Which Lawn Mower To Choose For A Summer House

Not always care for the site begins with a lawn mowing. Where more often summer residents or owners of a country house after a long absence on the site are waiting for a jungle in miniature, which must be overcome with the help of mechanized equipment. Trimmers are of little help here, especially if you want not just to cut the vegetation under the root, but to give the area a well-groomed appearance. Here we need a more reliable, easy-to-use technique.

Are there lawn mowers for uneven areas and tall grass? Such options can be found among the offers of various brands. From top companies to inexpensive brands. How to understand whether it is possible to mow grass on an uneven surface with an electric self-propelled mower? Find the best option and understand the device technology will help rating the best models and useful recommendations.

Basic requirements for lawn mowers

What should be lawn mowers for uneven areas and what points should be paid attention to? The first and most important thing to consider: wild vegetation requires processing by an aggregate with a powerful motor. If a mixture of shrub and grass is presented on the plot, it is better to take a lawn mower from 1500 W, with a metal knife-disk as a cutting element. She can even cope with complex tasks and does not require frequent sharpening.

For uneven areas, the need for high-quality grass mowing is becoming a serious problem. If you have to regularly overcome obstacles in the form of bumps, to work on slopes and hills, it is better to give preference to models with gear shifting and wheel drive from the very beginning. The best choice will be the technique with which you can mow the surface of the lawn or wild vegetation at different speeds, they should be from 4 front and 1 rear. Starting is more convenient with an electric starter; it is also found on gasoline models.

Another important requirement for uneven areas is a mower with large wheels, capable of providing convenience when turning and maneuvering.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the location of the engine. In powerful models it is located on top, in the rest it is hidden in the body. The more difficult the terrain, the heavier the mower should be.

Be sure to make sure that the cutting element has sufficient resistance to collision with solid objects and obstacles. As for the discharge of grass, it is more convenient to use a model of a lawn mower with a grass catcher or side discharge. Variants with a mulching mechanism also crush the particles that get inside, turning them into a finished fertilizer.

Suitable types of mowers

Which lawn mowers are suitable for working in heavily overgrown areas? First of all, it is recommended to use self-propelled gasoline models that can effortlessly cover significant distances. Due to the presence of a drive on wheels, the user needs to make much less effort, and the grass can be mowed even in a clean field, without fear that problems will arise. Non-self-propelled models have to be pushed, applying muscular strength. It will be difficult to deal with them for an elderly person or a fragile woman.

An electric lawn mower with a wire or battery will also be useful in a very overgrown area. If it is possible to connect to mains power, it is worth choosing these options. Limiting the length of the wire will not be a problem in a small area, but in work it will be necessary to take into account its presence on the surface of the lawn. Battery technology is usually less productive, the maximum duration of work with it is from 30 to 60 minutes.

To extend the life, you have to buy additional batteries.

Rating of the best models

Among the models that can successfully cope with work in areas that are heavily overgrown or have uneven terrain, gasoline and electric options can be noted.


  • Hyundai L 5100S. Model of a lawn mower with a four-stroke engine of 5 liters. With., has the ability to literally draw grass under the knife. The technique is optimal for processing large areas from 15 acres, efficient, has an adjustable speed and cutting height. Ideal for mowing tall grass.
  • Caiman Xplorer 60S 4000360901. This model of a self-propelled lawn mower is equipped with a four-stroke gasoline engine and is able to cope with work both within a private territory and in public areas. With its help, you can care for the slopes of rivers and lakes, roadsides, lawns and parks, destroy dense weeds, cut young bushes of shrubs. The cutting height range varies between 55-120 mm, the three-point wheelbase provides high maneuverability of equipment. The mass of the self-propelled device is large enough, reaches 50 kg.
  • Champion LM5345. A modern, powerful gasoline mower capable of working with and without mulching function. The four-wheel rear-wheel drive design weighs 36 kg and is equipped with a 3-liter 4-stroke engine. From. The width of the cut reaches 53 cm, the kit includes a grass catcher for 75 l, the supported cut height varies in the range of 25-75 mm, adjustment is carried out at 7 levels.

The model easily copes with the most complex tasks, is well suited for taking care of large areas.

  • Ikra mogatec BRM 1446 S. A model with an average cutting height of 25 to 75 mm and a swath width of 46 cm is equipped with a 4-liter gasoline engine of 3 liters. From. The lawnmower has 4 wheels (diameter of the front pair 18 cm, rear 20 cm), a steel case. The kit contains a soft grass catcher of 50 l, which allows the collection of cut stems.
  • Viking MB 2 R. A gas mower suitable for use on plots of no more than 1,500 sq. M. M with a different type of terrain. The three-wheeled construction with a steel casing can easily maneuver, has a cut width of up to 46 cm and is capable of mowing grass at a height of up to 77 mm. The model has a mulching function that grinds waste; there is no grass catcher.
  • Huter GLM-5.0 S. A model with a relatively small cutting width (46 cm) and a powerful 4-liter four-stroke engine. From. The lawnmower is equipped with a hard compartment for collecting grass at 60 l, the cutting height is adjustable at 5 levels, in the range from 20 to 85 mm. The equipment is quite heavy. 40 kg in weight, the body is durable, steel.


