Which perforator is better Bosch or Makita?

Makita and Bosch comparison. Breakdowns after a year of use

Very rambling and drawn out, confusing. That Makita “does not drill at all” concrete with a drill bit, the Bosch “drills more confident”. Half of the video. Justifies why he worked with two tools, where he got them, etc.п.

Two years on a building site with degenerates deliberately killing the tool. Bosch, Makita, De Volt. it’s all the same, everything is trashed.

Who wants to know what happens after a couple of. three years on a construction site? I will take a picture with details. the DeWALT so-and-so and that’s what became of it.

SZY. Interskol does not survive in such conditions at all.

Makita HR2460. has been in active use since 2010. The tool has gone through several repairs, I broke down walls with it, actively used it for installation of wiring, worked with the crown, drilled holes to the limit of its ability (26 mm in the concrete to a depth of half a meter). For the “home” craftsman. ideal. In a professional application, when you work with a tool 250-300 days a year. The tool becomes a consumable item and here, rather, one should think only about usability and availability of a service center nearby. The difference in price, especially such a small one, does not play a role.

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I looked through it for 2 minutes/5 seconds and realized that I hadn’t missed anything.

No video overview of the state of the mechanisms, only talk, waving of the torches and hands.

I don’t know, my father-in-law works constantly with Makita, no complaints. He has a classic 2450, more than 5 years in the field and everything works and nothing has broken.

People used to be infected with malaria to cure syphilis.The person who came up with such a crazy but workable idea was awarded the Nobel Prize. He was Julius Wagner-Jauregg. Malaria caused very high temperature that killed syphilis bacteria. Then patients were treated for malaria. At that time there were no antibiotics and syphilis was a direct threat to life.


The Japanese company’s history can be traced back to 1915, when a Japanese man, Masaburo Makita, and three of his buddies founded a company for the production of electrical appliances in Nagoya. In the beginning they produced electric motors, transformers, generators, and illuminators. In 1958, the company manufactured the world’s first electric planer, and later went on to produce other electric hand tools.

Now it is the largest manufacturer of professional power tools and power tools, one of the leading manufacturers of electric tools in the world. Today the company’s products include almost 400 types of tools and about 5,000 accessories. At present the company has 8 large industrial enterprises located in European cities. England, Romania, Germany. The main buyer of its products is Europe, with America and Japan in second and third place.

How they are similar

Bosch is a large German company that produces tools, car parts, and household appliances. The Japanese corporation Makita has a narrower range of products: tools and equipment. The range of Japanese measuring equipment is scarce, and pneumatic equipment firm does not produce at all.

All German equipment is divided into household (“green series”) and professional (“blue series”). Makita makes only professional series that are willingly purchased by amateurs because of their reliability. Since the functional capabilities of Bosch home products are limited, it is possible to compare only its “blue” series and Makita. Interestingly, in the 90s, Makita produced a line for trimmer household power tools. Today this trimmer line is produced under the Maktec brand.

The main advantage of the German equipment over the Japanese. in innovation and new developments. Bosch was the first to develop most of the new technologies, which are now actively used in the manufacture of tools from other manufacturers. Many new products are first tested in the products of the consumer series, and then, after taking into account the deficiencies, more advanced models are made in the Professional series.

  • In terms of power, both brands are comparable with each other. Some professionals (for example, working on concrete) note the higher power of Bosch products.
  • As for functionality, the Germans are traditionally in the first place, because it is in their products that new technologies first appear.
  • In ergonomics, all the advantages of Makita, because the products of this company have less weight. For example, the Japanese angle grinder has a weight of almost 0.5 kg less than its German counterpart. But the power of such an angle grinder will be almost 100 W less due to its low weight.
  • In terms of reliability and durability, the professionals rank Bosch tools in the first place, and the Makita comes second in longevity of use, though not by much. This is immediately evident in the warranty period: 3 years for Bosch and only 1 year for Makita.
  • And finally, the price. The products of the German company will on average cost more to their customers, but in each segment you can find a model that suits the price.


The Japanese company’s history can be traced back to 1915, when the Japanese Masaburo Makita and three of his buddies founded a company for the production of electrical appliances in the city of Nagoya. In the beginning they produced electric motors, transformers, generators and lights. In 1958, the company produced the world’s first electric planer, followed by other electric hand tools.

Now it is the largest manufacturer of professional power tools and power tools, one of the leading manufacturers of electric tools in the world. Today, the company’s products include almost 400 types of tools and about 5000 accessories. At present, the company has 8 large industrial plants located in European cities. England, Romania, Germany. The main buyer of this product is Europe, with America and Japan in the second and third place.


