Which Patriot grass trimmer is the best choice. Petrol trimmer Echo GT-22GES

Patriot grass trimmers (Patriot)

Among the distinguishing features of Patriot brand trimmers are high quality build and reliability. Each electric and gasoline model can withstand heavy loads. this makes the technique indispensable in the care of large garden plots, parks and alleys. Among the other advantages of trimmers Patriot stand out their low prices, which allows you to buy a scythe from this manufacturer to any gardener wants.

The American company Patriot was founded in 2000. From the moment of its occurrence in the market the management of little known enterprise adopted a course on manufacture of high-quality and inexpensive chainsaws and brushcutters. Remarkable is the fact that at the time of the formation of the Patriot did not have its own plant, so for the production of equipment used the factory in China.

Garage sale Echo trimmer will not start. Easy fix

In 2004 the Patriot company began active supplying its equipment to the Russian market, and the next year chain saws and brush cutters of the brand began to be imported into Ukraine, Belarus and other countries of Eastern Europe.

Today the Patriot brand. a dynamically developing company whose products are in high demand in the market. Among the advantages of American brand technology stands out reliability and endurance. Separate attention among buyers deserve trimmers for grass of this popular brand.

Simplicity in daily operation, unpretentiousness to fuel quality and high maintainability provides an opportunity to use Patriot brushcutters not only to experienced, but also to beginners gardeners.

How to choose a petrol lawnmower

To understand what to buy a gasoline grass trimmer, you need at least a general idea of the principle of operation of this garden equipment. Benzotrimmer (also known as lawnmower) is a hand-held tool, which operates due to the internal combustion engine. The shaft transmits the power from the engine to the gearbox with the cutting attachment. The trimmer line, disc or blade rotates at high speed. When the tool comes into contact with the grass, the vegetation is cut.

Not sure if you need a petrol lawnmower? Read the article on choosing the type of trimmer for the grass. In it we have broken down what varieties of garden equipment there are, what the difference between them.

If you want to understand what model of gasoline trimmer for grass from the rating will be the best for you, study the specifications:

  • Class of tool. Choosing a benzotrimmer, as well as any other product, begins with the fact that you must determine the scope of operation. Do you need a home or professional trimmer for grass, for field grass or tough vegetation. Classes are commonly divided into domestic (for occasional and short-term use in the countryside), semi-professional (intermediate version, which will suit either for severe domestic work, or professionals as a trimmer for grass to replace) and professional (powerful and reliable models for many hours of intensive trimming of grass). Power, weight and price are the main differences.
  • Power indicates the performance of the gasoline grass trimmer: with what density of grass it can handle, how reliable it is during long continuous work, with what cutting elements works. Powerful models are characterized by high weight, so that it is difficult for an inexperienced operator to use them.
  • Engine type. Internal combustion engines come in two-stroke and four-stroke models. Two-stroke are used in domestic, semi-professional and some professional models of trimmers. For such motors it is easier to find parts, so the cost of maintenance is lower. For 2-stroke engines it is necessary to prepare a fuel mixture of gasoline and oil in advance. 4-stroke engines are used in the best professional trimmers. They generate less emissions, noise and vibration, they are reliable in demanding applications and do not require mixing fuel manually. Four-stroke engines are fuel-efficient thanks to their high-quality construction.
  • The drive shaft is the element that transmits the rotation from the engine to the gearbox. Different trimmer models use rigid and flexible shafts. The heavy-duty models are used in high-quality brushcutters: They are very robust and help you to cut through thick and tall grass with the blades and discs. Flexible shafts are found in budget models and are not designed for intensive struggle with stubborn grass.
  • Mowing width depends on the size of the cutting element. Indicates the efficiency of mowing grass in large areas. Large value will be the best choice for wide areas, small. for mowing in hard-to-reach places.
  • The cutting attachment. To understand which gasoline grass trimmer is the best to buy, find out what kind of vegetation you have to get rid of. For soft and low grass, a trimmer head with a fishing line or a plastic blade is a good choice. If you have to deal with bushes, saplings, small dead wood, we recommend trimmer models with a metal blade or serrated saw blade.
  • Type of handle. Among the gasoline models of trimmers, the most popular is the bicycle handle, also known as the U-shaped. With its help it is convenient to make wide movements, which is good for mowing grass on large areas. D-handles are installed on household and backpack models. These handles provide a secure and comfortable grip on the grass trimmer. There are other types of handles, but they are rare and are not found in our rating.
  • Primer. Fuel mixture pumping button makes it easy to start the grass trimmer engine for the first time or after a long period of inactivity (at the beginning of the season).
  • Starter type. Before you work with a gasoline trimmer, you need to start the engine. Most brushcutters are equipped with a manual starter. To get the machine ready for work, you need to make a few jerks with the cord. Some manufacturers claim that their models have simplified starting: no more than two or three movements are required to activate the engine.
  • Boom type. Curved is used in light trimmers for loose grass. Good for small size and easy mowing in hard-to-reach places. The best lawn mowers with powerful motors have a straight boom. These grass trimmers are suitable for wide areas.
  • The split boom. If you plan to regularly transport the grass trimmer in the trunk of a car or a train, the ability to disassemble the tool into two parts will be a good help. Give preference to models with a solid bar, because they are more reliable. Fewer parts. less chance of breakage.
  • Engine displacement affects the ability of the gasoline grass trimmer to develop high power. The higher it is, the faster the rotation of the tool, the more dense the grass will be cut. Characteristic also affects the weight and price of the grass trimmer. In our rating we found a place for models with both minimum and high engine volume indicator.
  • Filter. Buy a grass trimmer with reusable filter as a good solution. It can be serviced in the home. All you need to do is to take out the filter, rinse it, dry it and put it back.
  • The fuel tank capacity affects the grass trimmer’s weight and operating time. Large egg tank is unnecessary for lightweight brushcutters, it only makes the construction heavier. The best industrial models are equipped with a gas tank with a capacity of about one liter.
  • Attachment of fuel tank. Plastic is cheaper and lighter. Metal trimmers are high quality and more dependable.
  • Noise level. Noise is a weakness of gasoline grass trimmers, especially compared to electric and battery-powered ones. The more powerful the engine, the higher the noise level.
  • Turning attachments. The faster the trimmer line or grass trimmer blade rotates, the more effectively the grass is cut.
  • Weight. Lightweight grass trimmers are ideal for home use. Heavy powerful and reliable, so they are in demand among professionals.
  • The cover protects the operator from pebbles, small debris, grass clippings. Should be made of metal at best. There are also models with plastic covers in the ranking.
  • Belt. If you expect to mow grass for a long time, it is not enough to choose a good gasoline trimmer for the grass. The belt will reduce the fatigue of the operator, evenly distribute the load on the body. The best solution will be backpack trimmers, but their are the highest.
  • trimmer head body. The quality of metal ones is higher, and these will not break after several collisions with hard obstacles. Plastic is less reliable.

Popular Benzotrimmer Brands

Today the market for garden equipment offers a large number of brands of gasoline trimmers: both domestic and well-known world. Popular brands offer both professional and budget class products for a wide range of buyers.

  • Husqvarna. the oldest brand of equipment for construction, repair and garden. Combination of many years of experience, new Japanese technologies and modern materials.
  • Makita. another Japanese brand with professional equipment. One of the most reliable and technologically advanced, according to user reviews, including those of Russian users.
  • Echo. quality Japanese products at competitive prices.
  • STIHL. German brand of excellent quality products, recognized throughout the world.
  • Patriot. American brand of construction and garden special equipment, budget line is not inferior in quality to the professional.


Trimmer for grass Patriot TR 300 Li. a tool designed for the final treatment of the lawn (trimming the grass around beds, flowers, landscaping elements) and has special devices for this purpose:

For easy maneuvering there is an adjustable handle. Powered by a 2.5Ah battery at 18V. Battery life is 25 minutes, fully charged. 30-40 minutes. The cutting unit is a 1.6mm cord reel, and it weighs only 1.6kg.



Starts with the first jerk, mows everything, even bushes, included line trimmer, knife, disk. Strap, tools and container to measure.


Need physical training if you mow for a long time, at first my hands got tired, got used to


I am satisfied with the model, mows everything, it has a huge yard, and I have to mow around the fence outside my house. At first it seemed to be heavy, but I got used to it. Was not familiar with the brand, was afraid to buy it, but I am glad I did not overpay and that the quality-price is excellent in Patriot.


