Which Wrench To Choose For Tire Fitting

Automotive Wheel Nut Runner (Tool Selection)
Powerful wheel nut loosener. In this article, we will tell you what types of impact wrenches are suitable for tire fitting and show you how to choose a pneumatic impact wrench for a car service.


The most mobile and nimble type of impact wrenches that do not require any connections to work. Modern devices have good torque, sufficient to reliably loosen the wheel nuts of cars and trucks. The battery capacity of some impact wrenches allows you to remove and put on a complete set of wheels on a KAMAZ.

The reliability of cordless nutrunners is slightly lower than that of networked ones, since a battery that is prone to breakage is added to the general set of components. The cost of devices capable of coping with tire fitting varies in the range from 4,000 to 40,000 rubles.

Electrical (network)

One of the most popular home wrenches. They operate on mains voltage, have a low weight and good tightening force. The mobility of such a device is determined by the length of the cable connected to the outlet. Basically, wired car wrenches are purchased for personal use, but can also be found at small service stations.

Electric wrenches have an average reliability rating, as they consist of many small electronic components that are more prone to damage. The quality of the tool directly depends on the manufacturer and, accordingly, the price. The average cost of such a device varies from 5,000 to 35,000 rubles, excluding “gray” brands from China.

Even the cheapest network wrenches have enough torque to loosen and tighten the wheel nuts on a passenger car. Expensive models will be able to handle the wheels of SUVs and trucks.

Types of wrenches for cars

The main area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication of wrenches is considered to be the loosening of wheel nuts, and this tool is purchased mainly for these purposes. There are several types of drives that are most effective for tire fitting, each with its own characteristics, pros and cons. Below, we will look at all types of impact wrenches and find out in what circumstances one tool will outperform another. The analysis will consider the following factors: device price, mobility and reliability.

For passenger

If it is necessary to use a nutrunner for repairing cars, the requirements are not as high as for trucks. The minimum torque is 250 Nm. For permanent use, it is allowed to purchase a tool with a torque of 600 Nm and M600 fasteners.

If you plan to repair a car in an open area or in a garage where there is no possibility of connecting to the mains, you should choose the autonomous version. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the equipment is wire-free for mobility and ease of daily use.

Since the standard battery capacity is not enough for a long time, the self-contained version is not suitable for continuous operation and performing work that requires a lot of time.

which wrench to choose for tire fitting

Nuances when choosing the type of instrument

In addition to standard technical characteristics and individual preferences, a number of nuances must be taken into account when choosing a type of instrument. The type of wrench is selected depending on the purposes of further use, operating conditions and maintenance, the type of road transport when used for its repair.

Design features

Different models of equipment have individual advantages and design features. In particular:

  1. The presence of a reverse used for loosening the nuts. Most of the standard versions are only twistable due to the lack of reverse rotation function.
  2. A tightening regulator that automatically determines the moment of sufficient screwing of the element with a minimum error.
  3. Angle head, in the presence of which it becomes possible to fix bolts and nuts on the side surfaces. Corner models are characterized by compact dimensions and minimum tightening torque.

Air impact wrench set in a case with 1/2 heads” 678 Nm KINGTONY

Pneumatic impact wrench 1/2″ 678 Nm with KINGTONY heads

Pneumatic impact wrench 1/2″ 678 Nm KINGTONY

Pneumatic impact wrench 1/2″ 678 Nm KINGTONY

Pneumatic wrenches for tire fitting

Pneumatic impact wrench 1/2″ Hazet Germany

Professional impact wrench 1/2″ 1000 Nm.

Pneumatic impact wrench 1″ 2440 Nm KINGTONY

Pneumatic impact wrench 1″ 2440 Nm KINGTONY

Pneumatic impact wrench 1/2″ 881 Nm KINGTONY

Pneumatic impact wrench 1/2″ 881 Nm KINGTONY