These assistants for amateurs and experts can be powered by Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh batteries. Simple lithium-ion batteries are also often used. The first two batteries are even more popular because of low cost, ability to store in a discharged state, in addition work at low temperatures.

Ni-Mh batteries are slow to discharge. This is noticeable when comparing them to higher-capacity Ni-Cd.

But the cost of such batteries is more expensive. But in terms of charge-discharge cycles they are noticeably weaker. They allow up to 700 cycles.

Electric cordless screwdriver. which is better? The reviews say that the standard Li-ion batteries actually have no flaws. Here we are looking at a small charging time, also there is no loss of charge during normal. Among the advantages also highlight the highest capacity, no memory, life expectancy. are also quite consistent with the highest features. Such a battery will cost from 3 to 8 thousand.

Makita or Bosch. which is better??

There is a dilemma when it comes to hand tools today. By and large on the market there are two leaders who do not want to cede to each other “not an inch”. We’re talking about such venerable manufacturers as Makita and Bosch. Disputes flare up constantly in professional forums and end up in heated discussions. Some assure that there are no better tools than the Makita. Others claim the reliability and ergonomics of Bosch. On whose side is the truth?

A Makita authorized dealer is able to provide a wide range of Makita machines at very favourable conditions. Bosch are a little higher. This is understandable, because most of the technical innovations that are used by many brands in hand tools were first applied to Bosch.

Categories craftsmen hunt for

In fact, to get a positive rating, a tool only needs to have a few categories:

For the first indicator, the Makita wins hands down. It’s not as simple as that with respect to the life span. The fact is that Bosch has two tool lines. domestic and professional (yellow and blue).

Makita has an exclusively professional line of tools. But let’s not forget that back in the early ’90s Makita created a subsidiary, Maktec.

It is the one that sells household tools. It turns out that in this category the manufacturers are equal.

Any professional repairer will confirm that most Bosch tools are more complicated in design. But it also offers you a slightly better performance. The Makita is simpler in comparison. But this simplicity also ensures a huge service life. the tool simply does not break down.

The ability to work for long periods of time is very important

Regardless of whether professional or household tools, if long work is required, the craftsman must be able to do it. This parameter depends a lot on the ergonomics of the tool.

Any tool (unless it is pneumatic) has a very considerable weight. And if you have to work under a ceiling and hold the tool with your arms half-extended, for example, you get tired very quickly.

But by using special handles, the tool can be picked up differently. This slows down the rate of fatigue in the hands. In terms of ergonomics, both brands are equal. So it turns out that with the minimal advantage Makita gets the upper hand.

The master with experience will give his verdict in the ongoing dispute between the adherents of Bosch and Makita:


Not all construction sites have electricity.

There are times when you need a battery, on sites that are far from the outlet or are at high altitude.

But the critical need arises when the carrier is not enough centimeters to the place of drilling.

Uninterrupted operation with a spare battery.

Modern, lithium technology, allows you to increase power and battery life and recharging speed.

The original charger, charges a medium-capacity self-contained power source in less than an hour.

A brief literacy about power tools. sold in Russia. Part 4.

I will continue the post about popular tool brands in Russia. But after reading the Комментарии и мнения владельцев I realized that it wouldn’t hurt to tell a little bit about the world’s brands. Previous article on the most popular brands. here https://pikabu.ru/story/kratkiy_likbez_pro_yelektroinstrumen and here https://pikabu.You can see the statistics for the Russian market and the world market here: https://pikabu.ru/story/kratkiy_likbez_pro_yelektroinstrumen

Before doing so, I want to make an important clarification: If you are comparing tools from different brands. then do it for a tool of the same year of manufacture / purchase and under the same operating conditions. Let me explain: the retail price of 4000 in 2013 and now. it is two different peorator. cost of the first one at the plant will be 40-45. The second one is 25 at the most (approximate figures given for Russian STMs).

So. one of the biggest and yet one of the youngest players in the global tool market: tti group (china). Milwaukee, Aeg, Ryobi brands included. The brands themselves have a long and glorious history. and have been bought out by the new owner.

11) Milwaukee is a really cool brand. DeWALT’s main competitor in its native U.S. market ( which accounts for the bulk of sales ). Don’t count as advertising. the brand almost doesn’t come. And if it occurs from time to time. the price is clearly above the market and often the point of buying for such a price is gone. For those who live in the States. the big local chains often have Milwaukee sales and the price is just chocolate.