Great build, super powerful, mowed weeds for years, wouldn’t mow any other way.


After the first two hours, the black fuel pipe tore. After two days, it was hard and crumbling. I replaced it with another one. Otherwise all ok.


It is indispensable for untended fields at distant cottages


Power is excellent, can work with a blunt blade, mows thick stems, small bushes, etc. It has a centrifugal clutch, and that’s why it picks up stones, ant-hills, etc.п. No problems with the engine, the blade just stops, but the engine does not shut down. The price for such a powerful grass trimmer is more than pleasant. Rich set (even includes a circular knife and a can for mixing)


Heavy. After 3 hours of work my back hurts 2. Vibration on the shaft, you must work with soft gloves 3. It burns gasoline like crazy, but this is the downside of great power 4. Uncomfortable belt included. plastic shoulder pads have sharp edges, when working really scratches the neck (need to sew cloth covers) 5. Troublesome cold starts, you have to use the starter for a long time 6. Mixing jar is set for the mixing ratio 1:30, but in the manual 1:32 for this engine (if I do not confuse, in general, the proportions do not match)


Powerful, unpretentious grass trimmer for more than reasonable money


Not convenient harness (bought it from ECHO) blatantly bad head (bought it from Husqvarna) for the price of 2000 and all is well


Mowing, sawing, what else do I need? It is a bit heavy for me, but not parted bar to transport a bit uncomfortable, but reliable, I recommend it


Not significant,described in other reviews.It is recommended to sharpen the mowing blade.


I bought this wonder tool in the online store.I don’t have any problems with the cutter.The harness is really not very comfortable, but it is also not a disaster, in order to mow the grass once or twice a week it is enough.I received it in a disassembled state.I installed it quickly, following the instructions and in 15 minutes I was mowing the grass.It comes with everything so that the grass trimmer can be assembled without the use of any other tools (notional on the knee).I started up quickly and without much trouble.I received it in a disassembled state.


Power! Very good equipment. everything is there: saw blade, blade, ice measure canister. The shoulder strap is very handy if adjusted properly. Anti-vibration system works. Everything is made pretty well and reliably. A big tank of 1.2 liters. The price for this grass trimmer is more than adequate.


Now the other side of the coin. the noise level of 112db is a bit much to work without headphones. Trimmer head needed cleaning after 3 hours of operation. trimmer line was not feeding. It would be better to buy any other trimmer from the famous brother. The handle is not as convenient as on newer models, such as: 3355, 3555, 4555, etc.д. newer models. Heavy.


Taking into account the pros and cons, I think the choice of this trimmer for grass is more than good. On 15 sotkovka. that’s what the doctor prescribed. trimmer for grass is heavy, but not critical. the weighting with the upper position of the engine and the presence of knapsack belt, in principle, reduces this defect to zero. I did not regret that I took such a powerful trimmer for the grass. it does not get stuck in the mowed grass. it goes like a tank. Everything is made well (except the coil, the price affects the price), let’s see how it will behave in further use. The price of 5 thousand is quite adequate.

Top 20 best benzotrimmerov presented on the market

The following rating includes both budget, but noteworthy models, as well as models of the middle and expensive price segment, characterized by good reliability and durability.

Stavr TB-1700LR

Universal gasoline trimmer for grass, capable of cutting vegetation up to 1.2 cm thick. Thanks to the collapsible bar, the device can be easily folded and stored in the trunk.

Equipped with a 2-stroke motor with chrome cylinder, which provides long product life and work without breakage.

The device is equipped with a rigid shaft, a special protective cover and has an air-cooled motor.

  • The width of the bevel, cm. 44;
  • Speed of rotation, rpm. up to 9500;
  • Engine displacement, cc. cm. 53;
  • power, kW / l.с. 1,7/2.31;
  • fuel tank, l 1,2;
  • handle. folding, T-shaped;
  • weight. 8 kg;
  • country of origin. China (brand name. Russia).

