Which jigsaw to choose for professional work. Maintaining speed under load

TOP-10 of the best electrician home and professional work, a rating of popular quality, price and reliability

Electricity is not a luxury. This is a necessary tool for each master. It is compactly convenient to use, and most importantly, it can cope with the tasks of overwhelming another tool. Especially when it comes to figured woodcarving, cutting round slowings, quick cutting of leaf material. We have prepared for you an honest rating of the best inexpensive electroplars for a home based on Yandex analytics.Market and reviews of real buyers.

As usual, the leaders in quality are world manufacturers as Makita, Bosch and Metabo. But their price is high, sometimes differs from cheaper and less known analogues by 2-2.5 times.

The most popular for home use are the tools of key market players, such as Dewalt, Bison, Interskol, Kolner, BlackDecker, Patriot, Bort.

The household jigsaw of the company Fiolent has proven themselves well. Are famous for the even reza, good characteristics and affordable price. Of the minuses. the quality of components. A lot of marriage.


There are a lot of criteria for choosing an electrician for domestic use. The functionality and number of different lotions grow day by day. However, as practice shows, most of these fashion innovations are not in demand. That’s what you really should pay attention to:

  • Engine power. The instrument class depends on the engine power. For household electrolobsics, this indicator varies in values ​​from 380 to 700 watts.
  • The frequency of movement of the file. Indicator of the number of re-surveying files for a minute. The higher this indicator, the better the performance. For household appliances, the frequency of 500 to 3500 revolutions per minute is considered permissible values. In the permissible values ​​of each specific model, you can adjust the frequency on the tool itself. It should also be taken into account that the wood is better cut at a high frequency, and steel is at less.
  • The depth drank a tree. Another important indicator. Depending on the power, the household jigsaw copes with wood up to 70 mm in thickness.
  • The depth drank steel. Lobzik for home use does not involve thick metal cutting, but steel 2-4 mm thick should be taken for himself.
  • The move of the file. The presence of a pendulum mechanism of the file of a saw facilitates the cutting of strong wood and steel. Productivity and speed of work are increasing. Switching from reciprocating movement to the pendulum is made by simple pressing the button.

You can not discount additional options for electrolobsics, they can be very useful. So, the rotor control regulator is indispensable when cutting round holes, and the function of blowing sawdust and dust from the cut line will facilitate and accelerate the work. Also, some models have the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner to collect small garbage.

The canvas of the file should be selected depending on the specific tasks facing the master. Here you should pay attention to the marking:

which, jigsaw, choose, professional, work
  • HCS. carbon steel files are suitable for cutting soft wood and a number of artificial materials;
  • HSS. files are suitable for cutting various metal, plastic, solid wood;
  • BIM. universal bimetallic canvases are elasticity, which allows you to work with a tool in hard.to.reach places.

We also recommend reading a useful and detailed article about saws for an electrician, it has a video with tests.

This tool is intended for periodic work. Household models are characterized by a relatively low engine power and a very limited set of functions.

Hitachi CJ90VST

Hitachi will be a great gift to any home master. Just keep in mind that this tool works quite noisily.

Best Barrel Grip Jigs Saw ~ Head-2-Head

The Hitachi CJ90VST Electrician I received everything that is necessary for comfortable working with a tree: a powerful engine, a strong plastic case, a convenient and ergonomic handle with a rubberized lining, the function of the pendulum passage, the frequency regulator (850-3000 move/min) and the connection pipe to the vacuum cleaner.

Thanks to such characteristics and functionality, the jigsaw copes with soft wood with a thickness of up to 90 mm. The thickness of the metal.stated metal cut. 8 mm. All these advantages are complemented by a cast sole, a protective screen, a fast replacement mechanism of a saw canvas and a case for storage.

Zubble L-710-80

Convenient electric for home and cottage with all basic functionality and at a very affordable price.

An excellent model, for sawing chasing wood, sheet metal, wood-bearing plate, wood-fiber slab, wood-fiber slab and plywood at home. The power of the power plant is enough for sawing even solid materials to full depth. The jigsaw takes wood up to 80 mm, steel up to 10, and non.colored metal up to 15 mm.

Only the most necessary functionality is implemented in the cub: a 3-speed pendulum course, electronic adjustment of the speed with a maximum number of maximum, blowing.

It also provides for the adjustment of inclination of the sole (0-45 °) with fixation at marks 15 °, 30 ° and 45 °. There is a protective screen, rubberized handle and the ability to connect to a vacuum cleaner.

Fiolent PM5-750E m

Despite the fact that the purple in ergonomics is inferior to models of eminent brands, it surpasses even glorified Makita in terms of cutting. Such an electrician will be an excellent assistant home master.

  • Good power and performance.
  • The minimum level of vibration and noise.
  • Accurate and pure cut.
  • Soft network cord.
  • Cast sole.
  • Controversial ergonomics and uncomfortable design of the start button.
  • The need for improvement (the screws of the sole mounts act and scratch the workpiece).
which, jigsaw, choose, professional, work

PM5-750E is a novelty in the manufacturer line. A feature of the model is an improved blowing system and more reliable bearings. Thanks to the design of the handle, the vibration of the jigsaw is reduced by 30%. Lateral liners allow you to perform a more accurate cut. The guide video on the lever of the “pendulum” provides a stable position of the saw canvas in all modes.

The frequency of moves is adjustable from 0 to 2800. The maximum cut in wood reaches 135 mm, 10 and 20 mm in steel and color, respectively. Functionality: a five.speed pendulum mechanism, blowing, adjusting the tilt of the sole within.thirty. 45 °, self.disconnected brushes.

