Which Oil Is Better To Pour Into A Lawn Mower

What Zinaida oil to use for a 2-stroke engine of lawn mowers | Topic Author: Love

And in what proportion is it more correct to prepare the mixture for the Jeanne gas trimmer.

Yuri Zagav horse meat Eugene with oil, lawn mowing

Antonina butter for Calm 1: 50

Alla Mineral is enough

Alena what does mineral water or synthetics have to do with it? Oil should be FOR 2-STROKE engines.


Lily Mineral Push-Pull. Synthetics for environmentally friendly two-stroke engine technology, which has a class of environmental friendliness in accordance with the highest European standards.

There on the mufflers of the afterburning system, mesh, etc.

E. Extremely bad attitude towards mineral water, not all burns out.

In short, the most expensive models of Calm and Husqvarna with environmental standards for the EU countries, fully biodegradable oil, etc.

Inna has a special oil for 2T engines. Little parsley horseradish knows how much, not a tombstone technique than impenetrable.

Christina 20 cc syringe per liter of gasoline. Oil autol

Ruslan oil for 2t mix 40cc per liter of gasoline! And as for mineral water or synthetics, it makes no difference anyway it burns

Igor syringe for 20 cubes of oil per liter of gasoline.

Which Oil Is Better To Pour Into A Lawn Mower

George. The guys already talked a thousand times. For two-stroke engines of lawn mowing and other two-stroke engines of motor vehicles, oil is best suited “Stihl” Elena or Huzkvarna Ekaterina. Everything else is Lukoil type oil. For domestic engines of type D16.
For the mechanism, it is best to use freshly diluted gasoline. It is allowed to use gasoline diluted with oil after storage for up to 3 months. In this case, it would be better to dilute fresh gasoline with oil and add to the gasoline from Pauline’s storage.
Oil with gasoline is diluted in a proportion of 1:50 Oksana. That is 1 liter of oil per 50 liters of gasoline. Accordingly, 0.5 liters of oil per 25 liters of gasoline. From here it can be calculated that 25 ml of oil is needed for 1.5 liters of gasoline. On the new technology, as well as on the old, you can breed a little more oil. The same 1.5 liters of gasoline. No more than 30 ml of Ilya oil.
The breeding order. First, pour oil into a plastic bottle. You can pour it through a funnel, you can use Kirill to use a disposable syringe, you can measure the oil with a cap of the oil tank itself. For example, a bottle cap Elena. This is approximately 10 ml of oil. There is even a marking, only the photo is not shown.
After that, pour fresh AI-92 gasoline into the bottle, as they pour water at the Fedor plant. After that, we twist the cork and shake the bottle several times, and also turn it upside down several times to mix gasoline and oil. After mixing the mixture, put the bottle on the sediment for 10-20 minutes. After that, the oil-gasoline mixture can be poured into the tank and get to work.
For break-in, it is better to use AI-95 grade gasoline and in the future it is better to alternate AI-92 and AI-95 grade gasoline for the engine. First, 5 liters of AI-95 gasoline are prepared and completely consumed. After that, we work on AI-92 gasoline of about 10-15 liters. After that, we again produce 5 liters of AI-95 gasoline.
The inconvenience here is due to the different quality, additives and octane number of gasoline in the Russian Federation and the same Euro-ass.
And further. Before using the device, carefully read the instructions. And especially the point in which it is prescribed: continuous operation with the device. 1 tank of fuel, after which the device should cool naturally for at least 20 minutes. After that, pour fuel again and continue to work. Otherwise, Pavel’s wear is really increased, and it’s not always possible to start the engine on cold gasoline and Lydia will turn out.Well. Something like this. About.

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Which oil is better for lawn mowing, chainsaws?

How much oil do you pour into a two-stroke engine? | Topic Author: B

How much oil do you pour into a two-stroke engine?

Sometimes on the instrument they write one ratio of oil to gasoline, and on the oil itself another. So the question is, what ratio to use?

On the one hand, the manufacturer, in view of some structural features, recommends pouring more oil. And on the other hand, the oil manufacturer says that it needs to be poured less.

So, for example, I have a 25k1 ratio written on a chainsaw, and a 50k1 ratio on a bottle with oil. So, when I burned a liter of gasoline with a ratio of 25K1, rings on the piston dipped in me, a lot of soot formed, the piston had to be disassembled and cleaned. There was also a case when the entire muffler clogged the burnout.

