Which Petrol Trimmer To Choose

Champion T334FS

Which Petrol Trimmer To Choose

The lawn mower was equipped with a four-stroke engine. Such units deal with gasoline much better than two-stroke units. Among other things, this provides cleaner air in the immediate vicinity of the trimmer.

The trimmer can be filled with regular gasoline. Unlike two-strokes, there is no need to regularly mix oil and fuel. True, you can be picky about the weight of the product. Working with the mower is less comfortable than with light budget models.

high reliabilityheaviness. 8 kg
low noiseline operation results in slight vibration
the ability to fill in gasoline without having to mix it with oil
40 cm mowing width
smooth start


For some, the best lawn mowers are the ones that cost the least. This model will suit just people in this category. At the same time, the mower is characterized by an engine with a decent power. 1.8 liters. From. This ensures an effective fight against both young growth and dense dried flora.

The weight of the product is at the level of a compromise between convenience and result.

attractive costsmall mowing width. 23 cm
good equipment (belt, fishing line, knife)low reliability
decent powerwinding grass on the head

Hitachi CG25EUS

The trimmer is designed on the basis of a 0.85-horsepower two-stroke motor. This gives the cutting element a decent rotational speed. Thanks to these features, the scythe is able to cope with any grass. Even a very thick and dried one will not be a problem. And all this is good. Against the background of the low weight of the trimmer. You can work on the lawn with this tool for a long time without loss of performance and quality of the final result.

low weight. 4.7 kgno mixing vessel
smooth startonly high quality oil is required
the ability to mow any grass
comfortable grip
complete with fishing line and knife

Stihl FS 55

The main advantage of this petrol trimmer is a two-stroke engine that pulls with one horsepower. This is enough for so many situations.

The manufacturers have predetermined the knife to rotate at a speed of no more than 7000 rpm. For some, these revolutions will not be enough. But this speed is designed to avoid damage to the knife, even when dealing with random branches lurking in dense grass. At the same time, the scythe will easily cope with any lawn greens.

light weight. 5 kgnot very comfortable shoulder strap
no vibration load during knife operationrelatively high price
smooth startwhen purchasing, the manufacturer forces you to choose between a knife and a disc
acceptable motor power

Echo SRM-22GES U-Handle

The scythe is designed for bulky work. This model is not characterized by the most impressive power. But the convenient design makes the lawn treatment very comfortable for many hours. The trimmer is equipped with a “bicycle” handle, which allows less fatigue than when working with a D-shaped handle. The manufacturer has made sure that the lawnmower does less body movements. Standing still, the worker can comfortably reach out to remote areas.

The reviews are almost unanimous. The owners are satisfied with very low fuel consumption and relatively low weight.

high reliabilitynot very well thought-out protection of the line from winding mowed greenery
light weight. 5.7 kgrelative low power. 0.67 kW
ease of useslightly overpriced
good equipmentpoorly suited for users under two meters tall

Makita EBH341U

Previously, the review featured the Makita EBH251U, but now it has been discontinued and has been replaced by a more modern, updated model. The EBH341U. Perhaps for some, the cost of a model of a popular company will seem somewhat high. But the highest quality tools cannot be very cheap.

The power of the device is 1 horse, but this power is enough to process an area overgrown with tall, unkempt grass. Neither operation nor transportation of the petrol trimmer causes discomfort.

four-stroke motorhigh price
minimum vibration and noiseno line
moderate weight. 5.9 kglack of power leads to winding grass on the line
high reliability

The main types and main characteristics of the benzotrimmer

The trimmer is considered one of the most convenient mechanized lawn mowers. Designed primarily for work on relief terrain. According to the energy source, gasoline, electric, battery trimmers are distinguished. The second and third are distinguished by low noise levels, but they cannot cope with large volumes of work. Therefore, most summer residents, gardeners and farmers are popular with gasoline trimmers.
The market offers a wide selection of models costing from 4,000 to 70,000 rubles.

Despite the variety of models, all trimmers have the same design basis and consist of:

  • A long hollow rod (can be one-piece and collapsible), on which all parts of the device are fixed;
  • Engine;
  • A working head equipped with a cutting line, discs or knives;
  • A rotating shaft or cable passing through a channel inside the rod and connecting the motor to the head;
  • Pens;
  • Fasteners (strap) to fix the trimmer in relation to the body.
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Gas trimmers can be divided into two broad categories: household and professional. Household models have low power and are designed to care for adjacent areas.

