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Trimmers for Patriot grass (Patriot)

Patriot electric and gasoline braids for amateur and domestic use differ from their market analogues with high traction parameters, good balancing and worthy quality of factory assembly. Patriot’s branded trimmers are unpretentious in care and do not need frequent repairs. This advantage makes it possible to use the garden technique of a well.known brand not only more experienced, but also to many novice gardeners.

Patriot is a relatively young brand that was founded in 2000 in the United States. From its very entry into the market, a young enterprise has headed for the active development of its own innovative technologies, which were introduced into proprietary equipment. At the time of education, the American company did not have its own factory, so since 2003 the brand has established the production of its equipment at one of the Chinese factories, where the products of many famous European enterprises were produced.

Today, Patriot actively produces gasoline and electric saws, snowball players, cultivators, motoblocks. The list of products of the enterprise also contains different types of construction equipment: concrete mixers, water heaters. Among the domestic gardeners, special attention is deserved by branded electric and gasoline trimmers for the grass of the American brand Patriot. Among their main advantages, experts highlight endurance, decent build quality and good ergonomicity. Each model of the Patriot brand is as easy to operate as possible, which makes it possible without special preparation to begin its operation to any novice gardener.

Trimmer for Patriot 3355 grass. advantages of motorcycles

This light household motorcycle machine is designed to combat small weeds, haircuts of decorative natural lawns, alignment of vegetation next to trees, as well as mowing grass in other hard.to.reach places.

The Patriot Pt 3355 trimmer differs from market analogues of a modified CPG with an increased piston, a chrome cylinder and an improved anti.vibration system. Additional rubber dampers evenly extinguish vibration from the engine, increasing comfort when working with a garden tool.

For more convenient use, the Patriot 3355 lawn mower is equipped with a 2-handed rubberized handle of a standard bicycle type. All the button and switches required for convenient work and switches are built into its standard right handle.

The parameters of the mower include:

The completion of the proprietary model includes a durable gearbox, all the spare parts of which are made of aluminum covered with protective chrome alloy. This extends the life of the mechanism and makes it more stable before high loads.

The advantages of brand technology

The features worthy of attention should be attributed:

  • High power of products;
  • Reliable assembly;
  • Structural thoughtfulness;
  • Corrosion protection of all parts;
  • Compactness;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Financial availability;
  • A wide range of.

At the moment, the company’s lawn mowers, which possess: are at the moment among the proposals of the company:

  • excellent operational characteristics that allow even the hardest grass in the shortest possible time;
  • special fans cooled by the elements heated during operation;
  • steel or heat.resistant plastic buildings. These materials easily withstand any temperature changes, mechanical damage and other negative factors, reliably protecting, while internal mechanisms;
  • Copper engine winding. A similar feature is present in Ratriot electric lawners, since copper acts as a human tread from the current in case of close.

Absolutely all “garden assistants” have the above features, many users managed to see this. over, the objects are fully adapted for domestic operating conditions and will be able to withstand a significant load.

What models are considered the best among Patriot lawn mowers?. Now we will consider them.

Patriot company

The formation of Patriot in the United States was on the crisis of the 70s of the last century. A small enterprise for the repair of garden equipment in several decades has turned into a huge transnational corporation with industries located in many countries.

Since the beginning of the 2000s, the Garden Trading has been promoting the Patriot brand in the market. Having acquired all the rights to the brand and posting production to the company was able to reduce the cost of production by reducing customs and transportation costs. All equipment complies with European quality standards. TM Patriot service centers operate in many cities.

Patriot T 545 Pro


Powerful braid for grass. Fishing line mows high thick grass and even fine wooden shoots up to 1 cm in diameter. The car beast. It starts easily, does not stall, does not overheat from refueling to refueling.


Coil. This is hell. About winding grass. just mow in several layers, so that there are no long stems. Bad different. While you understand the coil from overheating leads and starts to beat.


But there is always a way out. The old coil will come in handy. It is necessary to pierce the fastener from the mass of plastic coil of the coil with something sharp, with which the coil is attached to the trimmer. This bolt (t.e. hairpin) and there is an adapter for normal coils for M10. Any coils from Husqvarn’y are suitable. Including professional. And my advice to you is right after the purchase. the headache will be much less, and the reliability is simply amazing!

