Which lawn mower is better self-propelled or not

What else can a lawn mower be called?

  • grass trimmer
  • lawn mower
  • lawn mower
  • Mechanical grass scythe

The group of lawn mowers also includes raiders. mini-tractors. But they are used for large lawns (for example, in housing and communal services).

AL-KO 112924 BC 1200 E

Suitable for mowing small areas, for processing around flower beds, trees and bushes. Sufficient power (1200 W) and cutting width (35 cm). The height of the handle is adjustable for height.

which, lawn, mower, better, self-propelled

Champion LM5345BS

The best lawnmower for a large area with a relatively flat surface, although it overcomes small bumps. It has a 4-stroke American-made 6 hp engine. from. There is a grass height adjustment. You need to be more careful with this. if you put too low a height, it can get stuck on a bump. Large cutting width (53 cm).

  • Powerful and efficient, it cuts everything
  • High cross-country ability, large driving rear wheels
  • The metal body will not be damaged by bumps, stones, etc.
  • Low noise
  • Easy to start
  • Easy to clean
  • Reliable, serves for many years
  • It is inconvenient to load one into the trunk of a car and get it out (large and heavy, 41 kg)
  • To fold, you need to unscrew the screws at the handles (the main thing is not to lose them, since they can be unscrewed easily and without tools)
  • No mulching function

best lawn mowers

Lawn mowers are originally designed to tidy lawns. But our gardeners and summer residents successfully use these devices simply for cutting grass (as well as bushes. if the power permits), sometimes processing bumpy, heavily overgrown areas. In our rating, we have collected for you the 18 best models of lawn mowers of different categories. so that you can quickly figure out which lawn mower is right for your site (lawn).

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Top 5 Best Self Propelled Lawn Mowers in 2021 (Buying Guide) | Review Maniac


Two-stroke petrol grass trimmer. Thanks to the foldable handle and the detachable rod, it fits easily into the trunk of the car. Proved itself well when processing uneven areas, in hard-to-reach places (near fences, around trees). Easy to control. trigger and throttle lock on the handle.

  • Affordable price
  • Powerful, cuts thick stems and bushes
  • Dismountable bar, easy to transport
  • Foldable handle, height adjustable for height
  • Comfortable bike-shaped grip
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Cold sometimes does not turn on well
  • Vibration is felt after a long work (if immediately, most likely, it was assembled incorrectly)
  • Too high grass clogs the coil
  • There are many complaints about the belt (inconvenient, twisted)
which, lawn, mower, better, self-propelled

Best Mower: Best Self Propelled Lawn Mower 2021 (Buying Guide)

Differences in various parameters

To determine which type of device is better in certain conditions, it is necessary to determine the criteria by which the comparison will take place.

Since the capabilities and efficiency of mowing grass of self-propelled devices are completely identical to the same models, but without wheel drive, we will compare them in terms of convenience:

  • mowing small areas;
  • cutting grass in large areas;
  • mowing uneven areas;
  • for people who do not have good physical fitness;
  • complexity of service;
  • cost.

For people without good physical fitness

Regardless of the size of the site and the parameters of the lawn mower, a self-propelled drive gives a significant advantage. when fatigue accumulates and the machine is hard to push on the site, turning on the drive will reduce the load on the operator and allow him to finish the job without interruption.

In addition, there is always the possibility that you will have to use the mower on uneven or large areas, which means that the self-propelled mode will be of significant help, therefore, for people who do not have good physical training, a model with a wheel drive is preferable.

Self-propelled or non-self-propelled lawn mower: how they differ from each other and which one to choose?

Self-propelled lawn mowers differ from non-self-propelled ones in that they move independently, so they do not have to be pushed around the site, which is especially important on uneven terrain.

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However, sales statistics for these devices indicate that non-self-propelled people buy at least no less than self-propelled ones, which means that this advantage is not always decisive.

How To Choose The Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard | Lawn Mower Buying Guide 2020

Therefore, below we will analyze in more detail the differences, as well as all the advantages and disadvantages of each type of mower in different conditions and help you decide what is better to buy.

Large territories

In large areas, a self-propelled model is much more convenient than a non-self-propelled one, because only people with good physical training will have no difficulty in pushing a mower weighing 30 kg or more.

Turning on the drive eliminates the need for the operator to use his own physical strength to move the device along the site, which means that the rate of fatigue accumulation will only be affected by the distance traveled without load, due to which he will get tired much later. Therefore, in such conditions, a self-propelled model is much more preferable for most potential buyers.

Uneven areas

Regardless of the size and weight of the mower, when driving over uneven terrain, the operator has to exert great effort to overcome the lowlands and hills.

The self-propelled device overcomes most of the irregularities on its own, so it will have to be pushed much less often, and this will require much less effort.

Therefore, here too, self-propelled lawn mowers are better than non-self-propelled counterparts.

Small areas

The answer to the question of what is more convenient in small areas depends on the physical condition of the person who will operate the lawn mower, as well as his love of walking. For maintenance of small lawns, usually small mowers are chosen, the mowing width of which rarely exceeds 45 cm, and the weight of 20-30 kg.

A device with such parameters is easy to roll around the site even for a person without much physical training, but who loves walking. The situation is different if the area is located on a slope, where the drive not only moves the mower forward, but also helps to maintain direction, thereby making it easier for the operator to control the mower.

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In addition, the drive of the self-propelled model is turned on only at the command of the operator, who needs to press the appropriate lever, but until he does this, he has to push it manually.

The self-propelled model combines 2 modes of movement. self-propelled and non-self-propelled, which means that you can not use the inclusion of the drive and use it as non-self-propelled. Therefore, a self-propelled lawn mower is preferable to a non-self-propelled lawn mower, as it gives the operator more options.

Complexity of service

The vast majority of self-propelled models are equipped with a friction drive, the maintenance of which is reduced to replacing the drive belt and friction wheel.

These operations can be performed independently, but the amount of work will turn out to be much more than when servicing a non-self-propelled device, in which it is enough to replace the drive belt of the knife drive.

If the device is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, then its service at home is not provided and for repairs you will have to take the mower to a specialized service. Therefore, any model with wheel drive is more difficult to maintain than one that does not have such a drive.

A self-propelled version of the same model will cost at least a little, but more expensive than one that is not equipped with wheel drive.

over, the higher the cost of the basic device, the more expensive its modification with wheel drive will cost, but on average the excess of the cost is 10-30%.

If the mower is equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, then its price increases by 1.5-3 times.

Therefore, with a limited budget, you will have to take either a non-self-propelled device of the desired brand with the selected characteristics, or look for a version with wheel drive of a less expensive model.