Which spark plugs are better ngk or Bosch

Many vehicle performance parameters depend on the right choice of spark plugs, particularly. driving speed and acceleration, fuel consumption. The manufacturer’s recommended type and size of plugs are listed in the car’s data sheet. But in addition to the basic characteristics of the part, you should pay attention to the materials of manufacture, the brand name and the number of side electrodes.

One of the most important indicators is the caliper number. It defines the rate at which the spark plug cools down during operation. 11 to 14 means it cools down slowly, so it is a good choice for short-haul users or cars that use low-octane gasoline. For a more intensive engine operation is worth buying a spark plug with a higher heat rating of 17.

The thread length of the product should also be taken into account. It must comply with the parameters recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. A distinction is made between short, medium and long plugs, with lengths of up to 12, 19 and 25 mm respectively.

The size of the spark and the voltage needed depend on the electrode gap. As the spark plug wears this distance can increase, putting extra strain on the ignition coil. The optimum clearance value is also stated in the data sheet. We advise you to buy a product with a value of 0.1 mm less than the recommended.

The number of side electrodes affects the service life of the spark plug. With more spark plugs the flame goes straight to the combustion chamber, which increases power and saves fuel. However, when using low-quality gasoline multi-electrode plugs may not always work, so when choosing a product, you should follow the recommendations of the car manufacturer.

Beru Z193

This is a kind of classics of the genre and popular with customers. the spark plugs serve their service life from one service interval to the next, they do not let the owner down, but at the same time they do not amaze with excellent results. The thread length is 19 mm and the torque is 25 Nm. The construction is single-electrode, so the service life is considerably reduced. Average

  • Minimum spark gap reduces the power of the produced spark;
  • Venting of the spark gap decreases because of the work of the central electrode, which is “sunk”.

Denso PK20PR-P8

Platinum spark plugs from Japan win a convincing victory in the ranking of the best, primarily due to the lowest price. But in terms of performance there is no reason to complain: platinum coating of the central and lateral electrodes guarantees excellent service life, and the quality of workmanship does not cause complaints. The only thing is the size of the interelectrode gap, which is also less than required by Renault: 0.8 mm. Buying more expensive iridium spark plugs (remember iridium has a much higher hardness and melting point, hence greater resistance to erosion) in civilian use is unlikely to be justified.

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NGK BKR6EIX (6418)

Iridium spark plugs from NGK are considerably superior to their conventional counterparts in terms of workmanship, but their parameters still do not meet the requirements of Renault: the electrode spacing is only 0.8 mm. It makes sense to install such plugs on a new engine that does not have appreciable oil consumption in which case the reduced gap combined with the stability of spark formation, which provides the central electrode with a diameter less than one millimeter, guarantee the launch, even if the battery is thoroughly discharged.

With a careful choice of refills, iridium candles have a decent resource, which can reach up to 50,000 kilometers. People who often drive far away in different directions, it is better to think about buying two sets of regular candles for the same money to destroy an expensive set of plugs by accidental refueling is not the best option.

What are the best spark plugs, according to user reviews.

The spark plugs are an important part of the ignition system of the car. The discharge between the electrodes produces a spark, which ignites the combustible mixture, and the engine begins its work. On their quality depends on the timely start of the power unit of the car in all weather conditions. Operating time is affected by natural wear of parts, operating conditions, driving style of the car owner.

In our review we will tell you: what spark plugs are better, let’s introduce the best models.

Denso PK20PR-P8

Very common spark plugs among owners of Nissan B platform cars (“Renault”, “Nissan”, “VAZ”). They were attracted by the high indicator of operating life (about 40 thousand kilometers on fuel of not the highest class) and the corresponding low cost. In terms of quality, Denso PK20PR-P8 is also all right: Japanese manufacturers, as they say, did a good job on platinum plating and geometry of the electrodes. The only problem in operation may be a small electrode gap, made for the sake of the spark, even at low line voltage. Nevertheless, motorists are not at all embarrassed to buy these plugs, thanks to the fact that the purchase in the vast majority of cases becomes fully justified.

which, spark, plugs, better, bosch
  • an acceptable operating life;
  • good quality of electrode coating;
  • availability of typical iridium analogues (more expensive, but more durable).


Iridium spark plug with a long service life. According to numerous users, one set of enough on average for 50 thousand kilometers, but using high-quality high-octane fuel this figure can grow to 60-65 thousand miles. In terms of fuel economy the difference with less expensive spark plugs is not felt, but the economic factor is expressed by the full service life of the declared service life.

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NGK vs Bosch Spark Plugs

  • widespread;
  • long service life (about 50 thousand kilometers);
  • iridium coating;
  • stable spark;
  • high nominal quality.

popular car brands and suitable plugs

Well, if you still can not decide on the type of spark plugs, we give examples of the most popular car brands and what kind of plugs they “prefer”.