I bought a site, it was necessary to mow heavy weeds mixed with shrubs and young trees. He did not regret that he took this particular braid, because: equipped with a powerful and rather economical engine (the tank was enough for ~ 5 acres of heavy weeds); A braid for grass is equipped with a knife and fishing line (you can’t squint bushes, branches and thick storms with a fishing line); The rod is non.vegetable and the drive is not cable, but the cardan (respectively, the force is transmitted to the knife). In a couple of days, without straining, he squinted 30 acres, the first day with a knife, the second fishing line. On the first day, he touched a steel water pipe with a thickness of 2-3 mm with a knife, cut through. The knife, of course, was bent, but I straightened it with a hammer and went further to mow. I didn’t like the fishing line. It breaks very quickly, you often have to stop and manually pull it out. It is written that the reel for the fishing line is semi.automatic and you can pull out the fishing line for the trimmer, hitting it on the ground when working. Not true, does not work, you have to get it manually every time. Noise and vibration moderate. The kit includes protective glasses and a canister for mixing gasoline with oil, it saves time very much. Gasoline 92nd. If you overdo it with oil, it does not gain momentum. Quite comfortable harness, if you carefully select the length of the straps, then the weight is distributed comfortably. Of the jambs, I would make a gas trigger with fixation in 2 positions, otherwise the standard fixation does not always have enough power. The latch holds the trigger, does not fly out. In general, despite the fact that the braid for grass is collected in China made soundly and accurately. Any inconsistencies and burrs, everything is clearly adjusted. Slogo is satisfied.

We bought a braid for processing a site about 40 acres of storm overgrown with fruit trees, nettles were in height, where there was a hogber, mowed the disk from it everything spilles into shreds and nettles and thorns are not too thick, hogweed, wolves of apple trees and thick thorough it cuts off with a bang more gas and works like a church. Pro belts were helped out of excess weight, comfortable.Of the shortcomings. great weight, vibration and noise. The reel for the fishing line is not very thought out, the grass is wound between the coil and the gearbox.It justifies its price with more than, a braid for grass with the same characteristics but more eminent companies costs in the region of 20-30, and this 6-7.I didn’t regret the purchase.


Site 36 acres, plus storms behind the fence. Due to power and size, a wide bevel strip is obtained. A knife that easily copes with weeds (burdocks, nettles, etc.D.). It is inconvenient to change the fishing line for the trimmer. the coil opens hard; The fishing line for the trimmer periodically sticks together and you have to rewind it. In general, I am satisfied with the purchase.


Really powerful. A knife beats any grass and bushes. Comfortable.


The unloading vest was burst in three years in several places (plastic), while I am tied with island, but I feel another year and it will fall apart completely.


What to say- for three years of active work I have never failed. Grass in the country is heavy and more than 20 acres. Everything mows (except for thick trees)). I did not repair anything and did not set up, he started it, started and mowing. The main thing is that the power is enough for the eyes!


Powerful, everything starts perfectly in a row. I do not use it long until I am satisfied with everything


The shoulder belt is complete squalor, the carbine broke and everything connected with it on the first day. I hung another from the old braid for grass carbine, a completely different matter

Patriot Pt 555


I conquer from the first jerk, mows everything, even bushes, includes a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife, a disk. belt, tools and containers for measuring.


If you mow for a long time, you need physical training, at first hands tired, got used to it


The model is more than satisfied, mows everything, the site is large, in addition, the cat around the fence outside the site. At first it seemed heavy, but used to it, the result of the work is more important. I was not a sign with the brand, I was afraid to take it, but I was glad that I did not overpay and the Patriot’s quality is excellent.


The assembly is good, the power is super, the pore.year.old weeds mowed, I would not mowed anything else.


After the first 2 hours, a black fuel supply tube was torn, after two days it was booming and crumbled. Replaced another. The rest is ok.


For ungulative fields of distant dachas is indispensable


The power is excellent, you can work with a dull knife, mows like thick stems, there is a small shrub. There is a centrifugal clutch, so stones, anthills, etc.P. the motor is not afraid, the knife just stops, but the motor does not stall. The price for such a powerful trimmer for grass is more than pleasant. Rich equipment (even a disc knife and a bank for mixing)


Heavy. After 3 hours of work, the back hurts 2. Vibration on the shaft, you need to work in soft gloves 3. Gasoline eats what is bad, but this is the reverse side of the high power 4. An uncomfortable belt in the kit. plastic shoulder pillows have sharp edges, during operation they really scratch their neck (you need to sew clogged covers) 5. Uncertain launch on the cold, you have to trample the starter 6 for a long time. The banking bank is marked with a proportion of 1:30, and in the instructions 1:32 for a given engine (if I do not confuse, the proportions do not coincide)


A powerful, unpretentious trimmer for grass for more than reasonable money


Not a convenient strapping (bought from Echo), an openly bad head (bought from Khuskvarna) to the price of 2000 and everything is in order


Mowing saws what else is needed while everything suits. Someone is so hard for me so normal, and not a detachable bar is a little uncomfortable, but I advise everyone more reliable


Non.significant, described in other reviews.A nowing knife is recommended to sharpen.