A parallel emphasis, a ruler for curvilinear cuts and a case are supplied with the device. The weight of the tool itself is 2.4 kg.

Professional models are of good endurance, reliability and a solid set of useful functions.

Bosch GST 850 BE Professional

Dewalt DW331K

Dewalt is ideal for home and professional use-a truly universal tool.

The model is designed to create high.quality curved cuts. The jigsaw has a large number of various settings. The handle has a rubberized pad, which allows you to conveniently keep the tool with one or two hands. The start button is combined with the speed of the speed of moves, which is very convenient.

Changing the file and changing the angle of the sole (from 45 ° to.45 °) are produced without an additional tool. Engine power allows you to easily make cuts with a maximum depth of 130 mm. Functionality: pendulum move, smooth start, blowing the working area, a pipe for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

Metabo Steb 140 Plus

Metabo Plus Quick will find its application in the household and professional field of activity. The tool turned out to be very reliable and will last a long time even in large loads.

Metabo Steb. a reliable jigsaw with great capabilities. Thanks to a powerful engine and electronic stabilization of the number of moves under load, the model easily copes with soft wood with a thickness of up to 140 mm. The reliability of the tool is due to the strong design of the case and gearbox made of cast aluminum.

The accuracy of the cut is provided by the spring support of the canvas, a variable number of moves and a 4-position pendulum mechanism. Functionality: fast-removable file mounting, fixed tilt of the sole (-45 °/45 °), tuned blowing, backlighting the cut.

Safety guarantees protection against random start. The tool is supplied in a case with additional accessories: an adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner, a shield and a lining on the sole.

Bosch GST 850 BE Professional

Despite the labeling of Professional, this model can be safely attributed to intermediate. semi.professional tools.

Easy to operate, but at the same time a solid and reliable tool intended for daily use. Thanks to a powerful power plant, the jigsaw copes with the sawing of composite materials, wood up to 85 mm, non.ferrous metal up to 20 mm and steel up to 10 mm.

The model is equipped with a speed of passage, a 4-speed pendulum mechanism and a smooth start system. The convenience of use is provided by: the rubberized handle, the rapidly causing fastening of the canvas and the blowing system of the cutting place with the pipe under the vacuum cleaner.

The device weighs a lot, so it will be difficult to work with one hand, especially when you take into account the not too convenient design of the outlet of the network cord. But the low cost of the Boshevsky jigsaw reconciles with these shortcomings.


Today, the consumer is offered a wide selection of this power tool. To make the right choice, you need to navigate in their features and classes.


These are the lightest in weight of the model, with a relatively low.power engine. Their advantage is low price. The disadvantage is less compared to more serious products. Engine power from 350 to 500 watts. Weight. up to 1.5 kg. The average thickness of the cut. up to 65 mm on wood and up to 6 mm on metal.

Council of household jigsaws are not intended for daily long.term work, in this mode they quickly fail. Therefore, choosing a tool for everyday work, focus on professional models. There are examples of specific models at the end of the article.

Suitable for home and everyday life, auxiliary work in small carpentry workshops with low load.


This is a more powerful and expensive category. All nodes and materials are designed for the longest service life. Power from 500 to 900 watts. Weight up to 3 kg. Capable of cutting a beam with a cross section of 100-120 mm and soft metal up to 30 mm thick.

You should know that the clear boundary between the groups “household” and “professional” does not exist. If an electrician has a powerful engine, dimensions and weight, it does not automatically transfer it to the category of professional, although the manufacturer can position it just like that.

In order for the tool to actually correspond to this class, it must have a long life without breakdowns. As a rule, these are models of famous brands that value their reputation. Their difference:

  • Convenient layout, excellent ergonomics. The tool sits well in the hand, moved and obedient to every movement.
  • All metal parts are whole.metal, stamped or cast, without the use of powder metallurgy (casting from metal and glue powder).
  • No “saving on everything”, a power cord at least 1.5-2 m.

The main difference between a professional tool and domestic tools becomes noticeable only after a long operation. Such a technique should withstand the operating mode of 4-6 hours daily for several years.

Used in carpentry workshops, construction, finishing and other permanent works.


This is no longer manual, but stationary machines. Have a bed, desktop, engine with a sufficient power supply.

Capable of working without a break throughout the work shift, service life of 5. 10 or more years. Provide high speed and accuracy. Analogs. tape and disk saws.

The cutting node of the industrial jigsaw is a saw with a reciprocating movement, so such machines belong to the class of jigsaws. In this niche, brands have a good reputation. manufacturers of industrial equipment for factories, factories and large workshops.

Stationary household and professional

These are machines of the same type as industrial, but low power and dimensions that are quite affordable. Have a fundamental difference from manual electrolobsics by device and capabilities. If you can cut a long sheet of plywood with a mobile hand.lobby, then it is difficult to drag such a sheet along a narrow bed of a stationary jigsaw. This is not required from the stationary version, it was created to perform its special tasks.

  • Cut the spikes on small blanks, rectangular or complex shapes.
  • Cut patterns and ornaments on leaf material.
  • Make small curved parts, functional and decorative: overlays, vignettes, pens.

Due to the use of different files, you can saw different materials. Therefore, the spectrum of application is not limited to small carpentry production.

Stationary jigsaws have small.power engines, from 50 to 150 watts. But this is enough to drink any intended workpieces that are in height in the working field of the machine.

Thin files are used on such machines, a little friction and resistance are created when sawing, because powerful engines are not required.

