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TOP-15 best forests for a trimmer for grass: rating of 2022 and which one to choose 3 mm thick

Today’s rating of a forest for a trimmer for grass on our Tekhnik portal.TOP is the best way to quickly choose the right model.

For quick navigation, we divided the rating into categories:

To work any trimmer for the grass, a high.quality fishing line for a trimmer is required, which will effectively mow grass and at the same time will delight with economical expenses and good elasticity that can provide a minimum number of gaps.

We compiled a rating of the best for 2022 a forest for trimmers, where we tried to take into account the criteria for choosing, high estimates of customers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each variety.

TOP-15 rating of the best forests for a trimmer for grass 2022

Place name price
The best fishing lines for a trimmer for grass for price/quality for 2022
one Bosch F016800431 3.5 mm Find out the price
2 DDE Classic Line 2 mm 63 m Find out the price
3 Husqvarna T25 M10 (5784461-01) Find out the price
The best fishing lines for a trimmer for grass 2 mm
one DDE Hard Line Circle 2 mm 15 m Find out the price
2 Elitech 0809.002100 2 mm 15 m Find out the price
3 Husqvarna Whisper Twist 2 mm 112 m Find out the price
The best fishing lines for a trimmer for grass 2.4 mm
one DDE Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčLine 2.4 mm 116 m Find out the price
2 Huter S24 Star 2.4 mm 12 m Find out the price
3 DDE Classic Line 2.4 mm 44 m Find out the price
The best fishing lines for a trimmer for grass 3 mm
one Elitech 0809.006200 3 mm 12 m Find out the price
2 Huter S30 Star 3 mm 12 m Find out the price
3 DDE Hard Line 3 mm 120 m Find out the price
The best fishing lines with a core for a trimmer for grass
one DDE Hard Line 2.4 mm 180 m Find out the price
2 Elitech 0809.006000 2 mm 15 m Find out the price
3 Sturm! GT3535-3.0-0M-10 3 mm 10 m Find out the price

When buying fishing line for a trimmer for grass, it is necessary to take into account the main features of a quality product.

  • The thickness of the thread. You will find the indicators of the desired thickness in the instructions for the device. Each model of a trimmer for grass works with a fishing line of a certain diameter. For an electrical device, you need a thread with a diameter of 2 mm, but for gasoline fishing line for a trimmer, you need to choose a thickness of 2.4-3 mm. Then the load on the consumer is distributed correctly and it will be convenient to work with the trimmer, without propelled grassy grass.
  • The shape of the section. Most often, users prefer fishing line with a round section. It pleases with an affordable price and quickly copes with the bevel of fresh grass. However, devices working with a round fishing line will make a loud noise. If you want to reduce the noise level, then you can try a fishing line for a trimmer with a square or rectangular cross.section, however, it is a little more difficult to find them than with a round. If you have to work with dry.resistant, it is better to give preference to the option with a twisted two.component fishing line, which is stronger and resistant to breaks, but due to this, its price is higher.
  • The composition of the fishing line. The composition determines the service life. Most models are made of nylon. Such a fishing line for a trimmer gradually wears out, but effective at large loads. Need a strong fishing line for a trimmer for working with thick weed stems? Choose a coaxial fishing line for a trimmer, it is considered one of the most durable, it is difficult to cut even with a sharp knife, and the noise level when the trimmer for the grass is significantly reduced. Such a fishing line for a trimmer is used by communal services or owners of large sections with a large amount of vegetation.
  • Manufacturer. We will talk about the best just below, but experts recommend using “native” fishing lines for the trimmer produced by the same brand as the device itself.
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TOP-10 best manufacturers of fishing line for grass for grass

The American company Patriot is not easy. She experienced very popularity, change of name (Patriot Garden), and then the return of the former logo. Many production sites are located in China, which allows you to supply products to the market at the best price and in beautiful packaging. This fully applies to a fishing line for a trimmer for grass. Cord is most often bought by summer residents and novice owners of motorcycle. Buyers are attracted by a stylish appearance and affordable cost. As for working qualities, you can find many critical words in the thematic forums addressed to Patriot fishing line.

