Which Puncher To Choose Barrel Or Direct

It doesn’t matter if you started small or large construction works, in any case, they cannot do without such a common tool as a punch. You will have to deal with tasks for which an ordinary drill is not an option. For example, to work with a concrete surface, it is necessary to apply a percussion mechanism, which has a perforator.

Such devices are intended for cracking plaster, demolition of wall ceilings, and other dismantling works. Almost all models and types of rotary hammers have two modes: a drill for slaughtering a nail and a percussion mechanism for breaking floors.

There are two types of devices: direct and barrel. The main differences are the location of the motor and the scope. Which one is better to choose depends on several criteria.

Straight punch

Technical characteristics and the structure of the body of direct perforators resemble drills. The main difference is the location of the motor. The engine has a horizontal position, so these types of rotary hammers are also called pistol. The motor is located directly on the axis of the drill, the torque is transmitted directly. This arrangement benefits the drill mode, namely it speeds up drilling operations. Horizontal installation of the motor also has its drawbacks. The impact force is weaker. They are more suitable for home, not large-scale construction work.

Direct rotary hammers have some advantages:

  • Ease of use;
  • Compact dimensions, so the device is not difficult to hold in hands;
  • Can be used for drilling or dismantling small cracks, small sections of wall ceilings;
  • Due to the simple design, direct perforators easy to maintain and repair;
  • Reasonable cost in comparison with other type of punch.

The horizontal tool has some disadvantages. One of them is the weak power of the shock mechanism. The second minus is poor cooling. It is necessary to monitor its load. In case of severe overheating, turn off the device and allow it to cool.

Barrel Hammers

The performance of a barrel punch. https://storgom.Ua/perforators/1753-vertikalnoe is much better than in the direct form of the device. The engine is located below, has a vertical position. For torque is the gearbox, which is built directly into the design of the device. The principle of operation is much more efficient, which provides high impact power.

The purpose of barrel devices is to carry out construction work in iron and concrete structures.

The advantages of a barrel punch:

  • Wear resistance;
  • Power;
  • Drilling efficiency.

These types are used for work in the professional construction industry.

Which Puncher To Choose Barrel Or Direct

Which punch is better: straight or barrel

Which punch is better: direct or barrel, and which one to choose depends on the type of work (making holes, dismantling the walls), the place of work (house or large-scale construction).

For a home, a horizontal view is best suited, it is most suitable for small repairs.

If you need to demolish partitions, wall or other ceilings, to carry out a full repair of the building, you will need a more powerful vertical, barrel-type perforator. This type will provide high performance in contrast to the horizontal type, as well as power. With this device, much more work can be done.

Another important selection criterion is the manufacturer. Before choosing, it is advisable to check which brand is better, read user comments. After the purchase, you should carefully follow the instructions to avoid damage.