Which Screwdriver is Better than Bosch Or Devolt

Briefly about the varieties of the tool

Today, there are several main varieties of screwdrivers, so the choice of the right one for the price and quality needs to be made after you are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each embodiment. So, manufacturers of power tools produce the following models of screwdrivers, which you can choose not only for home and garden, but also for work:

  • Network (electric) or battery. The former operate on a 220V network, which is convenient if you need to work in one place near a power outlet (for example, when assembling furniture). Screwdrivers working from the electric network do not discharge, but the drawback is attachment to the outlet, which is not very convenient if you need to work in a place where there is no electricity. In addition, the cord during electrical / installation work will be constantly confused underfoot, which can also be attributed to the minuses of the choice of network screwdrivers. Battery models are more popular and also can hold a charge for more than an hour with active use. They are often used by both professionals and amateur craftsmen.
    Which Screwdriver is Better than Bosch Or Devolt
  • The nutrient is represented by a lithium-ion battery (Li-lon), nickel-metal hydride (Ni-MH), lithium-polymer (Li-Pol) or nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd). The lithium-ion battery holds a charge for a long time, charges quickly and also does not have a memory effect (we will talk about it below). If you need to choose a quality screwdriver for construction and electrical work, give preference to the rechargeable model with a lithium-ion battery. The only, but significant drawback is the highest cost of such power tools, so this option is better not to choose for giving and rare repairs in the house. Nickel-metal hydride battery option is no less common. Due to its environmental friendliness, all modern manufacturers of screwdrivers are already gradually transitioning to this embodiment. Of the pluses, it is worth highlighting the small dimensions of the battery (and therefore the smaller weight of the tool), and of the minuses. High cost. Another type of battery is lithium polymer. Its development is the most modern. The advantages of such a battery are its larger capacity, the disadvantage is the shortest service life in comparison with analogues. Soon, lithium-polymer batteries for screwdrivers will be finalized and, most likely, will supersede their competitors due to undeniable advantages. Well, the last option that you can choose for home and garden is nickel-cadmium battery. Its undoubted advantage is inexpensive, so this version of execution is most often found in budget screwdrivers. In addition, a 5-year shelf life can be considered a positive point (in other options, no more than 3 years). Pros do not prefer screwdrivers with such a battery, because charging time in this case is an order of magnitude longer than in other versions, and besides, there is a memory to charge in nickel-cadmium batteries.
  • Cartridge six-sided or three-jaw. The first type of cartridge is suitable just for home and garden, if repair work is carried out extremely rarely and with the need for frequent replacement of equipment. If you want to choose a professional screwdriver, it is better to give preference to a universal three-jaw chuck, which is also called a quick-clamping. Its advantage is that you can fix any bit or drill, the main thing is that the diameter be appropriate.
  • Voltage 12; 14.4 or 18 volts. The greater the voltage, the greater the power of a power tool for an electrician. If you need to choose a powerful screwdriver for screwing in long metal screws with a large diameter (for example, for roofing on a roof made of corrugated board), choose an 18-volt model. For assembling furniture, homework or a summer house, a 12 V. Screwdriver will be enough
  • The number of modes is 1, 2 or 3. The simplest budget models are single-speed. Their speed can be from 0 to 800 rpm. Reliable and popular are cordless screwdrivers at 2 speeds. From 0 to 400 rpm (for tightening) and from 0 to 1300 rpm (for drilling). Third speed can be found in professional versions. The number of revolutions per minute can reach as much as 3000.
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We have figured out the main options for the execution, now we will provide some useful tips that will help you choose the right screwdriver for home, work and summer cottages. Be sure to watch the below, which clearly describes all the main parameters of this power tool.

Selection recommendations

So that you know what to look for when choosing the right model for your application, we bring to your attention several important tips from experienced craftsmen:

  1. Observe the torque of the instrument (measured in Newtonometers, [Nm]). If you need to screw / unscrew small screws in drywall and boards, it is enough to choose a model with a torque of not more than 30 Nm. For professional construction and roofing, it is better to choose a model with a torque of over 40 Nm.
  2. When drilling holes in concrete and brick, it is better to opt for an impact screwdriver. Most modern models include this function, but in some it may not be available, so it’s better to make sure once again that it is available.
  3. The backlight above the start button does not hurt. Of course, some experts argue that the location of the flashlight above the battery is more efficient, but anyway, when choosing a screwdriver, pay attention to the fact that the backlight is in any case.
  4. Go around the side of the memory effect model. This feature requires a complete discharge of the battery before you put it back in the charger. If you accidentally put a rechargeable battery that is not completely dead, it will reduce its life by an empty battery. Sometimes, through inattention, the memory effect can become a whole problem.
  5. If you need a professional screwdriver for work, we recommend choosing a more durable model with metal gears. In amateur and budget models are plastic gears.
  6. Pay attention to a parameter such as an ampere clock, which displays the battery capacity. For the house, the choice of a 1.5-2 Ah screwdriver will be quite reasonable. If you want to choose a power tool for the construction, try to find a battery with a larger capacity, but note that it will cost more.
  7. You should also know which company is the best screwdriver. Among the leading manufacturers are Bosch (Bosch), Makita (Makita), Hitachi (Hitachi), Metabo (Metabo). It’s better to overpay some money and choose a quality tool. From Russian production, ZUBR and Interskol have good quality.
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You can watch a comparison of screwdrivers from different manufacturers on the:

Rating of the best models

Makita 8281DWPE. This 14.4-volt device with a nickel-cadmium battery and 2 speeds can be used both for construction work and for the home. The price is justified by the quality and the presence of all the necessary functions. Shock mode, quick charge, low weight, convenient handle.

Bosch PSB 10.8 LI-2 0. No less suitable option for home use and construction. The quality of Bosch products is time-tested, and the model itself has a sufficient number of advantages: a good battery, the presence of a flashlight, and a lock on the power button. In general, this model justifies its price and we recommend choosing it for home and work.

Hitachi DS12DVF3. Personally, we use this screwdriver for electrical and construction works. Despite the fact that the model is already outdated and has some drawbacks (inconvenient place for fixing bits, small battery capacity, small reverse button), its reliability covers all the disadvantages. Particular attention should be paid to the rubberized case (it can be clearly seen in the photo). How many times our Hitachi fell from the stepladder, it is still alive and works well.

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Interskol DA-10 / 14.4m2. The undoubted advantage of the domestic manufacturer is the low cost of this model, but at the same time decent quality. This screwdriver has all the necessary functions, 2 nickel-cadmium batteries and a case. Because of its low price, the tool does not lend itself to special criticism, so choosing this option for the house is the most.

We also recommend viewing the test drive of the most popular “shuriks”. In the you can clearly see what the difference is between 12 and 18 Volts: