Which model of the chausopila Husqvarna is better.

How the chainsaws are different

Stihl and Husqvarna, no doubt, are leaders in the production and sale of chain saws with gasoline engines. Thanks to serious competition, annually each of the companies develops many new technical solutions, introducing which it facilitates and makes it more comfortable to use its tool. For example, STIHL has such technical innovations as:

  • STIHL M-Tronic-allows you to easier to launch a chainsaw, thanks to a completely electronic ignition system. The system independently distinguishes cold launch from hot. Also, M-Tronic accurately sets the angles of the ignition ahead and regulates the amount of fuel mixture at the time of starting the chainsaw;
  • HD2 filter. This filter is made of polyethylene, which has pores smaller than a regular filter by 70 percent. It repels oil and is easily cleaned, which adds comfort when servicing a chainsaw on which it is installed;
  • Compensator. This is a special device in a carburetor that allows a chainsaw to work even with a fully contaminated air filter, and an important feature is that the saw practically does not lose power;
  • The catalyst, burns unbroken fuel, due to which the exhaust of the chainsaw contains less harmful impurities that adversely affect the human body.

If you look at the technical innovations of Husqvarna, you can also highlight several interesting systems:

  • Air Injection (air purification system) Air centrifugal system, due to which the interval of cleaning the filter element increases;
  • X-Torq /Strong> the system reduces the number of harmful exhausts and, as the manufacturer notes, the tool equipped with this system, consumes a smaller amount of fuel, compared with the mattress similar in volume of the engine;
  • Autotune, this is a system of automatic settings of optimal parameters necessary for the stable operation of the engine. Read more about how the system works, the manufacturer does not indicate.

If you take two STIHL and Husqvarna, the same in volume of the chainsaw, then they will only be similar to the fact that an internal combustion engine, tire and saw chain are installed on them. But all, even the typical elements of these chainsaws differ in size, the shape and materials of which they are made.

Thanks to the efforts of engineers, with the same volume of cylinders, the stiHL chainsaws have a greater maximum power, which will be noticeable when comparing specific models of chainsaws.

STIHL pros and cons of

Stihl chainsaws are considered one of the most reliable and for this reason, very popular among professional lumberjacks who are used to working with powerful and reliable chainsaws. The vocational class includes models: MS 461, MS 360, MS 261, MS 880, MS 270,

If you look at the statistics of sales of household chainsaws StiHL, we can conclude that they are also particularly popular. For example, the Stihl MS 180 chainsaw, since the place of sale, annually occupies top positions in the ratings of Internet portals as Yandex.Market. The most popular in the household class are models: MS 170, MS 210, MS 192, MS 211, MS 250, MS 291, MS 230, MS 260.

  • Small weight, which is 3.9 kg;
  • Power sufficient to perform work in a personal plot and not only;
  • Maintainability and availability of STIHL, a large number of well.organized services;
  • The quality of the materials from which the chainsaw houses are made.

All these advantages can be attributed to any product of a German company, but there is one main minus.

Compared to competitors (Makita, Hitachi, Champion, Oleo-Mac, Echo, EFCO, CARVER, PARTner), StiHL chainsaws have a fairly high cost of both the tools themselves and spare parts intended for their repair.

In turn, the high price of spare parts stimulates the appearance of a large number of low.quality spare parts designed to replace original and manufactured mainly in China. The installation of such spare parts is carried out in service centers that are not authorized to repair the chainsaw of STIHL, which entails a decrease in the life of the tools and adversely affects the image of the manufacturer.

Recently, Stihl began to produce the most chain chainsaw model. Stihl MS 180 at the factory, which is located in China. As company representatives explain, this is due to large volumes of products and preferential conditions for production.

Representatives of the company note that the transfer of production did not affect the quality of manufactured products, for the reason that the control of all stages of production remained at the same level. details about the Chinese Stihl chainsaws, read here.

Why do you need instrument operation instructions

Even if you worked at friendship or other saws, a new tool packaged in the box is a mystery. And only technical documentation will allow you not to make errors at the assembly and launch stage. First of all, you should study the operating instructions for the Husqvarna chainsaw developed for each model.