I bought this miracle unit in an online store.As described with a standard head for fishing line, there is vibration, but it is not as terrible as it seems.The strapping is really not very convenient, but this is also not a catastrophe, in order to shave the grass once or two a week, it will be enough.I came to me disassembled.I quickly collected it according to the instructions and after 15 minutes mowed the grass.Everything is going on to the kit so that the trimmer for the grass can be assembled without the use of any other tools (conditionally on the knee).Started quickly and without any troubles.As soon as it breaks down, the review will be supplemented.

which, model, patriot, lawn, mower, choose


Power! Very good equipment. there is everything: a saw disk, a knife, a measured canister. Running belt is very convenient if you adjust correctly. Anti.vibration system works. Everything is done quite well and reliable. Big tank of 1.2 liters. The price for this trimmer for grass is more than adequate.


Now the reverse side of the coin. noisiness 112DB is much for work without headphones. The trimmer head after 3 hours of work demanded cleaning-there was no fishing line for a trimmer. It is better to buy another from a famous brother in general. The bicycle handle is not as comfortable as that of new models like: 3355, 3555, 4555, etc.D. newer. Heavy.


Given all the pros and cons, I think the choice of this trimmer for the grass is more than successful. On 15 acres. what the doctor prescribed. The trimmer for the grass is heavy, but uncritical. the weight with the upper location of the engine and the presence of the backward belt, in principle, reduces this shortage to naught. He did not regret that he took such a powerful trimmer for the grass. it does not get in the mowed grass. rushing like a tank. In appearance, everything is done with dignity (except for the coil, the price affects), let’s see how he will behave in further operation. The price of 5 thousand is quite adequate.

Trimmer for Patriot 3355 grass. advantages of motorcycles

This light household motorcycle machine is designed to combat small weeds, haircuts of decorative natural lawns, alignment of vegetation next to trees, as well as mowing grass in other hard.to.reach places.

The Patriot Pt 3355 trimmer differs from market analogues of a modified CPG with an increased piston, a chrome cylinder and an improved anti.vibration system. Additional rubber dampers evenly extinguish vibration from the engine, increasing comfort when working with a garden tool.

For more convenient use, the Patriot 3355 lawn mower is equipped with a 2-handed rubberized handle of a standard bicycle type. All the button and switches required for convenient work and switches are built into its standard right handle.

The parameters of the mower include:

The completion of the proprietary model includes a durable gearbox, all the spare parts of which are made of aluminum covered with protective chrome alloy. This extends the life of the mechanism and makes it more stable before high loads.

The domestic manufacturer has a large line of gasoline lawners. They are united by reliable and stable quality, ergonomics and ease of use. To choose the best of them, our editors turned to users. Analysis of reviews and characteristics made it possible to distinguish the four most top models, especially recommended by the owners. Devices, depending on the class, are equipped with American, or Chinese ICEs, are easy to operate and easy to maintain. I am on the service.The market for lawn mowers collected the largest number of stars and received high grades.

Patriot Pt 47 LS (2017)

A self.propelled lawn mower with a powerful and high.speed engine is distinguished by the purity of lawns processing. With a planned cutting of the site, as a rule, one pass is enough to get the desired result. However, as users note, it is necessary to monitor the sharpness of the knife and timely sharpen it in a timely performance decrease. The mower moves confidently, irregularities, descents and rises for it are not an obstacle, even if the grass collector is completely loaded. Given the overall quality of the model and its characteristics, according to most owners, this is the best lawn mower with a drive in combination of price-quality.

  • The speed of rotation of the knife is 3000 rpm;
  • large grass collector. 60 l;
  • handle with a soft lining;
  • durable case;
  • durable metal case;
  • excellent maneuverability;
  • simplicity of service;
  • confidently moves to the climbs;
  • Suitable for plots with bumps.