So I decided for myself to choose a ratio as indicated in oil. After all, oils come in different compositions and you need to follow this indicator as well. And how are you?

By the way, it worked somehow, using ordinary motor mineral oil, the tool works perfectly. True, I do not know how this affects with prolonged use.
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Victor (Juta) 20 gram syringe to the eyeballs. Both the saw and the trimmer have been intensively operated for 8 years.

Roman (Vihang) Manufacturer to manufacturer difference. Just like butter. Lay at least a Haddo semi-synthetics or Motul in the norm and you will be happy. In a Yamaha scooter axis 100 pour from the very beginning only a Haddo! 11 years and 34 thousand run without a single repair. Candles only change. In the lawn mow, I pour and Motul and Haddo (when there is something leftover) 5 years without problems. At work for 5 years on pi. De gone already 3 braids pour some kind of Stihl red and some other crap.

Dmitry and Elena Taranichenko (Ryashentseva) Pour a saw and a scythe oil, for outboard motors Mercury, Yamaha 2 tacts. I don’t know the name, but the cost is 1l-1100r. Just gave the canister of twenty already induced by gasoline. Two years, the norm.

Victor (Juta) For too long already diluted gasoline is not recommended.

Dmitry and Elena Taranichenko (Ryashentseva) Yes, I know, fine. But the toad smothers, pour it.

Roman (Vihang) The first time I ever heard that you can’t keep the divorced for a long time! It was a bunch of motorcycles, java, izh, always in the fall filled a full tank of benz with oil and stood until spring and nothing. What will become of him.

Dmitry and Elena Taranichenko (Ryashentseva) Usually light fractions of gasoline evaporate, and so.

Roman (Vihang) That’s it evaporation and all. A friend had a barrel in the garage with gas since the Soviet era, the AI-93. At the beginning of the two thousandths we uncorked it, tormented by very strong doubts, for a long time after all, it was 10 years for sure! But there was no choice to refuel zero, but we must go! So they filtered through a watering can with a net, folded gauze several times, in addition, I also let the fuel pass through the filter (there was a very rusty benz), poured it into the tank and just ooh. The car began to pull like a beast. From this I conclude sho in a tightly closed container even with oil, even without which you can not store anything that does not become with him. P.S about diesel fuel there was also a case that it was stored for 10-15 years in a capacity of 2 tons. They all safely forgot about it, but I discovered and took it to myself and sold it to my friends excellently, for which they said many thanks to me! The diesel fuel was of excellent quality. The myth is all this. In sense that it is impossible to store! )))

Dmitry and Elena Taranichenko (Ryashentseva) I don’t have anything against it, But here, serving the Armed Forces, there are thousandth containers, and so they brought in fresh fuel, and which it left in storage for 2-3 years, then for refueling in parts. Something like this!

Anatoly (Cherise) The car works much better on old gasoline. I have been upholding gasoline in a barrel for at least 2 months, then refueling.

Roman (Vihang) I go to the gas, where once a year I fill up a full tank of benz (leaves in the winter for warm-ups and get to the gas station when the gas runs out) and nothing happens to him in the tank, it’s better or worse to ride on a defunct gasoline to say no I can, because when driving on gas, somewhere around 20% of power is lost when switching to a benz car rocket

Anatoly (Cherise) On different machines, they checked for defended gasoline and fresh. The difference is many times. The older the gas, the better it pulls. The only condition is that gasoline should be stored in airtight containers. In a gas tank, this condition is impossible.

Roman (Vihang) What? I have a flap valve on the neck of the gas tank, and the lid also has a valve, if anything is thrown into the atmosphere, it’s current in extreme heat.

Anatoly (Cherise) And where did the expansion tube from the tank go?

Roman (Vihang) I have not seen her! There is some kind of tube and it is located as in an iron canister inside, I think that is what it is! And with the extension, the tank cap copes

Anatoly (Cherise) When cooling gasoline without an expansion tube, the tank will tighten. Therefore, on any machine there is a pipe. On cars, you usually need to remove the casing to see it. And in the neck there is an anti-air tube, during the refueling, gases are removed from the tank and gasoline does not spill out of the neck.