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TOP-15 of the best gasoline trimmers: rating 2021-2022 and choice of choice

From year to year, the popularity of gasoline trimmers is only growing: many have cottages and gardens, and it is sometimes impossible to cope with a thick grass without a special device. There are many offers on the modern market: both in quality, and in price, and in characteristics, so to choose the right model will not be difficult. But you should not buy the first one that gets: in order not to overpay excess, and even a little in the characteristics, but you need to understand. Otherwise, buy the model too weak, which will work for wear, or too powerful and heavy, which will not work out itself. In the article we answer many questions, and also talk in detail about the most popular models of gasoline trimmers of recent years.

Place name price description
The best gasoline trimmers for grass for price/quality for 2021-2022
one Champion T333 Find out the price The best gasoline trimmer for grass in price/quality
2 Makita EM4351UH Find out the price Very reliable trimmer for grass for 2022
3 Echo SRM-330S Find out the price High.quality gasoline trimmer for grass
The best two.stroke gasoline trimmers for grass
one Zubble KRB-2500 Find out the price One of the best two.stroke gasoline trimmers
2 Echo SRM-2655SI Find out the price Popular model of a two.stroke gasoline trimmer for grass
The best four.stroke gasoline trimmers for grass
one Honda UMK 435 T Uedt Find out the price Very high.quality model of four.stroke gasoline trimmers
2 STIHL FS 131 Find out the price Nice four.stroke gasoline trimmer for grass
The best powerful gasoline trimmers for grass
one Europe TR-4000T Find out the price Very good powerful gasoline trimmer for grass according to buyers
2 Procraft T5600 Find out the price Reliable powerful gasoline trimmer for grass
The best wheelchain trimmers for grass
one Champion LMH5640 Find out the price The best wheelbarrow trimmer for grass
2 Fuxtec FX-FSR152 Find out the price High.quality wheel gasoline trimmer for grass
The best professional gasoline trimmers for grass
one Husqvarna 545rx Find out the price The best professional gasoline trimmer for grass
2 Echo SRM-350ES Find out the price Good professional gasoline trimmer for grass
The best inexpensive gasoline trimmers for grass
one Stavr TB-1400LR Find out the price High.quality and budget gasoline trimmer for grass
2 Caliber BK-1800 Find out the price Good and inexpensive gasoline trimmer for grass

How to choose a gasoline trimmer for grass?

Trammers for grass are divided into 3 groups: household, professional and semi.professional. Households cannot boast of high power, for heavy loads are not adapted, but their maneuverability is high. It is convenient to use them for work in a small area, when cutting the lawn, in the finalization of the landscape (as an additional tool). Professional models (bassoreses). owners of powerful engines and enhanced design (rods, shaft, starter). Designed for regular loads, therefore, they are actively purchased for utilities, agricultural organizations and utilities. Are expensive and weigh a lot. Semi.professional models are suitable for processing and bushes with weeds, and to mowing high and lawn grass. This technique is perhaps the most popular among residents of villages and villages, farmers and owners of private farmsteads.

  • Engines: two.stroke and four.stroke. Two.stroke is quite productive, compact, light and unpretentious in maintenance. Of the minuses, noise, high fuel consumption, a large amount of exhaust gases and the need for a regular fuel mixture valley should be noted. The four.stroke engine also has pros and cons of. Pros: high resource, economical fuel consumption, environmental friendliness and more quiet work. Cons: a high price tag for design and repair itself, large dimensions and weight (therefore they are less popular than two.stroke).
  • Cutting element: a fishing line for a trimmer or a knife can be used. A fishing line for a trimmer is suitable for soft grass (1-2 mm thick) and vegetation with a thick stem (3 mm). Knives (plastic, metal) cope with shrubs, hard grass, branches, weeds. Plastic blades work without return, metal are more effective, but also more dangerous.
  • Direct bar: more practical than curved: the latter cannot be installed a metal blade.
  • Hand: it can be D-shaped (convenient for hard-to-reach places); T-shaped (such are put on powerful models) and J-shaped (the middle between the first and second, very convenient for cutting thickets).
  • Back volume: the larger it is, the greater the time of uninterrupted work (and weight, by the way).

best inexpensive gasoline trimmers

What owner of a cottage or private house does not want his site to look neat and attractive? A special device will help to cope with the thickets of grass and tidy up the territory. a trimmer for grass. Consider the 10 best inexpensive models working on gasoline.

Trimmer for grass is a reliable assistant to any summer resident or owner of a country house. With this tool, you can simply and quickly get rid of unwanted vegetation in the garden or garden and maintain cleanliness on the site. It is best to give preference to gasoline devices. they have more functionality in comparison with the battery. Their main advantage is autonomy, and therefore the possibility of moving throughout the site, regardless of how far from the place of work is the power source. In addition, they are easy to operate and are very unpretentious in maintenance. The choice of a particular model depends on how exactly it is supposed to use the unit. Before you go for a purchase, you should study the technical characteristics of products of different manufacturers and decide which of them are of greatest importance for you. All the benzotrimers presented today on the market, in addition to cost, may also differ in a number of other indicators. The most significant are the following.

The location of the engine. Can be below, at the top or separately in the shoulder backpack. Below the engine is usually placed in low.power trimmers. In devices with medium and high power engines, the upper location is usually used. this simplifies the control of the unit and its movement in the site during operation. Models with an engine separately from the device itself are extremely rare.

Power. The most powerful units relate to professional technology. For household needs, these are rarely needed, because they are expensive, and they will be used at best half.heartedly. However, with low power, there is a risk that the trimmer for the grass cannot cope with dense grass. If you plan to use a trimmer for grass rarely, a small power model is quite suitable, with frequent use it is better to find the option more powerful.

The volume of the gas tank. The duration of work without refueling directly depends on this indicator. At the same time, it is worth considering that the more fuel tank, the trimmer itself for the grass will be harder. The minimum volume is 0.35 liters standard, the maximum is 1.2 liters, but there are models where the fuel tank is increased to 1.4 liters.

Type of bar. Can be straight or curved, as well as a solid or collapsible. The first option is more common, it is the easiest and most reliable. Models with a curved bar are characterized by increased maneuverability, so they are well suited for hard.to.reach places. The collapsible is easily transported.

Cutting mechanism. Benzotrimmers can be equipped with fishing line, steel or plastic knife or a rookore. The greater the density of the vegetation on your site, the stronger the material of the cutting mechanism should be.

Almost all firms specializing in the production of tools and small construction equipment are engaged in the production of benzarimmers.

which, trimmer, grass, considered, high, quality


Impeccable build quality. The most “thought.out” trimmer for the grass of the country: Germany average rating (2022): 4.9

This lawn mower belongs to devices of a professional level. STIHL FS is a fairly powerful unit for processing sections with an area of ​​up to 30 acres. The four.stroke engine quickly copes with the young shrub, stiff types of herbs and even many years of shoot. Due to the simplified starting function, it is easily and impeccably starting cold. At the same time, it has a minimum volume of harmful exhausts and economically consumes fuel.

which, trimmer, grass, considered, high, quality

With the help of such a gasoline trimmer for grass, you can work in the same mode as an ordinary oblique (without stopping), but many times more effective. A long bar covers a large area, the vibration dumping system reduces the load on the hands, and the wide and soft shoulder straps allow you to practically not feel the weight of the device during operation. Unlike classic lawn mowers, this equipment with a 4-stroke engine is more maneuverable, functional and economical.

Honda UMK 435 T Urt

The best reliability design of the Motor Country: Japan Middle Rating (2022): 5.0

Among all the gasoline motosomes, this trimmer for grass with a four.stroke engine is released with a comfortable shoulder belt (it evenly distributes the weight of the unit and reduces the load), a branded fishing line, which differs in high strength and practically does not tear, as well as a small weight. only 7.5 kg of only 7.5 kg. The motor is impeccable, starts from the half.turn, no effort needs to be made, vibration is felt only in the first seconds, before warming up.

For users, such garden equipment with a 4-stroke engine is convenient in that it easily removes not only ordinary grass, but also powerful shrubs, wooden growth. The Japanese manufacturer paid maximum attention to the quality of the assembly and parts. increased efficiency and reliability of the unit provides a unique shaft with 6 slots, and fastening the gear ramp at 7 points made it possible to significantly reduce the level of vibration during operation.

Lavada 253

Benzotrimmer cannot be called a light tool. The internal combustion engine weighs a lot in itself, so it can be very difficult to work with a scythe for a long time. But there are very light models, like the one in front of us. Its weight is only 6 kilograms, and almost half as much as competitors with similar characteristics. Yes, the motor is not the most powerful, only 1.7 horsepower, but this will be enough to fight with a shoot of medium height. True, the handle here is standard, T-shaped, which can cause a load on the wrists, but it is found in most similar models.

The quality corresponds to the price. trimmer for the grass is budget, so there is no need to expect much from it. Another Chinese product, which will probably have to attach its own forces. Reviews often mention that the tool is not started from the box and the carburetor adjustment is required. If this does not scare you, it is quite possible to save.

As we have already said, at the moment there are models with electric and gasoline engines on the market. Each technology has its own advantages and disadvantages. What kind? Find out in the table.

Ease of use and maintenance

High engine power, which means you can use coarse grass and young shoots of trees

The ability to work anywhere, t.to. There are no wires

Compared to battery trimmers, more autonomous time

Huter GGT-1000T

Huter GGT-1000T trimmer from a well-known German brand is distinguished by an affordable product price for many. At the same time, the lawn mower has sufficient power (1 l/s), thanks to which it is possible to process garden areas with abundant vegetation.

The volume of the tank of 700 ml allows the use of a trimmer for grass for a longer time than similar models of competing brands. The hard drive shaft gives the product reliability and durability.

The anti.vibration system significantly reduces the noise of a working product and extinguishes vibrations that negatively affect the hands of the user’s hands. The devices are equipped with a random inclusion protection and a gas trigger lock. Other characteristics: engine volume. 33 cm³, tank capacity. 0.7 liters., The speed of rotation of the knife is 7500 rpm, the width of the mowing strip. 25 cm.