Patriot PT 41 LM (512109002)

The popular lawn mowing model is great for artificial and natural lawns of medium.sized. Its compact building and small mass (23 kg) allow the operator to easily maneuver, enveloping flower beds, beds or cultural stands. The height of the mowing varies between 30-75 mm, which is an indisputable advantage for the light class lawners. End of grass, if necessary, is possible directly to the site, for this it is enough to disconnect the box. Motor revolutions are located directly on the handle adjustable in height, so that when changing the density and rigidity of the grass, it is enough to transfer the lever to one of the provisions.

Patriot PT 47 BS (2017)

Patriot gasoline lawn mower is one of the flagship brand models. Briggs Stratton, a non.proceeding engine of the American manufacturer, discharge of grass on two sides, mulching the nozzle, 7 levels of height adjustment and self.propelled platform provide maximum comfort and performance. In addition, to maintain the lawn mower in cleanliness on the case, a fitting fitting is mounted for cleaning the knife and deck. The speed of the mower is unchanged, but the gear ratio is selected in such a way that, regardless of filling the grass collector, it remains at the optimal level. For the convenience of the operator, a functional panel with control levers is located on the top of the handle, a tank for trifles and even a cup holder.

  • high quality and reliability;
  • nozzle for mulching;
  • discharge of grass on two sides;
  • simplicity of service;
  • good color quality;
  • Cales with dense vegetation.

Patriot RT 52 BS

This is one of the best Patriot gasoline gas mowers. very powerful and hardy. It is equipped with a reliable Briggs Stratton 675EXI ICE and works in three modes: the collection of herbs in the grass collector, side release, and when installing a special nozzle performs the function of mulching. The light start without swinging fuel was provided by the READYSTART launch system. The wheel drive facilitates control. a self.propelled chassis with wide wheels confidently travels along a flat area or relief with drops. There is a special fitting lawnie on the case, to which you can connect water and quickly rinse the working area from pollution. The owners noted a high.quality and trouble.free engine, good assembly, the lack of excessive noise and exhausts.

  • top capacity and performance;
  • unpretentious and high.quality ICE;
  • light start;
  • Suitable for sections with relief changes;
  • copes with thick and high grass;
  • outstanding technical parameters;
  • The case and deck of steel;
  • The presence of a drive.

Trimmer for Patriot 555 grass. Description of the model

Trimmer for grass gasoline Patriot PT 555 in this semi.professional configuration is equipped with a high.quality trigger, the proprietary layout of which increases its effectiveness during launch at extremely low temperatures. The engine engine is released by a reduced noise effect, relatively modest fuel consumption, as well as lightweight weight.

The Patriot gasoline trimmer is previously equipped with an enhanced gearbox, which is stable when working on high loads. Free access in it simplifies lubrication and independent repair of the mechanism.

The main factory parameters of the mower include:

Worthy parameters of this tool make it possible without any fears to use it to mow the dried large wild weeds, the fight against sprouted shoots of trees.

Useful tips

In order for the trimmer for the grass to demonstrate high productivity, you need to take into account some tips for operating the tool.

  • Before installing the fishing line in the coil, it is recommended to lower the cutting element for a couple of minutes in warm water. So it softens and will be less subject to breaking.
  • Motokosa gearbox should be regularly lubricated. This will extend the life of the device.
  • Those who plan to work with the tool for a long time should make a choice in favor of models with anti.vibration, since vibration greatly affects the fatigue of the hands.

About company

Patriot was founded in 1973 by American engineer Andy Johnson. Originally engaged in the production of oils and lubricants for garden equipment. Over time, it turned into a solid company. In 1993, the assortment expanded due to the launch of engines for small garden tools. In 1997, the company began to produce bushes and chainsaws. To reduce the cost of products, the main capacities were transported to Korea. Today “Patriot”. One of the world leaders in the number of sales of this type of garden inventory.

The best trimmers for Patriot grass have a thoughtful design. These tools are easy to use.

small vibration, without shocks;

reliable isolation;

the possibility of long.term uninterrupted work;

the presence of a semi.automatic coil that facilitates the renewal of the cutting line;


a good choice.

Comparison with other brands

Choosing, it is important to understand not only which Patriot gasoline bushword is better, but also what is its advantages over other brands. If we compare Patriot gasoline heaps with other brands, then they differ in the presence of adjustable handles depending on the operator. Modern gasoline models are equipped with a button of forced turning on the fuel pump and a special system that facilitates the launch. Units are equipped with a shoulder belt, which makes the mowing easier and more comfortable. Different equipment can be installed on the equipment. The technique is not too heavy, and also does not consume a lot of fuel, while it has a high power. Serving it is quite simple.