  • Bosch Advanced Rotak 760. Low-noise lawn mower from a well-known brand, weighs only 16 kg, has a cut width of 46 cm, is equipped with a convenient soft grass catcher with a volume of 50 liters. The model is able to leave a grass carpet 2-8 cm high, adjustment is carried out at 7 levels.

The power of the built-in electric motor is 1800 watts, this is enough to care for a plot of 10 acres.

  • Al-KO Classic 3.82 se. The lawn mower, made in Germany, is equipped with a 1400 W motor, is able to remain operational for a long time, and is not subject to overheating. Large wheels do a good job with difficult terrain.
  • Daewoo Power Products DLM 1600E. An electric lawn mower with a rigid compact grass catcher at 40 l has an acceptable power of 1600 watts and is able to effectively mow grass with a strip of 34 cm at a height of 25-65 mm. The model has central adjustment at 5 levels, 4 wheels, a lightweight body weighing no more than 10.5 kg.
  • Dde LME3110. The simplest of electric lawn mowers recommended for work in areas with complex terrain. This model is well suited for processing small areas. The cutting width of this technique reaches 46 cm, the kit has a small rigid grass catcher for 26 liters. The motor has a power of 1070 watts, and in this the lawn mower loses much to its counterparts.


  • Stiga SLM4048AE. The most popular cordless lawn mower manufactured by a Swedish manufacturer. There is a function of collecting or mulching grass, a rear discharge, a swath width of 38 cm, a viewing window is provided in the 40-liter grass collector to control its filling. There is a central 6-step adjustment of the cutting height, the range varies from 25 to 75 mm. Motor power is 500 watts.
  • Al-KO MOWEO 38.5li. Cordless lawn mower with non-self-propelled type of construction. The model is designed for mowing an area of ​​300 square meters. M, has a strip width of 37 cm, the cutting height of the grass is in the range of 25-75 mm, the kit includes a grass catcher for 45 l, there is no mulching function.

Selection recommendations

When deciding which lawn mower to choose for a summer residence, it is worth paying attention to a number of parameters that will be of greatest importance during the operation of equipment.

  • The area of ​​the mown territory. Up to 500 square meters m can be treated with a manual or cordless non-self-propelled mower with a drum mechanism. With its help, you can quickly return to life a very overgrown lawn or improve the overall appearance of the site. On a larger area, it is worth using only grass mowing devices with a rotary mechanism.
  • Power equipment. For areas with completely grassy, ​​but plentiful vegetation, equipment with indicators from 400 to 900 W is usually enough. You can choose electric and gasoline options, but robotic models that are sensitive to elevation changes in such conditions will be useless. Powerful rotary versions of the mowers will cope with heterogeneous vegetation. Here it is better to purchase equipment for 900-1800 watts.
  • The height of the grass. Usually for rotary models, it is 18-120 mm, drum models are limited to 12-45 mm. The method of adjusting this indicator also matters: it is better if these are levers on wheels or a special button. If the grass is rarely cut, you need to pay attention to the lower limit of the cutting height.
  • The maximum overcome bias. Many models are able to successfully mow grass on slopes up to 40%. But for most mowers, these figures are much more modest, and with a significant difference in the relief, the quality of cutting the stems will deteriorate.
  • The mass of the unit. Two-wheeled drum models are the lightest, designed for manual carrying and weigh no more than 13-15 kg. Four-wheel lawn mowers weigh up to 40 kg, gasoline versions are much heavier due to the fuel tank and the fuel refueling into it. If you have to mow at different ends of the plot, the weight must be taken into account.
  • Type of food. Non-volatile models are preferred in cases where the site is not electrified. In addition, gasoline versions do better with heterogeneous vegetation.
  • The number of wheels. It directly affects the maneuverability of equipment. Non-self-propelled drum mowers are most often two-wheeled, light enough, easy to transport. If increased maneuverability is required, it is worth giving preference to tricycle models having the smallest turning angle. The four-wheel model is the most clumsy; it is better for it to process sections that allow linear movement.
Which Lawn Mower To Choose For A Summer House

Given these recommendations, making the final choice of a lawn mower suitable for uneven or overgrown areas will be much easier.

In the next, you will find an overview of the Caiman Athena 60S self-propelled petrol lawn mower for tall grass.

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