Which Wrench To Choose For The Garage

Which cordless wrench to choose: an overview of the most powerful car models and reviews
Powerful and inexpensive cordless impact wrench: selection rules according to parameters, purpose and principle of operation. Rating of the best models of 2020, customer reviews.

For home

For home use, speed wrenches are often chosen. They can be used in the garage, for assembling furniture and other needs. It’s good when you have two batteries. However, for a small amount of work, a tool with one battery will suffice.


The size of the chuck determines which nuts the cordless tool can handle. However, there is one rule here. The chuck size is closely related to the power of the impact wrench. If you put a large chuck on a low-power cordless tool, it will not cope with loosening the nut. Manufacturers take this nuance into account. Most often, they complete the power tool with a universal chuck. Adapters for matching nuts are attached to it.

Bosch GDR 120-LI 0 Box

The battery model has two speeds. The switch can be set in the first position 1900 rpm, in the second. 2600 rpm. There is a reverse function. High speed is usually used with drills.

The model has a chuck brake function

Impact sockets for impact wrenches

Socket heads are used to work with threaded connections, nuts and bolts in the tool. They are fixed in a chuck or spindle and transmit torque to the fastener. Standard heads have a cylindrical shape with a square or polyhedral recess.

The main difference between the impulse impact head and the base head is the presence of a through hole for the pin. The presence of an additional hole is necessary for fastening to the impact version of the nutrunner, which is used in work with increased loads and is able to unscrew tight fasteners.

which wrench to choose for the garage

For truck tire fitting

Freight transport is characterized by increased weight, thickened metal in the structure and constant high load on the base. Due to these features, nuts and bolts on trucks are tightened to the limit and it is impossible to unscrew them without specialized equipment.

To work with truck parts, you need to purchase an impact tool with maximum power and torque. Due to the forceful action, the equipment will allow unscrewing corroded elements with a small investment of time and effort. The use of professional equipment eliminates the risk of damage to the thread, regardless of the complexity of the work performed.

What compressor is needed for a pneumatic wrench

Having decided on the type of wrench, it is necessary to select the appropriate compressor for it. The mechanism must provide the required indicator of working pressure and compressed air consumption.

The optimum operating pressure for the cordless compressor is between 6.2-6.5 bar, but for a wider range of applications it is recommended to purchase the version with a maximum pressure of 10 bar. The air consumption of the wrench is indicated in the data sheet and should be 65-75 l / min.


Idling is the time period when the welding machine is turned on, but the arc does not burn. This function is provided in many modern models. Due to the presence of idle speed, you can temporarily pause the operation without turning off the inverter.

Wester Combi 180p

Universal semiautomatic device suitable for working with metal in the garage. The device operates at a constant voltage of 180-250 volts, generating up to 120 amperes. In addition, the model provides for forced cooling of the burner and overload protection.

This model, according to responses, has no significant drawbacks.

Channel cable length

The ease of use of the inverter depends on this indicator. For welding in the garage, it is recommended to purchase semi-automatic machines with 3-3.5-meter cords. Otherwise, when the equipment is taken out into the street, the cable must have a sufficiently large margin of length.