteed by a special bracket mounted in front of the jigsaw.

  • Soft and maximally precise stroke.
  • Case included.
  • Feet with sturdy, carbide-tipped feet.
  • Soft frost-resistant power cord.
  • Poor blowing.

Bort BPS-900X-QLT

This jigsaw has excellent resistance to any load thanks to its ingeniously placed vents on the housing. Blowing unit quickly removes sawdust that clogs the jigsaw at work.

Price and performance comparison

To make it easier to navigate in the and characteristics of the best jigsaws, it is recommended to read the following table.

ModelPower, WFrequency of saw movement, strokes/minuteStroke of saw, mmDepth of cut wood/steel, mmWeight, kgAverage price,
Kolner KJS 480 480 3000 18 55/6 1.4 1 450
VICHR LE-55 600 3000 55/6 1.5 1940
RESANTA L-100/850 850 800. 3000 100/10 3 490
Zubr LP-500 500 600. 3000 18 65/6 2.1 3 500
Metabo STEB 65 Quick 450 600. 3000 65/6 1.9 4 000
Interskol MP-85/600E 701 300. 3000 26 85/8 2.7 4 200
The Fiolent PM 5-750E M 750 2800 135/10 2.4 4 531
Bort BPS-900X-QLT 850 800. 3000 23 100/- 2.3 4 400
Bosch PST 700 E 500 500. 3100 20 70/4 1.7 4 499
Makita 4329X1 450 500. 3100 18 65/6 1.9 4 747

How to choose a jigsaw

Before you buy a jigsaw, you need to think about your application scenario. If you are engaged in furniture making, toy making or construction and repair work, you should pay attention to the professional model. For the home handyman’s workshop, a relatively cheap household version will do. If you have to engage in sawing without electricity. the battery-powered jigsaw will be optimal.

Choosing an electric jigsaw, you need to pay attention to such characteristics:

  • power. The higher this parameter, the better the performance of the device, the faster the device is able to cut dense material. For example, jigsaws equipped with an electric motor up to 0.5 kW are suitable for working with wood, but are unlikely to cope with thick metal;
  • cutting depth. This characteristic is considered one of the most important, because it determines the ability of the device to work with different materials. For example, not all models are able to saw a wooden bar. The depth of cut is determined by the power of the device;
  • pendulum stroke. Its presence helps to increase the contact surface of the working tool of the saw and the processed material. In addition, the working blade has time to cool as it pulls away from the workpiece and therefore lasts longer;
  • quick clamping of the saw blade. Changing the blade is much easier and quicker. The design is reminiscent of a quick-action chuck. One or two moves and the saw is set;
  • anti-vibration system. It minimizes the vibration that is transmitted to the operator’s hands. In addition, the quality of the cut is improved. The machine runs smoothly and you are in control at all times;
  • mass. the “the lighter, the better” principle does not work here. It is important to find a compromise which is “all right” for everyone. A heavy jigsaw is not very handy, because your hands get tired. A too light jigsaw is not very stable. It is important to choose a tool that is really comfortable to work with.

You should pay attention to additional functionality. If you have a construction vacuum cleaner, it would be logical to buy a device that can be connected to. Preferably, the cutting zone should be illuminated.

What saws there are?

As a rule, the tool comes with working saws. But sooner or later they break down, so you have to buy working blades additionally. Before you buy a saw, you need to pay attention to the marking.

The first letters of the marking are T or U. T-configuration is much more common. The first number indicates the length:

Then there are alphabetical designations (Latin letters A. D) which mean the teeth size: from shortest to longest.

There are also additional letter markings:

  • F. bimetal;
  • X. universal version for different materials (metal, laminate, etc.). д.);
  • R. with reverse tooth;
  • O. for curved cuts;
  • P. thick saws for working strictly at a given angle.

