Which mower is better rotary or segment

The advantages of rotary mowers

  • Simple and compact attachments, it is easy to transfer, mount on a single-axle tractor.
  • In the trunk of a car, the machine-tractor unit is transported disassembled, at the intended site it is assembled and started to work.
  • Service is simple. At the end of the work, it is easy to remove the remnants of the cut material. Performing routine maintenance, they lubricate the rubbing nodes.
  • The presence of fences contributes to the safe operation of equipment.
  • When mowing, the operator can easily maneuver. The center of gravity is located on the wheels, so sharp turns and changes in direction of travel are not difficult.
  • Rotary mowers are relatively inexpensive. They are purchased more often to equip them with energy-intensive units.

Measures for the safe use of segment mowers

  • Before starting mowing, you need to check the connection of the attachment and the walk-behind tractor. Check the strength of the threaded connection.
  • Check the ease of movement of the movable bar with knives. Clarify segment integrity.
  • All work must be performed only when the engine of the walk-behind tractor is stopped. The power take-off shaft can be connected from vibration, then injury to the operating personnel is possible.
  • Stop the unit periodically (at least once every two hours) and check the belt tension. Inspect for loose and loose threaded connections.
  • Move across the field, measuring the speed and power of the grass stand.
  • Before mowing, check the field for stones and objects that could damage the mower‘s working body.

Segment mowers for motoblocks

The design, developed in the middle of the 19th century, has not undergone significant changes. A number of fixed segments are fixed to the frame. Above, there is a movable rod (it reciprocates relative to the fixed frame), a second row of segments is installed on it. The stem caught between the segments is cut.

Similar mowers are used for high grass stands. They are effective in overgrown areas. Traditionally, segment mowers mow grass for hay.

Many users note that it is convenient to work with a segment mower both on the plain and on the territory with difficult terrain. The cut is made near the ground, which increases the mass of the harvested material. When mowing, the device puts the mown vegetation into a swath. this improves the conditions for drying and obtaining high-quality hay.

The speed of the unit can reach 4.0 4.3 km / h, which corresponds to the normal gait of a person.

  • finger, they use additional protection of the segments (overhead fingers) from the ingress of solid objects into the cutting zone;
  • fingerless do not have additional protection. Mowing is believed to have been in use for many years. There are no objects on them that can destroy the segments of the cutting organ.

Attention! Practice has shown that the presence of a protective finger over the segments increases the maintenance-free operation several times. The complex design pays off with lower costs for restoring operability.

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Disadvantages of rotary mowers:

  • you need to regularly (approximately every 2 hours of work) check the fastening of the knives;
  • traumatic in the presence of small stones and other solid objects in the grass;
  • You can mow upright grass up to 1 meter high.

Rotary mounted mowers for motoblocks

On uneven areas of a relatively small size, rotary mowers are used. Structurally, they represent a disk located at the cutting height. Rotation from the power take-off shaft (PTO) of the walk-behind tractor is transmitted to the executive body.

CYLINDER (Reel) V ROTARY Lawnmowers. Which mower is right for you? (4K)

Several knives are installed on the disk, which, under the action of centrifugal force arising during rotation, diverge in different directions. When they come into contact with stems and blades of grass, they cut them.

Low grasses have time to be in the cutting zone several times, therefore they are crushed. A herbal mass is formed. Gardeners use it for mulching the soil in their gardens. Poultry happily pecks on a similar herbal mixture.

Rotary attachments are produced in two versions:

  • Single disc. one large cutting disc is installed on the frame. It determines the working width.
  • Two-disk. mounted two disks rotating in opposite directions. They are installed parallel to each other. The capture width depends on the size of the diameters of both.

Attention! The two-disc machine is not much more complicated than the single-disc version, but during operation, the mowed grass is laid in a swath that is formed between the discs. In the future, it is easier to rake and transport the crop.

Measures for the safe use of rotary mowers

There are few requirements for safe operation, but they must be strictly observed.