Advantages of household models:

  • Low weight (on average about 7-8 kg), due to the use of a variety of plastic parts;
  • Increased security measures, as it implies the use of an inexperienced user;
  • Not demanding in care and maintenance.
  • Have a narrow specialization (one or two cutting elements included);
  • It is important to avoid overheating of the device, for many models the operating time is 20-30 minutes, after which you need to take a break and let the mechanism cool down;
  • Not resistant to mechanical damage.

Professional petrol trimmers are equipped with high power engines, a set of replaceable nozzles and additional elements that facilitate control. Can serve large areas, performing many operations.

Advantages of professional trimmers:

  • Time of continuous work without overheating 7–8 hours;
  • Resistant to vibration, dust, moisture;
  • Robust housing that protects the unit from mechanical damage;
  • High maintainability, most of the parts can be replaced in whole or in part;
  • Extended list of functions due to a large number of additional attachments.
  • High price.

Before purchasing any model, it is important to decide on the parameters that determine the functionality of the trimmer. Specifications to watch out for:

  • Type of pen. This indicator also depends on how convenient it will be to work with the device. The T-shaped (bicycle) shape is convenient when processing large areas, makes it possible to operate the tool with both hands. The J-shaped handle makes it easy to operate the tool when mowing lawns. D-shape. Requires a certain skill of work, since you need to hold the structure with both hands one above the other. Such models are more maneuverable.

Choosing the best gas trimmer in 2020

For a long time, the scythe and the lawn mower were the main tools for combating thickets of grass and weeds. An ordinary scythe is a very simple and light tool that does not take up much space during storage, but it is almost impossible to get an even lawn with it. Lawn mowers create the perfect turf, but fail in difficult terrain, under bushes, or near fences. An alternative that combines the advantages of both units is a grass trimmer. The editorial staff of the site “YaNashla” offers you an overview of the best gas trimmers in 2020.

Top 5 budget petrol trimmers worth up to 10,000

For work in small summer cottages, household models of gas trimmers are suitable. We present the top 6 best models in terms of price-quality ratio in the category up to 10,000 rubles.

The fifth line is occupied by a household appliance with a semi-automatic coil for adjusting the length of the fishing line and a two-stroke engine with a power of 1.8 kW. Works well on garden plots up to ten acres. Average price: 5500 rubles.

  • All-metal forged shaft;
    two cutting components: a thin line (cutting strip 44 cm) and a three-blade knife (25.5 cm);
  • Light weight (6.8 kg);
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Reinforced casing;
  • Bicycle handle shape;
  • The volume of the fuel compartment is 1.25 liters;
  • Primer for pumping fuel;
  • Easy Start system.
  • The belt slips off the shoulder during work;
  • Regular debugging of the carburetor is required;
  • Plastic clips on the line spool wear out quickly.
  • Two options of cutting equipment: a fishing line with a diameter of 3 mm (cutting strip 42 cm) and a three-blade knife (25.5 cm);
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 1.25 l;
  • Primer for pumping fuel;
  • Easy start;
  • Ergonomic bicycle handle;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 1.2 liters;
  • Economical consumption;
  • Choice of shoulder strap or backpack harness;
  • 2 year warranty.

In third place is a device from a well-known manufacturer, the power of the device is 1.25 kW. It copes well with mowing lawns and small bushes. Average price: 7000 rubles.

  • Two options of cutting equipment: a line with a diameter of 3 mm (cutting strip 40 cm) and a three-blade knife (25.5 cm);
  • The volume of the fuel tank 0.95;
  • Economical consumption of the fuel mixture (on average, a full tank is enough for 2-3 hours of continuous operation);
  • Weight 8.3 kg;
  • Collapsible bar;
  • Primer;
  • The T-handle can be adjusted in height;
  • The shoulder strap does not slip during work;
  • Reliable anti-vibration system;
  • Air cooling;
  • Set includes a set of keys.
  • Noise level during operation is 102 dB, protective headphones are required;
  • Narrow protective cover.

The second line of the ranking is occupied by a model that has proven itself in the fight against tall weeds. The device is equipped with a 2.5 kW two-stroke engine. Average price: 6800 rubles.

  • Easy start;
  • Two options for cutting equipment: a 2 mm line (cutting strip 43 cm) and a three-blade knife (25.5 cm);
  • Ergonomic, height-adjustable handle, bicycle shape;
  • Anti-vibration system;
  • Knapsack belt;
  • Weight 7kg;
  • Air cooling system;
  • Fuel tank volume;
  • Durable protective cover;
  • A measuring container for preparation of a fuel mixture included.
  • Creates a noise of 96 dB, special headphones are required for work;
  • The model is sensitive to fuel quality;
  • It is often difficult to change the line in the reel.
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The leader in the rating of budget models is a gas trimmer with a 2.21 kW two-stroke engine. Easily copes with cutting tall grass and small bushes. Average price: 9800 rubles.