12) AEG is inferior in status to Milwaukee. But on some models of AEG individual parts are interchangeable with Milwaukee. The brand has a difficult fate. importing a limited and often the cheapest range of products. which also tarnishes the brand’s reputation. and the price tag should be lower (and certainly not higher than Makita and Bosh). Parts are often problematic. It’s worth explaining here. That AEG appliances and AEG tools have absolutely nothing in common. other than the brand. They have different owners. Now the brand is removed from the range of a number of networks. and you can buy it profitably.

13) Ryobi is another good brand. renowned for. Was one of the first to offer universal batteries for its whole line of tools. and in general has done much to popularize the cordless line of power tools. The main problem in the Russian market. even less than adequate price and the lack of spare parts. Savvy sellers will most often offer you a Ryobi at a price on par with a Makita, or a little lower. telling. That it is also a Japanese brand. Why ? Because the product should cost at least 30-40% cheaper than their Makita counterparts. And retailers are motivated to sell a marginal product. And it is because of the greed of retailers. key models and top of the line cordless range can now cost more than Bosch, Metabo and even DeWALT. That said, Ryobi can be recommended for purchase in the States. Especially in sets ( sets) with a battery system one There you can easily find a similar set of electric screwdriver. angle grinder. circular saw. flashlight. Two Li.Ion 3Ah battery and charger for only 11-12 thousand We sell a similar set of Ryobi in 2 times more expensive.

14) Hitachi. Hitachi power tools no longer has anything to do with the parent Japanese engineering company. Belongs to an American foundation, which in turn owns the Metabo brand. Hitachi shipments to discontinued. The remaining tool can be found in stores at pretty sweet prices. From next year the brand will be called HiKoki, will rise. The tool itself was pretty innovative. But with the rise of the dollar in 2014, most of the technological innovations do not come in. The budget series is marked SS at the end of the. but remains a pretty good tool. Especially angle grinders and woodworking. As for the prospects in the likely. The concern will focus on promoting its 2 brand. Metabo.

I read the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and wrote out a list of brands. which should also be told about. But it is difficult to fit the answers to all questions in 1 post. In any case. Ask. I will answer all your questions in the nearest future.

BORT BHD-900. 4168₽

Technologies implemented in the horizontal peorator BORT BHD-900 allow you to perform finishing work in rooms at a relatively low cost, without focusing on the wall material. In favor of this argument testify:

And if you exclude the contact of the working drill with the armature (for example, with a hidden wiring scanner), then the potential of the model BORT BHD-900 will be enough for through drilling of interior reinforced concrete slabs.

In spite of the stated impressive performance, this tool is not designed to work with drill bits with no impact, much less with percussion. In everyday life, the same sub-drills are drilled with a small diameter drill in a circle, and then the resulting “sieve” is broken with a chisel.

Features Values
692.6 lbs Weight, kg 3.2
Drill bit retention option SDS
Modes of operation Drilling with and without impact, chiseling
Hammer Force, J 3.5
Impact rate xx, rpm 4700
Shaft speed at idle speed, rpm 900
Power consumption, W 900
Drilling in wood / metal / concrete, mm 30 / 13 / 30
Extra. function Safety clutch, electronic speed control, reverse
Origin development / off. production Germany / China
Price, 4168

Hyundai H 850. 4503₽

Hyundai H 850, initially positioned as a medium-priced household tool, may be just formally (because it costs up to 5000) referred to a budget-priced rotary tool. After all, thanks to the presence of

  • reverser,
  • 3 full-featured operation modes and additional function that extends chiselling capabilities,
  • electronic speed control (with a cadence),

This device is not only capable of chiseling and drilling, but also quite good at drilling. The ability to lock the spindle, for a “clean” kick in a certain position (4th function, which with drilling options is immortalized by the massive bas-relief “4 functions”). brings the Hyundai H 850 as close as possible to a consistently in-demand mid-range tool.

The domestic consumer is known to have a negative attitude to the augers of this model. But here it is necessary to understand that this equipment is a consumable, even if not of very high quality And, together with relatively short mains cable and mediocre tool-case, the producer’s approach can be considered as an excellent attempt to bring down the price of the set without significant quality loss.