Huter GGT-1000T. One of the few trimmers today, which is produced in the brand homeland. in Germany, not in China, as is customary for a number of other brands.

Eminent manufacturers do not always produce high.quality models, so you should carefully study the technical characteristics of a particular copy. To simplify the choice and not read many contradictory reviews, we have prepared for you the rating of the best, according to owners, gasoline trimmers.

Mobile for xt141c premium

The lightest gasoline trimmer for grass in our ranking. Its weight is only 4 kg of 490 g, so women can also use it. Equipped with a high.tech High Perfomance engine, which is 20% more powerful, while having a minimum level of vibration and noise. The manufacturer also declares its even greater reliability, the resource is increased in 3.5 times.

The new Mobil K Highspeed Conical Geer CG1, equipped with high.quality bearings and a hardened conical pair, also contributes to a decrease in vibrations. A distinctive feature is the Comfort Start system that facilitates the launch of 2 times. Thanks to her do not need to make sharp jerks and there is no reverse blow. The ergonomic handle and the shoulder belt will allow the most evenly distributed the weight of the tool.

Huter GGT-2500T

German unit with a capacity of 3.30 l.With. Designed for those who monitor and care for their site. Keeping the device tightly in the hands when working on a large territory allows a figurative handle with rubber lining. For convenience, its position can be changed, and the icons about the safety rules are drawn on it. Fuel volume 1.2 liters are enough for 2 hours of intensive work of the trimmer for grass.

Direct hard shaft makes it possible to mow running areas with thick grass with a fishing line or knife at a speed of 9500 rpm. The cutting element has a mowing width 255 mm. To lengthen the fishing line for the trimmer, you do not need to disassemble the coil, it is enough at large speeds of the device not to hit the ground much. The protective casing is equipped with a regulator of the sequence of mowing area. Thanks to the upper location of the engine, it does not overheat and vegetation does not clog into it. So that the back does not get tired of the weight of the device of 7 kg, the humer.

  • It copes with dry grass of different lengths. As well as with shrubs.
  • It starts to start quickly.
  • Comfortable.
  • Low price.

Interskol KB-25/52V

The most inexpensive gasoline trimmer for grass in our rating with a mowing width 43 cm. This device is not inferior in performance by famous brands. The knife is able to accelerate to 7500 about./min. The fuel tank is designed for 1 liter of fuel. Half a liter of the mixture is enough for half an hour of active work. The configuration includes: belt, knife and fishing line for trimmer.

Fubag FPT 43

This model of a gasoline trimmer for grass belongs to the average price category. Thanks to the Primer and Easy Start option, the engine is quick to launch. Power 1.75 l.With. Even large grass is enough for mowing, while saving fuel. The handle folds, which facilitates transportation. In addition, you can choose the size of the main rod suitable for you.

The width of the knife 255 mm increases the speed of the surface mowing. The casing has a metal mount, which increases its reliability. You can configure the device using an adjusting screw without using tools. Inexperienced rod increases the strength of the structure.

Hammer MTK25B

This model is created for mowing in complex places: near the walls, stairs, trees. The fuel pump allows you to independently pump gas to the carburetor, and this, in turn, allows you to run the device without jerks even after downtime. A large casing protects against flying vegetation. The cutting system. a fishing line for a trimmer, is ideal for a tuberous surface, since when in contact with solid objects it will not be damaged. It will not be difficult to manage the device, due to the small weight. 5.6 kg.

The curved bar allows you to place the unit for different angles and get to hard.to.reach places. Protection against random inclusion is represented by the subject button. Thanks to the collapsible structure, the gasoline trimmer for the grass is easy to place in the trunk. The fuel tank cover is connected to the tank using a special holder. Rubber buffers extinguish vibrations.

  • Light, hands and back do not get tired.
  • Convenient design with a curved rod.
  • Cut width 38 cm.
  • Grass does not clog during work.

Patriot Pt 555

This model has earned quite a few positive reviews of the owners of gasoline trimmers. Engine volume is 52 cubic meters. cm, which allows even real weeds to mow, using a knife in the kit. Thanks to free access to the filter, the device is easy to maintain.

  • Good equipment.
  • High power allows even complex sections to mow.
  • There is an anti.vibration system.
  • Quality assembly.
  • Tough shaft.

Champion T523

Good gasoline trimmer for grass with a capacity of 1.9 liters.C who can mow grass of almost any stiffness. The rod is collapsible, so it can easily be transported even in the trunk of a small car.

With maximum load, the consumption of the fuel mixture is 0.62 l/h. Fishing line supply. semi.automatic. The kit includes a fishing line for trimmer 2.4 mm and knife.

Makita EM2500U

A light structure weighing only 4.5 kg will mow thickets with a girth of 42 cm. A trimmer is stored for grass in a corporate bag that goes in configuration. Smooth cutting element: knife or fishing line for trimmer. It is possible to install a bush cutter/brush. When winding thick grass, the brake is triggered, which allows the engine not to burn out. Thanks to the Robin engine, the number of toxic gases is minimized.

comparison table

If you have not yet decided which gasoline trimmer for the grass is better to choose from our rating of 2020-2021, then we advise you to familiarize yourself with the table of technical characteristics in which we compared the main parameters of each model.

