Which Makita circular saw to choose?. Metabo KS 55

Makita and Bosch circular saws. which one to choose??

Circular or circular hand saw is not the only tool that cuts various sheet material. But if you compare it with a hand saw and electric jigsaw, it gives a smooth cut, it is much more comfortable to perform the work. A circular saw is a high performance circular saw. There are many models of this tool on the market, both little-known and popular firms: Metabo (Metabo), DeWALT, Zubr, Interskol, Bosch, Makita. Many people prefer the technique of the last two manufacturers, but can not decide which is better circular saw Makita or Bosch, what tool to choose for themselves. A comparison of both brands can help.

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Types of circular saws

It is important to decide before you buy what you want to use the machine for. How to choose a circular saw should be thought about at the beginning of the activity. You don’t make repairs in an hour by just making a spontaneous decision. Worth thinking about what kind of tool to choose and what features to prioritize.

Circular saw

It has a low precision of cutting. But other equipment can remedy this situation. The circular saw differs from the classic variations. The difference is that the machine allows you to observe the position of the disc in relation to the workpiece. Not knowing how to choose a circular saw for home, you should not rush to buy. It is necessary to engage in detailed mastering of the material.

When switched off, the cutting disc is completely isolated. It is under a protective cover, and when the unit is activated, it is lowered and this is required to continue working.

Scope of application of plunge-cutting saws. repair work in relation to flooring. Accuracy of the equipment is measured in millimeters. Depending on the functionality of the particular tool at an angle of 90 degrees, the depth of cut is 10-75 mm.

The immersion tool is characterized by its multi-functional mode. It is configured to perform a cross cut as well as a longitudinal cut. However, there are difficulties in cutting blanks of small widths.

Cordless circular saw

The most compact and oversized models used for working at heights. They are suitable for work in hard-to-reach places. Tools of this type are designed for short periods of work, their functionality depends directly on the required charge.

This equipment is battery powered. Depending on its type and capacity, the charge for work is enough for 15-50 minutes. The tool needs to be recharged as it works. In many models it is at least 4 hours.

Due to the nuances of the design plan, battery-powered equipment can not work for a long period of time. Therefore, it is not recommended for large-scale operations.

Metal and concrete circular saw

Standard circular saw variations are not suitable for working with metal and concrete. Their design can not withstand considerable load, so the equipment breaks down. For this case, there is a device of manual and specialized action.

Hand-held tools are powered. It features increased efficiency, significant power and speed, and productivity. This equipment is operated by battery or wall outlet. Manual saw buyers buy more often and at the expense of its low cost compared to the automatic device.

For work on complex construction sites, specialized equipment is produced. These are wall saws, wire cutters and floor saws. Their application area is large construction sites. These tools are characterized by increased precision, multitasking, and excellent performance parameters.

Stationary circular saw

This tool is great for owners of small home workshops. Saws with excellent performance parameters makes a cut of 50-140 mm, which depends on the type of workpieces and the model.

The special feature of this tool is the base frame. In some units, it has a prefabricated design, which allows you to quickly move the installation. For the more solid models a cast bed is used. It has a significant weight and dimensions, it is characterized by stability. This format is particularly suitable for work on large workpieces.

The stationary circular saw is endowed with these advantages:

  • Reduced vibration of the tool, which multiplies the quality of the workpiece.
  • Low noise level.
  • Precise settings for machining workpieces.
  • Working with the widest possible range of workpieces, including large-sized.
  • Stationary tools have a dust bag that reduces debris and waste.

Circular saw with a guide rail

Bars are used for making precise, even cuts. They cut parts as fast as possible.

Bars can be single or double sided. the former are used for cutting angled workpieces, the latter are used for cutting complex components. Depending on how they are used, they are distinguished:

  • Universal. Characterized by maximum simplicity and high functionality. Suitable for all types of saws, from circular saws to hand saws.
  • Specialized tires. For operation on difficult sites. Mounted exclusively on circular type devices.
  • Cross-cutting guide bars. The simplest saw blade variant that enables cutting at 45 and 90 degrees.

The tire must be high-strength. No deformation, stability is important.

How to choose a circular saw?

Any power tool must be chosen based on the relationship between the intended use and the technical features of the model.

The main characteristics of circular saws:

Cutting depth and diameter of the blade to be mounted;

Let’s explore each option in detail.