Each instruction includes:

  • Safe work requirements that ensure the preparation of the tool, operator and workplace. A lot of space is allotted safe work with a saw knot.
  • Details with demonstration images described the assembly of a saw device, its tension. How to correct the fuel supply system correctly. The sequence of starting and jamming of the tool.
  • The rules of safe operation are described in detail and how to set up a tool so that the work is comfortable, the return of the minimum.
  • Maintenance and repair of the main nodes has been developed step.by.step. It is also proposed to a schedule for a saw.
  • The technical characteristics of the equipment contains the parameters of the nodes, which will be required when repairing and replacing. Particularly necessary to pay attention, the Husqvarna chain for the chainsaw should be purchased according to the characteristic indicated in the instructions. For amateur use, only low.profile saws are suitable.

In a series of chainsaws of the brand Husqvarna, consider the most popular in the auxiliary farm.

Overview of models of chainsaws their difference

To choose a tool for work, you need to familiarize yourself with several models, find out their difference and buy a suitable saw under a request.

Husqvarna 236 chainsaw is designed for domestic use. It can be equipped with a bus of 35 or 40 cm. All of the above options in the tool are available, providing light launch even in winter. It economically consumes fuel and the release of combustion products has been reduced by halves.

Husqvarna 236 chainsaw power is 1.9 liters. With. or 1400 watts. With a small bus and weight 4.6 kg is convenient for her to cut trees in the garden, grind branches and sawing small logs, but not larch.

A compact model equipped with an economical engine is universal. Combustion chamber 38 cm 3. fuel volume of 0.3 liters is enough for an hour of continuous operation. The chain lubricant system is forced, includes a tank of 0.2 liters, but it is possible to syringe through a special hole.

The review of masters who worked on professional saws, who have something to compare, note the softness of the sawing and ergonomics of the model. They warn that copies with a non.adjusted carburetor hit. Such products are replaced, the problem is solved simply. No other remarks on the saw were revealed.

Husqvarna 142 chainsaw belongs to a semi.professional instrument. It is used on the winter workpiece of firewood in rural areas. In winter, at subzero temperatures, it is started from the fourth time. A curved handle is especially noted that allows you to make a convenient grip. You can work with this tool at a height:

which, model, husqvarna, better
  • a handle convenient for holding;
  • A light launch provides a starting spring;
  • chain inertial brake reduces the return when cutting wood;
  • The uniform distribution of weight with the separation of motor blocks and fuel tank additionally reduces vibration;
  • Forged three.section crankshaft increases the power of the saw.

You can not work at a height with any tool. In the forests, it is difficult to maintain balance under load. Therefore, people associated with the construction of summer houses are suitable for this, reliable chainsaw of Husqvarna 142.made Husqvarna.

  • The power of the two.stroke engine is 1.9 kW;
  • maximum fuel volume. 410 cm 3;
  • oil capacity. 200 cm 3;
  • Tire length-33-38 cm;
  • total weight before refueling. 4.6 kg.

When working with a saw, caution should be caused. It is unacceptable to move from one object to another with a working mechanism. When working, follow the instructions for the operating chainsaw of Husqvarna.

Reviews about the model are only positive. Professionals note that they work for several hours without hands tired. In winter it starts with 4 times, in the summer you need to take a break more often so as not to overheat the engine. There is a warning, with a cut at an angle from the tank flows oil.

Husqvarna 240 chainsaw. a model of a new generation household instrument. The new option, in addition to the listed, characteristic of all Husqvarna saws, was the capture of a torn chain. The traumatic factor is eliminated. The capacity and performance of the saw expands the use zone to semi.professional.

The tool is equipped with a noise muffler and an effective vibration damping system.

Technical indicators of the chainsaw Husqvarna 240:

  • the volume of the engine chamber 38.2 cm 3;
  • engine power. 1.5 kW;
  • tank capacity for fuel. 0.4 l;
  • Tire length. 38 cm;
  • oil pump with constant lubrication consumption.

When working with the tool, it is necessary to follow the points of the instructions for operating. It was this brand of chainsaws that was named among the three, possessing:

  • high resource engine;
  • altered for the better cleaning of fuel before injection;
  • well.thought.out system of centering and depreciation of nodes to reduce vibration.

Prepare the fuel mixture for the day of work, otherwise they will lose properties. Gasoline cannot be stored for a long time in plastic dishes. there will be soot on the candles. At the end of the work from the tank, develop all the fuel leisure.