Includes spool of fishing line, 3-blade knife, shoulder strap, hexagonal keys (2 pcs.) and 8×10 mm wrench, spark-plug wrench, screwdriver, fixing set and manual. Price. 5800 rubles.

  • Line stopper.
  • Rich set.
  • Relatively low weight.
  • First time engine start.
  • capability to mow any kind of grass without any problems.
  • High power.
  • Disassembled rod, which allows you to achieve maximum compactness.
  • Grass often gets clogged between the shroud and spool.
  • High gasoline consumption. about 2 liters per six hectares.
  • Thin belt and weak carabiner.
  • Poor quality of the original spool for the fishing line.
  • High weight.

Stavr “TB-1700LR” is a powerful gasoline grass trimmer with a collapsible boom, easy to use, transport and storage.

Characterized by easy starting, rich equipment and acceptable noise level. Rightfully belongs to the TOP and takes the 20th place in our rating.

which, patriot, grass, trimmer

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25

Gasoline grass trimmer model with easy access to the air filter, which simplifies maintenance and allows quick replacement of dirty element.

Bicycle-shaped handle makes operation easy and fatigue-free for long hours of work.

Boom is made of aluminum, which eliminates the appearance of rust and extends the life of the product.

Handlebar-mounted controls for ease of operation, vibration and noise reduction system. Quick-start primer.

  • the width of the mowing, cm. 40;
  • rotation speed, rpm. up to 9000;
  • motor volume, cc. cm. 25;
  • power, kW / l.с. 0,8/1,1;
  • fuel tank, l. 0,75;
  • handle / boom. T-shaped / straight;
  • weight. 6,2 kg;
  • Manufactured in China (brand name: Italy).

In addition to the lawnmower itself, the package includes a grass trimmer attachment, suspension, assembly tool kit, instructions. Price. 18 000 р.

  • Main parts are made of metal, which indicates a high reliability.
  • Easily mows thick grass with a square-section line.
  • It does not start on hot” quickly.
  • Low vibration level.
  • Responsive and reliable engine.
  • High-quality plastic.
  • High reliability even if used actively.
  • Convenient operation.
  • Possible difficulties with “cold” starting.
  • Not very handy belt.
  • There is no capacity for pumping gasoline and oil.
  • The engine has a bad pulling power if it is necessary to cut dense grass.
  • Expensive spare parts.

The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 is a rugged petrol grass trimmer with light weight, soft start and long working life.

Despite minor Комментарии и мнения владельцев from users, the device has deservedly got into our rating and is on the 19th line.

ST-65M Stavmash (3,4 l. s, 2500 W)

Gasoline trimmer with a convenient T-handle and a top mounted engine. Thanks to its ingenious design it allows you to work for a long time without fatigue.

Air-cooled, air-cooled engine that does not use oil. Provides for locking the start button, the ability to work with a fishing line and a disc.

  • cutting width, cm. 44;
  • Speed of rotation, rpm. up to 9000;
  • motor capacity, cc. see. 52;
  • Power, kW / L.с. 2,5/3,4;
  • fuel tank, l. 0,95;
  • T-handle / boom. T-shaped / straight;
  • weight. 7 kg
  • Country of origin. Russia.

Standard equipment. price. 5800 р.

  • Mows grass of any thickness with ease.
  • High power.
  • Low cost.
  • Convenient control.
  • Top-mounted motor for easy operation.
  • Possibility of cutting with a fishing line or a disc.
  • Reliable and long-life gasoline engine.

ST-65M Stavmash. a universal device of a well-known brand, which is in demand among customers and is one of the best solutions among the budget models. Located on the 18th line of our ranking.

Grass trimmer Patriot 555. model description

Gasoline grass trimmer Patriot PT 555 in this semi-professional package is equipped with a high-quality starting mechanism, the proprietary layout of which increases its efficiency during start at extremely low temperatures. The model’s engine stands out for its reduced noise impact, relatively modest fuel consumption, and light weight.

Patriot gasoline grass trimmer is pre-equipped with a reinforced gearbox, which stands out for its stability when working under high loads. Free access makes it easy to lubricate and repair the mechanism yourself.

The main factory parameters of the mower include:

Decent parameters of this tool make it possible to use it without any fear for mowing dried up large wild weeds, fighting with sprouted shoots of trees.