The power is the main determinant of the performance of the tool:

400 to 1000 watts. for small plastic and wooden workpieces;

1000 to 1500 watts. universal option for home construction or small carpentry workshop;

1500 Watt and higher. professional models for continuous and extended use.


High rotation speeds make for quicker cuts. A higher RPM of 5,000 results in a clean and tidy cut. RPM adjustment allows for optimum speed for each type of material and prevents the blade from jamming.

Depth of cut and diameter of inserted disc

Circle radius does not equal cutting depth, but they are interrelated. The depth is counted from the edge of the blade to the base of the circular saw sole. Models with 40-50mm plunge-cutting are suitable for cutting sheet metal, thin boards. A blade with a diameter of 160mm is sufficient for this type of work. It is better to saw bars, countertops with a disc diameter of 190mm, it will give you a depth of 55-65mm. Larger beams and logs can be handled with a 235mm (75-85mm) disc.

Tilt angle adjustment

This feature will allow you to chamfer at a 45-degree angle. When choosing these circular saws you need to pay attention to the way of adjustment. it must be easy and safe.

Additional features that will make your circular sawing more pleasant and faster:

Spindle lock will make it easy to change the blade;

accidental start protection reduces the risk of injury;

RPM frequency control gives the ability to saw at the same speed different in density sections of the material;

soft start extends the life of the motor;

the spring-loaded guard opens the teeth of the rotating disc only when in contact with the workpiece;

overload protection will “remind” you that it’s time to take a break;

rubber-coated handle will feel less slippery in your hand;

A nozzle for connecting a vacuum cleaner will make the work process cleaner;

Having a parallel stop or guide rail will ensure a smooth cut;

Laser pointer can replace the stop and guide bar;

The electrodynamic brake will stop the blade as soon as the trigger is released;

A long power cord eliminates the hassle of lugging around carry cables and extension cords.

Additional features of circular saws

Power tool manufacturers equip wood circular saws with additional features. These are useful but not necessary additions. Check the features available to decide if you need to pay for them.

Soft start. designed for gradual increase in RPM. It eliminates kickback, jerks, and sharp thrusts of the blade into the workpiece, improving cut quality and extending motor life.

Sawdust collection. some saws have a socket on the body for vacuum cleaner or dust bag connection. The room in which you work will be cleaner.

Laser marking. the laser beam highlights on the workpiece the trajectory along which the cut is made. The result is a trimmer blade that is as smooth, precise, and accurate as possible.

Blocked start. two buttons must be pressed simultaneously to start the circular saw. The operator is protected from accidental blade starting.

Electrodynamic brake. immediately stops circular saw shaft and disc rotation when the start button is released. Prevents damage to the workpiece and reduces the chance of injury.

How the domestic circular saw differs from the professional saw

People who have not used a circular saw before are interested in the main differences between household and professional devices. The main difference is the size and power. The fact that professional saws are much stronger and larger. Their power starts at 1500 watts and disk diameter starts at 16 cm.

For your home, the domestic models are more suitable. They’ll do the job.

Top 10 rated by KP

Makita HS7601 (from 7300)

The popular brand of power tools has a range of circular saws in its arsenal. This is the most popular model, optimal in terms of performance. power, weight, And now back to our heroine. You can connect a vacuum cleaner to it, so you can clearly see the line for the trimmer cut. There is easy access to the graphite brushes, which are used for safety work. The back part of the engine is flat. This makes it easier to change the disk.

If you can buy an adapter, it is possible to install a guide bar. Cutting angle is adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees. It is recommended to take boards no thicker than 5 cm. “fat” tools will pull, but will fail faster. That’s more than enough for home use, though.


Saw cuts materials up to 63 millimeters deep. It has a powerful 1600 W motor. The disks have a standard diameter of 19 centimeters. Cutting angle can be adjusted. There are locks against accidental start and spindle. the shaft of the tool to quickly change the disk. The support platform is made of aluminum alloy. Can be laid on top of it for working with a guide rail.

There is a socket for a vacuum cleaner connection. Two handles on the circular saw. Tilt angle is adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees. Convenient levers are provided in the design for this purpose. Those who bought the model write that replacing the native disk will help make the device perfect. It’s not bad, but the other fully tool will open with the sharpest counterparts.


Technique of the German manufacturer is always a bit more expensive than competitors in its segment. But there are enough buyers who pay for the quality. It has a relatively light weight, and the power and speed are comparable to a large tool. The cutting depth is record-breaking 70 mm in our rating of the best circular saws of 2022. But note that this is at a 90 degree angle. At 45 degrees the depth is reduced to 5 centimeters.

