Which Rotary Hammer Choose Boch Or Makita

Posted by: Sergey Khilik

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The puncher is good when it is convenient in operation, performs several functions (moreover, with the same efficiency) and lasts a long time, without breakdowns and repairs.

Since today no construction or even minor repairs are complete without a punch, the question of its selection is very relevant. This device (mains or battery) can be drilled, and holes made in the surface, and it is easy to dismantle the wall or other types of partitions. In this device, as a rule, there are several modes. Functions are switched by pressing a special button located on the handle. Choosing the desired mode, you can drill, drill using a percussion mechanism, the impact itself (such as a jackhammer).

When choosing a perforator, it is necessary to take into account its operating indicators: power, impact force, pay attention to the design and power of the drive.

However, in this article I focus on the fact that there is one more important characteristic of any piece of equipment. This is quality. I mean, both the build quality and the materials used. It depends on them how long the tool can work, how quickly you take it to the service or (with an unscrupulous manufacturer). To the landfill.

After reading the article, you will understand why you need to pay attention to quality and the brand manufacturer. After all, for the puncher to serve for a long time, you need to choose models from a trusted manufacturer.

In this article, I will inform you about the quality and performance of the two most popular brands of rotary hammers. These are German Boch and Japanese Makita. Their models are in great demand among the population and business.

A little bit about Boch

Boch is a German company. The company was founded in 1886. Hammers from this manufacturer occupy one of the important places in the market of professional power tools. The company specializes in creating tools for both small household repairs, where the models come mainly with the SDS-Plus cartridge, and for working on large construction sites, where the company presents the widest range of tools with models with all the popular SDS-Plus, SDS- fittings Max, SDS-TOP HEX.

Which Rotary Hammer Choose Boch Or Makita

What is a good Boch tool? This is really German quality tested over the years, and on most models you can find the inscription that everyone loved “Made in germany”. But since today the company is so wide and has over 200 own factories around the world, the equipment can be produced in other countries, for example, a household line (green color) can be assembled in Hungary, China and Russia.

Brand Makita. Real japanese assembly

Makita is a Japanese brand that specializes in producing gasoline and electric tools for the home and professional purposes. The company was founded in 1915. At the beginning of its activity, the brand’s creators specialized exclusively in the repair and sale of lighting equipment. For the first time, Makita’s own products entered the market in the twenties of the last century.

Quality difference

Comparing professional quality tools is just as difficult as the German and Japanese auto industries. The German instrument is distinguished by the fact that it has a seasoned shape, an angular design and, say, elements that are controversial in terms of convenience. The Japanese are the opposite. Have more soft lines, streamlined shape and some useful little things. I already wrote above that Boch is popular because most punchers write proudly “Made in germany”, and this today attracts customers very much, because everyone appreciates European quality, and especially if it is also assembled in Germany. Makita is the opposite. On punchers of small models you can find on the nameplate the mysterious three letters PRC, which stands for People’s Republic of China (popularly. China). This, for some reason, discourages our person from gaining. Although I note that Makita opened a factory in China in 1986 and it was the second that was built after the main office.

Today, the main competitors in the market, like many years ago, are two models: Bosch GBH 2-24 DRE and Makita HR2470.

The Boch rotary hammer has the following specifications:

  • Works with a power of 790 watts;
  • The percussion mechanism hits the material with a force of impact of 2.7 Joules;
  • In rotation mode, the tool makes 4200 rpm;
  • Equipment. Sds plus;
  • Diameter of drilling in concrete. 24 mm, metal. 13 mm, in a tree. 30 mm; working crown 60 mm;
  • Price 3999 UAH

As for the punch from the manufacturer Makita brand HR2470, it refers to professional tools and has the following characteristics:

  • Power. 780 W;
  • In rotation mode makes 1100 revolutions in one minute;
  • The percussion mechanism makes 4050 beats per minute and hits the material with a force of 2.7 Joules;
  • Concrete drilled with a diameter of 24 mm, metal. 13 mm, wood. 32 mm;
  • Price 4099 UAH

Design features of Boch and Makita rotary hammers

The design of each hammer drill includes the following Details:

  • Motor (stator and anchor);
  • Gearbox (barrel, pneumatic piston, rolling bearing and a set of springs and couplings);
  • Electrical cable;
  • Carbon brushes;
  • Power button.
  1. Makita took care of the convenience of technology. Rubberized handle, so you can work without special gloves, because the tool does not slip out of your hands;
  2. Also, Japanese equipment has a special rubber pad on the gear unit. You say. This is an element of decor. Not. This is, first of all, caring for the instrument. Namely. It is necessary so that when working in tight places or in an uncomfortable plane, the plastic case is very wiped off at the punch, which leads to further deformation, cracks and breakdowns;
  3. If you notice, the HR2470 has a rubberized protrusion near the mode knob, which is the most ingenious and easiest solution to protect the switch itself, since working near the wall can accidentally move the knob and disrupt the process;
  4. But the German manufacturer decided to distinguish himself as follows. The cable at the entrance to the handle has a special hinge, therefore, no matter in which planes the machine operates, the cable in this place has a minimal chance of refraction, but this “illness” almost all instrumental technique suffers;
  5. Although Boch’s handle is not rubberized, the depth gauge has a separate locking button. This helps to quickly set the length you need without spinning the handle of the tool itself;
  6. The reverse switch is not completely covered with plastic (like Makita), this allows you to clean and blow the brush assembly without removing the back of the handle, which is also convenient when there is a lot of work, but you need to do this quickly.

Comparison of Boch and Makita rotary hammers. This is the same time-consuming task as comparing Audi and Toyota or Mercedes and Lexus, because the tool range of both manufacturers is very wide and the number of technical solutions, know-how, their design and equipment will work for any professional builder. Case for small. Choose the option you like.

Warranty for Boch and Makita rotary hammers

The number of service centers that service both brands across the country is also plentiful, so there are no special problems with quick and high-quality repairs.

And a little information about the cost of spare parts. Makita in this regard is partly cheaper, since the original spare parts for the tool are produced at a factory in China.

Possible fakes in the market

No one is safe from fakes. And recently, in the market of professional tools of “left” equipment more and more. Therefore, do not chase the low price. A cool brand never sells “cheap stuff.” For example, if the punch of the German brand Boch says “made in China” or nothing is written, and its price is quite low, then there is no need to talk about high quality and reliability.

When asked which puncher is better, Bosch or Makita, it is better to choose a puncher that is more suitable for you in terms of convenience in your hands, since the key to quality work for the most part depends on comfort during operation. The Germans, of course, are very meticulous in terms of assembly and quality, but the Japanese are also “ahead of the rest” with new technologies and design troubles.

In this article I tried to provide detailed information about rotary hammers, talked about their advantages and features. But the choice, of course, is always yours.