Unlike manual models, stationary jigsaws always provide a more accurate cut. The saw cannot go aside, as it is fixed at the two ends, from above in the drive and below. This allows you to achieve jewelry accuracy during operation. when serving the workpiece without excessive efforts, the cut will be made exactly where the workpiece will be directed.


In principle, these are the same tools as the network of small and medium power. The power is limited by the battering capabilities, because large.power batteries are not produced.

Council in the characteristics of the battery jigsaw there is no data on VT power, like network. When choosing, the power is estimated at the depth of the maximum cut and voltage of the battery indicated in the characteristics (from 12 to 18 V). When choosing, be guided by the rule: the more the cut depth is required during operation, the higher the voltage of the battery. An example, for plywood 2 mm is enough 12 V, and for a board 50 mm, it is better than 18 V.

Pros: the absence of a network wire makes the work more convenient, especially with the cut of long plywood sheets, a wood.fiber slab and other materials. Until the battery charging ends, you can work anywhere, regardless of the presence of an electric socket nearby.

Cons: higher cost, lower power, the need for regular recharging.

What characteristics to make a choice?

The parameters for which the electrician is evaluated are given in the order of their significance. At first the most important, and further in decreasing.

Engine power

Depends on the power, how the tool will cope with the loads. In principle, a jigsaw with any engine is obliged to cut the workpiece of the thickness of the thickness of the thickness.

For example, in the characteristics of the jigsaws with a capacity of 500 and 800 watts, the maximum thickness of the base of 60 mm can be indicated. But this only means that the saw comes out of the supporting platform to such a depth. In this case, the low.power option will be difficult to cut, tangible load or even overload. A powerful jigsaw, on the contrary, will work faster, without feeling the load, and as a result will last longer.

The advice should be avoided by excessive power. the larger the WATT, the harder the tool itself, the higher price and more power consumption, which increases the cost of operation.

If it is not planned to saw large blanks, most buyers choose small and medium power models for 500-600 watts.

Type of power

The battery option is convenient for working at a height, at a distance from the network, for cutting a large area sheet material.

The jigsaw has to be moved, for example, on a sheet of plywood 2, 5 m long. The wire clings to the back, it may get confused, or not enough its length. All this creates inconvenience. In such cases, a wireless option is better.

In other work on a workbench, table, battery jigsaw has no advantages. The network option is always ready for work, more convenient because you do not need to charge batteries, have and store a charger. In addition, battery options are more expensive than network.

The depth drank

The maximum size of the workpiece, which can be cut, depends on this parameter. The more the depth drank, the wider the possibility. But focus on depth as a defining parameter is not worth.

For cutting bulky blanks, as a rule, another tool is used. disk, tape, chain saws.

Lobzik is a highly specialized tool, and is mainly focused on thin.leaved material and wood up to 25 mm thick. Although in some cases they can saw the blanks of large thickness, and it is better when the tool has such a technical possibility.

Jew, maximum frequency

The file of the file is evaluated by two indicators:

  • The length of the course. This is the distance to which the saw moves up/down when sawing. The parameter is not always indicated in the characteristics of online stores, but almost always in paper operating instructions. For example, a jigsaw with a cut depth of 70 mm has a file of a saw of 20 mm. This is an average and sufficient indicator. In order to ensure a larger move, it is required to constructively increase the details of the reciprocating mechanism. This leads to an increase in dimensions, the weight of the tool and reduces the accuracy of the cut. Smaller move reduces the speed of sawing at the same frequency.
  • The frequency of the course. This is the number of beats (up/down) per minute. In different models with an adjustable frequency, this indicator is from 500 to 3500 strokes/min. The optimal revolutions for each material are set by adjustment by trial during real sawing. For some materials, the smaller frequency is better, for others. maximum. For example, plastic at high speed can melt, heated from friction with a file. When sawing different metal, individual speed selection is also required. For example, plywood or plastic at too low speed can not be cut, since the teeth will simply cling and get stuck.

The higher the maximum possible frequency, the more capabilities in an electrician.

The shape of the saw saw

Most of the files for different lobe have a standard landing and interchangeable. That is, suitable for all electrician. The standard shank has the shape of the letter T. The removed file resembles a knife where the shank looks like a handle with a limiter.

The exception is the U-shaped shanks (American standard), T-shaped with an additional bar of the Upor for the old Bosch electrician models and a unique-shaped saw for old makita liners.

There is not enough such a tool today, and it is difficult to find special files for them on sale.

The method of fastening the file

Modern eleans apply two methods of fixing the file in the groove of the rod:

The first method captures the file more reliable, without play, regardless of its thickness. Minus. the tightening of the bolt with a key is somewhat more complicated than an instant clip of lever. over, caution is required, the thread with excessive effort can be disrupted.

The second method is more convenient. The lever is squeezed, the old file is pulled out, the new is inserted, the lever is pressed. It is fast and convenient, the key is not required. Cons. such fixation sometimes allows the back of the file, or a saw with a thick canvas may not fit into the groove of an automatic clamp, and the thin can hang out. Different mechanisms are used on different models. But often on household models they are short.lived. On professional jigsaws use threaded clamps or reliable automatic.

The advice, taking into account the fact that the files do not change often, the difference in the replacement time between the first and second option does not matter. Therefore, threaded clamps are preferable. If the thread breaks on the bolt, it can be replaced.

The auto.loading is justified when it is required to cut several different materials for a short time and you often have to rearrange the files. This increases performance.

File manufacturing material

Included with an electrician, the buyer receives one or more files from different material for sawing wood, wood-fiber slab, wood-steering plate, wood-fiber slab, soft metals, etc.D. They are made of carbide hardened steels of different brands, including HSS. But the modern market offers the owners of electrolobsics about a hundred varieties of files for different purposes.

Types of jigsaws

When choosing a jigsaw for home use, it must be remembered that they, like other electric tools, are divided into household and professional. These species are significantly different in their capabilities, which determine completely different performance and work resource.

There are industrial jigsaws, but, as a rule, they are used on woodworking, furniture, as well as other enterprises, and are radically different from their counterparts of other classes, impressive sizes and power.


Household jigsaws are in a small capacity of up to 500 watts and low performance. The permissible range of working hours in such models does not exceed 20 hours a month. Therefore, household jigsaws are used for short work on cutting wood up to 70 mm thick and steel sheets up to 4 mm.

In addition, domestic models have a small set of additional functions that can greatly facilitate the work with the device.


The power of professional jigsaws can reach 750 W or more, which allows them to be used to cut wood with a thickness of about 130 mm, aluminum no more than 20 mm and steel up to 10 mm. The daily operation of such models is 8 hours, while they can be continuously used 2-3 hours a day.

Today you can find the relatively inexpensive christening of Chinese.made, but they are more suitable for the class of semi.professional, and the quality of such products leaves much to be desired.

which, jigsaw, choose, professional, work

Lobzik selection parameters

Any electrician has a number of working characteristics that you need to rely on when choosing. These include power, speed, cut depth, etc. It is on them that the productivity and resource of the tool will depend on them.

Selecting the Right Jigsaw in 2022. Features and Purpose. Compared


The main capabilities of the jigsaw are determined precisely by the power of the electric motor, which varies from 400 to 950 W.

With a cut of wooden workpiece up to 80 mm or stainless steel up to 8 mm, an electrician with a capacity of 600 W can easily cope. He is also considered the most chassis model.

For thicker material, you will need the tool more powerful, although with rare operation, its acquisition is unlikely to be justified.

For easy work with wood up to 65 mm or steel 4 mm, a 400-watt model is quite suitable, which can easily cope with other household unified tasks.

The frequency of the course

The quality of the cutting and the speed of the jigsaw depend on the frequency of the course.

Depending on the modification, this parameter may vary from 500 to 3100 revolutions per minute.

A tool capable of working with a high speed is well suited for soft wood, but dense materials are poorly cut.

For solid varieties of wood, plastic and soft metal, it is best to purchase a jigsaw with an average speed.

When cutting steel, high cut quality can be provided only using a lobe at a low speed.

Many models are equipped with the function adjustment function. This allows you to use one tool to work with different types of materials.

The depth drank

This parameter depends on its power and determines what materials in thickness can process the jigsaw. At the same time, the same model, the depth of drainage of different material will be very different, which is displayed in the documentation.

As a rule, in household models with a slight power, the depth of the cut of a wooden canvas does not exceed 70 mm, and steel up to 4 mm.

The depth of drank professional tools for steel is 10 mm, aluminum is about 30 mm, and a tree is 100 mm or more.

Type of power

Two electrolobsics options are available for buyers: network and battery.

Network are connected to a single.phase electric network with a voltage of 220 V. These models are more common than battery, but they have certain disadvantages: the workplace should be equipped with power and when using, freedom of action is limited to the length of the cord.

Unlike network models, batteries are more mobile. Mostly on sale are lobbs with a battery with a voltage of 18 or 10.8 V. But, you can find options for 12 and 14.4 in. The minus of the battery models is a small reserve of working time from one battery charge. From which it follows that it is better to have a spare battery nearby, which is not always included in the kit.

Additional functions

In addition to the main parameters, when choosing an electrolobian, it is recommended to pay attention to additional functions that greatly simplify the process of working with this device and improve the quality of the saw.

Pendulum. Present on almost all modern models and allows the file to perform not only reciprocal movements vertically, but also horizontally. This function increases the speed of the cut and can be adjusted depending on the necessary tasks. A pendulum course is needed when a large volume is related to a straightforward cut, in which the quality plays a secondary role.

Regulation of the corner of the sole. It makes it possible to make a cut at any angle to the working surface, thereby increasing the range of tasks of the device. As a rule, in expensive models, this function is limited only by two positions of 0 ° and 45 °, while their professional jigsaws are 4 or more.

Automatic speed support under load. It is required when working with dense and heavily processed materials such as solid wood, metal. With a high load, the electrician always loses speed, but the speed support function retains the cut speed and protects the engine from overload.

Smooth start. Prevents a sharp jerk when turning on the tool, which allows you to correctly start the cutting. The function of a smooth start is necessary when working that require high cutting accuracy.

Laser pointer. It is necessary only if there is no time to make preliminary markings. In this case, the laser beam will perform the guide line function.

In addition to the listed characteristics, when buying an electric jigsaw, you can pay attention to such additional opportunities as blowing chips and backlighting. Flowing the chips will always remain clean, which is important during curly cutting. And the backlight makes it possible to work even in a poorly lit room.

Electric selection parameters

The move of the file

This value varies from 15 to 26 mm and implies the amplitude of the movement of the cutting element both in the way of immersion and when returning to the starting point. Directly affects performance.

A short course of 15-17 mm means slow work, which is applicable in a home workshop.

Models with an amplitude of 19-26 mm function faster, which will come in handy for regular production of corps furniture or procurement operations at a construction site.


The characteristic has a range from 350 to 900 watts. The value affects the speed of the cut, the possibility of cutting solid materials and the duration of the operation of the tool during the day.

For a summer residence or a small workshop, 400-500 watts are suitable, which will allow you to cut wood up to 65 mm and steel up to 6 mm.

In a professional environment, 600-900 watts are used, which have the capabilities of the thickness of the cutting above several times.

The presence of a pendulum

Some electric ones are able to move with a file not only vertically, but also forward and backward. Such a complex system is called a pendulum and is included in a separate lever. This is applicable for a significant increase in speed, but it affects the accuracy of the cut.

In order to quickly create draft blanks that will still be processed, a model with a pendulum will come in handy.

In the production of cabinet furniture or creating a framework for paintings, where accuracy is important, it is better to use the device without moving the saw forward and backward, or turn off this function.

The thickness of the drink

This parameter depends on the type of material and can be from 40 to 160 mm.

If it is planned to work often with a thick beam, a board “Silet, then it is reasonable to purchase a device with an indicator of 110-120 mm for wood. Such devices will be able to cut steel up to 20-30 mm.

For cutting thin boards for the frame or cutting of a wood-fiber slab for a kitchen set, an electrician with a parameter of 70-80 mm on wood, which, if necessary, can drink metal up to 6 mm.

Revolutions adjustment

An important function that allows you to adjust the operation of the unit to various density of the material, which avoids overloads for the motor.

If you often have to switch between the sawing woody plate and wood massif (oak board, ash), then it is useful to buy an electrician with revolutions.

In the case of constant work with the same material, this is not required.

The maximum number of moves

The parameter varies from 2600 to 3700 moves, which the saw has time to make in one minute.

If you only have to work with soft rocks of trees, then a high number of moves 3700 are required, which will ensure the rapid performance of the task.

For cutting solid wood and cutting of plastic, you need models with 3000 moves.

Cutting out forms of aluminum or ceramics needs the lower value of 2600-2700.

Fast a saw replacement

The function allows you to change the broken element or install the other in quality quickly and with one hand. This is in demand when working with heterogeneous materials, where time affects the number of products manufactured and payment for it. For a summer cottage, this function is not required.


Electrician can have a built.in diode, which well illuminates a fishing line for a cutting trimmer. This is practical when working in poorly lit rooms or in the evening on the street. Additional light is useful and with a frequent transition from one workplace to another. If the fishing line for the cutting trimmer is always well lit on both sides, then you can save on this function.

Adjustment of the sole

With the help of several bolts, you can loosen and change the angle of the sole, which makes it possible to perform oblique cuts. This is useful for furniture manufacturers, where sawing at 45 degrees will help to create a solid case. Those who work with plastic or metal this option is not required.

Laser label

The tool may have a built.in module with laser marking. This is in demand in cases where high accuracy is required (ceramic threads, external elements of shelves, decorative overhead panels on the door).

The function provides a clear track of the cut line even if it is covered with sawdust. But its presence significantly increases the structure, therefore, for construction needs or home workshop, it is not required.

Smooth start

Electrolobsik is sharply twitches when starting. Only after that, already a vibrating tool, they are brought to the cutting line. But it’s so more difficult to definitely get to its beginning. If a neat visit is required, without a deviation of a couple of millimeters to the side (facial parts of furniture, work with ceramics), then it is advisable to purchase just such a model.

Support for constant revolutions under load

The internal electronic unit stabilizes the work of the file, regardless of the pressure of the user and the type of material. This is practical for beginners who are difficult to maintain a constant pressure on the tool. Experienced craftsmen are completely complete without this additional block.

The shape of the handle

There are two types of handles on electric ones: C-shaped and fungus.

The form in the form of a bracket is convenient for working in various spatial positions (cutting windows in drywall, figure cutting on wood, cut of the edges of various partitions that have already been installed).

The handle-grib allows you to better perform direct cuts in the lower position or at an oblique angle.

The presence of a case

Electrician can be sold in a paper box or plastic case. If it is planned to work constantly in one place, then it does not matter, but for the transportation and safety of the tool, it is reasonable to buy an apparatus with a suitcase.


Electrics are from 1 to 3 kg. This provides a certain load on the cut material.

If you often have to work with a thin wood-fiber plate (5 mm), it is advisable to have a light model of 1-1.3 kg, which will not push the edge of the plate hanging from the table excessively. It is more convenient with light devices to perform figured cutting.

For constant work on thick stoves of wood or plastic and the drain of the saw, we need apparatuses 1.5-3 kg.

Which electric one to choose

Electrolobzik for a summer residence is suitable with a saw of a saw of 15 mm, low power 400 watts, drain a tree with a 60 mm tree, weighing 1.5 kg with a bracket handle.

For the regular manufacture of kitchen furniture, shelves, wardrobes, you need 500 watts apparatus, with a file of a file of 18-20 mm, wood cutting up to 85 mm, speed adjustment and the maximum number of moves 3500/min. You will need backlight and fast replacement of saws. You can choose a device with a mushroom.shaped handle and a change in the sole angle.

Using the tool at a construction site for cutting drywall, manufacturing partitions in a cafe, creating window frames and doors, will require a capacity of 700 watts, 23 mm of a saw, the ability to cut a thickness of up to 100 mm, adjusting the revolutions and mass of 2.5-3 kg. The device with a case and backlight will be convenient. Changing the corner of the sole will be by the way. When working remotely from power sources, a device on the battery will come in handy.

For the manufacture of interior items made of various materials (ceramics, steel, plastic), you need a model with a power of 800-900 watts, the maximum saw of the saw of 26 mm, the thickness of 130-160 mm, laser marking and weighing up to 2 kg.

Types of electrician and their features

The buyer can purchase a tool operating from a network or battery. Universal models are also released.

There are jigsaws with which you can work with wood, metal, polymeric materials.

Professional models have many functions

Electrics of which company is better to choose

The best lobby for professionals are devices that can cut thick wood, metal, perform accurate cuts. Before buying a suitable tool, the future user should get acquainted with the top of the most famous manufacturers.


The company has been producing various power tools and equipment for many years. In 2019-2020, as before, Bosch products are popular. Many buy Bosch tools because of their high quality, performance and durability.


The Japanese company is considered one of the leading, produces devices for repair. She produces goods of both professional and amateur level.


The products of this German manufacturer are highly appreciated by enterprises whose work is related to the construction. The company produces the best professional bobs of premium class. Advantages of METABO products: huge selection, ergonomicity, strength of components, high capacity.


The domestic company represents to customers household and professional electrician. Main advantages: high strength of internal parts and corps. good build quality, low price.


This company produces the best models of semi.professional jigsaws. The company is included in the TOP 10 largest world manufacturers. Focusing on the production of products of the middle price category.

It is better to choose an electrician from a well.known manufacturer, which gives a long guarantee

Lobziki. rating 2021

Even the best jigsaws in the market have a mechanism sensitive to the quality of manufacture and assembly. The choice of a suitable device should be dictated by a rational solution regarding which tool will be the most suitable for our activities. Lobziki with a high engine power has established themselves in professional work, while the weaker in power of the model should be suitable for repairing a house or garden.

The principle of operation of each jigsaw is based on its electric motor, which forces the blade to make a reciprocating movement. For this reason, one of the key parameters of the device is its power. In the case of manual models, electrical jigsaws, it can be from about 300 to even more than 800 watts. If you plan to use a jigsaw for cutting a tree or furniture board, this power range means the maximum thickness of cut from several to several centimeters.

When cutting steel or aluminum, it should be remembered that these materials are much harder than a wood-based plate or a wooden board. Depending on the model you have in this case, you can count on a cut depth from several to several millimeters. The lower rotation speed is useful for metal. As in the case of drones and other power tools, the speed of almost every jigsaw is regulated by the exact trigger. With it, you can adjust the speed of work depending on the hardness of the material, such as a blade and your skills.

Models with batteries are usually based on 18 or 20 volts batteries, providing working parameters similar to the parameters of models with weaker power supply from the network. There are also versions with a 10.8 or 12 V battery, which differ in an easier and more compact design and are designed to perform less complex tasks, but at the same time offer excellent ease of use. The advantage of such a device as the makita jigsaw is the accuracy of the saw and low noise level. However, the maximum rotation frequency may be lower than that of competing models.

When choosing an ideal jigsaw, its additional functions are also important. Even the best from the point of view of power or noise can be impractical if it is too large and difficult or does not offer useful solutions. One of them is a mischievous change of saw paintings, thanks to which you can safely and quickly place the cutting element in the tool, and also replace it without the need to tighten the screws with a hexagonal key. This solution is especially useful in intensive work, when you cut materials requiring the use of different blades.

Electric lighting of a cutting place, usually a bright LED, is also useful in everyday tasks. This facilitates the maintenance of a jigsaw on the intended and drawn line. In more expensive models, you can even find a laser pointer, which will not only show you where the saw canvas will be directed, but will also allow you to cut “along the azimuth” towards the selected point. Overview of the workplace and its cleanliness also improve due to the nozzle from dust.

For wireless models, fast charging is important, especially if you work longer and you do not have a spare battery. A good battery allows you to quickly return to the current task, reducing downtime. Regardless of the type of device that you choose, make sure that it provides a reliable capture. A working jigsaw can generate strong vibrations that are difficult to suppress, and they affect the accuracy of the cut and the smoothness of the resulting edge. A strong capture helps to minimize these problems.

Among the functions of cutting it is worth highlighting the so.called trimming. In this mode, the saw disk makes movements both up and down and forward and backward. This allows you to reduce the pressure that you should exert on the machine for proper cutting. For this reason, it is well suited for cutting very thick materials that have significant resistance to the saw canvas. In turn, plastic cutting is simplified due to the possibility of installing a saw disk at a more moderate front angle, and not perpendicular to the device of the device.

A useful and often underestimated solution is the possibility of inclined fastening, which is often found in high.class devices. Thanks to this, you can do a cut at an angle, which will ensure aesthetic decoration of the corners of the cabinet or other piece of furniture. On the legs of most models, you can also install an additional guide. With it, you can easily make a cut at a constant distance from the edge of the processed material.

The most popular species of jigsaws

For their purpose, portable and desktop devices are distinguished. The former are divided into models controlled by one hand, and with a mushroom handle, designed to work with both hands. In both cases, the contact of the tool with the cut material is provided by a metal leg. The oscillatory effect of the blade moving perpendicular to it is provided by the cut. Often you can install a jigsaw at an angle, which allows you to make oblique cuts. An additional guide allows you to cut at a constant distance from the edge of the material.

A desktop jigsaw is a more professional equipment, the advantages of which will benefit, for example, a carpentry workshop. It is interesting that it often offers lower power and depth of cutting than a manual model. However, this is compensated by its high efficiency and accuracy. Of course, with its help you can also cut metal and plastic. However, for obvious reasons, it is much more difficult to transport, which limits its usefulness in small works.