Model operating engine volume, cube.cm engine speed volume of fuel tank, l noise, db weight, kg average price,
Huter GGT-2500T 52 7500 one.2 96 7 6200
Interskol KB-25/52V 7000 one 101 eight 4600
Fubag FPT 43 43 6300 one.one 92 eight.5 8000
Hammer MTK25B 25 8600 0.68 112 5.6 8100
Patriot Pt 555 52 6500 one.2 103 7.7 8900
Champion T523 6800 0.95 102 eight.3 7500
Makita EM2500U 25 8800 0.5 107 four.5 12000
Husqvarna 128r 28 8000 0.four 114 5 14800
Echo SRM-22GES 21 6500 0.44 91 four.eight 15100
STIHL FS 55 27 7000 0.33 90 5 15490

TOP-15 rating of the best gasoline trimmers

Locomodel price TOP-5 of the best portable gasoline trimmers in terms of price and quality ratioTOP-5 of the best inexpensive portable gasoline trimmersTOP-5 gasoline wheel trimmers
  • The power of the motor.Can vary from 1 to 3.5 horsepower. For processing the lawn in a small territory, there will be enough minimum indicator. But for impressive territories, a tool with a large spectrum of capabilities will be required;
  • The capacity of the fuel tank.The larger the gas for gasoline, the less often the operator will have to fill it. Nevertheless, a device with a capacious tank can be less maneuverable and convenient to use;
  • noise level.So that the fuel apparatus does not cause discomfort, it is important to choose a low.winged trimmer for grass. A comfortable indicator will be 80-90 dB;
  • Cutting mechanism.For quick processing of garden plots, experts recommend choosing devices with a cutting rotary type mechanism. Such a device copes with its work and is considered safe;
  • Manual adjustment.The possibility of self.adjusting the height of mowing will make it possible to clean the cleaning. Fortunately, almost all new models have such a useful option;
  • Additional functionality.It is good if the gasoline unit is equipped with an anti.vibration system and a reliable belt system that reduces the load on the hands of the operator.

Popular models

To choose the best model, you should get acquainted with the rating of popular gasoline trimmers for grass.

It is worth noting! All presented devices have high power and show excellent results in work.

TOP-5 of the best portable gasoline trimmers in terms of price and quality ratio

Review and rating of the best portable gasoline trimmers in terms of price and quality ratio.

Makita EM2500U

Innovation device with an anti.vibration system and a function of automatic fishing for a fairly powerful engine.

An interesting feature of the model is the presence of a double shoulder belt, which significantly increases the comfort of operation and makes it possible to work for several hours without fatigue.

Despite the modest fuel reservoir, the device allows the processing of medium sections without refueling.

Users and excellent assembly quality are noted.


  • maximum engine power. 730 watts;
  • Fuel tank volume. 0.5 l;
  • The width of the capture/width of the knife is 40 cm/24 cm;
  • sound power level. 96 dB;
  • the possibility of manual adjustment of the height of mowing is;
  • Rotor cutting system. there is.
  • full compliance with the declared parameters;
  • Economic equipment;
  • attractive and compact design;
  • high degree of protection;
  • An acceptable cost of equipment.

Champion T523-2

A gasoline type device with a spacious fuel container, which has a spectacular design design.

The device is equipped with a non.vegetable bar, several buttons for convenient control and a beautiful handle.

Among useful options, it is worth highlighting the aspects of gas. A new gas tank protection system is also provided here.

Will delight the user and rich equipment. In the set you can find a disk, harness, sulfur glass and a set of keys.


  • maximum engine power. 1400 watts;
  • Fuel tank volume. 0.95 l;
  • Capture/knife width width. 40 cm/25.5 cm;
  • sound power level. 102 dB;
  • the possibility of manual adjustment of the height of mowing is;
  • Rotor cutting system. there is.
  • relatively small weight of the device;
  • low noise level during work;
  • unpretentiousness in maintenance;
  • effective processing in a short time;
  • Simplicity of launch and work.

Huter GGT-2500S Pro

Full.functional gasoline tool with a preinstalled anti.vibration system.

It is favorably distinguished by the presence of a reliable system of protection against overheating and overload, as well as the possibility of quick disassembly.

The equipment has a decent power supply, which allows you to process large territories in a short time.

One of the important advantages of the model, professionals call the possibility of converting technology into secores. a trimmer for grass is universal and easy to operate.


  • maximum engine power. 2500 watts;
  • Fuel tank volume. 0.95 l;
  • Capture/knife width width. 46 cm/25.5 cm;
  • sound power level. 96 dB;
  • the possibility of manual adjustment of the height of mowing is;
  • Rotor cutting system. there is.
  • level of performance;
  • quick and easy launch of the device;
  • minimum vibration;
  • impressive power indicator;
  • Small fuel consumption.