The assortment of the American-Chinese brand contains different in cross-section and diameter of the cord. Already at the stage of winding on the spool there is a confusion of the material. In the future, frequent snacks are observed, which is explained by the softness of the cord.


The young company caliber produces garden equipment and consumables for it since 2001. A simple formula is taken as a basis, which closely connects an affordable price with excellent quality. Having taken up the production of gasoline and electric trimmers, the manufacturer had to master the release of the cord. The assortment has all types of sections and diameters, users on forums most often praise an asterisk and a square with a diameter of 2.0-2.4 mm. Professionals and professionals speak well, especially about a model of 3 thickness.0 mm. However, the company’s specialists have something to strive for, if the affordable price was provided, then it is necessary to work on the quality.

Understanding of users causes rapid cracking of the ends of the fishing line when drilling areas with weeds. The material is quickly erased in contact with stones or concrete.

How to choose a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass and motorcycles

The lawn mower and an electric trimmer for the grass are excellent assistants in the care of lawns and hedges in the summer cottage. These simple garden devices are gaining more and more popularity among happy owners of summer cottages. Some buy a trimmer for grass instead of a lawn mower (for small lawns it is quite enough), owners of extensive lawn expanses complement the lawn mower with a trimmer or motorcycle. Most household models of trimmers and motorcycles use a fishing line for a trimmer as a cutting element. The correct selection of fishing line ultimately is responsible for the effectiveness of work and the quality of the trimmer work for the grass.

which, line, trimmer, lawn

Each separate model of a trimmer for grass works with a trimmer fishing line of a certain diameter. The recommended fishing diameter can vary in a small range, or be clearly defined. In any case, these numbers are always indicated in the operating instructions, and using a fishing line for a trimmer of smaller or larger diameter is pointless and fraught with breakdowns or simply ineffective work. Too thin fishing line for a trimmer will break, and a thick can overheat the engine. We always recommend that you carefully read the instructions and choose a fishing line for a trimmer only recommended diameter.

The diameter of the used fishing line and its shape depend on the purpose of the trimmer itself for the grass.

The round fishing line for trimmer is most universal and well copes with lawn and wild grass, but it is less effective for caring for bushes. It is such a fishing line that is usually equipped with trimmers for grass and motorcycle manufacturers, it is easiest to choose in the store. It is unlikely that anyone will have doubts that a fishing line for a trimmer for trimmers Stihl 2.0mm15M is suitable for trimmers Stihl.

A fishing line for a trimmer with a variety of cross.section (square, pentagon, asterisk) is good for well.groomed lawn grass, thanks to sharp faces, it cuts off the stems better, but abrasions more than the round. Therefore, you should choose a fishing line for a trimmer with a cross section of increased strength, for example, a fishing line for a trimmer Hammer Tl Square Dual Cut 2.0mm x 15m. You can also find a fishing line for a trimmer with notches, designed for electritrimmers and a fishing line for a trimmer of complex forms for professional models.

If you have doubts about whether this or that fishing line is suitable or not suitable for your trimmer trimmer model, it is better to read the instructions or call the certified service center, the phone of which can be found on the tool passport or on the Internet. Consultants of specialized stores, such as chain of stores of power tools and garden equipment “220 Volt”, which presented a wide selection of fishing line for trimmers and motorcycle, will also help with the choice.

Basic errors when choosing a fishing line

The main oversight of customers of trimmer forests is the destruction of the packaging. It indicates information about what tool this thread is used. In this case, problems may arise:

  • The choice of fishing line that does not correspond to the power of the engine of the trimmer for grass. The incorrectly selected cord leads to its wear or to overload the unit.
  • Incorrectly selected diameter. The opening in the trimmer through which the string is passed, has a different width. Therefore, if you buy an inappropriate fishing line for a trimmer, then it simply will not be possible to refuel it into the device.
  • Inaccuracy in selecting a section. For various working conditions, you need different fishing line parameters. If their form does not comply with the requirements, then the quality of cutting will decrease and its service life will decrease.

For cultivated lawns with soft grass, you should not use a thread for a trimmer for grass with a twisted, multifaceted or figure shape of the section. Such fishing lines can easily cope with a harsh, but the costs in this case are unjustified since there is a round cord, which is cheaper and perfectly mowing fresh grassy cover.

