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Band saw for wood Scheppach Basa 1.0

Bandsaw for wood FDB Maschinen MJ90

Band saw table.

The workpiece is controlled and fed to the moving tooling by the operator manually on the table. It is manufactured from die-cast aluminum with subsequent milling as on the Jet JWBS-9X; steel like Scheppach HBS 20 or vibration damping cast iron like Scheppach Basa 1.0.

To obtain cuts other than 90 °, the table is tilted at an angle of 45-50 ° from the machine, as in Scheppach HBS300, and up to 15 ° towards it, as in the Powermatic PM1800B, by rotating the handle of the gear mechanism and subsequent fixation.

To exclude touching the equipment of the ends of the desktop, an opening with a shallow chamfer is milled in it. A protection is inserted into the chamfer, a flat plastic part forming a flat plane with the surface. With its help, it is convenient to process small workpieces that do not fall through the opening.

Wood band saw Holzmann HBS 245HQ


The advantage of a wood band saw over other sawing equipment is:
clear end of the workpiece without the need for facing;
small kerf;
curvilinear marking work.

The C-shaped frame, with an open contour, serves as the basis for the installation of the remaining units. In its middle part of one side there is no vertical section, for the possibility of pulling wooden blanks along the table.

Saw pulleys are installed in the upper and lower block of the band saw. They support and pull the rigging, closed in a ring and moving in one direction, along the perimeter of the body.

The electric motor is attached from the outside. The drive pulley is pushed onto the protruding part of the shaft, as in the Einhell TC-SB 200; or set to the side, connecting it to the motor, through a belt drive, as on the Jet JWBS-9X.
The advantage of such a scheme is the absence of beats arising from wear of the shaft bearings.

Band saws for wood

Wood band saw Utool UBS-12

Tips and tricks for use

There are a number of requirements that must be strictly followed. Otherwise, there is a high probability of breakdowns, accidents and injuries. First of all, you need to pay attention to the following items:

  • The Makita 5704 circular saw is installed on a flat surface separately from the workpiece. After switching on, the saw should pick up full speed and only then can the work process begin. The saw should be firmly held by both handles with both hands and moved smoothly until the end of sawing.
  • When sawing normal workpieces, always use the splitting knife just in front of the saw blade. During work, do not press on the saw blade in the horizontal direction.
  • Straight, neat cuts are achieved using a guide ruler. It is fixed with a bolt in front of the base and ensures the most smooth movement of the saw.
  • Connecting a vacuum cleaner. First, a branch pipe is connected to the Makita 5704r circular saw and fixed with a screw. Further, the vacuum cleaner hose is connected to this branch pipe. This circuit ensures perfect cleanliness during operation.

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Makita 5704r Review. Circular Saw

Electric circular saws are widely used in wood construction. They are represented by a variety of models, among which the Makita 5704r tool, which is used in many areas, including at home, should be noted. The saw features high performance and ease of use.

  • Technical capabilities of Makita 5704r circular saw
  • Basic functions, setting and adjustment
  • Tips and tricks for use
  • Contents of delivery
  • Circular saw advantages
  • Video review

Technical capabilities of Makita 5704r circular saw

Circular Makita 5704r is considered a semi-professional tool, it is able to successfully solve most production problems. The saw features a high build quality and a large margin of safety. The main task of the Makita circular saw is to work with wood. When fitted with a suitable blade, this saw can handle even soft metals.

The design includes an engine with a sufficiently high power, powered by a 220 volt network. An electric cord is used for connection, 2.5 meters long. The Makita 5704r has a large number of useful options, which will be discussed below.