Block: 4/9 | characters: 980

Patriot ET 1255 electric grass trimmer. tool description

This amateur garden tool differs from most of its market counterparts by its reduced weight, good traction parameters, almost complete absence of vibration and sound impact on the operator.

The well thought out and balanced design of the mower enables its use in many ornamental plantings, near benches and walkways and in other hard-to-reach places,

which, patriot, grass, trimmer

The manufacturer has included a long-lasting electric motor in the proprietary equipment of the grass mower. The engine of the tool stands out with its simple construction, which makes it easy to maintain and repair with your own hands. Each start of the standard factory motor is performed by simply pressing the button on the housing. For the cooling of the engine the manufacturer has considered an improved system of continuous forced air intake.

The parameters of this Patriot mower include:

Model is equipped with a collapsible boom that can be folded down for more convenient storage or transportation. For comfortable operation, the garden tool is equipped with a bike handle and a padded shoulder strap.

Rating of budget trimmers

When wondering what is the best grass trimmer to buy for the home, buyers most often look first at the price. We have rated 6 of the best brushcutters for household chores.

Review of ECHO SRM 2510 petrol pumps how to start a trimmer, run-in, work correctly, subtitles

Model Type of power Power (W) Handle type Drive shaft Cutting element Weight (kg) Average price in Russia (.)
Huter GET-1200SL Electric 1200 D-shaped Hard trimmer line / knife 5.5 5 890
Huter GGT-1000T Petrol 1000 U-shaped (bicycle) Flexible Trimmer line/knife 8.2 8 090
PATRIOT PT 500 Electric 500 D-handle Flexible Line for trimmer 2.4 3 299
PATRIOT PT 3555ES Country Petrol 1320 U-shaped (bicycle) Hard trimmer line / knife 8.05 7 990
DAEWOO DABC 520 Petrol 2200 U-shaped (bicycle) Hard Trimmer line / disk 8.69 12 990
Patriot PT 555 Petrol 2210 U-shaped (bicycle) Hard Trimmer line / blade / disk 7.7 9 467

Electric Huter GET-1200SL

Opening the rating of trimmers for country houses is a cheap but powerful enough model. In addition to the brushcutter’s line, it is possible to fit a blade.

  • High power output for a large household appliance.
  • Price of the tool.
  • Protection against overheating
  • Bar that can be disassembled: the brushcutter is easy to transport.
  • Good build quality.
  • Suitable for initial landscaping of neglected sites.
  • The ability to work with different accessories.

Petrol Huter GGT-1000T

Universal mower, which can cut both soft grass and dense, high vegetation. The only questionable design solution is a flexible drive shaft on a straight shaft.

  • Includes shoulder strap.
  • Bicycle handle. best choice for wide areas.
  • The position of the handle on the boom can be adjusted to the height of the wearer.
  • Easy to start.
  • Vibration protection.

Electric PATRIOT PT 500

D-handled grass trimmers are a good choice for smaller areas. Can be used as a standalone tool or as an additional tool for mowing grass.

  • Affordable price: it is the cheapest grass trimmer in the ranking of budget tools.
  • Gearbox angle with motor and cutting element can be changed, making it more efficient in hard-to-reach places.
  • Choosing what is the best trimmers for the grass to buy with the ability to adjust the length of the boom for height, pay attention to this model: it is equipped with a telescopic boom.

PATRIOT PT 3555ES Country Gasoline Trimmer

If not the best grass trimmer for country houses, it is one of the most popular models included in our rating. Lawn mower is equipped with everything you need for intensive home mowing.

  • Solid metal shaft for strength and durability.
  • Fuel primer pump for easy starting after a long break.
  • Included in the price is a special blade for fighting hogweed.
  • Easy replacement of spark plugs and filters.

DAEWOO DABC 520 gasoline mower

Quality mower for the home garden. Can be used to cut thinner wood because it is fitted with a saw blade.

  • Stiff drive shaft for high power.
  • It is possible to install spark plugs for 2-stroke engines from any manufacturer.
  • Easy start.

Patriot PT 555 gasoline-powered

Closes the rating of trimmers for home multifunctional mower from the Russian company Patriot. Will cut through grass and thickets.