  • Easy start;
  • Gas button lock;
  • Ergonomic bicycle-shaped handle with anti-vibration coating;
  • Three options of cutting equipment: fishing line with a diameter of 2-3 mm (cutting strip 41 cm), three-blade knife (23.5 cm);
  • Forty-prong disc (23.5cm);
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 1.2 liters;
  • Reliable vibration absorption system;
  • Construction weight 7.7 kg;
  • Built-in knife for cutting the line;
  • The set includes a graduated canister for the preparation of a gasoline-oil mixture and two keys;
  • Detailed instructions.
  • Requires frequent replacement of candles;
  • High noise level, special protection required.

Top 5 petrol trimmers worth up to 50,000 rubles

The fifth line is occupied by the benzotrimmer, which proved to be excellent when working in difficult conditions, with a 0.9 kW two-stroke engine. The lightweight and handy device will become a reliable assistant in garden maintenance. Average price: 29,600 rubles.

  • ES-start function;
  • Weight 6.76 kg;
  • Suspension strap with three fixation points;
  • Rubber vibration isolator;
  • Average level of noise generated during operation (90 dB);
  • The volume of the tank for the fuel mixture is 0.84 l;
  • Two cutting equipment options: 3 mm line and 3-toothed blade.
  • Short cable from motor to steering wheel.

The fourth place is given to a very light, versatile model equipped with a 0.8 kW two-stroke engine. Average price: 15,000 rubles.

  • Weight 5 kg;
  • The engine is equipped with a spark arrester;
  • Two-shoulder strap with a snap for quick release;
  • Vibration absorption system;
  • A button-blocker for fixing the throttle valve in the “start” position;
  • Ergonomic shape of the T-shaped handle;
  • Two cutting equipment options: 3 mm line and 4-prong blade.
  • The engine is picky about the quality of the oil;
  • Small volume of the container for the fuel mixture (0.4 l).

The third line is occupied by a model with a powerful (1.47 kW) two-stroke engine. Mows well grass and shrubs with a trunk diameter of up to 5 cm. Average cost: 10,200 rubles.

  • Semi-automatic bobbin;
  • Weight 7.6 kg;
  • Body and casing are resistant to mechanical damage;
  • Collapsible shaft;
  • Container for the fuel mixture 0.9 l;
  • Noise and vibration damping system;
  • Two cutting equipment options: line (2.4 mm) and 40-tooth disc;
  • Anti-slip bicycle handle.
  • Weak belt fastenings;
  • A very accurate assembly is required with the obligatory pulling of all connections;
  • It is imperative to check the launch mechanism before purchasing, there are cases of manufacturing defects.

On the second line of the rating is the model with a four-stroke 1.07 kW engine. This is one of the most sustainable trimmers around. Average price: 28,200 rubles.

  • Easy to start;
  • Weight 7.1 kg;
  • Anti-slip bicycle handle;
  • Two options for cutting equipment: 2.4 mm fishing line and three-pronged knife;
  • Gas tank volume 0.65 l;
  • Convenient backpack-type suspension;
  • Economical on fuel;
  • Does not require the preparation of fuel mixtures;
  • Complete with oil and measuring container (poured into a separate tank).

The leader of the rating is a device from a well-known manufacturer equipped with a 4-MIX STIHL engine with a power of 1.4 kW. A reliable petrol trimmer is suitable for large areas, easily copes with difficult terrain, mows grass without problems near fences, stairs, around trees. Average cost: 27,000 rubles.

  • Even distribution of the load on the arms and back of the operator due to the special design of the double shoulder strap;
  • Automatic decompression system;
  • Exclusive vibration absorption system;
  • Weight 5.9 kg;
  • Average noise level during operation (95 dB);
  • Ergonomic T-handle;
  • Standard cutting elements: line and two-blade knife;
  • Included safety glasses.
  • It may be difficult to start at an air temperature below 10;
  • Fuel compartment volume 0.53 l.

The choice of tool depends on the scale and complexity of the work to be performed. If you need to keep the lawn in perfect order, a light lawn mower with a two-stroke engine with a power of 0.5-0.7 kW, equipped with a cutting line with a diameter of 1.4-2.4 mm, is suitable. For example, the Husqvarna 128R weighs only 5 kg.

For hay harvesting, an apparatus with a capacity of 1.3-1.5 kW is better suited, with a sufficiently large fuel tank equipped with a 4-8 serrated knife or disc. For example, Daewoo Power Products DABC 420.