Gasoline models are equipped with a convenient launch and supply system

Patriot grass trimmers. reviews

After working out one season, after winter she stopped starting, everything was tried and candles and carberry and oil and gasoline. In general, she torments you for about 40 minutes and starts))) Well, if you start a kosi, kosi, kosi and have time to pour gasoline, it is better not to jerk))) I read somewhere in their problems with a piston, I myself do not rummage Therefore, I did not climb deep. The service is disgusting, everywhere to put it mildly sent in an open text. Yes, in order to be not unfounded, I have this torment for three years, so I enjoyed a buzz with a hassle and twitching the starter)))

By the way, it was not bad, high.quality plastic and everything around, only right away the handle mounts broke on the second day, even they didn’t think it out at all. My advice: if you decide to take it, then be ready for the next season to suffer! (I read this on the internet, everyone has such a topic with them) Yes, when I bought it, the price for it was on the Internet Mage 5400r for still a fishing line for a trimmer as a gift and right now the price is just a beast, you really I would not advise anyone that money! Although the enemy can be))) let the nerves spoil. Right now I bought an EFCO at a price that is now worth this so.called Patriot. Under UAZ, his Patriot and at a speed of 15 times to drive. Well, there are really some nerves with this scythe, always suffered in a way, a dad for 30 minutes, brother for 20 minutes and I. In the furnace. Do not take, well, or take it yourself, maybe of course I got such a copy, but the fact! I read a lot of reviews on this problem. And most importantly, the service well, damn it well, this is a laughter in general. My conclusion: a fair.haired ! Yes, and took it that what. The price was carried out for 5400r. with a direct bar and even 1.8 horses. And in the bag then. DECEPTION. I have been changing the review, I made the ignition and cut it for two years, Husgvarn is resting (it really lies in the garage) Patriot is much more powerful and somehow it’s more sure that something will fall under the fishing line for a trimmer. Spool is of course a minus, but a couple of times there and get used to the good not every day you wrap it. 2017. Normal flight, changed the rogue, the fastening of the handle to the rod was redone.

  • portable trimmer for grass
  • gasoline 2.clock engine, 33 cm?, one.8 l.With.
  • Speasing width: 42 cm
  • Included: Trammer Fine line (2.4 mm), knife, shoulder belt
  • Anti.vibration system
  • Weight: 7 kg
  • tank for 0.95 l
  • Direct bar

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A relatively lightweight, convenient, convenient parasital belt included saw 40 teeth and a trimmer knife, a measuring container for preparing a working mixture hard shaft comfortable handles and trimer hanging as a whole, the anti.vibrational system works well, there is no hand.shaking

which, model, patriot, lawn, mower, choose

The fishing line for the trimmer, which is included, is not so bad, mowed it about 7 acres of thick grass, small trees, the grass is wound on the reel, but this is a fee for universality to use either a knife or fishing line for a trimmer, you can avoid winding grass. if you mow high grass from above, in principle, there were no special inconveniences with winding the grass to the coil, the maximum diameter of the fishing line 2.4 mm was written in the manual, in real life I inserted a fishing line for a triangular cross.section of 3 mm., it will not enter anymore, and now she was a pleasure to mow!, The engine starting and on the hot and cold is ideal, the first time, I use gasoline AI-95, 4 liters were enough for a mowing of 15 acres, after the purchase I checked the tightening of all the compounds, the presence of lubrication in the gearbox. Everything was normal, prepared the mixture, 1 to 30 and in idle (sometimes slightly bastard) gave me a job (conducted hot runaway), after which he reduced idle speeds, seemed high, noise when working without headphones, power of 1.8 liters.With. than enough for their farm, everything that is higher in power is for professionals who mow the roadsides of roads, there will be a huge gasoline consumption, noise, weight and vibration. My opinion. This trimmer for grass is ideal for household needs. Bought for 7500 reliability. It will tell time, I think that it will be no worse than analogues, since most branded firms have production capacities in China, and the assembly takes place in the same place.