In the case built in a fan that blows shavings, but if it is not enough, it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner. The handle is rubber coated for a pleasant touch. It comes with a parallel stop. The spindle is interlocked, for a quick disc change by yourself. If you put a circular saw for metal, it won’t notice any aluminum sheet as well as a board. Buyers note that this model, unlike competitors, does not make unnecessary noise. the engine and drive hum, nothing else.


If you do not feel sorry for the money, then look at this “American”. To tell the truth, it is all the same assembled in China. The company makes a professional tool, but this tool is primarily for use by amateurs. But the motor is powerful enough. Has dual grips so you can hold the saw comfortably with both hands. Suitable for straight and bevel cuts. The maximum angle of inclination is 48 degrees. Angle is adjusted by special clamps on a scale with degrees. No additional tools needed.

Features its own blower system for removing debris. The circular saw already has a ruler with a stop, so that the disk goes straight. In some kits there is a disk for woodworking with nails. It is convenient if you are going to saw old parquet, for example. Also available with carrying case, but more expensive. The only thing is that this tool has non-standard blades. not 19 cm, but 184 mm. But frankly speaking, if you get one with a 16 millimeter hole, everything will fit.

Какую циркулярную пилу выбрать в 2022 году? Нагибатор конкурентов. Metabo ks 66 fs!


Russian manufacturer, but they make the tool in China. It’s a very nice price for that kind of power. Can handle wood that is 6.5 cm thick. Gearbox is enclosed in steel casing for protection and good cooling. There is a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner, but the standard fan is in place. There is a large, comfortable handle on the body. There is a wingnut, by installing it in the right position, which adjusts the cutting angle. It is convenient that it is not divided into any sections, so you are free to choose the angle within a limited radius.

The design has a metal cover, which is put on the disk, in order to protect the operator. Like all the best circular saws, soleplate is made of steel. The shaft is lockable and you can change the blade yourself. But why, if everything is so great, we did not put this model somewhere higher in the rating of the best? The thing is that it is an amateurish tool with all the disadvantages that it implies. The saw tilts slightly to the side in the process and the cut is beveled. Not too critical, down to one millimeter. Plus, the safety system is not very well thought out in that it sometimes gets in the way of the operator.


Another budget model from China, although nominally the company is German. The disk of this model works well on wood and plastic. Cutting depths up to 64 millimeters at right angles. If you reduce the radius in half, it drops to 40 millimeters, which is also enough for household needs. The manufacturer gives a good five-year warranty on the tool, so you can not worry that this is a mass-produced item. The set includes spare carbon brushes and a simple parallel guide.

When buying it is worth considering that the dust it bad, and the nozzle for a vacuum cleaner. That is why it is necessary to wear goggles, mask, and it is better to work in the open air. The handles are rubberized, the ergonomics is good: all the buttons in their place. But, as always, in the inexpensive technique is a catch: in the process of work the angle of penetration flies down by a couple of degrees, from vibrations on the case the screws sometimes and other times are loosened. If you plan to take it somewhere in the shop where the tool will relentlessly saw for months on end, the chances are high that the body from the load will crack.

AEG KS 55-2 circular saw

1.2 kW motor drives the saw blade at a rated speed of 6100 rpm. 90° and 45° cutting angles with cutting depths of 54 mm and 41 mm respectively are possible with the base soleplate. The 165x20mm diameter discs are used for work. outside and landing.

  • Light-alloy cast iron soleplate. combining durability and low weight. If it has a slight backlash, it appears only when fully lowered for minimum cutting depth.
  • Relatively low weight of 3.3 kg allows the saw to be operated with outstretched arms.
  • Parallel stop and carrying pouch included.
  • Long mains cable, 4 metres long, is sufficient for convenient operation.
  • Good ergonomics and good weight distribution. easy to grip and move on surfaces.
  • No soft start. with an engine of this power it is felt though not a strong, but perceptible jerk when starting.
  • If you have experience with other saws, you may be confused by the absence of the power button lock.
  • Diameter of the nozzle for a vacuum cleaner, most likely made by American standards. may not fit into a home vacuum cleaner. Can be fixed by purchasing an adapter.

The combination of features, cost and capabilities of this tool makes it a good choice for most home jobs including, for example, building a sauna.

Black and Decker CD 601 circular saw

Circular saw for demanding cross and bevel cuts in wood and plastic. The work uses 170×16 mm discs (outside and bore diameters). 1.1 kW motor, rated blade speed 5000 rpm.