Trammer Lines for a trimmer for grass from Oregon

For the effective operation of the lawn mowers, you need to pay off high.quality threads of trusted brands. There are many manufacturers whose fishing lines are popular at the expense of their many advantages:

  • “Oregon”. a world manufacturer of various equipment for garden equipment. Fishing lines are produced for both household and professional use. A large range of threads for high.quality lawn mowers is produced.
  • “Husqvarna” is a well.known brand of garden equipment with extensive experience that produces all types of forests for lawn mowers.Threads have a special classification by color solution depending on the diameter. The manufacturer is also patented by the sewn.out processing of threads, which makes them stronger and more elastic.
  • Champion is a relatively young manufacturer who has established itself in the market thanks to high-quality garden equipment. Produces fishing lines for a trimmer for grass of all types with high wear resistance and strength. There is a yellow and red series of threads with different sections.
  • Dolmar is a popular manufacturer who has been producing various garden products for more than half a century. Filas for a trimmer for grass are distinguished by high technical characteristics. You can purchase fishing lines of this company both for working in well.groomed lawn areas, and for cutting launched grass.

Trammer Fine for a trimmer for grass “Champion”

A properly selected fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass will allow you to cut not only soft grass, but also hard, dry.

Which line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass is better

A beautiful lawn is the face of a summer cottage, so most gardeners prefer to sow special silky grass on their land, which not only pleases the eye, but also displaces annoying weeds. In addition to feeding and watering, lawn grass needs care, respectively, it must be periodically mowed. For these purposes, you can choose an electric trimmer for grass or lawn mower. Many prefer trimmer. The reel with a fishing line is the main tool for this device, it allows you to quickly cut off an even layer overgrown grass. In addition, using a trimmer for grass, you can equalize the lawn in the most inaccessible places: in areas along the tracks and fence, around and bushes, trees or well.

Regardless of whether you use a regular tool equipped only with fishing line, or an electric trimmer for grass with a knife and fishing line, sooner or later you will have to change some elements of such a device. Unfortunately, by this moment, the instructions from the portable lawn mower, where all the necessary requirements are indicated, is already lost and many are faced with the question of buying a “correct” fishing line.

Characteristics of a trimmer fishing line

To understand what fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass is needed for your mowing model, it is enough to determine its main parameters: the thickness of the thread, the shape of the section, the composition. Consider all components in more detail.

Free thickness (cord)

You can find out the desired thickness by looking into the characteristics of the trimmer for the grass or by reading the inscriptions on the universal bobbin. Most often, cords with a diameter of 1.2 to 4 mm are used. over, for each individual model, there is its own diameter of the fishing line for a trimmer for grass. The fact is that if the thread is thinner than the necessary, then you will increase the engine wear, due to the increased number of speed revolutions. If, on the contrary, it will be too thick, then the resistance to rotation will increase, and the engine will begin to overheat and ultimately fail. To determine the exact diameter of the thread, it is best to navigate by type of trimmer engine for grass. Thus, it turns out the following:

  • For an electric trimmer for grass with a lower location of a “engine” with a capacity of less than 500 W, a thread of 1.3 mm thick will be needed. If you have not found one, then you can use a thicker fishing line for a 1.6 mm trimmer, but not more.
  • For an electro-trimmer for grass with an upper engine location with a capacity of about 1 kW, select a thread with a diameter of 2 mm.

It doesn’t matter what kind of electric trimmer for grass is the type of shaft, bent or straight (allows you to install knives).

Advice! If the tool is initially installed in the tool for a trimmer with a diameter of 1.6 mm, then you can put a thread for 2 mm, this will not affect the engine operation.

If we are talking about a gasoline model, then in this situation it is necessary to determine which mowing is the shaft. For bent, filaments are most often used 2 mm thick. But a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass 3 mm or 2.4-2.5 is installed on a tool with a straight shaft. The thickest fishing line for a trimmer is usually placed on more powerful tools (from 1.3 kW).