  • Before starting work, you need to make sure of the reliability of the threaded connections, the correctness of the equipment.
  • Assess the strength and correct installation of the knives.
  • Stop the engine when making any adjustments.
  • Every two hours of operation, check the tension of the belts, the fixation of the cutting elements. It is necessary to tighten the loosened bolts and nuts.
  • Perform work without exceeding the permissible speed.
  • Carefully mow in the presence of foreign objects and stones.
  • Do not mow when crowded.

Purpose of mowers and requirements for them

Mowers are designed to cut grass at a certain height from the ground. When creating a product, designers receive a specific technical assignment. It takes into account certain requirements, which are subsequently implemented by ready-made attachments:

  • Working width This parameter cannot be too significant, since walk-behind tractors are designed for use in small areas. They have to move in a straight line, as well as avoid obstacles.
  • Cutting height is an important indicator of the efficiency of work production. The lower the vegetation is cut, the more biomaterial is obtained for drying and feeding the animals.
  • The permissible height of grass or shrubs. Depends on the thickness of the stem in the cutting area, as well as the convenience of work. falling tall plants will make it difficult to move. You will have to come back often to overcome difficult areas.
  • The speed of movement of the unit, which will determine the performance of mowing vegetation.
  • Attachment weight. The heavier the device, the more difficult it is to carry it and mount it to the walk-behind tractor.
  • Convenience in work.It means access to control knobs (on and off), regulation of modes (faster or slower).
  • Repairability.This is the ability to restore equipment on your own or you will have to constantly contact service centers.
  • The use of wear-resistant and durable materials guarantees long-term operation in the harsh cutting conditions of dry and damp grass.
  • Protective guards to prevent human or pets from entering the cutting area.

Which mower is better. rotary or segment mower? What are their differences in the objects of application and use, maintenance?

A mower for tractors MTZ, LTZ is a modern and effective way of caring for your farm plot, mowing grain crops or wild plants. Technological models are used in the warm season and allow you to quickly put in order the agricultural area. Mowing vegetation, making hay and keeping order takes a short time. It is much more convenient to use attachments for a tractor or its mini-version than outdated tools.

When choosing a mower for a tractor, manufacturers recommend paying attention to the following points:

  • whether the attached tool matches the power of the tractor engine;
  • whether the rotational speed of the removable device and the power take-off shaft of the tractor is the same;
  • whether the weight of the equipment exceeds the permissible limits, that is, 30% of the weight of the tractor;
  • what type of attachment does the agricultural implements have, and is it compatible with the structures of the agricultural machine.

Before purchasing an attachment for a tractor, it is important to study the basic parameters, dimensions of the equipment and the operational and technical characteristics of the unit itself. And if they are compatible, then all that remains is to choose the appropriate model at the most suitable cost.

Any type of mower cultivators is a significant relief of labor in agricultural work. To select a particular device, you need to familiarize yourself with the description of the models, which contain a list of used types of special equipment and power. Factors that will affect the acquisition: type of mown vegetation, area and relief of the site, the purpose of mowing and the cost of equipment.

Modern mowers come in several types, each with its own pros and cons. The choice between a rotary and segment mower-unit depends on the characteristics of the farmland and the goals set. Both devices in high-quality performance are productive, efficient and durable, and also affect the reliability of all equipment.

Comparing design differences and area of ​​use

A rotary mower is a support frame on which several cutting discs are mounted, usually 2 or 4. On the sides there are sleds for sliding the device on the ground. Cutting the grass is carried out by discs with knives that rotate while driving. They rotate in different directions so that vegetation is cut evenly. In the mower, you can change the angle of inclination. Rotary cultivators are convenient for processing swampy, clogged and uneven areas.

On the tractor, the mower is attached to the front, side or rear to the frame. The unit also consists of a subframe, counterweight, drive, hydraulic system. The cutting system of the mower is based on the use of several rotors, depending on which equipment the mower is installed on. The hinged structure, which is located at the rear, does not have its own chassis, but it can have one or more wheels. The hitch, located in front of the walk-behind tractor or tractor, has its own frame, to which the cutting parts and controls are attached.