  • Reliable and unpretentious design. easy to operate and maintain.
  • Quick saw blade change. tightened with standard hex-head bolt.
  • Good value for money.
  • Safe. space between blade and operator is securely covered by blade guard and housing.
  • Warranty period from the manufacturer. 2 years.
  • Reliable attachment for 45° cutting, plus a ruler for the side stop.
  • Small power cord. Only 2 meters long. if you intend to move around the room, you will need an extension cord.
  • Weight 4.7 kg. fatigue in the hand if you need to hold the saw in the air.
  • No guide rail groove.
  • No soft start. when starting the engine, the saw has to be held firmly in the hand.

Proven and reliable. for big jobs in a domestic or semi-professional application.

Top 4 best Makita circular saws by price/quality for 2021-2022

The Makita boasts high-quality construction and well-conceived functionality. But that doesn’t mean they’re expensive. There are several models in the manufacturer’s lineup that combines optimal technical features with a reasonable cost.

Makita HS7601

At a cost of just under 10 thousand, this electric circular saw has all the necessary technical characteristics for working with wood.

The device provides only one speed, but it is enough to work with workpieces of different sizes.

With a blade diameter of 190 mm, the owner can make cuts up to 66 mm, and the blade itself can be tilted at a 45-degree angle.

Rotation speed is high enough and amounts to 5200 revolutions per minute, so this model is considered one of the most productive.

The package of the tool is designed so that the user can start working immediately after purchasing the device. Together with the saw itself the owner receives a detailed instruction, a disk, an Allen wrench for assembly, and a nozzle for connection of the vacuum cleaner.


  • provides a spindle lock;
  • optimal length of the power cord;
  • Disc emergency brake;
  • Saw can be connected to a vacuum cleaner to collect sawdust;
  • wood can be cut at an angle.

Makita 5008MG

In terms of cost, this model of circular saw belongs to the medium price category, although the type of the tool itself belongs to the professional class.

Дисковая пила Metabo KS 55 FS

This makes it not only suitable for cutting small workpieces, but also for larger construction materials. Increased power makes this saw suitable for working with wood and composite materials.

Diameter of the blade is 210 mm, so the owner can cut a workpiece up to 75 mm in just one cut.

There are special adjustment screws on the body of the saw, which allow you to adjust the angle of the disc and the depth of cut.

which, makita, circular, choose

There is also a special guide which allows sawing workpieces in the desired width.

Lockable start function and movable safety guard for safe operation.


Makita DSS610RF

Another quality and productive electric circular saw model that is perfect for home use.

The saw has a manual type, but its power of 360 watts is enough for sawing small workpieces.

Its motor is powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery that provides for high autonomy of usage.

High productivity and versatility of use is provided by the optimal blade diameter of 165 mm, which allows to make cuts up to 57 mm high in one pass.

To make the saw more convenient to use, the manufacturer has equipped the tool with a bright backlight.

A vacuum cleaner can be attached to the tool to collect sawdust, and the spindle lock and emergency brake are provided for safe operation.


  • low weight and no wires;
  • Quality construction;
  • You can hold the saw with one hand;
  • Case, detachable battery and battery charger included;
  • Optimum power for home use.
  • The blade is located on the left side, which is not convenient for everyone;
  • Some users find the battery capacity insufficient for long-term work.

Makita HS7601K

, But the manufacturer has provided the device with all the necessary technical characteristics for full operation.

The manufacturer has equipped the saw with a blade with an optimal diameter of 190 mm. This figure is considered universal, and with this tool it will be possible to saw a wide variety of workpieces.

Cutting height is 66 mm and the power of the 1200 watt unit is powerful enough to saw blanks in one go. You can also adjust the angle of the disc within 45 degrees.

In the body of the device there is a special opening for connecting a vacuum cleaner, thanks to which the working area will be cleaned from sawdust.

For safety of operation the emergency brake of the engine is provided, and for self-assembly and storage of the tool an allen key and a case made of durable plastic are included.

Technical characteristics:

  • vacuum cleaner nozzle included;
  • convenient and durable case for storing the saw;
  • Optimum power allows you to do even cuts;
  • extended equipment;
  • Low weight makes it easy to work.

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Circular saws are designed for cross cutting (facing) workpieces. The tool comes in handy when working with baseboards, platbands, decorative details, it will replace a simple hacksaw and jigsaw, when you need to saw a workpiece at a certain angle, making it faster and more accurate. And unlike the same crosscut saw, it can cut wide workpieces.

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