If we talk about which fishing line for a trimmer better copes with young grass or perennial dry.resistant, then you can conditionally divide the cords into the following categories:

  • Trimmer fishing line from 1.2 to 1.6 mm. This is the thinnest thread that is used to adjust the lawn.
  • 2. 2.4 will allow you to cut off both young grass and more rigid. Suitable for periodic use.
  • Thread from 3 to 3.2 mm will allow you to mow grass and thick stems of weeds or dryness if you rarely leave the country.

Less common, there is a fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass 4 mm. This is due to the fact that rarely anyone has to deal with such serious thickets. However, if you are the owner of a powerful gasoline “mowing” and did not appear in the country for several years, then the fishing line for a trimmer of 4 mm will be the best option.

The shape of the section

There is a large selection of a cord with a different section, depending on which a trimmer for the grass can mow this or another grass:

  • The cords with a round section are the most popular, while such fishing lines are cheaper than the rest, from 68 (12 m). They mow fresh grass well, but they cope worse with ducklings and shrubs. The lack of such a fishing line lies in a fairly strong noise that resembles a rumble from a running engine of a machine.
  • The spiral (twisted) cord is noisy, but does not differ in high strength. Therefore, such a fishing line for a trimmer is suitable only for thin young grass, for which you constantly care. There is such a fishing line for a trimmer from 100.
  • Square, rectangular or starring fishing line for trimmer allows you to mow a low noise lawn evenly. True, such products also cannot boast of strength. Such a thread will cost about 147 per 12 meters.
  • The jagged cord with sharp edges is used for large weeds in neglected areas. At the same time, the fishing line for the trimmer will not issue much noise, and thanks to the increased aerodynamic properties of the mower, additional power will be given. Such a thread is suitable for a powerful trimmer for grass. The jagged cord is considered durable and reliable.
  • A two.component trimmer fishing line for a trimmer with an internal core with a round section is considered the most durable of all. Thanks to the core made of other material, the cord can mow even small shrubs. True, such a fishing line for a trimmer is suitable only for gasoline trimmers. Due to the high cost (from 250) of such a cord, it is impractical to use it daily.

The composition of the fishing line

It directly depends on the composition of the fishing line how much it will last. Most often, threads are made of nylon. This material wears more slowly and is characterized by high performance in high temperature conditions and high loads. The duration of work also does not affect the properties of nylon.

Coaxial fishing lines are considered the strongest. They can be distinguished by a dense core, thanks to which such cords wear out longer than nylon. It is difficult to cut such a fishing line for a trimmer with a knife, and during the mowing process it makes a minimum noise.

The most expensive fishing line for a trimmer is the one in which aluminum converts, or rather, its interspersed. Such a cord appeared on the market relatively recently, but already with confidence we can say that it is the most durable.

How to choose a suitable fishing line for a trimmer?

For trimmers working both from electricity and gasoline, nylon fishing lines are suitable. This consumable can be used for both a hand tool and for a lawn mower on wheels. It is important to choose the right fishing line for a trimmer, as this directly affects the result of the work and the service life of the unit. Of course, in the proposed assortment of forests it is very easy to get confused, especially beginners. However, there are many tips from specialists and those who have already tried various options.

For an electric trimmer for grass with a capacity of less than 500 W, a thin fishing line for a trimmer with a diameter of 1 to 1.6 mm is suitable. She will perfectly cut the lawns with low grass. If the tool power is in the range from 0.5 to 1 kW, then it is better to give preference to a fishing line whose diameter will be 2 mm or slightly larger.

This will be enough to mow thin grass or grown weeds, but not too thick.

For gasoline trimmers, as well as motorcycle, you can not take a fishing line for a trimmer less than 3 mm. Such a thickness will easily cope with any weeds, dry stems, thick grass. A diameter of more than 4 mm is suitable exclusively for gas troops with high power. It turns out that a thick fishing line for a trimmer is necessary for powerful equipment. It is not recommended to use it for low.power trimmers, otherwise it will work poorly, constantly wound on the coil and create an additional load on the engine.