Metabo STEB 70 Quick

Easy-to-use, robust, convenient and multifunctional household electric jigsaw. The model is distinguished by a beautiful design and the most comfortable handle. Thanks to the quick-change blade system, no need for a special key. The device is equipped with a 4-step pendulum stroke and a guide roller for high cutting precision. Speed of the power tool is controlled automatically according to load. This also improves the quality of cut.

  • Quick system, which allows you to change the saw blade without using special tools;
  • The low positioning of the blade guide ensures a high cutting precision;
  • Arc-shaped handle with non-slip Softgrip grip;
  • Blowing sawdust out makes the sawing area visible;
  • Vario (V) system. electronic adjustment of the operating speed depending on the material properties;
  • the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner.
  • optimal dimensions and weight;
  • reliability;
  • excellent build;
  • sawdust suction;
  • gentle operation with minimal vibration;
  • Good speed;
  • minimum noise;
  • connection to a vacuum cleaner;
  • reasonable cost.

Minus: the device is very picky about the choice of working saws. If you use a low-quality tool, it can be an unpleasant situation, such as poor fixation. With all that it implies, as they say. Some customers said that it would be nice to have backlighting. Models with a laser sawing line indicator are handy.

Bosch GST 8000 E

Ergonomic and powerful model that can even be used to work with metal up to 1 cm thick. The power of the device corresponds to 0.71 kW. for domestic use, it is quite sufficient, the performance of the device is very high. Model equally good at sawing 8 mm steel plates and 90 mm wood. Enough to pick up only the correct working saw. At the same time, the device saws very accurately, providing an even cut without leaving the side. The advantages of the jigsaw include:

  • functionality;
  • reliability;
  • convenience of use;
  • soft start;
  • adjustment of the inclination of the saw blade;
  • speed control. With the increase of the load the speed of work is not reduced;
  • smooth cut, the tool does not vibrate and does not “run away”;
  • function of blowing dust;
  • protection against shearing (this is very useful when working with hardwood);
  • the soleplate of pressed steel;
  • the ease of changing the saw;
  • ergonomics. Thanks to the rubberized coating, the handle does not slip out;
  • large carrying case. It is equipped with a small slot for storing files.

Disadvantages noted by many users:

  • Not very convenient location of the sawing speed control. The tool was not very ergonomic when working vertically;
  • the wire is excessively short and stiff. This is especially noticeable in the cold season;
  • insufficient blowing efficiency when connecting a vacuum cleaner due to the inconvenient location of the hole.


Inexpensive but powerful tool, ideal for curved cuts. The machine is not only suitable for wood, but also for tougher materials. the jigsaw is equipped with a 500 watt electric motor. Main advantages are the high cutting quality and the good functionality. Performance is achieved by 4-step adjustable pendulum stroke. Speed is adjusted by a rotary switch.

  • electronic speed control;
  • sawdust extraction for quality cutting
  • Soft Grip D-handle with soft rubber inlays
  • The starter button is fixed;
  • 4-step pendulum stroke;
  • The noise and vibration are minimal;
  • connection to a vacuum cleaner.
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • Good speed with relatively low power;
  • Not a bad quality of cutting;
  • sturdy saw blade in the set;
  • reasonable price.
  • Difficulties with sawing thick boards;
  • no case;
  • inconvenient securing of the saw with the screw due to the unreliable thread;
  • No lock at low speed.

Not a bad model for home use overall. Some disadvantages do not spoil the impression.


Powerful, even if a little edgy, domestic model. DeWALT features 3 pendulum modes. No need for additional key to adjust the inclination of the device soleplate. Special base plate prevents scratching of work surface. An important point. the safety of the device. Heavy-duty metal brackets prevent slipping of the fingers into the sawing area. Of the additional functionality it is possible to note the following:

  • bright backlight;
  • electronic speed control;
  • sawdust blow-off;
  • long mains cable;
  • Handle with padded soft material.
  • a minimum of noise when working;
  • low vibration;
  • solid metal frame;
  • Separate locking button for turning off;
  • 4-step oscillating stroke;
  • Variable speed adjustment is automatic;
  • fastening of the saw in express mode;
  • rubberized cramped handle with no slip at all;
  • low weight.