Among the manual models, by type of power supply, network and battery devices are distinguished, such as Bosch jigsaw. The former provide higher power, which leads to a higher cutting depth and often to higher maximum speed. However, when working with them, be careful with a cable laying, which is easy to accidentally cut. Models with battery power are ideal for places where you do not have access to the outlet, and provide excellent accuracy of cutting.

Interestingly, there are no different types of jigsaw depending on the cut material. Its adaptation for working with metal, wood or other surfaces is carried out by a change of sawy canvas and adjusting the speed of work. Most popular portable models work with a popular T-shaped mount, which allows you to easily buy blades suitable for specific tasks.

Regardless of the type of jigsaw, pay attention to additional equipment. The non.slip surface of the handle allows you to safely and confidently work with the tool. The aforementioned lighting and the nozzle for sucking dust simplify the achievement of high accuracy and save you from cleaning after work. In some cases, the kit includes a special suitcase for storing and carrying a jigsaw. It also contains your set of saw paintings.

Which lobe is better to buy for home

There are a great many criteria for choosing electrolobsics.

    So, this is what you really should pay attention to:

The power of the electric motor

The class of electrolobesics directly depends on the power: household (for the home) or professional. Wast household models usually have a power of 380-700 watts, “take” steel up to 2-4 millimeters, wood-up to 7, differ in lower resource and the number of additional functions.

The price of household models from the cost of professional may differ significantly (depending on the manufacturer). A professional level instrument (750-1000 W) cuts a two-centimeter aluminum and steel to a centimeter, the depth of the cut of the tree reaches 8-14 mm.

The thickness of the material is indicated in the instructions as “the maximum depth of cut”. There are low.power electricians that eat from the battery. Suitable for limited cutting of materials that do not differ in special hardness, in the absence of a power grid (for example, on a suburban area).

The speed of the file

This electrolobian parameter determines the speed of work (the number of re-standing the files of the file per minute). It is worth considering: wood is better cut at a greater frequency, steel. a lower speed.

The speed of the speed occurs either until the power tool is turned on, or changes during operation by a fixing button. The larger the indicator, the faster the canvas and, at the same time, higher performance.

The pendulum mechanism

Today, the vast majority of electrician are equipped with a pendulum mechanism with an appropriate switch. The mechanism makes additional movements with a file in the horizontal direction and increases the performance of cutting, speed and operating time.

Significant minus. the quality of the surface can significantly decrease. Therefore, with a final cut, the mechanism is undesirable to use. When cutting a lobby of steel or solid wood, the function is actually indispensable.

Additional functionality

With poor lighting, an electrician can act as an additional light source. For this, the power tool is equipped with additional backlight. Electric engine fan can serve as a “cleaner”, using the spent air for blowing dust and sawdust from the cutting line.

Similar purposes are the option of connecting a linthry electric saw to a domestic vacuum cleaner. The saw rotation regulator is indispensable when cutting round holes. An important criterion for choosing an electrician may be the presence of an angular lock that fixes the supporting plate (“sole”) at different angles: 0, 45, 30, 15 degrees.

Selecting the canvas to the electrician, the material is also taken into account. Jews made of carbon steel (hCS marking) are suitable for cutting soft wood and a number of artificial materials, made of high.speed steel (HSS). for steels, various color meters, plastics, aluminum, and other solid materials.

Universal bimetallic canvases (BIM) are elasticity and allow you to work with an electrician in areas with very limited access.

Electrics of which company is better to choose

With modern globalization, the line between “good” and “bad” manufacturers, of course. But some stereotypes (like inexpensive and high.quality) both in sellers and buyers remain.

Which jigsaw to choose for professional work

Electric jigsaws, like other electric tools, produce various models that can be used for professional needs or household purposes.

In everyday life, this tool is not used very often, so household electrolobsics have small capacities inferior to professional models that are constantly operated.

Household electric lobe is equipped with a smaller number of additional functions and have minimal working resources, which are enough to use the tool. Accordingly, the cost of domestic models of electrolobsics is 2-3 times less than the price of professional models.

When choosing an electric jigsaw, it is necessary to take into account that household low.power tools are used for cutting wooden products with a maximum thickness of 70 mm, and steel, having a maximum thickness of 4 mm.

Professional models of electrical jigsaws, which have high power and performance, are used for cutting wood, which has a maximum thickness of 135 mm, steel. up to 10 mm and aluminum up to 20 mm thick.

If you know how thick the metal that you need to cut, it is easy to calculate the power of the electrician necessary for this work. Household electrical jigsaw are produced by Chinese and Polish manufacturers.

Better.quality tools are produced by German, Japanese with Swedish manufacturers. Professional electric jigsaw saw is produced by the famous German manufacturer Bosch.

Cut round holes with various diameters using an electric jigsaw in sheet materials (wood, steel, plastic) easily and quickly.

If the jigsaw is needed for professional activities. the implementation of repair work on an ongoing basis, then in this case it makes sense to pay attention to professional units. They are more powerful and designed for daily use.

A professional jigsaw has an unlimited operating time and is equipped with many additional functions. Power is 700-1000 watts. Such units do an excellent job of sharp wood 80-135 mm, steel-up to 10 mm, aluminum-up to 20 mm. Of course, the weight and size of professional jigsaws is greater than that of household.

Like any other power tools, an electrician can be domestic or professional. It is better to choose a household model if you plan to use an electrician rare and only at a small household level.

Such jigsaws are low.powerful, they can cut wooden parts with a thickness of not more than 7 cm and steel sheets up to 4 mm thick. Frequent use of household electrical appliances will lead to their rapid wear. But this does not mean that they are poor.quality.