Let’s start with the domestic automobile industry. Not the most expensive candles will do well for our LADA. An excellent choice would be Beru Z193 or Bosch FR7DCX.

If we are talking about Japanese car brands Toyota and Nissan, you should give preference to the two-electrode candles: Denso PK20PR-P8 and NGK BKR6EK.

On the car brand Hyundai quite well show themselves candles Bosch Platinum and Beru Ultra-X 79. On a French Renault, as well as a German Volkswagen, there will be no problem with the Bosch FR7DCX, Beru Z193 and Denso PK30PR-P8.

But Americans, like Chevrolet and Ford need good plugs. The owners of these cars should pay attention to NGK B9Eg-3530, Beru Ultra and Bosch Platinum.

Mitsubishi and Kia will be fine with “usual” Bosch, Beru and NGK, which are in the lower positions in TOP.

which, spark, plugs, better, bosch

Top 10 best automotive spark plugs

In order for the fuel in the engine of the vehicle to burn fully, it needs a properly selected source of ignition. In a gasoline-powered motor, a special spark plug serves as such a device; it ignites the fuel by means of an electrical discharge. This detail directly affects the durability of the engine.

Therefore, our today’s review, we decided to dedicate it to these products. In it you will find information regarding the main characteristics of spark plugs, the key rules for their selection. Before proceeding to consider the models, it is necessary to understand what exactly you should pay attention to when buying such products.

Top 10 best spark plugs

On today’s market there are many automobile accessories that are not directly related to the manufacturer of the car. This also applies to spark plugs, the purpose of which is to ignite the fuel-air mixture. The main reason for this situation is the high cost of products from well-known brands.

The fee for the logo of a well-known car concern is up to half of the total cost of the product. This article is a review of the highest quality and not always expensive auto spark plug models. For the selection of the top 10, the following criteria were taken into account:

  • reviews of car owners who have experience using candles of one or another brand;
  • expert opinion;
  • value for money ratio;
  • design features;
  • manufacturing materials;
  • set of operating characteristics;
  • engine type: injection or carburetor (the clearance of the models for the injection engine is larger).

Familiarizing yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of the described models, you can easily choose the best spark plugs that will suit your car.

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Budget models

At the beginning of the conversation about how to choose low-cost models, you need to know their capabilities. Classic spark plugs are cheaper, but they do not last as long. Their appearance and design are simple and familiar.

On the top there is a ceramic body in white color, and the base is made of metal cartridge with applied threads. The principle of operation is to throw sparks with two electrodes (central and side).

Consumables of this class will not allow you to use the car engine at full power. Durability is shorter than expensive auto spark plugs. Manufacturers don’t bother with materials. That’s why you only find copper parts from Champion.

Other companies are experimenting with designs and technology. Here are the classic spark plugs and their rating in 2020.

NGK 6465 BKR6E-11 Improved durability

Japanese company NGK uses technology of sawing the electrode in two parts. When starting the engine, the spark flashes on the first half.

When the level of plaque or fouling on it increases, the second half starts working. This principle allows NGK models to maintain their spark formation longer.

which, spark, plugs, better, bosch

NGK 6465 BKR6E-11 are designed for gasoline engines. The base is nickel, and the top is ceramic. NGK 6465 BKR6E-11 will fix twitchiness of a car, bring fuel consumption to normal. Consumables are sufficient for 30-40 thousand kilometers.

Chinese manufacturers often counterfeit NGK products. And the marking remains the same Made in Japan and Made in France, as on the original plugs. Fake can be distinguished by a rough stamping, which affects the spark production.

Bosch W7DC (0 241 235 755) For winter season

Bosch W7DC (0 241 235 755) automotive spark plugs are equipped with a standard thread and copper base electrode. It is on the same level as the white ceramic insulator. Consumables are designed for gasoline engines.

In winter, the Bosch W7DC provides fast engine warm-up and first-time start-up. Use on cheap fuel can provoke deposits and sludge. Service life is also noticeably reduced.

Champion OE201/T10 Copper core

Russian Champion brand makes the best spark plugs in the budget price range. Champion OE201/T10 electrodes are made of copper.

It allows to run more than 40 thousand kilometers on one set. Copper core dissipates heat evenly. This technology keeps the spark plugs from melting due to elevated temperatures.

Champion OE201/T10 is similar to Champion RER8MC (original plugs for Kia cars). When installing you need to pay attention to the gaps. Champion official website strictly states 0.9mm.

In practice, these consumable models have a default clearance of 1 1.1 mm. Despite the small difference in size, the engine will run intermittently, thrash and stall.