The main indicators of productivity and technical capabilities of the Makita 5704r circular saw are shown in the table:

Basic functions, setting and adjustment

The Makita 5704 r circular saw is equipped with many features to ensure convenient and safe operation. Before starting use, it is recommended to carefully read the instructions, which detail the entire procedure. The main options that affect the efficiency of using the Makita 5704r tool are as follows:

  • The device is started and stopped using a trigger switch located on the rear handle. To avoid spontaneous activation, it is locked with a special button. Before starting work, you need to press it and unlock the switching mechanism.
  • Removal and installation of saw blades. The Makita 5704r must use the saws provided by the manufacturer with the correct specifications. Before replacement, the lock is activated, which blocks the rotation of the shaft. Next, use a hex wrench to unscrew the bolt, which is removed together with the outer flange. After that, the protective cover rises and the disc itself is removed from the axis. The installation of a new blade is carried out in reverse order. The teeth of the disc should be directed in the direction of rotation, the arrows on the blade and the tool itself are also directed there.
  • The depth of cut is adjusted by moving the base up or down. Fixation in the desired position is made with a special lever, which is first loosened, and then tightened again.
  • The angle of the inclined cut is set using a special device with applied degree markings. This operation is performed with the screws loosened, which, after setting the required position, are reliably tightened again.
  • Using the sight The Makita circular saw has two notches in the front of the base. The right one is used for straight cuts and is aligned with the marking line. The left one is used for 45 degree cuts.
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Contents of delivery

The tool is equipped with a saw blade, a rip fence, a hex wrench and a vacuum cleaner connection. All products, together with the saw, are placed in a cardboard box with dimensions 402x279x270. Kit weight is 6.16 kg.

Circular saw advantages

  • Safe use.
  • A large number of settings and adjustments.
  • High precision and quality of cuts.
  • Double-sided spindle makes it possible to use discs with different diameters of bore holes.

Circular saw Makita HS7601

Hitachi c7ss circular saw

Circular saw Makita 5477 NB

Makita 9558HN angle grinder review and test

Making a table

When you need to assemble accessories for a circular saw with your own hands, the first step is to create a bed. It consists of a base and a table top.

The design of the second element is influenced by the structure of the fastening of the working disk.

The process of creating a key attachment for a circular saw takes place in several stages. They are outlined below:

  • A blank of a functional table (tabletop) is created from a plywood sheet. The work is proceeding according to the selected parameters. Markings are put on a sheet with a pencil along a ruler. The sheet is sawn with a jigsaw. The edges are processed with a milling cutter. The created workpiece is ground.
  • Saw marks are indicated on the lower plane of the tabletop. The finished workpiece is turned over. A saw is placed on the intended area, in which there is no disc. The parameters of the sole are indicated.
  • With the help of a router, an opening of 8-10 mm is created in this material according to the designations of the landing area.
  • Saw fitting. If necessary, the parameters are adjusted. Then the sections of its fasteners and the slot for its disk are designated. If the material will be cut at different angles, this must be taken into account when marking the slot. It will receive a trapezoidal cross-section. The top will rush down.
  • Stiffening ribs are marked with a pencil. Legs will later join them.
  • Work on stiffeners. To create them, boards 5 x 10 cm are used. They are placed around the perimeter at a distance of 7-10 cm from the extreme side of the table. The board is applied to the table top. It is circled on both sides. Its main line is marked along the line. The positions of the screws are marked on it. They are as follows: 5 cm from the extreme side of each of the available ribs. At the same time, a distance of 15-20 cm is maintained along the entire length of the rib. Through holes are drilled according to the created markup.
  • Longitudinal stiffeners are arranged. For this, boards are marked and sawn. They are glued to the countertop. Are tightened with clamps.
  • Lateral stiffeners are marked. The boards are sawn and glued, as in p. 7.
  • The clamps are held. The structure is pulled using self-tapping screws through the holes created, which are pre-drilled from the outside. So the caps of the self-tapping screws will completely drown in the tabletop.
  • The stiffeners are pulled together with two 5 cm self-tapping screws. The pulling goes from all sides. The clamps are removed. It turns out the table top.

Switching on and off

The assembly of the main attachment for the circular saw is almost complete. It remains to adjust the launch and shutdown of the tool. The simplest solution is as follows. the start button is pulled together with a wire, and the saw is turned off with a power cord.