When choosing such a tool as a cordless electric screwdriver (which is better), “Interskol” is ready to offer several lines of devices. They are screwdrivers for professionals and amateurs at home.

Professional line features two speeds, high capacity battery, high torque. Nickel-cadmium batteries allow the device to work offline for a very long time. Torque

up to 30 Nm in different models. The devices are durable, practical and infinitely comfortable. The light weight of the models will make working with them more pleasant. “Interskol”. It is a worthy electric cordless screwdriver. Which one is better. reviews will help with the choice. In general, people speak very positively about the technique of this manufacturer.

The first model on our list is a great buy for your home. It is in the green, non-professional line of all tools from “Bosch“.

German or Russian electric cordless screwdriver. which is better? Reviews about the first one are very good. The parameters of this device are able to cover all the needs of the home craftsman and can even give a head start to some professional equipment. “Bosch PSR 1200”. is, first of all, its compact size. Then the power characteristics catch the eye. The battery is capable of producing 12 volts, and the force at the same time. 15 Nm. In addition to its size and strength, it is quite a functional device. It is possible to regulate the torque, to lock the device from self-activation. The reverse makes working with the device very pleasant. If you’re looking for a cordless electric screwdriver, which is better for home, the Bosch

Professional tools are also on the market. This is a blue line product.

The Bosch GSR 18V is the dream of those who assemble and disassemble furniture professionally. This is a reliable and powerful electric screwdriver made in Germany. It is ideal in places where space is limited. This machine has a large battery among other advantages. Powerful planetary gear in this model is capable of delivering up to 67 Nm of torque. If you choose an electric screwdriver

Cordless which one is better, “Bosch GSR 18V”. the choice of professionals.

The Bosch GSR 1440 is a two-speed professional model in the blue line.

The advantage of this model is its price. The planetary reduction gear allows a force of 30 km. Overload protection system to increase durability.

Here you have learned how to choose a cordless electric screwdriver. What is the best company? Each company offers several worthy lines. Choose your model.

Which drill is better Makita or Bosch

Electric drill is an indispensable helper for the home handyman. Drill is needed to assemble furniture, hang a picture and many other household chores. Drills are divided into percussion and impact, it all depends on the work and with what material you need to work. In order to choose the best quality drill, you should not only know how often you will use it for work, but also have an idea of what material the tool will be used for.

The cost of the tool will affect not only its class, but also the power of the drill, the manufacturer and many other parameters. The reputation of the manufacturer will have a direct impact on the cost of the drill. One of the most renowned. Due to a wide range of products, Makita power tools are popular not only among amateurs, but also among professionals.

Bosch drills have a lot of features, are quite easy to use, and have a compact size. The shape of the handle of the drill from the manufacturer Bosch allows the use of this tool for people who work with both right and left hand. Tools from the manufacturer Makita differ from other manufacturers by a wide range and high quality products. All drills have durable body, have reliable mechanics and work perfectly in conditions of maximum loads. On sale there are compact drills, which are designed for work with wood, and heavy drills that are used for drilling in brick or concrete.

Bosch or Makita drills are semi-professional drills, which belong to the middle class. The key features for these manufacturers are the right price-quality ratio, the power, the lightness and the sturdiness. These tools have a universal purpose. Drills from these two manufacturers are used for daily and multi-hour work. For the manufacture of drills, both manufacturers use high quality materials.

In order to choose a high-quality drill it is important to determine its type, which will depend on what kind of work you plan to do. You must take into account the kind of environment you will be working in and with what materials.Then choose the most optimal characteristics, paying special attention to power, speed and battery runnability. The model chosen must be comfortable for you. Study the warranty because even the best one can break through no fault of your own.