For large areas with difficult terrain, it is better to choose a lightweight ergonomic model with a four-stroke engine (STIHL FS 130).

In order for the selected gasoline trimmer to last as long as possible, strictly follow the operating instructions, choose only those brands of gasoline and oil that are indicated in the recommendations.

If you have experience using the models of petrol trimmers presented in the rating, tell us about it in the comments.

Household gasoline trimmers

Household trimmers are designed for mowing low grass in a relatively small area, the area of ​​which does not exceed 10-15 acres. As a rule, we are talking about caring for the lawn next to the house. They are not capable of anything more: household trimmers do not withstand long work, 1-1.5 hours a day is their limit. Due to the modest power (no more than 1-1.5 hp) and dimensions of the engine, such a tool is lightweight, which means that it can be used without special supporting belts.

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Often household trimmers are equipped with a curved bar. The home trimmer’s curved bar increases maneuverability and makes it easy to trim grass in tight spaces such as around bushes. However, due to this design of the rod, a flexible shaft is installed inside, which negatively affects the reliability of the tool. A cord (special line) is usually used as a cutting element for a household trimmer, although some models sometimes include plastic knives as an addition.

Fuel tank volume

The capacity of the fuel tank can vary from 0.3 to 1 liter, depending on the model. Trimmer with which gas tank. Large or small. To give preference? Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. A large tank increases the mass of an already heavy unit, but does not require frequent stops for refueling.

A tank of smaller capacity, in turn, is less overall and heavy, contributes to more economical consumption of fuel, but at the same time does not allow for long-term non-stop operation. When choosing a trimmer for such a parameter as the volume of the fuel tank, you should focus on your physical ability and the size of the area that you will have to mow regularly. It is very convenient if the fuel container is made of translucent plastic. This allows you to track the amount of fuel remaining in it during operation.

Handle type

Filigree control of a rather heavy unit is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. When choosing a trimmer, special attention should be paid to the configuration of the handle, on which the ease of use of the tool directly depends. There are several types of handles:

T. Shaped handle, Outwardly resembling a bicycle handlebar, it allows for wide movements and is convenient for rather long work, so it can often be seen on professional and semi-professional trimmers. All tool controls (starting, speed control, etc.) are located directly on one of the handles, which greatly simplifies work and increases safety.

J. Shaped Handle typical for light household trimmers. With its help, it is easier to control the instrument, making fine maneuvers. All buttons necessary for the operator are located not on the handle, but on the shaft.

D. Shaped handle, as well as J-shaped, it is installed only on light trimmers intended for home use, since it is designed to hold the tool with one hand.

Before choosing a gasoline lawn mower, the future user should definitely hold it in his hands and assess the degree of convenience. It should be borne in mind that any type of handle can be moved along the rod, adjusting the tool to your height and other individual characteristics and thereby achieving maximum ergonomics. Gas trimmers with D and J. Shaped handles are convenient to work in confined conditions, narrow aisles, which are often found on personal plots.

Additional amenities. Petrol trimmer device

Numerous models of manual lawn mowers available on the market today differ in power (and, as a consequence, in their capabilities), weight, the presence of certain additional functions that increase ease of use, but the schematic diagram of the tool remains unchanged.

Any petrol trimmer uses an internal combustion engine as a power drive. By means of a rigid or flexible shaft, rotation from it is transmitted to the cutting element. A spool with a cord (line) or a special knife. The shaft is located inside a metal rod, at one end of which the engine and fuel tank are fixed, at the other there is a cutting head.

A handle is attached to the middle of the bar. Most often, it is on it that the keys, buttons and switches are located, with the help of which the operation of the trimmer is controlled.

The layout of the controls may differ slightly depending on the model of the tool, but, as a rule, this includes a button to turn off the engine, a throttle button that allows you to control the carburetor throttle, and a stopper of this button in the pressed state for easier control during large volumes of work.

1. Reducer.
2. Trimmer head.
3. Protective cover.
4. Throttle Lever Stopper Button.
Five. Switch.

6. Throttle lever.
7. Lever.
8. Throttle lever stopper.
Nine. Barbell.
Ten. Loop for attaching a carabiner to a belt.

Eleven. Air filter.
12. Spark plug.
13. Motor housing.
Fourteen. Exhaust manifold.
15. Gas tank.
Sixteen. Starter.

Gasoline engine type

Gasoline trimmers are fitted with both two-stroke and four-stroke engines. This is not to say that this or that variety has clear advantages. At least, there is no direct connection between the type of engine and its power. There are both household models with a four-stroke engine and professional models with a two-stroke.