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complex method. this key must be bridged. And the control buttons are displayed on the outer plane of the front stiffener.

Facing issue

The circular saw attachment is especially useful when quality cross cuts are needed.

Such a device can be made independently using the proposed technology:

  • The base is being assembled. Two parallel strips of 2.5 x 5 cm are glued to the upper area of ​​plywood with parameters 1.8 x 30 x 122 cm.They are attracted by screws.
  • Angles are attached to them (their material is aluminum). Fastening method. countersunk head screws. The angle of the fastener is 90 degrees. Fastening takes place in parallel at a distance identical to the width of the saw base.
  • Tool adjusts to cut the planks to a shallow depth at the base.
  • The device is fixed with clamps. A workpiece is placed under the corners. Cut is made.

If the saw does not go well, this area can be smeared with paraffin, but with a thin layer.

About the elements of the bed

Circular saw attachments are different. The base is the bed. If the saw power is insignificant (no more than 1.2 kW), it is easy to build such a bed yourself. Its length is influenced by the length of the material being cut.

The electric drill “Bosch”, its parameter, will fit for the drive. 0.85 kW. It is mounted under the slab with a special bracket.

Precision and evenness of the cut is best when the workpiece rests entirely on the table surface. And if the table is too large, it will fill the entire working area. The average is needed here. The height is adjusted according to your height, so that it is more convenient to work.

Tenoning device

The tenon attachment for the circular saw increases the efficiency and accuracy of the tenon and groove production. They are involved in the assembly of various joinery products: furniture, doors, frames, frames, etc.

Thanks to this device:

  • Workpieces are positioned without distortion.
  • Operations are repeated meticulously.
  • The final result is of high quality.

Such a device can be purchased or made by your own efforts. Experts recommend the first option. This is a complete guarantee of achieving excellent results.

Frequently bought models: Felisatti FTJ and Festool VS 600 GE.

This is a reliable and proven technique.

Circular saw attachments: description, device, principle of operation, photo

When you have your own home or summer cottage, a static circular saw will be an excellent assistant for you. With its help, you can quickly and efficiently carry out complex work on cutting various products. Such a tool can be purchased if the budget allows. Or you can create it yourself. It is also important to have the necessary devices for it.

Solving the issue with chips

If chips are chipped from the disc in the work, you cannot do without the following device for a hand-held circular saw, assembled with your own hands.

  • An element of hardboard is cut out. Its density is 6 mm. When cutting, you need to focus on the width of the base of the tool.
  • The disc is retracted. The protective cover rises. The result of item 1 is attached to the base with double-sided tape. After that, the saw starts. The disc fits smoothly into the hardboard. It turns out zero clearance in work.

Sawing should be done with negligible recoil on the created base.

Power supply type

Depending on the source of electricity, the following types of circulars are distinguished:

  • network. Household modifications operate on AC (220 V), and professional stationary versions. on three-phase (380 V). This option has only one drawback: lack of autonomy, attachment to an electrical outlet;
  • rechargeable. The socket will be needed here only to charge the battery. After that, the tool works autonomously for some time. The advantage of battery-powered models is mobility, the disadvantage is a long recovery time. It is several times longer than the operating time of the tool.

A cordless saw costs, other things being equal, more expensive than a chain saw. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase a tool equipped with a battery only if work is planned in hard-to-reach places and (or) on a site without power supply.

So, we decided on the type of saw. Now you can select the device directly according to the technical parameters and performance characteristics.

Kolner KCS 140/900

Saw with a power of 0.9 kW with a cutting height of 45 mm. The device is designed for a 140 mm disc. The rotational speed of the disk is 4600 rpm. Power supply. network. For a clean workplace, it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner. Delivery set includes: hex key, working disc, carbon brushes and rip fence. Official warranty. 1 year.

  • low price;
  • ease, ease of use;
  • good performance.