If the proper run.in the saw is carried out, oils, fuel and additives are used in accordance with the instructions, while the service life will last longer than two years guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Husqvarna 135 chainsaws, the lightest design, only 4.4 kg without refueling with fuel, oil and saw. The saw has a 1.5 l engine. With., fuel tank. 0.37 liters. Recommended tires-36-38 cm. The difference in equipment:

  • the presence of a metallic stop for the cut of round logs, in other amateur models this spike is made of plastic;
  • a convenient cover with a quick filming to check the candles;
  • reusable air filters with light replacement.
  • Soft rubber handles have a convenient grip.

It is this, the lightest model with a quick.cutting saw knot can become the most convenient satellite of an extreme auto tutorist.

Husqvarna 137 chainsaws were released in 2005 for amateurs, but with a powerful 2.2 liter engine. With. and tank for fuel 410 cm 3. In this model, an improved ignition system with a light launch. Tire length 33-38 cm is used. For this saw, the manufacturer advises using a chain of own production, N 30, the leading link should be 1.3 cm thick.

61 9670624-88

This is a reliable device presented in the line of professional tools. Carter is based on light durable alloy. it is magnesium and aluminum. Engine equipment with a 3-component crankshaft. Progressive technical solutions made it possible to increase the aggregate motorsurs, presented in difficult conditions.

  • can be used in the case of forestry conditions;
  • installation of different tires in accordance with different lengths;
  • Power characteristics.

365 SP 9670828-18

In terms of indicators, the device is reliable and powerful. The tool has excellent balancing properties. The pens are ergonomic. At the expense of them, a confident grip of the master is provided. In general, buyers are satisfied with this tool. It is used due to the light starting system. There is also protection against vibration during work, which demonstrates high performance indicators.

The automatic device that provides lubrication is monitored for the saw. Vibration protection in carburetor was also used. According to the characteristics of the ratio, this is the best option, both in power and the weight of the tool.

  • Motopila is reliable and powerful, it can last a long time;
  • It will be able to perfectly prove himself in the forestry, even if the working conditions are difficult;
  • starting perfectly demonstrates itself even at minus temperature on the street.

TOP-5 HUSQVARNA chainsaws

Husqvarna 365-18

Chain saw for professional use. It is used for cutting forests, cutting large logs, found application in rescue operations. Its capacities of 3400 watts in combination with winning circuits are enough for cutting concrete, metal parts. Such multifunctionality justifies the characteristics of the model:

  • The engine of the engine of aluminum and magnesium alloy, withstanding operation at particularly high speeds;
  • The centrifugal air treatment system designed to reduce the wear of parts;
  • an oil pump, which allows to debug the regulation of the amount of lubricant supplied;
  • side tension of the chain;
  • Three speed speeds.

Advantages: chainsaws are convenient to maintain, has large reliability and power resources.

Disadvantages: In winter, it is not started immediately, after four to five jerks.

Husqvarna 450E

Universal chainsaw is intended for use mainly in domestic conditions. The main characteristics of the model include:

  • X-Torq engine. Motor characteristics provide economical fuel consumption. A reduced number of exhausts allows you to observe the requirements for the protection of the environment;
  • fast.removable air filter;
  • Fuel tank folding cap;
  • the presence of the Start Smart mechanism designed for easy launch.

Advantages: convenient and ergonomic design, good execution of all the functions declared by the manufacturer.

Disadvantages: Oil can drip from under the removable cover. At the place of oil supply during operation, garbage is quickly collected.

Husqvarna 135

Belongs to the category of household devices. It can be used for sawing shrubs, medium.sized trees, as well as for harvesting firewood, making a bars for a change house, a bathhouse. Despite the budget), has almost the same details and characteristics as expensive models. Among them:

  • a two-stroke X-TorQ engine providing reduced fuel consumption;
  • double air purification, which reduces to a minimum, the volume of emissions of waste gases;
  • quick.removable air filter;
  • side tension of the chain;
  • marking of the direction of the roll;
  • Combined engine stop control/throttle

Advantages: chainsaws are unpretentious in maintenance, undemanding to the quality of gasoline, easily starts at any air temperature.

Disadvantages: There is not enough power to cut large material.

Husqvarna 240

Household chainsaws are suitable for sawing firewood, trimming branches, other similar works. At a cost of 11 thousand. rubles has a well.thought.out design. The main characteristics of the model:

  • anti.vibration system that frees hands from loads;
  • X-Torq type engine. The use of this technology allows you to save fuel, reduce the volume of exhausts;
  • fuel pumping pump designed to facilitate launch;
  • chain brake driven by inertial forces.