The segment mower is suitable for both a mini-tractor and its more powerful version. The design of such a mower resembles many scissors that cut the grass. The use of attachments or trailed implements speeds up the preparation of hay several times.

The main units of the segment unit include: a frame base on a wheel base, a cutting device consisting of many knives, a drive and a bar. Height adjustment is carried out using the side slide. The executive body of the apparatus is of two types: segment-finger and double-knife fingerless.

We compare the principle of operation and application technology

Rotary mowers shred plants, mow and place them in even shafts or evenly across the field, which greatly facilitates hay transportation. Many models have a safety device that deflects the knives when they hit an obstacle. Also, in some versions of mowers, the knives can be deflected up to 45 °, which provides a better clean cut.

Modifications of this device differ in the number of cutting parts, the method of attachment and the processing area. Many models can be used for harvesting forage, as they are equipped with a weed grinder. The work of the device takes place with the help of the tractor selection shaft using a bevel, cardan or other transmission. Rotary mowers are ideal for:

  • clearing the field from weeds;
  • pasture mowing;
  • removing grass.

The rotary unit has sufficient maneuverability and ease of operation. Its width must be selected taking into account the amount of work and the size of the area to be treated.

The saw blade for the segment finger mower consists of two metal parts: a movable part and a fixed part. According to the principle of operation, the mechanism of the device resembles a scissor. Cutting parts are shaped like sharp-edged triangles called segments or fingers. The grass is cut between the edges of the knives, stacked in rows and is easy to collect. The double-blade fingerless mower is characterized by two moving parts that move in opposite directions. Such a device cuts cleaner, does not get clogged with debris. Main application for segment mowers:

  • mowing thick stalks of dry grass;
  • mowing naturally growing grass and seeded crops.

When using segmented units, it is imperative that protective measures are taken. The segment mower easily handles plants with a thickness of 10 mm and a wire of 3 mm.

Compare the features of the service

One of the main advantages of rotary models is that they practically do not require technical knowledge for operation and maintenance. Such equipment is chosen by farmers due to its simplicity of design and the absence of the need for frequent repairs. The condition of the device will need to be monitored, because spare parts for trailed mowers wear out over time and require replacement or maintenance. The repair is simple, one person can handle the actions. For efficient operation, lubricants are checked, parts for malfunction or damage, knots and chain adjustments are made.

The need for frequent maintenance of the segment mower depends on the model. Attachments for large equipment may need this every shift and at the end of the working season. The mower for any tractor is cleaned of dirt, grass, the reliability of the attachment of the cutting plate knives is checked. Periodically, the elements will need to be sharpened or replaced, and lubrication is also required. The segment mower is more difficult to maintain, as it has a more complex structure and time-consuming hanging process.

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages in general

The model range is wide enough and you can choose suitable devices for different types of driving machines. All rotary mowers combine the following advantages:

  • even mowing and neat folding of the grass when mowing;
  • protection from stones at the disc with knives (the main difference from other types);
  • easy maintenance and excellent maintainability;
  • cutting parts adapt to the relief.

Disadvantages of rotary mower models:

  • lower performance compared to segment;
  • low quality of work at low speed;
  • not very suitable for mowing soft grass.

The powerful segment cultivators are suitable for removing thick and tough stems. The large weight and width of the mower can cope with vegetation in a large area with difficult terrain. One of the main advantages is the ability to work in any conditions. Segment equipment copes well with wet and dry grass, restrictions can only be on the side of the tractor’s cross-country ability. Advantages when working with a segmented unit:

Among the shortcomings, which are few in the segment device, it should be noted:

  • exactingness to the cleanliness of the site (absence of solid objects);
  • more time consuming service process;
  • greater weight and dimensions in comparison with the rotary one for the same tractor model.

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