  • portable trimmer for grass
  • gasoline 2.clock engine, 25 cm?, one.3 l.With.
  • Speasing width: 46 cm
  • Included: Trammer Fine line (2.4 mm), knife, shoulder belt
  • Anti.vibration system
  • Weight: 6 kg
  • tank for 0.45 l
  • Direct bar
  • portable trimmer for grass
  • gasoline 2.clock engine, 33 cm?, one.3 l.With.
  • Speasing width: 43 cm
  • Included: a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife, shoulder belt
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • tank for 0.5 l
  • Direct bar

With a spent of more than 2 hours, a gearbox is heated, you need to give a rest. native coil is enough for a maximum of 2 seasons. Then you have to look for a new. then another adventure. Unknown ergonomics, keeping on a native belt is not very convenient when working. And the belt is inconvenient. After 5 years of use, the piston group worn out. Fully for replacement. issue price 2.5 thousand. R. It’s easier to buy a new trimmer for grass.

maybe a normal apparatus for its money. I think to buy a new one with a sight that I will use components from the old. Probably then it makes sense. used a trimmer for grass 3-4 times a season and a piston has worn out in 5 years. Question to the quality of great.

  • portable trimmer for grass
  • electric engine (1200 W) from the network cable
  • Included: a fishing line for a trimmer, shoulder belt
  • Weight: 4.5 kg
  • Curved rod

3 times a year for the years of seven koshu. Only a fishing line for a trimmer I change. I use fishing line for a trimmer. Climbs tightly in the grooves on the coil but mows well. Sometimes wraps long grass. I cleaned it and go further forward 🙂

  • Trimer type for grass: portable
  • ICE power 2.5 l.With.
  • Fuel tank capacity 1 liter
  • Speasing width 46 cm
  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a 3 mm trimmer fishing line
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • Hand-shaped shape: T-shaped (bicycle)
  • shoulder belt
  • Wheel: no wheels
  • Weight 8.5 kg

Electric trimmers for grass

A feature of these machines is their environmental friendliness. These electrocos do not throw harmful substances into the atmospheric air.

These Patriot models work from an electric network and there are two types: battery and electric.

These cars are cheaper than gasoline. Most often, these electrocos are used in private, where there is constant access to the electric network.

The range of batteries that allow owners to work autonomously:

Gasoline lawn mowers

Lawn mowers are in demand among enterprises that specialize in maintaining large and even territories (park zones, golf fields, etc.D.).

They have several operating modes: collection of herbs in the grass collector, mulching and side emission.

The main difference between the lawmaker and a trimmer for grass is that they leave a perfectly even lawn without a “baldness”.

Depending on the power of the motor under the Patriot brand, the following models of gasoline lawn mowers are made:

  • PT53LSI
  • PT48LSI
  • PT410
  • PT53BSE
  • PT41LM
  • PT42LS
  • PT47LM
  • PT47LS
  • PT48AS
  • PT52LS

All these lawnmands have the following differences: power, the volume of the grass collector and the width of the deck. Another factor that needs to be paid to when choosing whether it is self.propelled or not.

Not so long ago, Patriot began cooperation with the American Briggsstratton engines company, which are considered one of the best in its business.

The Patriot lineup with these engines includes the following models:

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Trimmer for grass Electric Patriot et 1200. parameters and equipment

This household model is distinguished by ergonomics, a modest consumption of electricity, as well as ease of use. The trimmer for grass does not distinguish emissions harmful to health, which makes it possible to actively use it in greenhouses and other closed rooms. If necessary, a braid can be used to cut small weeds.

The basic equipment of the model consists of a hardy electric motor equipped with effective protection against voltage and overheating surges. The engine is launched by pressing the button. For convenience when operating in a brawl of braids, the handle adjustable in height is included.

The main characteristics of the electrocos include:

  • The power of the standard motor is 1.1 kW;
  • The maximum possible diameter of mowing when using fishing line is 46 cm;
  • cut diameter when using a knife. 23 cm;
  • The mass in the form ready for work is 6.8 kg.

The manufacturer has provided free access to the often replaced details of the trimmer for grass, which makes it possible to quickly repair the model with your own hands.

Trimmer for grass Electric Patriot 1255. model characteristics

This electric trimmer for Patriot brand grass is released simple in operation and modest dimensions. The engine braid engine has a solid wiping margin, which gives it the opportunity to withstand significant loads with intensive use in difficult weather conditions.

For more accurate control of this Patriot electric shock, the manufacturer included a 2-handed bike handle in its complete set, which can be adjusted in height. The right handle of the structure is equipped with all the control bodies necessary for work.

The main characteristics of the model include:

  • The power of the standard motor is 1.1 kW;
  • The maximum possible diameter of mowing when using fishing line is 46 cm;
  • cut diameter when using a knife. 23 cm;
  • The mass in the form ready for work is 7.6 kg.

The endurance of the engine makes it possible to use an electric cost for mowing thick shoots, solid dried grass, as well as removing small weeds and shrubs.