Advantages: simple design, principle of operation. This chainsaw is the best option for those who had not taken such a device in their hands before.

Disadvantages: power is enough only to sawing small materials.

Husqvarna 120 Mark II-14

The chainsaw is designed to work in personal plots. The main characteristics of the model are considered:

  • engine developed using X-Torq technology. Its use makes it possible to reduce gasoline consumption, the volume of exhaust gases;
  • Air Injection air cleaning system. The use of the system makes it possible to increase the engine of the saw;
  • fuel pumping pump;
  • vibration system.

Advantages: despite the budget), is characterized by high quality assembly. The model is also interesting in that it is adapted to domestic gasoline.

Disadvantages: power is enough only for the cut of small details.

Popular questions

How the Husqvarna chainsaws differ from the products of other manufacturers? Husqvarna products differ from other manufacturers of the product of gasoline consumption. Husqvarna models consume 20% less fuel.

The number of exhaust emissions in Husqvarna models is 70% less relative to other manufacturers. This allows you to work in more comfortable conditions, do not pollute the air. Husqvarna chainsaws have a design convenient for work and maintenance, protection against vibrations, as well as an inertial brake, instantly stopping the chain when bouncing.

Air purification systems are thought out, as well as mechanisms that facilitate the launch in difficult conditions.

Pros and cons of Husqvarna chainsaws

Talking about the lineup of chainsaws, one cannot but affect their pros and cons, because as you know, any tools have them and Husqvarna saws are no exception.

General positive moments associated with Husqvarna saws:

  • All models were developed taking into account great experience and developments of engineers, and each new chainsaw is somewhat superior to the previous.
  • Husqvarna saws are made only from high.quality materials and tested in the laboratories of the company for strength and durability.
  • The company is configured for long.term cooperation and support of users of its tools, for this reason it constantly develops a network of specialized workshops and supplies the necessary number of spare parts and consumables to the market.

Now what can be said about Husqvarna from the negative side.

  • The company’s products do not belong to the price category of the affordable majority of the population of our country. Saws are really expensive, although no doubt high.quality.
  • Serving the Husqvarna chainsaws yourself is difficult, t.to. The tools have technical solutions aimed at ensuring that the user contacts the service center. For example, carburetor adjusting screws with notches for a special key.
  • High cost of original spare parts.
  • Constant updating of the model range, due to which sometimes there is a confusion with spare parts when repairing the chainsawsopil of Husqvarna.

We finish this with positive and negative moments and move on to discussion of the motorcycle resource.

Motoresurs Husqvarna

Unfortunately, we cannot tell you the exact information on the motor resource of specific models of Husqvarna, t.to. The manufacturer keeps it secret. But Husqvarna makes a clear division of its saw into categories. Only three categories.

Based on such a division, we can conclude that the largest motorsurs in professional chainsaws, t.to. They are designed for daily work for 8 hours. The smallest of household models, and saws for agriculture have average indicators. precisely, it is impossible to say, you can only find out in practice, but this will take too much time.

Important! Not only the quality of the parts from which it is made affect the service life of the chainsaw, are of great importance that are used for the preparation of the fuel mixture, as well as the frequency of tools.

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Reviews about the advantages of the chainsaw of Husqvarna 135:

  • simple replacement of the chain;
  • sufficient power for the cut of medium diameter logs;
  • A very simple launch system, it starts well even in the cold season;
  • A really effective vibration repayment system;
  • low weight;
  • comfortable, nonsense handle;
  • economical gasoline consumption;
  • conveniently pull the chain;
  • Easy replacement of a candle and air filter.

According to the owners, the shortcomings of Husqvarna 135 include the following:

  • expensive spare parts;
  • quickly loses the efficiency of working on oils and fuel of low quality;
  • Relatively quick grinding of the chain.

Assembly of the original chainsaw Husqvarna 135:

Vladimir, Irkutsk:

“I am very pleased with the saw, I could not paint the review in detail, but I decided to share my opinion, because I often read some dubious Комментарии и мнения владельцев addressed to Husqvarna. First and most important. do not chase cheap fakes, take the original. He will pay off a million times to you and will work in good faith, without a headache for you.

The chainsaw is just a fire! No wonder Husqvarna is the most famous in the world for chainsaws. The brand justifies itself. a great selection of models for different tasks, affordable prices, good service. Serving life. 2.5 years.

Advantages: Moderately consumes both gasoline and oil, exactly as it should. It cools quickly, I think this is a plus. Convenient function of pulling up the chain, do not fool yourself, pulled up and saw.

Disadvantages: either I was unlucky, or it is their sore. it is not very good for the “cold” saw “.

Ilya, Voronezh:

“I chose a saw for myself, initially I thought only about two versions. either Stihl or Husqvarna, and the latter won. I bought the 135th, now I do not regret a drop. Functional, it saws any wood, however, I did not work with super-tight breeds, I don’t know, but the apple tree, pear, cherry and acacia-perfectly cuts through. From components I was very pleased with the chain, and to remove and pull it easier than a simple. The total deadline for using the chainsaw is 3 years.

Reviews of the owners

Grigory, Zhytomyr region:

“Seven years of operation of the chainsaw. Acquired in 2011. There was no repair, there was maintenance. The tool paid off his price in the first year of work. I had two chainsaws before Husqvarna 142, I don’t even remember the brand, the second Belarusian, I don’t want to indicate the company, since the review is about Khuskvarn.

Advantages: power, profitable price, there is a protective mechanism for the chain.

Disadvantages: a solid tire does not fit here, only for domestic use, that is, replacing with a “steep” tire, let’s say, not very convenient, you need an original spare part Husqvarna.””

Vasily, Shostosta:

“I purchased this saw in 2010, for almost eight years it has been working for me without malfunctions! Say that I am just satisfied is nothing to say. The chainsaw is really cool! When I bought, I didn’t even think that it would work so clearly.

He used Husqvarna 142 at the construction site of the house, when cutting the boards, when he made a roof, ceiling, installed a fence, but not listed everything. Even in the cold, when working in winter, the chainsaws will start without problems, it will not stall if you use good gasoline and oil. I will not describe the characteristics in the review, only time to lose. Who bought, he already knows what this thing is capable of.

Advantages: I never carried out repairs, used it carefully, I was very trembling over it for the first time, but then I realized that it works fine, only you need to use according to the instructions. No wonder it is written for each specific tool. From technical points: of course, a candle was replaced, there was also a replacement of the air filter. In general, a beautiful apparatus for a decent price!

Switching range of Husqvarna chainsaws

The lineup of the manufacturer is divided into ordinary chainsaws, universal, powerful models, professional series, as well as a ruler of saws for trees care.

Ordinary chainsaws

The task of such a chainsaw is a simple work on the site, cutting a tree. Their main advantages are easy launch, simple operation, but at the same time a powerful engine.

Husqvarna 135 chainsaw Husqvarna 140 Husqvarna 240 chainsaw

Universal chainsaws

    (derived from production, 1600 watts);. 440 E-Series II (1800 W);. 445 E-Series II (2100 W);

  • Husqvarna 61 (2900 watts);. 450 E-Series II (2400 W);
  • Husqvarna 455e, 455 E-Series Rancher II (2600 W).

Husqvarna 435 chainsaw Husqvarna 440 Husqvarna 450e II chainsaw

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Characteristics of the universal chainsaw of Husqvarna. maneuverability, simple launch, reduced level of ejection of harmful substances. There is a fuel pump with auto.return, fast starting function.

Powerful chainsaws

Husqvarna 353 chainsaw Husqvarna 365 Husqvarna 372-XP chainsaw

The main tasks of the line of powerful chainsaws are prolonged use, complex tasks of both in the household and professional sphere. Such a saw can work in the workshop, and on the sawmill, and at home. Distinctive characteristics of the chainsaw data are high power and reliability of the design, protection of all spare parts from wear.

Professional chainsaws

The professional series is highly powerful, reliable devices that can be used for a long time. Compact, have relatively small weight. Quickly and effectively perform the tasks assigned to them.

Trees care chainsaws

Basils for trees implement tasks such as the formation of crown in deciduous and fruit trees, pruning branches. It’s easy to work with such a tool, even climbing a tree.

Top models of chainsaw Husqvarna

Top models of chainsaws, given the reviews of users and owners, include the following:

    (2400 W), a universal saw suitable for professional and domestic use;

  • Husqvarna 257 (long.removed model, loved by users, power 2700 W);
  • Husqvarna 555 (3100 W).

Of course, other representatives of the Husqvarna model range, primarily due to outstanding technical characteristics, good quality assembly and productivity of work, are also popular.

Features of Husqvarna chainsaws are as follows:

  • recognizable appearance. the design of the entire line of chainsaws is approximately the same;
  • the weight of the product in the instructions without taking into account the mass of the chain, tires;
  • All tools currently produced at Husqvarna factories meet European requirements for the noise and environmental friendliness of work;
  • In many models there is a side tensioner of the chain, that is, the saw does not need to be disassembled to pull the chain;
  • In almost every saw, the air filter is removed in one click on the valve;
  • conveniently pour fuel;
  • The number of stars on chains of different chainsaws is different;
  • Only original spare parts are recommended for chainsaws, the use of analogues worsens the operational characteristics of the device;
  • Fuel is also recommended to take good quality, the higher the quality of the fuel, the more reliable and durable your chainsaws will work;
  • The working number of rises of the chainsaw can be from 9,000 to 12,000, at idle the number of revolutions is approximately 2700 per minute.

Instruction and safety instructions when handling a tool

Basic rules for the operation of the chainsaw Husqvarna:

  • fuel for chainsaws. high.cleaning gasoline;
  • The saw works on a mixture of fuel and oil, fuel mixing is made in a ratio of 50: 1, this ratio gives the best effect for engine operation. Do not change the ratio of the components of the combustible mixture!
  • It is recommended to take such types: Husqvarna nr, for 2-engineers, semi-synthetic;
  • Cook the fuel mixture in the necessary proportion in a special mixing container, in no case you need to breed good gasoline cheaper;
  • It is also forbidden to dilute one type of oil to another;
  • It is recommended to fill in fuel away from sources of fire, gas.

Rules for operation and safety when working with a chainsaw Husqvarna:

  • It is always necessary to conduct a chainsaw from top to bottom or lateral part over the entire surface of the tree trunk, if you only lead the saw with the edge of the star, you can get a strong return on the tool and repeatedly increase the likelihood of injury;
  • If the saw does not want to start, make sure that all the components are collected and installed correctly, and then try to establish the cause;
  • It is forbidden to use the device in the rain, near the sources of fire;
  • It is unacceptable to use a chainsaw without protective equipment (headphones, masks, glasses);
  • You can not remove the engine and disassemble it yourself while the device is under warranty.

Husqvarna chainsaw equipment:

  • chainsaw housing;
  • instruction;
  • guarantee;
  • saw part;
  • package;
  • universal key;
  • Hand shield, tire casing (not all models).

The main malfunctions of chainsaws and ways to eliminate them

Why is Husqvarna chainsaw not working? The main causes of malfunctions and methods of their elimination are indicated in the table.

Husqvarna 460 Rancher gasoline saw

Super.powerful and highly functional Rancher 460. Another excellent chainsaw option to perform various tasks with ease and high efficiency. This chainsaw also has the function of reducing vibration, which is one of the biggest complaints when it comes to a gas.drive chainsaw. It has a LowVIB technology that reduces vibrations to facilitate the use and reduction of the load on the hands.

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Husqvarna also installed a centrifugal air cleaning system to increase the engine service life and eliminate the need for regular filter cleaning.

Adjustable gasoline pump with a capacity of 3.62 l.With. It is also an excellent function, since it allows you to regulate the fuel flow in accordance with the task and the prevailing weather conditions.

Other functions that make it one of the best universal chainsaws of the Husqvarna brand include Smart Start, which simplifies the engine launch, the side tensioner of the chain and an ergonomic front handle.


  • Reducing the level of vibration
  • Highly effective air purification system
  • Relatively lower fuel consumption
  • Adjustable fuel pump
  • Quickly and easy

Husqvarna gasoline saw 240

If you are a homeowner looking for a Husqvarna chainsaw for lighter tasks, such as pruning trees and caring for a garden, Husqvarna 240. Ideal model for you.

This is the cheapest model in our Husqvarna chainsaw rating, but it still has the majority of the functions that Husqvarna chainsaws make great devices for working with wood.

It sets the X-TorQ engine, which saves fuel and reduces harmful emissions, and the LowVib system reduces vibration. Also has a smart start system and an additional air purification system.