Echo GT-22GES

A gasoline travic with a curved bar, a loop handle and a manual system for adjusting the height of the mowing, presented in a pretty design.

The miniature device has an upper engine location and sufficient width of the mowing.

The equipment weighs only 4.5 kg, so that the user will be convenient to carry out the planned work.

The device is supplemented with a strong shoulder belt and adjustable handle. The kit includes a special nozzle. a coil with a fishing line.


  • maximum engine power. 730 watts;
  • Fuel tank volume. 0.44 l;
  • The width of the capture/width of the knife is 38 cm/24 cm;
  • sound power level. 89 dB;
  • the possibility of manual adjustment of the height of mowing is;
  • Rotor cutting system. there is.
  • adjustment for own needs;
  • pretty external design;
  • pretty good equipment;
  • ease of storage and transportation;
  • Informative guidance in the set.


Equipment with a motor cutting system and a gasoline two.stroke engine with a classic air cooling system.

The model contains a fairly miniature fuel reservoir, designed only for 0.33 liters of gasoline.

This reduces battery life, but does not affect the comfort of operation.

The weight of the equipment is reduced. In the kit, the buyer will find a classic coil with a fishing line, the width of the mowing of which is at the level of 23 cm.


  • maximum engine power. 650 watts;
  • Fuel tank volume. 0.33 l;
  • The width of the capture/width of the knife is 38 cm/23 cm;
  • sound power level. 94 dB;
  • the possibility of manual adjustment of the height of mowing is;
  • Rotor cutting system. there is.
  • quick access to the filter element;
  • an acceptable indicator of noise;
  • equipment universality;
  • maintainability of the device;
  • The durability of the materials used.

TOP-20 rating of the best trimmers for grass

Locomodel price TOP-5 of the best trimmers for grass in terms of price and quality ratioTOP-5 of the best gasoline trimmers for grassTOP-5 of the best electric trimmers for grassTOP-5 best battery trimmers for grass

According to the method of movement, trimmers for grass are divided into wheeled and portable.

The former are a modification of the lawn mower, but unlike it, they allow you to process areas with stones and bumps.

An important advantage of such equipment is the lack of physical activity on the operator’s body, the disadvantage is the cut functionality.

Portable devices make it possible to mow vegetation in hard.to.reach places, but have less power.

note! They are often equipped with a shoulder belt and telescopic barbell for more convenience.

In turn, the varieties discussed above are divided into three classes.


Work from the network 220 V. The basis of such a device is an electric motor rotating the shaft and starting the cutting device.

Attachment to the outlet partially reduces the maneuverability of the tool.

For this reason, the trimmer is elastic for grass is more convenient in areas with a small area.

The pluses of an electric trimmer for the grass:

The disadvantages of the electrimmer:

Gasoline models

Rotation of the cutting element in such devices is provided by an internal combustion engine.

This type of equipment is equipped with a fuel tank.

A tool with a gasoline engine allows you to move around the territory, work away from energy sources.

Pros of gasoline trimmer for grass:

Disadvantages of a trimmer for grass with a gasoline engine:

Battery trimmers for grass

They are structurally similar to electrimmers, but with power from a powerful battery.

This type of equipment works almost silently, but is not highlighted in high power.

Autonomous power increases the mobility of the device, which, like all battery devices, requires periodic recharge.

The criteria for choosing a trimmer for grass for grass

  • Power. High.power gasoline devices are suitable for combating hard and high vegetation. Electimimers are recommended to trim the lawn, mowing grass and other work near the house. Battery models are more often used as an addition to more powerful devices for prompt putting in order of small areas.
  • Equipment.The trimmer head with a fishing line cuts not the dearest and hard grass well, makes it possible to work in areas with stones and bumps. The knife allows you to mow weeds, cut off the shoots of trees and shrubs. Most trimmers have support for both types of equipment.
  • The location of the engine.Not very powerful motors are usually installed from below rods. The lower layout provides excellent maneuverability and balancing, but does not allow you to carry out work on wet grass. Powerful engines, on the contrary, are placed on top of the bar, allowing you to work, including with raw vegetation.
  • Lever.compact trimmers for grass are often equipped with a D-shaped handle on the end of the bar (sometimes with an additional handle). Powerful models (usually gasoline) are equipped with a T-shaped (bicycle) handle. Each modification has its pros and cons and is selected individually.
  • Barbell.The direct shape of the bar is more practical and reliable, since the torque from the motor to the equipment is transmitted here through a hard shaft/gearbox. The curved version is less reliable, since the engine connection with the cutting component is carried out by a steel cable.

Ryobi Knows Trimmers and Brush Cutters

The best gasoline and electric garden trimmers for grass for grass in the ratio of price/quality are produced by produced for years by brands-manufacturers.

Huter Get-1200SL

Huter Get-1200SL equipment with a direct bar and a three-Trino drive, which easily changes if necessary, will be a great choice for owners of small land plots.

The device is equipped with a D-shaped handle, as convenient and comfortable as possible for use.

The device allows you to mow both a fishing line and a knife, so it copes with grass and more serious vegetation.

The “heart” of the model is an electric motor for 1200 watts with 8000 revolutions per minute, working from a standard household network 220 V.

The power part is equipped with an effective system of protection against critical heating.


  • Speasing width. 420 mm;
  • rotation speed. 8000 about./min;
  • engine. electric, 1.2 kW;
  • The layout of the engine is upper;
  • Modification of the handle-D-shaped;
  • equipment. fishing line for a trimmer, knife, shoulder belt;
  • mass. 5.5 kg.

Patriot Pt 555

Patriot PT 555 unit with a 51.7 cubic meter gasoline engine. cm developing power in 3 liters. With., will help maintain the site in perfect order without unnecessary costs and efforts.

The motor in the presented model has a large supply of reliability, the component corresponds to a two.stroke type and uses a mixture of gasoline and oil as a fuel.

The volume of the tank for fuel is 1.2 liters. The equipment allows you to cope with both grass and shrubs, as well as thin shoots of trees.

In the latter case, it is recommended to use a 25.5-centimeter steel knife with 40 teeth, which is included in the supply kit.

The width of processing when working with the fishing line is 42 cm.


  • Speasing width. 420 mm;
  • rotation speed. 6500 about./min;
  • engine. gasoline, 3 l. With.;
  • The layout of the engine is upper;
  • Modification of the handle-T-shaped;
  • equipment. fishing line for a trimmer, knife, shoulder belt;
  • mass. 7.7 kg.

Huter GGT-1300T

The Huter GGT-1300T device with a gasoline engine with a capacity of 1300 W will allow you to effectively care for the lawn, cut hard vegetation and even cut off young shoots of trees.

The presented model is equipped with a two.stroke internal combustion engine.

The component has a brake for a quick stop.

Fuel is poured into a tank with a volume of 0.7 liters, which increases the intervals between refueling.

A trimmer for grass is equipped with a straight bar, a T-shaped pen, a special protective casing, excluding the possibility of injuries by the user. The role of the cutting element is a fishing line for a trimmer or a knife.

The anti.vibration system removes the load on the shoulders and back of the operator, allowing you to use the device with comfort.


  • Speasing width. 260 mm;
  • rotation speed. 7500 about./min;
  • engine. gasoline, 1.74 liters. With.;
  • The layout of the engine is upper;
  • Modification of the handle-T-shaped;
  • equipment. a fishing line for a trimmer, a knife;
  • mass. 7 kg.
  • high power;
  • reliable complete coil;
  • Beautiful design;
  • high.quality materials and assembly;
  • Simplicity of use.

Echo SRM-22GES

The ECHO SRM-22GES unit with a gasoline engine is a light and high-performance device that allows you to effectively remove excess vegetation, cut grass and cut shrubs in hard-to-reach places.

The presented trimmer for the grass is equipped with a two.stroke internal combustion engine with a maximum rotation speed of the shaft 6500 revolutions per minute.

The power part is located in the upper part of the trimmer for the grass, such a layout increases the convenience of using a garden tool, makes it possible to carry out work on wet grass.

The handle in this model has a T-shaped (bicycle) form. There is a knife in the kit, a fishing line for a trimmer for a reel and an adjustable shoulder belt.

How to choose and what to pay attention to?

To buy the most suitable trimmer for grass, it is enough to evaluate the main parameters affecting its work and ease of use:

  • productivity. is determined by a power that varies from 0.25 to 2.5 kW;
  • type of power. gasoline devices are not tied to source of energy, electric operates from a cable or a battery;
  • type of cutting element-models are equipped with fishing line with a diameter of 1-3.5 mm, a metal knife, disk or plastic knives;
  • weight. varies from 2 to 9 kg, the vibration of the device and comfort during operation for a long time depends on it.

TOP-16 rating of the best models

In this rating, we have collected the best models for you in price, quality and reliability.

Kruger GTK 52-7

The Kruger gasoline trimmer is equipped with a two.stroke engine with a volume of 1.2 liters, which does not need frequent refueling. The engine has a high power of 4 liters.With., which allows you to develop speed up to 9000 rpm.

Kruger benzotrimmer successfully copes with the mowing of grass, shrubs in territories with small and medium area.

The Kruger trimmer case is made of metal, which is resistant to corrosion and has increased strength. The special design of the handle provides the convenience of operating the device. The bicycle form smoothes vibrations, reduces the load with prolonged use of a benzotrimer.

Rubbed overlays warn the sliding of the hands. There is also a shoulder belt that reduces the load on the operator’s spine. The Kruger gasoline trimmer is equipped with engine thermal protection, a smooth start function.

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  • bevel width-25-46 cm;
  • Power. 4 l.With.;
  • Motor volume. 52 cubic meters.cm;
  • Motor revolutions. 9000 about./min.;
  • Fuel tank. 1.2 l;
  • The weight of a trimmer for grass is 7 kg.

Husqvarna 128r

Model with a two.stroke gasoline engine. Suitable for beveling thick vegetation and small shrubs with thin branches.

The engine is located in the upper part of the device.

