Which vacuum cleaner is better Thomas or Bosch

Which upright vacuum cleaner to choose for your home?

When choosing such a device, pay attention to the main indicators:

  • Suction power. Modern models range from 60 to 150 watts. The greater the suction power, the more effectively the vacuum can cope with large debris and clean faster.
  • How big is the dust tank. For small apartments is suitable 300-400 ml, in large housing is better to choose models with larger containers.
  • Type: corded or cordless. If you do not like the cord that is always in the way under your feet, then feel free to take the battery-powered device. It is best if it will be Li-ion does not overheat and discharges much slower than analogues.
  • Kit. Many models have additional equipment in the form of nozzles for different surfaces, hand-held devices.
  • The function of steam processing. Such a device is indispensable in homes with a small child or pets.

What to look for when choosing a Bosch vacuum cleaner?

Before buying any appliances for the home, you should familiarize yourself in advance with the features of the devices.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner, you should pay attention to the following points:

  • Type of arrangement (vertical and horizontal). The first is suitable for cleaning laminate, parquet or linoleum, while the second. for carpets with high pile.
  • Power.Owners of pets should opt for appliances with at least 1700 watts of power. These vacuum cleaners can remove hair from the floor and furniture in one go.
  • Power consumption.Depend on the power, the higher it is, the higher is the power consumption.
  • Type of dust canister (bag, container). Bags require constant replacement, and the cost of the original dust collector is quite high. Therefore, if you do not want to spend money all the time, choose the container type.
  • The material from which the device is made.The casing is preferably made of impact-resistant plastic, and the tubes are made of metal.
  • Noise level.A product with a powerful motor is often louder.

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