Characteristics Values
Weight, kg 2.7
Drill bit fastening variant SDS
Working modes Drilling, drilling with or without impact
Impact force, J 3.2
Blow frequency at idle speed, rpm 5600
Shaft speed at xx, rpm 1250
Power Consumption, W 850
Drilling wood / metal / concrete, mm 30 / 13 / 26
Extra. features Safety clutch, chisel lock in any position, reverse
Power cord length, m 4
Origin development / off. Production Korea / Korea, China
Price, 4503

Bosch or Makita. which is better to choose?

Peorator SDS-plus Bosch PBH 2900 RE, 730 W, 2.7 Joules

Name: AndrewSee: Would not advise to buy. Very Cheap.Advantages: Made me happy at first.Disadvantages: I had to change 2 times the brushes. Burning quickly. Weak.

Name: AlexeyReview: Bought the tool and the flat chisel there is not as described in the specs. So only 4.

Name: ChristinaReview: Bought for my dad for work, very pleased.Advantages: Works well.

Name: EvgenyOf Review: I work with this tool for 5 years, I do turnkey repairs, bought it for about 6r, I took it as a temporary, but it works flawlessly, after 4.5 wore out the brushes, bought new ones for 300r and keep working. Naturally, the years take their toll, already not the power, chips in the monolith badly drilled, but if you consider the way he was used all these years, then pritenzyatsii to him at all I have no. Worked on the electrical installation and plasterer constantly stirred them into 2 bags (it is even now worn out, after so many years of work stirring 2 bags at once, cracking but stirring) in general, the unit works.Advantages: Reliability Disadvantages: Not the lightest

Name: AndrewSnap: Made a hole 2×2.5 in the wall 12cm peorator coped with the task perfectly??Advantages: Convenient, reliable Disadvantages: None,

Peorator SDS-plus Bosch PBH 2500 RE, 600 W, 1.9 Joules

Name: Sergey Review: Not suitable as a drilling tool, even in silicate brick, it takes too long to drill a 6 dowel hole. I do not advise to buy it.Advantages: lightweight, compactDisadvantages: low power

Name: DmitrySnapshot: Great torch for its price.After all, it is BosshDisadvantages: In domestic conditions it works great, drills, chisels. Blew the doorway.Disadvantages: Not suitable as a professional tool for everyday work.

Name: SvetlanaReview: It has a very weak kick. Can only hang a pictureDisadvantages: Lightweight. Compact: Weak blow. heats up fast

Name: Alex Review: I use the third year, was 2 major repairs.Advantages: Lightweight, handy, compactDisadvantages: After 2 years the play

Name: DmitrySnap: Lightweight, build quality is impressiveThe advantages: Quiet in operation, the tasks in the perimeter of the apartment can cope with on the Urals!perfect value for money!Disadvantages: Not suitable for professional work, weak for shock work such as chiseling.

Makita drills reviews and prices

SDS-plus Makita HR2470 X15, 780 W, 2.7 Joule, a set of drills

Name: YuriReview: Bought 10 pcs. Everything in the trash. The object is 4500 m2, venfasad. did not live up to half.Advantages: no

Name: VyacheslavReport: The old 2450 wore out for 10 years, bought a replacement for this 2470 and the flight was great! Makita is a Makita! The body is now more rubberized and more enjoyable!Advantages: Japanese quality at the highest level!Disadvantages: There is none.

Name: OlesyaSnapshot: Very handy in the work, my husband is very pleased with the advantages: Very good powerDisadvantages: None

Name: ArthurReview: great great peDisadvantages: good quality disadvantages: did not notice

Review: I bought my first speaker MAKITA2470 5 years ago, worked without problems. 5 years later it died and I decided to buy another one. It died in 1.5 months, but they refused to repair it under warranty citing “EMERGENCY DEFINITION” Advantages: It used to be good Disadvantages: Recently the quality is very poor

Name: OlegReport: It is good in the hand (rubberized handles). Convenient electronic start button, reverse. Long thick wire.Powerful enough for home and professional use. Good price/quality ratio.Well made storage case. Plenty of storage space for the augers.Disadvantages: No disadvantages during use.

Name: AlexanderSee: I have been using it for 6 years, it is a beast. All the time in the work, I do professional wiring, every day in large quantities, with interruptions for the weekend. Every 3 to 4 months I change the brushes. No failures at all, during this time killed 5 Makita 780wat. 4 Bosch, 2 Hilti all worked in parallel and this one is alive.Advantages: Unbreakable

Name: DmitryReport: very good quality made. It is a pleasure to work with. Sits well in the hand. Buys holes in concrete without any effort. Runs quietly with no vibration.Disadvantages: Price,

SDS-plus Makita HR2470, 780 Watt, 2.7 Joules

Name: AlexeyReview: I took it for work did not like it. For myself, I will take another.Advantages: ordinaryDisadvantages: tortured the ratchet. Even with the lightest load

Name: SergeySnapshot: Fully copes with the tasks assigned to it. No problemsDisadvantages: Quality Disadvantages: No augers in the kit

Name: NikitaReview: Great tool. Drills, chops like it should

Name: DmitrySubtract: Fire drill!