Its power is 1.1 l. With. Due to the U-shaped handle, the device is convenient to keep. Trimmer for grass can be equipped with a knife or fishing line.

The cutting element rotates at a speed of up to 9,000 revolutions per minute, which provides a fast bevel with a width of 44 cm.

In the process, the noise does not exceed 114 dB.

  • bevel width. 45 cm;
  • Power. 1.10 l.With.;
  • Motor volume. 28 cubic meters.cm;
  • Motor revolutions. 8000 about./min.;
  • Fuel tank. 0.4 l;
  • noise level. 114 dB;
  • The weight of a trimmer for grass is 5 kg.


A premium grass trimmer, with which the lawon care will become much easier. Suitable for eliminating weeds, reeds, young and old grass.

Equipped with a 1 liter engine.With. For one pass, it downloads 55 cm.

The tank holds 330 ml of fuel, which is enough for work for 30 minutes.

Thanks to the bicaric belt and a bicycle type handle, the load is distributed evenly. The model is equipped with a protective casing, excluding contact with the cutting element.

  • bevel width. 55 cm;
  • Power. 1.1 l.With.;
  • Motor volume. 27 cubic meters.cm;
  • Motor revolutions. 9500 about./min.;
  • Fuel tank. 0.33 l;
  • noise level. 108 dB;
  • The weight of a trimmer for grass is 5 kg.

Patriot Pt 555

A light and maneuverable device will help to quickly put the site in order and maintain its well.groomed look. The model is suitable for caring for a section of country houses, for public parks and commercial facilities.

No connection to the power supply is required.

The model is equipped with a two.stroke gasoline engine for 3 liters.With., U-shaped handle and comfortable shoulder belt.

It differs in high performance due to rotation of the knife at a speed of up to 6500 revolutions per minute.

  • bevel width. 42 cm;
  • Power. 3 l.With.;
  • Motor volume. 52 cubic meters.cm;
  • Motor revolutions. 6500 about./min.;
  • Fuel tank. 1.2 l;
  • noise level. 112 dB;
  • The weight of a trimmer for grass. 7.7 kg.

Huter GGT-1300T

The tool will easily cope with the haircut of thick vegetation, processing the lawn in the paths and eliminate excess grass in hard.to.reach places.

The grass is equipped with a 1.74 liter gasoline engine with a gasoline engine. With. 700 ml of fuel intervenes in the tank.

Ryobi 43cc Petrol Brush Cutter

Due to the T-shaped handle, the device is comfortable to hold in the hand even with prolonged operation.

The presence of a shoulder belt eliminates an increased load on the spine and hands. As a cutting element, you can install a knife or fishing line for a trimmer.

  • bevel width. 26 cm;
  • Power. 1.74 l.With.;
  • Motor volume. 43 cubic meters.cm;
  • Motor revolutions. 7500 about./min.;
  • Fuel tank. 1.2 l;
  • noise level. 96 dB;
  • The weight of a trimmer for grass is 7 kg.

Echo SRM-22GES

A trimmer for grass with a gasoline engine is great for plots with an area of ​​up to 6 acres. Effectively copes with the mowing of weeds, small bushes and hard grass.

Due to the compact size, it can be used to clean grass near the fence and trees.

The model is equipped with a capacity of 0.91 l. With.

Due to compact weight 4.8 kg hands do not get tired. Ergonomic handle increases comfort when operating the device. The tank holds 440 ml of fuel, so you can work for half an hour without refueling.

  • bevel width. 26 cm;
  • Power. 0.91 l.With.;
  • Motor volume. 21 cubic meters.cm;
  • Motor revolutions. 6500 about./min.;
  • Fuel tank. 0.44 l;
  • noise level. 91 dB;
  • Dimensions. 65x178x49.5 cm;
  • The weight of a trimmer for grass. 4.3 kg.
  • launching with half a turn;
  • ease;
  • bevel of small grass and weeds;
  • reliable design;
  • high performance.

Criterias of choice

When using a gasoline trimmer, one of the key roles is played by a device and technical equipment. You certainly need to take into account the ergonomic component, since not all tools are convenient to hold in your hands for a long time. When choosing the best trimmer for grass specifically for a specific user, it is worth better to understand the technical characteristics.

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ICE power

The engine power indicates the effectiveness of a gasoline trimmer for grass. Power decides with what grass the tool will cope with, how reliable it is with prolonged continuous work, what cutting elements will suit it. Powerful devices are characteristic of a large mass, so it will be difficult to use beginners.

Type of ICE

Engines can be two.stroke and four.stroke.

Two.stroke engine

Such engines are used in household and semi.professional devices, as well as in some professional models. It is easier for such engines to find the necessary parts, for this reason the cost of maintenance will be less. For two.stroke engines, the fuel mixture should first be harvested. To do this, use gasoline and oil.

Four.stroke engine

Such engines are used in good professional models. Motors produce less toxic exhausts, noise and vibration. They are reliable in difficult tasks, do not need to mix fuel. Due to the high quality, four.stroke engines are economical in the consumption of gasoline.