As a rule, in standard packaging is up to 15 meters of fishing line. However, to replace the string on the coil, about 7 meters long enough. It also happens that a fishing line for a trimmer is produced by bays of 250-500 meters. Be sure when choosing a string, you need to clarify the date when it was made. Too old nylon can be superior and become too brittle. If this happened, then you can soak the fishing line for a trimmer for a couple of hours in water, but it will not be completely the same.

When choosing an important parameter, the section of the string, which is of several types.

Round section is universal. It is used for mowing grass of medium thickness and density. When working can be unnecessarily noise, but it is not used too quickly.

Square or polygonal section is more effective compared to round. Thanks to the sharp corners, the stalks of plants are cut off at a higher speed and better.

Ribbed, twisted and star.shaped section is the most effective. Such a fishing line manages to mow the grass very quickly. And its main disadvantage is to quickly wear.

The fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass is made of nylon, which is durable, light, low price and wear resistance. To make the cost of the material even cheaper, polyethylene is added to it, but then the fishing line for the trimmer overheats faster. In thick strings there is a rod made of graphite or steel. Sometimes they are reinforced, which increases the strength and service life.

It is worth noting that the for two.component strings are higher than for standard nylon.

The device is in a mower

In the trimmer, the element on which the string is pulled is very simple. It is called the “coil”. Usually it consists of the upper and lower part (grooves), between which a partition with a deepening passes. It is on these grooves that you need to wind a fishing line for a trimmer. However, before it is extended through the recess.

Before pulling out the coil, you should twist a special button located directly on the housing of the lawn mower. Before changing the fishing line for the trimmer, it is necessary to remove the coil from the mowing.

It is easy to do this, but there are features depending on the configuration of the trimmer for the grass and the coil itself.

In small electronic braids, the motor and coil are in the lower part, and buttons are located on the sides of the bobbin. If you press them, then get the upper groove of the coil and part where you need to wind the fishing line for the trimmer.

In lawn mowers with a curved bar, which are not provided for a knife, the coils have special two.horned nuts. In such tools, you need to hold the bobbin so that it does not move, and at the same time turn the nut out of clockwise. It is she who holds the whole bobin, which after that is easy to remove.

Direct rods on which you can install a knife have a hole right under the bobin. To remove the coil, a screwdriver is located in this hole, the bobin is fixed. After that, you need to turn the coil on the movement of the clockwise and remove from the unit.

Sometimes clamps on the coil in the form of latches may occur. They must be pressed to disconnect parts of the coil. The option is also possible when the top and bottom of the bobbin are connected by thread. In this case, it is enough to take your hands on the top and bottom, and then twist in different directions until they develop.

Field parameters

The main characteristics of the forests for trimmers are:


You can find out about the thickness of the thread for your device if you read the operational characteristics of the trimmer for the grass. If, for any reason, the characteristics are lost, you can always navigate in accordance with the notes on the universal bobbin. As a rule, trimmers use threads with a diameter of 1.2-4 mm. However, in many devices, the thickness of the thread is different.

It is not forbidden to operate a fishing line for a trimmer less than declared by the manufacturer of your trimmer for grass. you will not break the gun instantly, but significantly increase the speed of engine wear. If the thread is thicker than necessary, in this case, the engine of the trimmer for the grass will work in an enhanced mode, respectively, overheat, and after some time it will break. You need to take into account that a lot also depends on the engine itself.

By the type of engine itself, it is possible to easily determine the approximate size of the fishing line. If the power of the unit, which is connected to the network or is powered by a built.in source (conventional battery), approximately 1 kW, in which case you should purchase a fishing line for a trimmer 2 mm thick with a thickness. In the case when the power is less than 500 W, the thread should be used in its thickness not more than 1.6 mm.

The shape of the section

Often they try to choose a fishing line for an electrocos or trimmer for grass with a “round cross section”. This type is very common, while inexpensive. Fresh grass with this thread will be excellent slide. A distinctly audible noise that will be published by a trimmer with such a fishing line during work. its main drawback. The level of this noise can be compared in strength with the noise of the very engine of your apparatus. If you want to minimize the noise volume from the fishing line. use a thread with a spiral cross section. There are many more types of sections of threads for benzos with different principle of operation (gasoline or electric).