How to Choose a Circular Saw | Ask This Old House

Disadvantages: the cut turns out to be “torn”, the assembly is far from perfect.

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Hammer CRP 900 A

A circular saw from the well-known TM Hammer is a versatile tool that allows you to work with the following types of materials:

  • wood, slabs based on it;
  • thin metal;
  • plastic.

The device is equipped with a reliable brush-type electric motor with a power of 2.0 kW. Power source. AC mains (220 V). The soft start system minimizes the risks associated with overloading the power unit. The product is designed for a working disc with a diameter of 235 mm. When sawing at right angles, the vertical cutting depth is 8.5 cm. It is possible to work with a guide rail. To keep the workplace clean, it is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner. Safety is ensured by a protective cover. Device weight 7.0 kg. The set includes: wrench, 2 clamps, parallel guide.

  • high power;
  • the disc does not get stuck;
  • excellent cutting quality;
  • ergonomics (proper arrangement of handles, minimum vibration during operation);
  • almost silent work;
  • included. carbide disc;
  • reliability;
  • acceptable price.

No flaws found.


Circular electric saw of “professional” class with a powerful motor (1.4 kW). Sawing depth at right angles 70 mm, weight 4.2 kg. It is possible to connect a vacuum cleaner for cleaning sawdust and dust from the workplace. The saw operates with 190 mm discs, the size of the landing diameter is 30 mm. The kit includes:

  • carbide disc;
  • 6-sided wrench;
  • dust extraction adapter.
  • good power;
  • equipping with a turbofan;
  • convenience of work due to the rubber pad;
  • reliable casing that ensures safety of work;
  • well thought out dust removal;
  • changing the depth of cut and angle of inclination;
  • comfortable long cord.

Disadvantage: unreliable attachment for the vacuum cleaner.


As a rule, this parameter directly correlates with the diameter of the working disk. But it may also be that tools with the same characteristics can be equipped with motors with different powers. The higher this indicator, the more stable and longer the tool works. Frequency and intensity of saw use must also be considered, as powerful tools are much more expensive.

There is a classification of circular saws by power (however, rather arbitrary):

  • up to 800 W. hand saws used when working with small workpieces;
  • 800-1200 W. household models that perfectly cope with large volumes of work (for example, in construction);
  • more than 1200 W. professional tool.

Intensity of use

First of all, the amount of work and the speed of its execution are taken into account here:

  • professional grade instrument. It can be used throughout the entire working day to work with materials of varying degrees of rigidity;
  • household devices. Their main advantage is their versatility, but saws of this type require strict observance of the load mode. Average duration of continuous operation 15 minutes, approximately the same amount of time allotted for a break.

Circular Saw Tips

Status CP190

Circular hand saw with a power of 1.6 kW. The tool is designed for a disc with a diameter of 190 mm, provides a cutting height of 63 mm. The lock allows you to safely replace the scratch disk. Circular weight 4.4 kg.

  • small weight;
  • good power;
  • low price.

Minus: the design is rather flimsy and there is no need to talk about the accuracy of the cut.

Circular saw for wood Utool UTS-10 table

Table saw for wood JET JSTS-10-M

Table saw for wood for home Woodstar st 8

Circular table saw Scheppach HS80

Circular on wood desktop for home Utool UTS-8

Table saw Einhell TC-TS 1200

Table extenders to increase the working surface.

In stationary circular saws, the size of the main table reaches 800 x 610 mm, as on the JET JTAS-12DX. But such dimensions would create problems with the transportation of construction circulars and would take up a lot of space in the home workshop, taking up the space needed for other work or equipment.
On household and semi-professional devices, work tables are made small, but they create the possibility of increasing the plane for placing wooden blanks, using extension cords and expanders (not needed for all works).
The name depends on the position relative to the saw blade: along the course or perpendicular.
On the best models of circular saws, their material of manufacture and rigidity, like that of the main table, and when unfolded, they form a flat surface without steps due to a change in height.