For their modest purposes, they are quite suitable. Typically, such models are manufactured in China or Poland, have a limited number of functions and quite affordable price. For home use, they are ideal.

Professional electrolobsics have great power, significant margin of strength and can last more than one year even at maximum loads. Such models cut wooden blanks up to 14 cm thick without problems, aluminum sheets up to 2 cm thick and steel sheets. up to 1 cm.

Manufacturers of professional electrolobsics usually produce a number of electrical appliances and are quite famous among construction workers. The more famous the manufacturer, the more expensive the tool that is produced under his name.

Although there are analogues less expensive, but no less high.quality. Which model to choose, the seller will tell you with a good and verified reputation.

Additional functions of a professional electrician

When choosing a model, special attention should be paid to additional functions of a professional electrician. Which one?

Almost all modern models are equipped with a pendulum type mechanism. This mechanism transfers an additional pendulum fluctuations with a file. This function protects the tool from premature wear and significantly reduces the time of cutting.

True, the quality of the cut is reduced, which is not always acceptable. If a finish cut is performed, the pendulum mechanism is better to turn off. In addition, it should not be used when working with metal or solid wood of wood.

which, jigsaw, choose, professional, work

The second useful function is the ability to adjust the speed of the course that allows you to configure the tool to work with a certain material. The higher the speed of the course, the higher the performance, but with an increased frequency, the tool itself wears out faster.

The frequency can be selected by stronger pressing on the start button or set by the regulator before starting the tool.

What else will facilitate your work. the function of shaving dust. Almost any cut, regardless of the material, pulls the appearance of dust and chips, which settles on the cut line and scattered around the workplace. The function of blowing dust will help immediately clean the canvas of chips and dust, which will significantly improve the quality of the cut and its accuracy.

In addition, an electrician can have a built.in lamp, a rapid replacement system of a cutting element, a fixer of the angle of the sole and other useful functions. You can even connect a vacuum cleaner to the electric lobes, so that the workplace is always neat and clean, without dust and chips.

When choosing an electric jigsaw, you also need to take into account its power. For household models, it usually does not exceed 500 watts, while in professional it reaches 550 watts and above.

Electric Bosch

The German Corporation Bosch knows everything about the jigsaws, because it is thanks to this manufacturer that the first lobe saws appeared. And the improvement of this tool continues every day.

Although the first jigsaw called Lesto was produced by Albert Kaufmann, who had nothing to do with the concern, it was after the sale of his Bosch that he gained his popularity.

Now the Bosch elast of the Bosch (Bosch) is a high.quality and reliable device. And this is not surprising, because the manufacturer always put in the first place the interests and needs of the buyer, and the brand itself is the personification of German quality and durability.

All products of the company and Bosch electrolobsics combine excellent technical characteristics and modern technologies.

In the world of power tools, the most significant argument for buying an electrician, however, like other tools, the name of the manufacturer plays. The very name of the company speaks of the prestige, quality and reliability of the tool.

  • Bosch is the most famous European company for the production of household and professional tools. Despite the fact that the country can be indicated on the model manufacturer Romania or China, the quality of Bosch is guaranteed.
  • Makita is the perfect Japanese accuracy and reliability, the instrument of this company belongs to the highest category of quality and functionality.
  • Hitachi. one of the main activities of this company is construction equipment. Therefore, it is not surprising that Hitachi electrolobes are produced in compliance with all the requirements of accuracy and quality.
  • Dewalt. a brand of an American tool with inherent reliability and power. There are several models on the market, including a battery tool.
  • Metabo. brand producing a professional tool with high reliability and increased engine power. There are several types of tools from ordinary network, to multifunctional battery models in the lineup.
  • Interskol. a domestic brand combining the traditions of the Russian school of manufacturing tools and European engineering. The manufacturer offers several models of lobe of household and professional segments, actively updates the models making changes and improving their functionality.

Answers to important questions when choosing a jigsaw

Lobzic saw for a home is a practical tool that simplifies and accelerates household “saw-out” tasks. By going to the store you can stumble on many models, and each will have some unusual functions. Some useful, others doubtful, which only rise in cost of the tool. What to take into account when buying:

  • Do you need a laser marker on a jigsaw? The marker will project a point or fishing line for a trimmer before a file, focusing on which it is easier to “aim”. In fact, the option is not so necessary, in addition, it is not needed at all if it is planned to cut figured parts (it will simply be distracted). And while working, the instrument saw can still go to the side, which depends on the processed material, the length of the file, the shape of the teeth. And it happens, you follow the laser, but in fact, the cut has already gone differently as it should. Instead of laser marking, it is better to prefer another option. backlight;
  • Do you need a smooth start for home jigsaw? This option is found in most of the electrical tools, and yes, it is useful. There are frequent situations when a jigsaw is launched when a file is contacted with the material, for example, there is already a cut and it is necessary to continue it. So that the wood does not roll up and a smooth start was invented;
  • Is the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner important? This option is found in most lobe saws for the house. In principle, the tool does not produce so many sawdust, but in any case, it will be cleaner in the workshop if you connect the vacuum cleaner;
  • Is the fast.fast fastener conveniently? On inexpensive models, the saw in the clamping cartridge is attached with a hexagon and it happens that it is lost. Over time, they began to make fast-and-and-packed mount-this is more convenient, and the saw changes for one or two;
  • what maximum speed to choose? In many jigsaws, the maximum frequency is located around 3,000 moves per minute. The minimum frequency plays greater value, especially if plans to work with metal in plans. And in such a situation it is recommended to take a more powerful electric jigsaw so that its engine does not “clin” when cutting a metal sheet.