The best of them: star, square and rectangular. The more the threads you choose will be all sorts of Zazubrin and pointlessness, the better it will cut.

The composition of the fishing line

How much a fishing line for a trimmer will last you depend on its composition. Most often, manufacturers use nylon. Fishing lines from this material freely withstand high temperatures without losing efficiency, and are also elastic, which will not allow them to easily break. Like high, low temperatures also do not affect nylon, the thread from this material will last you long.

Fishing lines belonging to the coaxial group are one of the strongest. These threads wear out for a very long time, as they have a firm core. Its main advantages are the highest fortress, as well as a very low noise level (it is much higher for nylon). Recently, you can find fishing lines in which manufacturers make aluminum inserts.

Tips for choosing fishing line for a trimmer for grass

Coil. the main component of motorcycles. For a bevel of grass, it is equipped with a special fishing line. This very fishing line for a trimmer can serve you for a very long time, if you do not regret it (fishing line for a trimmer for a trimmer for grass. what you should not save on). Currently, you can find different cutting threads that differ in their cross.section, composition and thickness. Often a fishing line for a trimmer is sold in small or large skeins in specialized stores. If you want your mower to serve you for a long time, approach the choice of fishing line with full responsibility (because due to the wrong choice you can even break your device).

  • Never choose a thread for “save”. Having bought the cheapest and, obviously, the most low.quality fishing line for a trimmer, you can lose much more. As a rule, the best parameters are indicated on cheap (“Chinese”) fishing lines, but in fact they are completely different. The consequences of buying the cheapest threads can be both a breakdown of the thread and the fact that the lawn mower will fail. If the coil quickly fails, you will have to replace it again, which means you spend even more money.
  • Buy fishing lines only in specialized stores or from sellers, in which you are 100%sure so as not to be deceived.
  • Always check the authenticity of your fishing line. It’s no secret that the goods can fake, and the coils are no exception. If you decide to buy a high.quality brand thread that will last you for a long time, look for special holographic signs or codes on its package. With their help, you can easily check the authenticity of the fishing line.
  • In addition to the advice above, if you choose a high.quality brand for long work, choose a fishing line for a trimmer from German or Japanese manufacturers.
  • If your lawn mower or trimmer for grass has its own production of forests. no doubt, buy them, because the manufacturer took into account all the nuances in advance.
  • Do not forget about the fact that the fishing line for the trimmer should correspond to all the hardware characteristics of your motorcycles as much as possible so as not to cause its breakdowns.
  • It is best to buy 2 or 3 slices of fishing line intended for different purposes at once. One type of fishing line will be more effective in mowing fresh young grass, the second. in mowing stiffly overgrown, and the third will help you demolish all the gross.

When you have already bought a certain type of fishing line, be sure to follow the tips for its operation from the manufacturer. Thus, if you use a thread for young grass for dry.resistant, it will get out of the working condition very quickly, and you will have to buy a new one and replace it again.

Arnetoli Motor

The Italian manufacturer has been manufacturing trimmers and equipment for them for more than 20 years. The choice is provided very wide, the consumer can choose for himself the model by power, diameter and cross section of the fishing line.

  • The introduction of new technologies.
  • High quality equipment.
  • A wide range of.
  • Available cost.
  • Trimmer fishing line is resistant to wear, durable and light.
  • Low noise during operation.

The greatest demand is a fishing line for a trim with a cross section of an asterisk.


The American manufacturer is a leading world developer of a forest for a trimmer for grass. For the convenience of distinguishing types of products, it is painted in different colors. This is one of the main advantages of a large number of goods produced.

  • Coils are both small windings and in the bays.
  • High.quality wire.
  • Using various models.
  • Particularly durable series are designed for any vegetation, even for prickly shrubs.
  • Series of different profiles, diameters and composition differ in color.

The most popular fishing lines of square and polygonal section became. They make the highest quality even trimming lawns.


The Chinese company, despite its youth, has already won the market thanks to the optimal ratio of price and quality. Raw materials for products are supplied from other countries: India, USA, France. The company produces both the equipment itself and the branded cords for it.