Name: SergeyReview: Great product. Indestructible for household chores. It works on concrete with a good drill bit without a lot of effortDisadvantages: The case is spaciousThe price is the lowest WorkhorseDisadvantages: One year warrantyNo drill bits in the set

Name: SergeySnapshot: Good drill I recommend everyone, the price is reasonable

Name: AndreiReview: Collapses, drills, kneads. Well no complaints.Advantages: reliabilityDisadvantages: I did not find

Name: YuriSnap: I live in a concrete house. Without such a drill can not go anywhere. Drilling infrequently, but the drill me has not failed. Easy to hold, easy to set the drilling depth.Advantages: Ergonomics, price

Name: RomanReport: I have been using it for 5 years for business purposes and it works very well. Very happy. Advantages: Quality and reliability.The Disadvantages: No

which, perforator, better, bosch, makita

Name: NatalyaReview: It works great as a dowel bar. However, I could not drill the bar with a 32 mm drill bit. I had to do it with another torch, with a vertical motor and more power.Advantages: Can drill well in concrete, up to 24mmDisadvantages: Not suitable for lumber. Perhaps this is normal, but always expect the best from the brand ),

Peorator SDS-plus Makita M8701, 800W, 2.5 Joules

Name: CatherineSnap: I decided to buy for my husband as a gift Makkito. Advised to take in Leroy, they work with official dealers, etc.,as they will not sell knockoffs. But what was my surprise when they brought me a fake. (Ordered through their website with delivery! I want to return the product back, because I hoped for the original product and did not expect such a thing!!

Name: VladimirReview: great peorator! Did not notice the difference with the blue Makita, but it is cheaper. I have been working every day for over a year. I recommend!Advantages: handy and powerful Disadvantages: did not find

which, perforator, better, bosch, makita

2 place. Bosch GBH 2-28 F Professional 0611267600

Electric mains tool can be operated in three modes. chiselling, pilot drilling and drilling with impact. The device belongs to the professional category, as evidenced by the solid weight of 3.1 kg and high power level of 880 watts. This generates an impact energy of 3.2 Joules, with up to 4000 impacts per minute. The SDS quick-action chuck and the anti-vibration system, which reduces the strain on the user, complete the list of benefits.

With the Bosch GBH 2-28 F it is possible to achieve a hole diameter of up to 30 mm in wood, 13 mm in metal and 28 mm in concrete. Permissible diameters increase to 68 mm when drilling with core bit. Comes complete with branded carrying case that holds the tool and its most popular accessories. The Bosch GBH 2-28 F belongs to the higher price category and is designed for professional use.

Power enough for you to make a hole of the required size in natural stone, brick, concrete and hard mineral materials. Includes a 13 mm drill chuck that turns the torch into a drill/driver.

  • Long power cord;
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Drill chuck included;
  • Very powerful and durable;
  • Quick chuck change;
  • The case holds everything you need;
  • 3 year warranty.

1 place. Metabo UHEV 2860-2 Quick 600713500

The best corded impactor for professional work is equipped with a two-speed gearbox and an anti-vibration system to relieve the strain during use. Highly protected against dust and damage, motor will last a long time. The Metabo UHEV 2860-2 is designed for intensive home or professional use.

Robust rubberized plastic housing weighs 3.3 kg, but thanks to perfect weighting and pleasant ergonomics hardly any weight is felt. It has the power to provide the speed you need, and it adjusts automatically. Specially shaped handle reduces strain on the hand during extended periods of work. No need to worry about working in dusty environments thanks to multi-layer protective windings and switch protection.

1100 watt electric motor provides 3 watts of impact energy.4 Joules. Up to 4,500 strokes per minute and up to 2,100 rpm. Torque is limited to 18 Nm. Enough power to drill 35mm diameter holes in wood, 13mm in metal, 28mm in concrete. SDS chuck and quick-action drill chuck included. The speed is adapted to the material, and if the drill jams, the shaft and clutch stop, which contributes to the safety of use. Connection to the mains is made with a 4 m cable with kink protection.