Which Lawn Mower To Choose For A Rough Plot

Often, gardeners and owners of personal plots face the problem of copiously overgrown terrain or a relief surface. In both cases, it is quite difficult to achieve a high-quality result (a perfectly trimmed beautiful lawn). Working in such conditions requires effort, patience and properly selected equipment.

With the development of modern technology, it is no longer so difficult to solve the problem of which lawn mower to choose for an uneven area.

Features of the lawn mower device

Among the variety of types and models of mowers it is not easy to navigate and make the right choice. To do this, you need to study some of the nuances.

A lawn mower for tall grass and uneven areas, depending on the type of work, must meet certain criteria:

  • Electric models. These lawn mowers are lightweight, maneuverable, silent, environmental. But for working on irregularities and with abundant vegetation, only models with powerful engines are suitable. Up to 1500 W, located in the upper part of the device. Low-powered lawn mowers simply can not cope with weeds. When using electric models, it is important to monitor the condition of the engine, avoid overheating, take a break every 15-20 minutes. Work. Another important nuance. This type of equipment can be used for small areas, since its radius of action is limited by the length of the cord and extension cord.
  • Battery models. This type of gardening technology is developing quite quickly and is becoming increasingly popular. Battery equipment stands out for its practicality, noiselessness and autonomy. Thanks to good maneuverability and mobility, cordless lawn mowers for uneven areas have proven themselves well. As for work with tall and hard grass, here this type of equipment is ineffective. There is not enough power. The functionality of the mower is directly dependent on the battery charge. With increased intensity of work, the battery discharges quite quickly, this affects the quality of work in a few minutes.

Interesting. The advantages of electric and cordless mowers are considered to be ease of use and greater safety. Recently, new items have been popular. Hybrid lawn mowers (battery electric motor).

  • Gasoline models. These are the most powerful lawn mowers. In comparison with the previous options, heavy, noisy and expensive. But gasoline lawn mowers for tall grass, a large garden with wild vegetation. The most optimal option. This type of technique requires more careful care and certain skills.

In addition to differences in the principle of operation, lawn mowers are distinguished by the type of movement:

  • Non-self-propelled mowers. They are set in motion by human efforts. Managing such models, especially in difficult conditions, requires a lot of effort and skills.
  • Self-propelled mowers. Move independently. From a person only competent management is required.

On a note. The self-propelled gas mower is the Champion among lawn mowers for weeds and hilly surfaces.

Aspects of choosing a lawn mower

In order to find out which lawn mower is best for uneven areas and hard vegetation, you need to determine the conditions and criteria that it must meet.

The main aspects of the choice:

  • Territorial area. Depending on the size of the site, you can choose the type of lawn mower. For small areas with a embossed surface and not running grass cover, it is quite possible to do with lightweight electric models with a drum type of work. For plots larger than 500 square meters, rotary machines are used. In hilly areas, especially on slopes, rear-wheel drive gas mowers work well.
  • Power. Lawn mowers for uneven areas do not have to be powerful. In this case, the main thing is mobility. This does not apply to lawn mowers for tall grass or small bushes. In this case, power is the main criterion. Electric models should be equipped with engines of about 1500 watts, gasoline. 5-7 liters.
  • Bevel height. It is very important to choose a lawn mower with the ability to adjust the height of the bevel. This function is performed using a special lever or button. Depending on the model, 2, 5 or even 7 adjustment positions can be used.
Which Lawn Mower To Choose For A Rough Plot

Selection of lawn mowers for bevel height

Important! At one time, it is recommended to mow no more than a third of the height of the grass, then mow several more times with an interval of 7-10 days. Thus, the lawn acquires a neat well-groomed appearance (the grass does not tear, manages to rejuvenate), and the mower is not subjected to heavy loads.

  • Weight category. To work on uneven, but small areas, you can use lightweight electric or battery models. Their weight is 13-15 kg, and, thanks to this, they are well managed by women or adolescents. For more complex, overgrown areas you will have to use heavy gasoline mowers.

Attention! For work with high vegetation, you should choose lawn mowers with the function of ejecting grass to the side or mulching. Collecting grass in a special bag is impractical. You have to spend a lot of time cleaning it.

In addition to these criteria, you should pay attention to several factors:

  • Body material. The best option is plastic or aluminum.
  • The width of the mowing. For uneven surfaces, it is better to choose a small width. 30-35 cm. For flat but large areas. 50-55 cm.
  • Wide wheels. The best option for the lawn is those that leave no residue. For irregularities, models with large rear wheels are used.

The best models of lawn mowers

Among the variety of brands and types of lawn mowers, we can distinguish units that have proven themselves in work in difficult conditions.

Electric models

  • Al-KO Classic 3.82 se. German production. The electric model is distinguished by a powerful engine. 1.4 kW, durability, endurance. A great option for working in small areas with embossed soil.
  • Hyundai LE4200. The Korean model is known for high performance and power. Present mulching function, central adjustment of the height of the bevel. Thanks to its good maneuverability, it is the best option for women to use lawn mowers for uneven surfaces.

Electric lawn mower Hyundai LE4200

Battery Models

  • Stiga SLM4048AE. Swedish brand. He earned respect with a powerful battery, the charge of which is enough to process 5 hundred parts. The model is not self-propelled, but light and mobile. Central control of the height of the bevel, ejection of grass on its side, mulching.
  • Al-KO MOWEO 38.5li. A relatively inexpensive mower with excellent characteristics: a powerful battery, a unique knife, wide wheels, elegant shape. Excellent lawn mower for rough terrain.

Cordless lawn mower AL-KO MOWEO 38.5li

Petrol models

  • Hyundai L 5100S. One of the best models of lawn mowers, with virtually no flaws. Economical and quiet powerful 5 hp engine Able to process up to 15 acres in a short period of time. Speed ​​and cutting height adjustment. During operation, there is a “vacuum cleaner effect”. The grass is absorbed under the knife. The best lawn mower for tall grass.
  • Stiga Combi 48. Solid and hardy mower with a powerful 4 hp engine The rear wheels are larger than the front ones, which improves maneuverability. Strong steel case. It copes well with work on a plot of 5-10 acres. An important advantage is the democratic price, in comparison with similar models.

Gasoline mower STIGA Combi 48

The lawn mower is an indispensable tool in the household. There are models that do an excellent job even in areas with an uneven surface and tall grass. The right choice of lawn mowers for working in such difficult conditions can be made only by studying the important aspects and features that the equipment must comply with.