  • Affordable price.
  • The quality of the fishing line is evaluated by consumers as the best among budget models.
  • Coils are available with different winding lengths.
  • The models are equipped with a special cutting knife.
  • For convenience, various color coating of fishing line has been made.
  • The vein resistant to wear consists of two layers of material, has a twisted structure.

This Is Why Standing Lawn Mowers Are The Best. Super Satisfying. Lawn Mowing Simulator


A well.known Swedish company has been engaged in the production of garden equipment for more than 400 years. I won world success thanks to the high quality of products. A fishing line for a trimmer is produced both with trimmers and separately from them.

  • Large range of goods.
  • Coils and bays of various windings.
  • High wear resistance.
  • Trimmer fishing line is compatible with any heads of trimmers.
  • A special form prevents a fracture, disheveled the ends and their melting when heated.
  • Many options for silent fishing line.


The young German trading concern has been supplying its products to the market for only 15 years. The production itself is in China, which allows you to reduce the cost of products. A fishing line for a trimmer is available in coils, turns and bays, has different coloring for the convenience of selection.

  • Available cost of fishing line.
  • Different winding lengths.
  • There are particularly durable cords with a steel rod.
  • The company has a product quality testing system.


The rating of the best also includes a domestic manufacturer of fishing line for trimmers. The company produces three main series of cord: with a section in the form of a star, ellipse and square. There is also a particularly durable seven.angle fishing line for a trimmer. Coils have a winding from 15 to 114 m.

  • Low cost.
  • High.quality cutting of grass.
  • To protect against heating the fishing line for the trimmer is covered with heat.resistant material.
  • The possibility of choosing by color.
  • Low noise during operation.

Speaking about manufacturers of garden equipment, one cannot help but recall the Japanese company Echo. She is engaged in the production of light agricultural machinery and fishing line for it. The company offers several lines of its products. It is distinguished by color, different shapes and thickness.

Lawn Mowing Safety Tips

  • Movies any plants.
  • According to manufacturers, has excellent quality.
  • Universal application.
  • The cord is resistant to breaks and erasures.
  • It is produced in a convenient form with coils and bays from 10 m.
  • Products are not often found on free sale, as it is quickly sold out.
  • The fishing line for a trimmer with a thick cross section is more slowly spinning.
  • It has a high cost.

What is important to know when working with fishing line?

In order for the tool to serve you for a long time, you need to know some features of its device, storage and maintenance:

  • The head of a trimmer for grass during operation should be located parallel to the ground so that the fishing line for the trimmer does not hurt the ground and stones. It is advisable not to touch hard objects, borders, fences.
  • Electric trimmers for grass are most sensitive to damp, so you can’t work in rain and raw weather.
  • After the end of the work, you need to carefully clean all the parts of the mechanism from dirt, grass, wipe all the wires and a fishing line for a trimmer, so that everything functions well at the next time.

Storage. one of the main criteria for durability

It’s easy to choose a good fishing line for a trimmer, but not everyone can make it so that it serves the maximum term. For this to happen, attention should be paid to the storage of the material. If you do not comply with the basic rules, then the cord will deteriorate, which is why wear will occur 3-4 times faster.

If a person does not engage in professional haircut and buys skeins of 15 meters, then the question of storage for him is the very last. The opposite case when a person acquires bays 250 or 500 meters. Then the correct storage will save him from an empty waste of money.

Incorrect storage of the cord leads to problems such as:

  • Increase in wear with inaccurate operation;
  • Loss of performance, reducing the quality of work ongoing work;
  • The material is quickly destroyed, because of which it is necessary to constantly change it.

So that this does not happen, it is important to follow the storage instructions. This will extend the service life and maintain efficiency for the entire use of. All recommended conditions are on the package or you can find out about them from the consultant.

Rating of the best gear forests

Reliable model that will clean the lawn from various vegetation. The cord section is 3 mm, which is the optimal solution. Length. 25 cm, number of segments in the package. 20 pcs, this allows you to quickly replace the worn part. The shape of the section is a square, the cord will cope even with grass with thick stems. DDE SHARK SAW tucked into the trimmer heads Wind 10, Wind 11 from the same manufacturer.