Recommended mowing area or continuous operation time

The time of continuous operation depends mainly on the fuel tank and the consumption of the fuel mixture. The larger the fuel tank and less fuel consumption, the more long the continuous operation of the tool.

The presence of an engine brake

Most of the benzotrimers with a capacity of more than 600 W are equipped with an engine brake. He is able to stop the motor automatically when hitting a solid obstacle to the cutting element. Tools with a slight power of such a function are not supplied.

Trimmer weight for grass

Light models are optimal for domestic use. Heavy trimmers for grass are powerful and reliable and for this reason are in demand among professionals.

Speasing width

The width of the mowing is depending on the size of the cutting element. This value indicates the effectiveness of grass processing in large territories. The greater the value for the mowing area, the more wide the territory can be processed. And vice versa. low meaning is suitable for working in hard.to.do places.

Noise level

Noise from work is a weak side of benzotrimers, especially in comparison with electrical and battery types. The more powerful the motor, the greater the noise level will be from it.

Type of bar

Red.shaped rod in trimmer. It connects the motor and cutting element. There is a shaft inside the bar. It is two types: straight and flexible. The shaft shape affects the type of bar. It is straight or curved, collapsible or non.vegetable.


This type of rod is good because it allows you to transport the tool easily. The ability to disassemble a trimmer for grass for 2 parts will bring convenience during transportation.


It is worth giving preference in favor of a non.vegetable bar because such models are more reliable and less break. It is not so convenient to transport them, but you need to repair less often. Less details mean the possibility of damage.


The type of such a rod is comfortable for working at high speeds and mowing hard grass, bushes. The tool is more reliable and hardy in comparison with a curved bar.


Such a type of bar, as a rule, is placed for tools with low and medium power to mow soft grass, weeds and work in the territory with hard.to.go areas.

Type of the handle

To decide on a convenient handle, you need to pay attention to what shape the handle has a benzotrimmer.

D or P-shaped

The D-shaped handle is installed on a domestic and outfit type model. Such handles guarantee a convenient and reliable holding of the tool in the hands.

U or T-shaped

From all gasoline models, this type of handle is the most popular and common. Using a T-shaped handle, it is comfortable to make wide movements. This is suitable for work in large territories.


This type of handle is installed on trimmers for grass for household and semi.professional use. They are compact, equipped with a rubber lining against sliding, but working in large territories and mowing thick grass with such a pen may be uncomfortable.

With adjustable height

The adjustable handle allows you to adjust the tool specifically for a specific user.

Anti.vibration system of pens

Such a system is put on almost all modern models. This helps not to feel strong vibrations to the user during work, which means it does not cause fatigue.

Rotation speed of cutting tools

The faster the cutting elements rotate, the more efficiently the vegetation is cut off.

Type of cutting tools

The cutting elements have an important value. There are 3 types of cutting tools: a fishing line for a trimmer (cord), knife, disk. If there is a lot of soft grass on the site and there are no thick weeds, then the fishing line for the trimmer is best suited. And vice versa. if the grass is thick, a lot of shrubs, plants with thick stems, then a knife or disk is better.

Lines for a trimmer

A trimmer fishing line is used to work with soft and hard grass of various densities. In the shape of the section can be:

  • Round. the most universal fishing line for trimmer and is suitable for various types of work. Suitable for soft and thick grass, for weeds.
  • Square. applied in order to pruning hard stems and dryness. Suitable for hard grass, Buryanov.
  • Star. is the most gentle and suitable for working with the lawn. After the star fishing line, the grass grows evenly.

The cutting knife is used to work with thick vegetation, for hay blanks. However, their direct purpose is working with shrubs, plants with a hard stem, cutting thin branches and trees.

The advantages and disadvantages of a gasoline trimmer for grass compared to an electric trimmer

There are two varieties of trimmers: gasoline and electric. Any of them has advantages and disadvantages in relation to each other.

  • Easy to maintain and use.
  • Reliability. A gasoline trimmer for grass is able to work without a break during the day. During this period, he will not heat up and can provide the user with the ideal implementation of all goals in any conditions.
  • High performance. The power of a gasoline tool enables the user to work even in hard.to.reach places. Electric trimmers for grass are not so powerful, so not all vegetation can be mowed.
  • Unhindered movement of the device in any place. The trimmer for grass on gasoline does not depend on the outlet and wires, unlike the electrimmer.

Despite the positive aspects, there are also disadvantages of using a gasoline trimmer for grass:

  • Noise when working as a benzotrimer and strong vibration. Electric trimmers have noise below.
  • Environmental pollution. When working, a gasoline tool forms a large number of exhausts, which can not be said about the electric device.
  • Price. Benzotrimmer is more expensive, as it has increased performance, unlike the electrimmer.

Choosing between gasoline and electric trimmer, you should pay attention to the characteristics of the device. This will help choose the most suitable tool for specific needs.

When selecting a better gasoline trimmer for grass, it is worth having a clear idea for what purposes it is necessary. For the correct choice of a trimmer for the grass, you need to evaluate the site and nature of the work that will be carried out there. And thanks to the rating of the best gasoline trimmers, it will be even easier to do it.